Thursday, February 26, 2015


Moldova has its second semifinal of O Melodie pentru Europa tonight. Once again seven songs will qualify for the final by televote/juryvote, and then televote alone will send one more to the final from the remaining five entries. Many familiar ladies from the previous years trying again here. Lidia Isac gives some competition to the Epic Sax Guy and Miss M seems to be the favorite. 

Vera & Diana Popa – Faith (3+1=4)
Valeria Pasa – I can change all my life (10+2=12)
Carolina Gorun – Sublime (2+3=5)
Stela Botan & The Cadence of Heart – Save me (5+12=17)
Cezara – Am devenit straini (4+0=4)
Doinita Gherman Inima fierbinte (8+7=15)
Dana Markitan – Love me (6+5=11)
DoReDos – Maricica (7+10=17)
Vitalie Todirascu – Tu singura (0+0=0)
Julia Sandu – Fire (0+6=6)
Lidia Isac – I can’t breathe (1+8=9)
Miss M – Lonely stranger (12+4=16)

UPDATE: Those in red qualified for the Saturday's final. Televoters added.... Julia Sandu. (televote +juryvote=total). Once again quite big differences in the preferences of the jury and the televoters. Judging this there is no big common favorite for the final. 

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