Thursday, November 14, 2019


Estonia has revealed the other 12 ones for the Eesti laul 2020 semi-finals. If the first 12 names featured several familiar names among songwriters and artists these other 12 seem less familiar, except for Synne Valtri, INGER  and Jennifer Cohen
The songs will be published November 30, and the semi-finals will take place February 13 and 15 before the grand final on 29th. 

I'm Sorry. I Messed Up - Uudo Sepp 
(Andrei Zevakin) 

Georgia (On My Mind) - Egert Milder 
(Kaspar Kalluste, Matteo Capreoli, Egert Milder)

Heart Winder - German & Violina 
(Timo Vendt, Ebbe Ravn, Carine-Jessica Kostla, Liis-Marii Vendt)

Hingelind - Janet 
(Marek Rosenberg, Lauri Lembinen, Kadri Lepik, Janet Vavilov)    

Kapa Kohi-LA - Viinerid 
(Peter Põder, Hardo Hansar, Martti Kask)   

Kirjutan romaani - Revals 
(Jaanus Saago)         

Majakad - Synne Valtri feat. Väliharf 
(Synne Valtri, Jaanus Viskar, Toomas Laur, Gert Gregor Källo, Aapo Ilves)

Miljon sammu - Merilin Mälk 
(Jonas Olsson, Teemu Jokinen, Jana Hallas, Merilin Mälk)

Only Dream - INGER 
(Inger Fridolin, Karl-Ander Reismann)

Ping Pong - Jennifer Cohen
               (Jennifer Cohen, Luisa Lõhmus)             

Right Time - INGA
(Peter Põder, Allan Kasuk, Raul Krebs, Inga Tislar)

Write About Me - Anett x Fredi
(Frederik Küüts, Anett Kulbin)

Wednesday, November 13, 2019


Estonia has revealed today half of the Eesti laul 2020 participants and among them we find this blogger's soft spot Laura with STEFAN, Uku Suviste, Traffic and Rasmus among others and also the writers include several very familiar names from Uku and Sarag Vaugh, Tanja Mihhailova-Saar, Victor Crone with Stig Rästa. Not forgetting Finnish Janne Hyöty who has co-written Laura's song. He holds the record number of Euroviisut entries written - shared  with Lasse Mårtensson - (14) in the Finnish national final between 2004-2012. These days he writes songs mainly for the Asian market through his Sugar House Publishing having several Japan #1s under his belt with various groups. 

Beautiful Lie - Jaagup Tuisk 
(Jaagup Tuisk)

Break Me - Laura 
(Janne Hyöty, Jessica Hyöty, Laura Põldvere)

By My Side - STEFAN 
(Karl-Ander Reismann, Stefan Airapetjan)

Lean On Me - Ziggy Wild 
(Laura Prits, Valdur Viiklepp, Sander Nõmmistu, Henri-Hannes Sell)

Leelo - Kruuv
(Allan Kasuk)

Out In Space - SHIRA 
(SHIRA, Karl-Ander Reismann)

Unistustes - Mariliis Jõgeva 
(Mariliis Jõgeva, Oliver Mazurtšak)

Videomäng - Renate 
(Renate Saluste)

What Love Is - Uku Suviste 
(Uku Suviste, Sharon Vaugh)

Without a Reason - Little Mess 
(Ebbe Ravn, Timo Vendt, Mihkel Mattisen,Tanja Mihhailova-Saar)

Üks kord veel - Traffic 
(Victor Crone, Fred Krieger, Vallo Kikas, Stig Rästa)

Young - Rasmus Rändvee 
(Karl-Ander Reismann, Rasmus Rändvee)


Amadeus has found a way to bring previous hosts to Sanremo Giovani - as the professional jury. Among them legendary talent scout Pippo Baudo who has discovered more new talent than anyone in Italy during the 20 festivals he has hosted and acted as the artistic director. He has discovered among others Al Bano, Eros Ramazzotti, Lorella Cuccarini, Laura Pausini, Andrea Bocelli, Giorgia, Michelle Hunziker, Gianluca Grignani, Gigi D'Alessio and Anna Tatangelo and therefor there's a saying "L'ho inventato io...." (I have invented him/her!) that refers to his talent.
He gets company from Carlo Conti who also did a great job with his 3 consecutive festivals, Paolo Bonolis who would like to make Sanremo more Eurovisionlike and bring it out of tiny Teatro Ariston, Piero Chiambretti and Antonella Clerici, the godmother of Il Volo. So these five will decide who will get the tickets to the festival next February on December 19 in a show hosted by ever youthful Marco Liorni.

Pippo Baudo: 1968, 1984-85, 1987, 1992-1996, 2002-2003, 2007-2008 
+ last year he co-hosted the Sanremo Giovani
Carlo Conti: 2015-2017
Paolo Bonolis: 2005, 2009
Piero Chiambretti: 2001, 2008
Antonella Clerici: 2010


Like last year 41 countries will take part in the Eurovision song contest 2020 in Rotterdam. Sadly Hungary and Montenegro have withdrawn but luckily Ukraine and Bulgaria return after one year's absense. Ukraine thanks to the Maruvgate. She won the national final (and would have swept the floor in Tel Aviv with her Siren song) but refused to sign the contract and conditions to take part in Eurovision by the Ukrainian television. After her refusal the other runner ups did the same and the rest is history. She just won the MTV Europe Music award as the best Russian act....
Bulgaria withdraw due financial problems officially but I suppose there were some sour grapes after totally anonymous international "supergroup" failed to score better than 14th after Bulgaria's 4th and 2nd place. How about sending something autentic with a bit of a soul and feeling, not only great singers this time?
This blogger is very sad to see Hungary go. One can only wonder the real reasons behind the decisions? Turkey like nonsense? Nationalism? Joci Papai failed to qualify this year (totally unfair if you ask me) for the first time for Hungary since 2009. Hungary was/is one of those countries I was always tipping to win soon, and maybe they take one year of and come back to win. See Portugal. Or Ukraine. Montenegro? Oh, I already forgot about them but it's always sad to see someone give up.....


Georgian Idol is used once again to choose the entrant for the Eurovision song contest for Georgia. And once again the finalists include some seasoned talent show veterans with talent and X factor: Tornike is X Factor 2014 winner and also tried the national final already in 2017. Anri is another X Factor winner, season 2018. Barbara won Got talent in 2015. The elimination shows start this Saturday, November 16. Once we have the winning singer, the Idol team will search for the suitable song for him/her/them. 

Merab Amzoevi / მერაბ ამზოევი
Mariam Gogiberidze / მარიამ გოგიბერიძე
Anri Guchmanidze / ანრი გუჩმანიძე
Tamar Kakalashvili / თამარ კაკალაშვილი
Nika Kalandadze / ნიკა კალანდაძე
David Rusadze / დავით რუსაძე
Barbara Samkharadze / ბარბარა სამხარაძე
Mariam Shengelia / მარიამ შენგელია
Lisa Shengelia / ლიზა შენგელია
Tornike Kipiani / თორნიკე ყიფიანი

First round:
Tamar Kakalashvili 16,53%
Tornike Kipiani 14,5%
Barbara Smakharadze 12,91%
David Risadze 11,91%
Mariam Shengelia 10,31%
Mariam Gogiberidze 8,8%
Anri Guchmanidze 8,64%
Lisa Shengelia 8,15%
Nika Kalandadze 5,7%
Merab Amzoevi 2,55% eliminated

Tuesday, November 12, 2019


Incredible but true, Mietta is turning 50 today, Auguri! The Southern Italian beauty mainly known as a singer but also an actress and a writer has been keeping low profile since 2010 when she gave birth to her son but made a comeback with summer hit Milano è dove mi sono persa, and is ready to relaunch her singing career full time and who knows, maybe we will see her again in Sanremo, too?
I have been a fan since her Sanremo debut 1988 with Sogno. The year after she was back and won the Newcomers with Canzoni, and the year later scored massive evergreen with Vattene amore together with Amedeo Minghi (also OGAE Song contest winner). She has returned five times to Sanremo since, last time so far 2008 with Baciami adesso. She won Vota la Voce three years in a row 1989-1991 as the female artist of the year.
In 1990's she also started acting in both films and television and has continued to do so ever since. In 2000's she has participated in various reality shows and 2010's she has written two books. Busy and talented all around artist! I have been dreaming of Mietta at Eurovision since 1990 basicly, so..... 

Monday, November 11, 2019


Francesco Gabbani hasn't done the usual, or releasing his new song via the usual streaming platforms and digital stores but via Whatsapp directly to the fans who then were asked to spread the word, or the song. The song #Duemiladiciannove comes with a video featuring likes of The Pope and Greta Thunberg, prime minister Conte and Leonardo Di Caprio among others miming the song that is a kind of a round up of this #2019. Enjoy and spread the video!

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