Thursday, February 26, 2015


Some were saying they may have won Sanremo but their won't sell (ehm, Nek among others). Instead they have topped the single charts for two weeks now. Their EP Sanremo grande amore debuts in the album chart at number one this week. Their Platinum collection climbs 41 positions to number 13. We are love climbs 28 positions to number 50. One below is the live album Takes flight, climbing 10 positions. 
Their meet & greet signing tour in record stores has been a huge success with hundreds if not thousends of people waiting for them from Milan to Rome to Bologna. In same cases they have created also a traffic chaos and blocked streets outside the stores. Volomania is reality and it's here! When writing this Grande amore on their Vevo has got nearly 9,9 million views. 
In combilations the Sanremo 2015 is number one for te second week. 

Here's the Italian best selling albums this week:

 1. Il Volo - Sanremo Grande Amore
2. Tiziano Ferro - TZN The best of (*guest star in Sanremo)
3. Dear Jack - Domani è un altro film (Seconda parte)
4. J-Ax - Il bello d'esser brutti
5. Marco Mengoni - Parole in circolo
6. Imagine Dragons - Smoke + Mirrors (*guest star in Sanremo)
7. Gianna Nannini - Hitalia (*guest star in Sanremo)
8. Annalisa - Splende
9. Malika Ayane - Naif
10. Nesli - Andrà tutto bene
11. Marco Masini - Cronologia
12. Ed Sheeran - X (*guest star in Sanremo)
13. Il Volo - Platinum collection
14. Modà - 2004-2014 L'originale
15. Bianca Atzei - Bianco e nero
16. Chiara - Un giorno di sole - Straordinario
17. Nina Zilli - Frasi e fumo
18. Moreno - Incredibile (Sanremo editon)
19. Anna Tatangelo - Libera
20. Vasco Rossi - Sono innocente
22. Giovanni Allievi - Love ((*guest star in Sanremo)
29. Giovanni Caccamo - Qui per te
30. Gianluca Grignani - A volte esagero
31. Irene Grandi - Un vento senza nome
33. Biagio Antonacci - L'amore comporta (*guest star in Sanremo)
50. Il Volo - We are love 
51. Il Volo - Il Volo ...takes flight 
61. Lorenzo Fragola - Lorenzo Fragola
67. Nek - Greatest hits 1992-2010 e da qui
88. Kutso - Musica per persone sensibile

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Unknown said...

None of this success is at all a surprise to us Il Volovers who have followed and supported them for years. To hear Il get to know the *real* Il to fall hopelessly and wonderfully in love per sempre!!! #ilvolo #grandeamore #ilvolovers

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