Thursday, February 05, 2015


Jari Sillanpää will become the second Finnish solo artist to fill up Helsinki Olympic Stadium (Cheek being the first one last summer) in occasion of his 50th birthday on August 16, and 20th anniversary in the business after winning the title of Tango King in Tangomarkkinat 1995. He has been on top ever since and at the moment living careerwise one of the highlights; his latest album has given him real radiohits (Sinä ansaitset kultaa for example) and the album has sold platinum. He won Syksyn Sävel 2011, and then Tähdet, tähdet variety tv-series... He was also one of the artists in the first season of Vain elämää in 2012. That started his move to more pop oriented material and its paying off big time. Right now he's also nominated for several Emma awards aka the Finnish Grammys. Over the years he has released 15 albums (incl. compilations etc) and won countless awards. Time to break some records and make history again? After all, it takes 40.000 to tango

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