Wednesday, September 30, 2015


The real Mr Eurovision Ralph Siegel is celebrating his 70th birthday tonight in Munich with a huge party! 
Congratulations, Ralph! 


Turkey has missed the past three editions on the Eurovision song contest and even if there have been rumours about their return every year this time they are stronger than ever. Some sources give them already surely taking part, including some Turkish media. Now it seems TRT has asked EBU to extend the deadline for them until November which means they are seriously trying to return I think... I would welcome them with open arms! 
Turkey debuted in the Eurovision in Stockholm 1975 and has come dead last three times, and was a regular in the last places until late 1990's. Then came the era of televoting and all of sudden Turkey was a regular in top-10 even winning in 2004 and being runner up in 2010. Below is a taste of what we've been missing..... 


O tempora o mores! Pope Francis hits the music world with a pop-rock album! Ok, not really. But an album featuring hymns and his speeches set to pop-rock music will be released in November. It's all approved by Vatican and Francis himself has collaborated. The first "single" that you enjoy below is based on his speech in South Korea last year. In an interview with Rolling Stone, the album’s producer and artistic director Don Giulio Neroni said: “I tried to be strongly faithful to the pastoral and personality of Pope Francis: the Pope of dialogue, open doors, hospitality.” Musician Tony Pagliuca, founder of Italian progressive rock band Le Orme, confesses it's been an interesting artistic challenge to work with the Pope. The pontiff belts out his hits in Italian, English, Spanish and Portuguese - where's Latin? The album has 11 tracks. Now let all those rumours that Vatican will join the Eurovision family restart again..... :-)


BBC has revealed more information on the selecting process for their 2016 entry for the Eurovision song contest and OGAE members have a key role (so, Brits and fans alike can only blame themselves is they don't hit success this year! Clever!) OGAE is the world's largest independant Eurovision fan club founded in Finland in 1984 (this blogger was the member no.15!). The UK branch alone has around 1.000 members while there are over 40 national clubs today. 
The submission of anyone over 18 (and not 16 like in the Eurovision generic rules state) will be accepted until November 20, 2015. Then BBC will use the help of the OGAE UK to shortlist the songs. Also BASCA (The British Academy of songwriters, composers and authors) is called in to join the fun. The shortlisted demos will be then presented to a special panel that has the final say of those that will get to be the final group of songs that the puclic may choose their winner for Stockholm 2016. Hugh Goldsmith (linked to Atomic Kitten, Blue and Take That) will oversee the whole project. 
Yet, no word of televized final or such, but as it's labeled "X Factor" styled process there will be propably various programmes leading to the final. 
Alasdair Rendall, President of OGAE UK says: 
“It's a massive honour - and very exciting - for OGAE members to be given a key role in helping to choose the UK's entry for Eurovision 2016. Eurovision fans are never backwards in coming forwards about their thoughts on the UK's performance at the world's greatest music competition, so I'm really excited about the opportunity this offers us to help find the right song to fly the flag for the UK in Stockholm next year.”


Małgorzata Jamroży aka Margaret has also been tipped for Eurovision and apparently she did turn it down but she'd be perfect. She's got a look and persona you can't unnotice nor forget, she's got hit songs, she has been voted or nominated for everything from Trendy artist to the Hope of the Year, Fashion Icon and Glamour Woman of the year besides the usual best video, song, album, debut..... Oh she's also a fashion designer! She's very clever with social medias and would surely use it to her advantage if selected for Stockholm 2016. Her debut album is titled Add the blonde, do we need to say more? Except it includes mostly Swedish written pop tunes like Tell me how are ya, Wasted, Start a fire and Heartbeat. And of course her debut single and internationally noticed Thank you very much that you can enjoy below with all its anti-textil feel. I think she's Eurovision perfection, she's cheeky and fun, can we have her?

Tuesday, September 29, 2015


No more internal selections. BBC will have a X Factor like talnt hunt to find the represent for Stockholm 2016 Eurovision. Up and coming axts can submit their original tracks for BBC, a pabel will chose the finalists and the ultimate say is given to the tv viewers. 
The BBC's Guy Freeman: "This year really will be the biggest song search for Eurovision the BBC has ever undertaken. With input from key industry figures and fan associations, plus with the public having the final say we are looking forward to seeing a true People's Eurovision entry representing the UK at next year's competition in Sweden."
So, after many many years the Brits can onlly blame themselves if they bomb again..... 


Ok, someone has to start the annual rumour, right? Sergey has been tipped most every year - most notably last year with this - and indeed would be a good choice. He has catchy songs, can pull out a massive stage show, seems to have made himself known in Europe as well, among Eurovision fans that is, and unlike his closest competitor Dima Bilan isn't disliked to death by some. Big in Russia and former Sovjets points would be rolling in to secure at least another top-10. Below is his latest offering. Shame it's released already in August as it has it all from catchy chorus to cool choreography to whistle! But maybe he finally says "da"? I certainly say Da, da, da!

Monday, September 28, 2015


The Finnish Eurovision entry 1987, originally by Vicky Rosti, has been covered by Antti Tuisku for the Vain elämää series and is this season's first hit. It enters both official and download charts at number One and is already getting also radioplay entering at 71. One hundred lightnings are surely striking again! 
Official Finnish singles charts (week 39) - 1. 
Download and streaming charts (week 39) - 1.
Radio Play charts (week 39) - 71.


Kendji's name had been around ever since he won The Voice in France a couple of years ago. He's on tour next spring but .... curiously he has a break from April 23 to May 20. Hmmm....  Peut-etre? He's also releasing a new album shortly..... 
He could be what France needs to succeed again: Young, fresh, popular and with a style that won't pass unnoticed and he could easily score a pan-European hit with that exposure, if not win the whole thing in Stockholm. He's of Catalan origin and you can clearly hear it in his music. 
Just listen to Color gitano, Andalouse, Elle m'aimé or Conmigo. Below is Cool.... How cool it would be if he did Eurovision in Stockholm 2016? Beyond words cool!

Sunday, September 27, 2015


Conchita Wurst keeps busy even if her reign is well over and passed on to Måns Zelmerlöw. Where have all the good men gone aka #WHATGMG is already fifth single release from her self titled debut album. This follows the double A-sided Firestorm/Colors of your love

Saturday, September 26, 2015


Lucy who? Lucy Rose is an indie artist whose music has been played in various tv-shows and ads, and if BBC wants to go for something different and fresh she might be the one. She reminds me of Finnish-French duo Eva & Manu at times and that's only positive in my books. Her second album released this year made it to #9 in the UK charts. She's cute and likable somehow, with good catchy songs. What could possibly go wrong? Below is one of her songs but check more here, there's plenty of good stuff! 


Second episode was dedicated to rapper VilleGalle. Most of his songs as JVG are all about what they enjoy the most in life: ice hockey and Playstation. Most songs also are rapped with featured singers so the covers by his fellow Vain elämää stars were mostly completely reworked, most of them by lyrics, too. This was the episode I maybe waited the least as I thought I wouldn't know his music at all but then.... four of these were such big hits you couldn not have not heard them.... In the end a very enjoyable evening after all and if the first three seasons have been marked by tears and artists crying their eyes out this season so far it's been mostly laughter and good vibes!

Vicky Rosti Vs. JVG feat Anna Abreu  - Huominen on huomenna
Vicky as a 50something grandmother had turned the teenager party song into an anthem for a hot mama who goes for holidays and parties all night with her daddy man. Very well done and she already declared this one's going in to her gig set. She might have the hit of this episode in her hands...

Antti Tuisku Vs. JVG feat Märkä-Simo  - Häissä
He had changed the lyrics to talk about something he is more familiar with: skiing. Quite fun but not much else.

Sanni Vs. JVG feat Raappana - Gran Turismo
She turned the reggae summer hit into a more electo pop one. Very nice.

Maija Vilkkumaa Vs. JVG feat Heikki Kuula - Nelisilmä
She totally owned this song, turning it into a 90's rock pop and making it sound exactly like it could be her own song. Very good.

Anssi Kela Vs. JVG feat Timo Pieni Huijaus - Kasarin lapsi
Totally reworked lyrics telling Anssi's own story instead of VilleGalle's. Poprock approach. He dedicated this song to his late musician dad. Anssi had promised one day they'd do something togerher in one way or the other, and now he sampled his song to this one. 

Pave Maijanen Vs. JVG - Voitolla yöhön
Pave rapped a bit but the arrangement was more rock. Good feelings. 

In the end VilleGalle chose Antti Tuisku's version to perform with him as the finale. You can watch the videos here.  Next week is Maija Vilkkumaa's turn. That is something I'm very much looking forward to as I am a fan!

Friday, September 25, 2015


German Lidl has been having some rought times conquering Finns in their early years here being labeled strongly as a non-Finnish store etc. by some Finns. Their advertising campaign in television has been milking out of this fact for years with a series of a woman who shops at Lidl and easily shoots down all arguments her anti-Lidl and suspicious husband makes. Now after years it looks like he is finally softening to Lidl and in the recent ones he is almost nearly saying something good about it. Maybe that's due to the nightmares he is having where even Mr Lordi appears shouting at him "I've had enough of your badmouthing Germany! Watch the add below. 
Lidl came to Finland in 2002 and has now grown as the third biggest chain with over 8% market share.


It's a girl! Armenian tv has chosen and will reveal their entrant - and maybe the entry? - in the Eurovision song contest 2016 in Stockholm on October 13, 2015 in a live stream on at 17.15 CET. Who is she? Judging the video below someone curvy with a long hair.... a Sirusho comeback?


Malú's name is not new when talking about Eurovision. She's on many wishlists and has been rumored a few times. However, so far nothing. Now she's about to release a new album this November, her 10th studio album since 1998. She has also released a live album and a couple of compilations, all of them have sold at least gold, several multiple platinum. The first of offering from the new album is Quiero. Timing is perfect, could it be? This blogger would certainly approve! Here's the title track

Thursday, September 24, 2015


Il Volo's concert from Arena di Verona was broadcasted last night on Raiuno and it was easily the most watched programme on any Italian channel yesterday with 23,4% share and 5.664.000 viewers. Also hastag #ilvoloinarena was among the top-3 all evening in Italy. The sold out concert took place on Monday night and finished their thiumphant summer tour in Italy. But they are not going to rest on their success as tomorrow their new international album L'amore si muove will be released in three different versions for various markets. 
They are off to another tour in sport arenas in Italy in January before moving to tour in the Northern and Latin Americas. In the concert last night we already got to hear some of the new songs. The trio was in top form and entertained the crowd in every way and made it all a rather intimate affair with some guests and interacting with the public a lot - it seemed they were all the time among the audience singing and dancing with girls and grannies alike. Not an easy task when you think it has the capacity of 15.000 and was sold out. 
Below is the first single and title track L'amore si muove


Today's news is that San Marino (and also Albania) has indeed applied for the Eurovision song contest 2016 in Stockholm. In San Marino's case the Head of delegation Alessandro Capicchioni told in an interview with Eurofestival News that they have applied but nothing is confirmed yet. They are looking into various options what comes to sponsors and producer and the offers they are getting. As always in their case the choice is purely internal. Time will tell if there will be a change for their seventh participation after four years with Ralph Siegel productions.... All will be settled and decided over the next few weeks (the EBU deadline to confirm seems to be on October 10, 2015) but their participation should be rather secure now.
But the most interesting thing comes in the end of the interview when he says San Marino is feeling a bit lonely as the only microstate participant and he'd love to see Andorra and Monaco back in game. And he says he has a feeling that one of them maybe, maybe.....  
Hasn't Andorra already said no while Monaco has stayed quiet. Could it be? Wouldn't that be great? Monaco has won once and has taken part from 1959 to 1979, and made a comeback in 2004 for three editions before disppearing again after failing to qualify to the final. Maybe San Marino's qualification in 2014 has given them some new hope? Andorra took part from 2004 to 2009, also failing to make the final each year.


Countries are running out in Flagcounter and it has taken nearly nine months since the last new country or territory but now we have Micronesia among us! A huge welcome, whoever visited me! 
(If you see this, please contact me via message box!)

Wednesday, September 23, 2015


This morning the news broke EBU and SVT has agreed to show the Big5 + host in the semifinals instead of the usual short videoclips. I was like "Ok, this is what I have been saying all along, the only fair thing to do! Finally" This way they also get more rehearsal time which means they have to come to the host city a couple of days earlier which means also more promotion time on spot. All fair. All countries should get an equal time in the host city and on screen. Great news. Fantastic. Fabulous. FINALLY!
Then more information emerged. The Big5 + host won't perform live in semifinals. Big boooo!
They will perform in dress rehearsals of the semifinals, their performances will be taped and then shown in the live broadcast. Still not in full. Not live. Oh well....
In the end, it's better than nothing. A step to the right direction. Hooray!
Maybe next time they will cut the opening and interval acts for a few minutes and just let them perform live, too. Pretty please?
Hopefully this will also boost the chances of these countries that have been doing not so great (except Italy) in the recent years. Germany came last this year and UK's best in the last five years is 11th, France's 15th. Spain has finished twice 10th but the rest is 20something.....

Tuesday, September 22, 2015


After rumours and denials it's official today: Avrotros will send Douwe Bob to represent the Netherlands in Stockholm 2016 Eurovision song contest. He becomes the very first artist confirmed this season. He declares to be very honored to do the job and is going Stockholm not only to showcase his selfwritten music the way he wants to do it but also  to win! The song will be presented in due time.....


I will gather here all confirmations and selected songs in chronological order. Enjoy the ride, Stockholm here we go.....

March 12, 2016
Donny Montell won the Lithuanian national final with I've been waiting for this night

March 12, 2015
Frans won the Swedish selection with If I were sorry

March 11, 2016
Gabriela Guncikova with I stand will represent Czech Republic
March 6, 2016
Ovidiu Anton won the Romanian final with Moment of silence

March 5, 2016
Michal Szpak won the Polish selection with Color of your life

March 5, 2016
Jüri Pootsmann won Eesti laul 2016 with Play
March 5, 2016
Serbia confirmed Sanja Vučić as their artist. The song will be published later.
March 7 is was reconfirmed it's her, but under her stage name ZAA. The song is titled Goodbye.
The song published March 12

 March 3, 2016

Hovi Star won the Israeli selection with Made of stars

March 3, 2016
Australia announced Dami Im for Eurovision. Her entry will be releaved in 12th.

February 28, 2016
Justs wins the Latvia Supernova with Heartbeats

February 2016
Agnete won with Icebreaker the Norwegian melodi grand Prix

February 27, 2016
ManuElla won the Slovenian EMA2016 with Red and blue

February 27, 2016
Freddie on the Hungarian A dal with Pioneer

February 27, 2016
Lidia Isac won the Moldovan national final with Falling stars

February 27, 2016
Sandhja won the #UMK16 with Sing it away in Finland ahead of a couple of fan favorites :-)

February 26, 2016
Joe and Jake won the Eurovision: You decide UK's national final with You're not alone
February 25, 2016
German national final went smoothly this time and as predicted, the 17-year-old The Voice winner Jamie-Lee Kriewitz won with her Ghost.

February 25, 2016
In France a local tv spoiled the surprise and the secret is out. Amir Haddad will sing for France J'ai cherché
Official confirmation came February 29

February 24, 2016
Croatia returns after three years with The Voice of Croatia Nina Kraljic. Her entry will be revealed on March 9, 2016

February 22, 2016
Cyprus and Minus One revealed their entry Alter ego
February 21, 2016
Jamala wins the Ukrainian final full of drama with her 1944

February 20, 2016
Greta Salóme wins the Icelandic national final Söngvakeppnin with Hear them calling

February 19, 2016
Bosnia & Herzegovina revealed their song Ljubav je... by Dalal & Deen feat. Ana Rucner and Jala

February 19, 2016
Bulgaria confirmed Poli Genova as their entrant. The song will be released in March.
Poli is another returnee having done Eurovision 2011 already.
If love was a crime was revealed March 21

February 14, 2016
After some Italian drama Sanremo winner Stadio gives up their trip to Stockholm and runner up 21-year-old Francesca Michielin will go instead with her entry Nessun grado di separazione

February 13, 2016
Rykka wins the Swiss national final with The last of our kind

February 13, 2016
Lighthouse X win the Danish national final with Soldiers of love

February 12, 2016
ZOË wins the Austrian national final with Loin d'ici. A song in French

 February 9, 2016
Greece will be presented by Europond, renamed as Argo for the occasion, a band from Thessaloniki.
Febaruary 25 it was announced the song is titled Utopian land
The song was presented March 10

February 1, 2016
Barei won the Spanish national final with Say yay! For the first time the Spanish entry will be entirely sung in English.

January 23, 2016
Ira Losco wins the national final in Malta with Chameleon (Invincible) and returns to Eurovision after 14 years. There is a chance the song will be changed though.....
Indeed. The last minute arrived Walk on water....

January 22, 2016
IVAN (Aleksandr Ivanov) won the Belarusian national final Eurofest with Help you fly

January 17, 2016
Laura Tesoro wins the Eurosong 2016 in Belgium with What's the pressure

January 13, 2016
Ireland confirmed the rumors that broke a week earlier: ex-Westlife Nicky Byrne will represent Ireland and hunt for its 8th victory with Sunlight

January 12, 2016
San Marino announced it has chosen internally Serhat, a Turkish singer for Stockholm. The song will be revealed later.
March 9: The song I didn't know was published
March 21, 2016 the song was changed to its disco version:

December 27, 2015
Albania chose Eneda Tarifa and Përrallë (Fairytale) as their entrant as she won the 54th Festivali i Këngës. The song will be sung in English in Stockholm. It's the first known song of the season!

December 15, 2015
Georgia announced Nika Kocharov & Young Georgian Lolitas as their internally chosen represants. An open call for the song was launched at the same time.
February 15, 2016
Their entry has been chosen: Midnight gold

December 10, 2015
During the Russian Music Awards it was announced Sergey Lazarev will go to Eurovision when he was awarded as the Singer of the year. Song will be presented at later date.
You are the only one was released March 5, 2016

November 25, 2015
Bosnis & Herzegovina surprised us all by announcing they would make a comeback, and instantly the rumor was the song and act was ready, too. And indeed within 24 hrs they confirmed Deen, Dalal & Ana as their act. The song will be revealed later. Like Kaliopi, also Deen is a veteran, anno 2004.

November 24, 2015
Macedonian television announced Kaliopi will return. She already represented the country in 2012 and the song will be again written by Romeo Grill and will be presented in early March 2016.
February 16: The song is title Dona
Her song was presented March 7

November 21, 2015
ARD has withdrawn Xavier Naidoo for protests, critizism and petitions...... They will go for a national final with various singers after all, it seems....

November 19, 2015
Germany announced they have chosen internally Xavier Nadoo for Stockholm 2016. 
The song will be chosen in a final on Ferbuary 18 where he sings six songs.

November 4, 2015
Cypriot television confirmed the rumours that Minus One has been selected. The song will be written by Thomas G:son..... No comment.
January 31 it was revealed the song is titled Alter Ego

October 13, 2015
Armenian televion announced Iveta Mukuchyan will represent the country in Stockholm. International song search has been launched to find her song.
February 19 it was revealed her song i titled LoveWave and will be out on March 2

October 2, 2015
Montenegro announced they have internally chosen Highway Trio for Stockholm 2015. The band comes from the latest X Factor Adria where they finished 4th. The song will be presented later. In December it was announced Bojan Jojovic (ex-No Name, ESC 2005) has joined the band.
February 15 it was announced the song is titled The real thing
March 4 the song was released:

September, 22, 2015
AVROTROS announced Douwe Bob (23) will be representing the Netherlands in Stockholm. The song (apparently an uptempo) will be presented in due time.
March 4: The song was finally presented:

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