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Swiss televisions have launched officially the search for the host city for Eurovision 2025 with a logo that made me think of Istanbul 2004 immediately. I have no idea what skyline is supposed to be there but it certainly doesn't make me think of Switzerland!

Istanbul hasn't been the only city to feature the skyline or similar in their Eurovision branding as also Helsinki 2007 did so, as you can clearly see even today in this blog, lol.
Eurovision song contest is coming back home after this rather chaotic and disastrous 2024 edition as the very first edition took place in Switzerland's Lugano in May 24, 1956 in attempt to unite post-war Europe and bring some entertainment and excitement for the new media called television. Loosley modeled after Italy's Sanremo festival seven countries took part, each with two songs: Switzerland, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. Switzerland won but the next contest moved to Frankfurt in Germany. And ever since the contest has moved - with a few exceptions - to the winning country. Switzerland won for the second time in 1988 and hosted the contest in Lausanne in 1989. This time both previous host cities have ruled themselves out of the race to host, as has the capital city of Bern. 
Zurich is the front runner and apparently the most eager to bring Eurovision in town. Potential arena Hallenstadion has a capacity of 11-13.000.  Opened in 1939 and renewed in 2004-05. There's also a new Swiss Life arena opened in 2022 of 12.000 capacity. The Ice-Hockey world championships 2026 will take place there. Zurich has international airport and enough hotel rooms.
Geneva is also not out of the race, being also Ebu's home city. Palaexpo has capacity of 15.000 with halls inside the arena that could easily host up to 2,000 journalists in the press center. Originally built in 1926, current building in 1981 and expanded in 1987, 1995 and 2003. Geneva has international airport and enough of hotel capacity.
Basel hopes to host with St.Jakobshalle and 12.000 capacity. The town may lack accommodation and direct  travel connections.

St.Gallen is one of those "let's try it even if we have no chance in hell but hey it's good PR!". Sadly they seem to lack a suitable arena and travel connections. And accommodation. Just to name some key factor. (Update: There's Olma Hall and exhibition center but that doesn't quite change the situation) Even if there's apparently a certain joint aspirations with Liechtenstein that just might or might not try to enter Ebu later this year. 

The decision is expected in August. Until then one can only hope Switzerland would return to national final like in the old good days: three songs in French, three in German, three in Italian and one in Romansh!


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Małgorzata Jamroży aka Margaret has also been tipped for Eurovision and apparently she did turn it down but she'd be perfect. She's got a look and persona you can't unnotice nor forget, she's got hit songs, she has been voted or nominated for everything from Trendy artist to the Hope of the Year, Fashion Icon and Glamour Woman of the year besides the usual best video, song, album, debut..... Oh she's also a fashion designer! She's very clever with social medias and would surely use it to her advantage if selected for Stockholm 2016. Her debut album is titled Add the blonde , do we need to say more? Except it includes mostly Swedish written pop tunes like Tell me how are ya , Wasted , Start a fire and Heartbeat . And of course her debut single and internationally noticed Thank you very much that you can enjoy below with all its anti-textil feel. I think she's Eurovision perfection, she's cheeky and fun, can we have her?


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The time has come. After all these years, 5,7 million visits, 12.000 articles I guess the time has come. As much as I love and care for Eurovision it just doesn't feel the same. The Corona years took their toll and the past two years and certain decisions have helped me to mature the idea that next year I will hear the songs for the first time in semi-final just like any so called local.  The bubble has burst. Add the toxicity in social medias and fandom. The arrogant teenagers who saw their first contest somewhere 2017 or even 2021 who think they know it all and only their opinion matters. Did I mention the toxic atmosphere on social medias? I'm too old for that sh*t. It's been a long ride that took me to various Eurovision on spot as a fan and tourist,  as a journalist, as a delegation member. I met some great people, made memories of lifetime. In stressful, sad periods of my life this blog has been my safe place, a place to escape and forget everything else for an hour o


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My flying reporter Robert met Rambo Amadeus in his hotel this morning and what an interesting and entertaining meet it was! Unfortunately the time wasn't enough as this man has lots to tell about many topics. However, here are the main things! Thank you Rambo for this interview and first of all, how an earth Montenegro wanted you to represent them in Eurovision? I don't know! I really don't know. I didn't want to ask any questions why they wanted me. So they came to you, you didn't go to them? Of course. Everybody comes to me..... And everybody knows you and that you are bit, maybe a lot, Eurovision skeptic. Why did they come to you then? Well, I think they want the audience to pay attention to them? I think the new, young and ambitious director of RTCG decided to do some kind of shock therapy. He probably thinks there's nothing to lose. I asked him "Are you sure? Do you know my work?" and he said yes. I think they are learning how to g


Today's funniest Eurovision related story comes from Belarus. Some sources claim Ivan wants to perform on stage naked and with live wolf or wolves. It surely would be a first on Eurovision stage! We have seen some forgotten underwear over the years, and some cardbox animals though..... Is it time to take things a bit further?  No, according the rules live animals are not allowed, and Eurovision being a family show nudity won't do either. (It seems to be ok to be half naked if you are a dancer though..... )




I had a pleasure to visit Qormi wine festival and spend a fabulous night. The food was great, the music was great, the wine was great.... and the people were amazing. In between enjoying the music by a duo Gianni & Papps first, and then by Spiteri Lucas Band with singers Kaya, Neville Refalo, Ivan and Eurovision veterans Ludwig Galea and Chiara taking leads (on again.... off again so to speak) and supporting each other through rock and pop classics to today's hits.  Highly entertaining evening in every sense of the word. I was lucky enough to have a chat with Chiara and greet also Ludwig, who I saw last in Istanbul 2004. Chiara turned out to be the most lovable and wonderful person - check out the video of Grande amore below to see her blowing kisses just for you!    She also sung her very own Angel , but also Euphoria and Waterloo , Dancing queen .... Sadly by dear old Lumia decided not to cooperate at that point anymore :-( But after the jump you can see