Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Moldova will have its first semifinal of O Melodie Pentru Europe tonight. Seven songs will qualify based on televote/juryvote. Additional 8th finalist will be then televoted from the remaining five entries. The big favorite in this semifinal is of course the return of the Epic Sax Guy and Sunstroke Project, this time fronted by singer Michael Ra. Also British Kitty Brucknell is here to try her luck again after failing to make an impression in the Swiss selection earlier this season. The songs in general didn't make any huge impact on this blogger with the first hearing (and in their audition videos below). 

Eduard Romanyuta – I want your love (7+12=19)
Marcel Rosca – Feelings will never leave (5+3=8)
Kitty Brucknell – Remix (1+0=1)
Mihaela Andrei – About love (2+4=6)
Raby – Hero (0+6=6)
Glam Girls – Magia (3+10=13)
Diana Brescan – Up and down (12+5=17)
Serj Kuzenkoff – Danu Nazdravanu (6+8=14)
Domenico Protino – Let me fly (4+0=4)
Sunstroke Project & Dj Michael Ra – Day after day (10+7=17)
Irina Kitoroaga – I’m gonna get you (8+2=10)
Anisoara Volinschi - Vocea inimii (0+1=1)

withdraw: Edict – Our star (replaced by Anisoara Volinschi)

UPDATE: The ones in red qualified (jury + televote = total). One more will be added by televotes only to the final line up. We can see the jury and televoters didn't quite agree on anything but the very bottom ones.... 

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