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And the winner is Nek! Giving hope that he could actually win also on Saturday and get the ticket to Vienna....
And here are the results!
And the winner of this last foursome is... Marco Masini! So the cover finalists are Moreno, Nek, Dear Jack, Il Volo and Marco Masini. All male cast. A new televoting is opened....
Last but not least Marco Masini and Sarà per te. He performs very well this beautiful song. Have I mentioned the sanremo stage is awesome? Totally Eurovision worthy? It is!
Next is Malika Ayane with Vivere. Beautiful, audience applauding mid-song. Somewhat magical atmosphere.... In the background Anna Tatangelo's cage!
Emma confesses she has made a mistake. She wants to sing. She should be there as a singer not a presenter....
Nina Zilli next with Se bruciasse la città. In a quite amazing dress. She never lets yo down in that department, does she? She's also got a new hairstyle and looks fabulous. The song suits her well and she makes it her own. Good choice.
Time for the last foursome and we start with Gianluca Grignani and Vedrai vedrai. Actually this song fits him nicely and he sings it well. There's even an attemot of a stage show with a swimming medusa on stage.
Winner of that foursome is..... Il Volo. Quel surprise!
Luca and Paolo are back with some comedy on gay marriage and the rest, like adoption. They are the funniest this year no doubt. Funny and sweet at the same time.
Time for Lara Fabian and Sto male. A song she has made a hit already 20 years ago in French, of course. She doesn't convince me at all. I mean, she's great and she's got the voice, no doubt about it but something just isn't right with her Sanremo 2015 experience..... but tonight she may have conquered at least the audience in Ariston judging the applause.
Enter Emma and tells Carlo she called Arisa's doctor "so we can save in comedians" lol
Poor Annalisa has to try to sing after all that laughing that took over her as well already on stage. She takes on Matia Bazar's classic Ti sento. I love this song and her use of voice left me at first a bit confused but then I fell in love with it. Great arrangement and original cover. Well done!
Then it's time for Arisa to present the next artist and it all goes wrongs and provides the funniests moments in Sanremo 2015 so far (so much for the invited comedians, she beat them all!) She's a bit confused and starts telling doctor gave her "anesthetic" for her aching leg. She means painkillers and asks if they are not the same thing?! Everybody's already laughing their heads off and then she tries to present but instead goes with "I recommend this to everybody!" and Teatro Ariston is rolling in laughter....
Next are Il Volo with Ancora. Not an easy song, and a real classic. Hge applause welcomes them on stage. Well, they are good but I expected yet a bit better to be honest even if the three voiced in the final together are majestic, if not epic. Move over Il Divo. People in Ariston applaude all through the song once they get going. They are so winning Sanremo this year, and maybe Eurovision, too.
Lorenzo Fragola and Una città per cantare. Lorenzo isn't convincing at all vocally even tonight and the whole is a bit boring, isn't it? If it's ment to be laidback and easy it is so much so that one falls asleep...

The day after. I will finish the blog of the third night. Finally :-)
I am having some technical problems tonight so if the LIVE BLOG  isn't so live all of sudden...

23.18 It's time for Spandau Ballet. Who knew they were still active? But they were huge in Italy especially. And here they are again as 30 years ago a young radio dj Carlo Conti didn't manage to interview them..... Now here's someone who's voice is still there!
23.17 And the winner of this foursome is.... Dear Jack. Yep yep.

23.00 Alex Britti and Io mi fermo qui. I like this song a lot and Alex does pretty good job with it, I have to say. If his voice was only better, he seems to be in the same category with Raf with that....
22.56 Next is Bianca Atzei with Ciao amore ciao, the very same cover that made Marco Mengoni in 2012... And no. I just like her. Shouty and annoying. Sorry.
22.49 Next is Grazie Di Michele and Platinette, performing late Giuni Russo's Alghero. Now I am worried. .. Lol, they have really turned it into something different. Quite lovely really as they aren't even trying to imitate Giuni. This and all for Giuni mitica. Love love love. And it was fun to see Platinette for a moment :-)
22.44 Dear Jack with Io che amo solo te. I have to say I kinda like Dear Jack before the festival, but then I had never heard them live before. I'm not impressed. Not about their entry nor this cover. Not at all. Yawn.
22.43 Nek wins that second foursome and we move on to the next four.
22.28 Time for comedians Luca & Paolo. Singing a song. I wonder why? Ah, a sort of hommage to all those artists who have left us.... with humour. Ciao!
22.22 And the last one for this foursome is Nek and Se telefonando. Emma seems to have a little flu and problems with the voice tonight. But she looks pretty. Back to Nek. He seems to be wearing the same outfit as before, did he lose his luggage on his way to Sanremo? Anyways, good song and a very Nektized arrangement, sounds almost like any of his songs. Maybe a bit too aggressive for my taste but huge applause!
22.17 Next Nesli with Mare mare. One of my favorite songs and he has given it a very nice arrangement with added rap, of course. This is Mare mare 2015 for real. A new summer hit in sight, me thinks. Adore.
22.12 Chiara next with Il volto della vita. In a long black dress and golden glitter in the palm of her hand for effect. Nice. Good performance and fitting song. Me likes!
22.05 Time for another foursome, first Biggio e Mandelli and E la vita, la vita. Jazzy cabaret this one too. Yawn. Next please!
22.03 Back from space to earth and Teatro Ariston. Time for results... Moreno wins this one. So surprise. Enter Rocio in long glittery silvery grey/black/what it is dress...
21.55 Back after ads. And stop al televoto. And now we go to space and meet the Italian astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti. She thinks it's her 81st day in space.... half way before returning home.
21.44 Time for Anna Tatangelo in a long black and white evening gown looking very glamorous. She will sing Dio come ti amo. God how I love that song, let's see how Anna handles it! And yes, it's the Italian Eurovision 1966 entry, their only null pointer! Well, I expected better to be honest. Love the version by Gigliola Cinquetti with all its sweetness. This was a bit more, how to put it... mature? Desperate? Self-destructive? But it's a great song no matter what.
21.41 Time for Moreno and Una carezza in un pugno. he's in dark blue smoking looking sharp and does surprisngly good job with this classic. And yes, it's again a reggae-ish arrangement. With added rap in the end, of course. Huge applause for him!
21.39 Enter Arisa ... not. She's lost. Ah no, she can't walk down the stairs and enters from the side with a long black (sigh) dress.
21.34 Time for Irene Grandi with Se perdo te. She's in black. This arrangement is good and fits her perfectly and she's back to her rock chick stage behavious. Irene is in form this year, unlike Raf.
21.33 Enter Emma. In short golden dress. She has stole her look tonight from Pernilla Wahlgren and looks pretty :-)
21.26 Carlo explains once again the voting system. Tonight there will be a winner of covers and the covers will be presented in group of fours. First comes Raf. In a red suit with black. Rose rosse is his song. And yes, now it's clear. He has lost his voice. The arrangement is simil reggae with gospel choir. Not good at all.
21.21 We are back to Ariston and start the show after Newcomers are out of the way. And we start with some heavy guitar playing?! Ah it's Federico Paciotti and it turns into a rock opera, sort of. Boy, has he moved on from Gazosa! Heavy guitar tenor he is.
21.12 Ok, let's see what Italians and jury think! I guess Rakele but who knows. This one goes with 58% to... Amara! Ah. Ok.
21.08 Rakele next with Io non so che cos'è amore. This must be one of the poppiest song in this year's festival, at least in the chorus. A bit more modern arrangements (a la Nek) and this could be very good indeed. After live this is my favourite out of these two, no doubt. I'm surprised myself :-)
21.04 Amara sings Credo. She has brought her our chorists which is rather unusual in Sanremo. Very insecure start of the song but then she picks up confidence and voice. Her voice reminds a bit young Mia Martini I realize now. The song is like the title suggests a prayer like hymn. Is it very memorable or good? Hmm... Nice, but is that all it is?
21.02 And next match with Amara Vs Rakele. Both in black (and white). Amara is the other artist that qualified via AreaSanremo and she starts this one.
20.58 And this match goes to with 68% to.... Caccamo! Was there ever a doubt?
20.52 Serena Brancale next with Galleggiare. Like Caccamo also she has written her song herself. She's wearing half red, half white dress on top and caffelatte in bottom and has a jazzy song. And she's very, very nervous especially after a few lines. Not propably one of her best performances vocally. Shame.
20,47 Giovanni Caccamo from Sicily starts with Ritornerò da te. He is the big favorite among the newcomers this year. He collaborates with Franco Battiato. The arrangement with big orchestra sounds great, the song is good. He sings well. And yes he's in black.
20.46 First we have Caccamo Vs Brancale
20.44. Here we go again, welcome and benvenuti! And we start right away with the newcomers. Carlo is on stage and thanks for the great viewing figures last night. Televote and accreditated press will vote tonight again, 50-50. 
The third night in Sanremo is about to begin shortly. Two first nights have been a success, all Big songs have been presented and it seems all Eurovision fans want either Il Volo or Nek for Vienna, and Il Volo seems to have taken for real the number one favorite status to win the festival after last night's performance. But the real star of last night was Conchita Wurst judging the media coverage, newspaper headlines and this afternoon's talk show and news on tv. She charmed with her grace and elegance, good manners and great voice. Most seem to think that even her Heroes was much better than most of the songs in festival. Anyways, I will be blogging also tonight and you can find tonight's programme here

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