Saturday, September 19, 2015


Vicky Rosti had the honor to open the fourth season of megapopular Vain elämää series. Over one million Finns tuned in to see it on television and streaming continues online. Antti Tuisku's Sata salamaa has got already over 300.000 views. This season the artists doesn't seem to know each other beforehand that well or at all so the first lunch and dinner were still a bit akward but surely when the season goes on they loosen up. As expected all but Anssi have searched a song from Vicky's early years and 70's cover hits - besides her Eurovision entry 1987 of course that was sure to be in the line up. 
VilleGalle Vs. Vicky - Menolippu (One way ticket)
Him being a rapper the song had gone through a total make over and gotten new lyrics sampling Vicky's original vocals. Good start but not outstanding or quite totally there. 

Maija Vilkkumaa Vs. Vicky - Näinkö meille aina täällä käy (Ain't that just the way)
This song fitted nicely Maija's voice and the arrangement was totally new turning the rock country ballad into a more modern and electronic sound. Quite nice indeed.

Pave Maijanen Vs. Vicky - Charlie Brown (Here comes Charlie Brown)
The song Vicky confessed she never liked that much but is such a hit she has to sing it in every gig. A party song that always gets the audience going with hands in the air. Pave added some ska and gave it a touch of Kosa Mostra and did a great job. Fun and entertaining!

Antti Tuisku Vs. Vicky - Sata salamaa
Antti said he had no other choice, he insisted doing this and took no for an answer. He also made a total makeover with heavier beat and more modern touch. A club mix in short with a rap part and instead of the live band a DJ. This has been already predicted to become the hit of the season. It might well be iTunes #1 as soon as it will be released...... Now one can only hope Antti gets bitten by the Eurovision bug and gives it a thought. Finally.

Anssi Kela Vs. Vicky - Avara luonto
Unlike the others Anssi has taken a new song, from Vicky's latest album. He made it a rockier version but as this song is unknown to most, including me, it's a bit hard to judge. Sounded like any other Kela songs really.....

Sanni Vs. Vicky - Oon voimissain (I will survive)
Yet another cover. If Vicky has a special voice, so does Sanni. Otherwise the version is rather similar to the original, just updated a bit. Pleasant. Could become a hit as well. 

In the end Vicky chose Pave Maijanen's Charlie Brown as the duet. Two Eurovision veterans doing some ska together. priceless!!!

You can watch the videos here. (Hopefully you can stream them abroad. I will try to see and add youtbes later and update.)

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