Saturday, February 07, 2015


The third and last semifinal in Hungarian A Dal takes place tonight. The final six entries will be selected for the semifinals, five by the jury and one more by the televoters of the remaining ones. Familiar names in this heat, too, from previous years. Most of all, of course, Kati Wolf in search of a revenge from her unexpected low score in Eurovision 2011..... As much this blogger liked her back then this new effort hasn't yet totally convinced me. 

Bálint Gájer – That’s How It Goes 40
Barbara Péter – Listen To The Universe 30
Boggie – Wars For Nothing 46
Fool Moon – Back 2 Right 32
Ildikó Keresztes – Hazád hazám 37
Kati Wolf – Ne engedj el 45
Other Planet – Untold Story 42
Proof Of Life – Hol a határ 37
Spoon – Keep Marching On 38
Zoltan Mujahid – Beside You 39

UPDATE: We have qualifiers: Boggie, Kati Wolf, Other Planet, Bálint Gájer, Zoltan Mujahid qualified by the jury in this order. Televoters then voted Spoon in.

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