Friday, September 04, 2015


So, here they are, the lovely people who will be in charge to create our favorite tv-show and event next time. The group is a mixture of old and new, but all experienced people. Here they are:

Executive producers: Martin Österdahl and Johan Bernhagen - both were already involved with ESC 2013 among other projects. Martin takes care of the contacts between SVT and EBU and is the even't main spokesperson while Johan will take care of the daily routins and makes sure evenrything concret work out in schedule.
Head of production: Tobias Åberg - also involved in ESC 2013. He takes care of the technical things of the show.
Contest producer: Christer Björkman - no need of introduction. He will be in charge for the look and feel of the entries on stage, staging and delegations and the running order. 
Show producer: Sven Stojanovic - Newcomer in the Eurovision world. He's in charge for the three live shows except the entries (as that's Björkman's job)
Head of communications: Lotta Loosme - also a newcomer in the world. In charge for the merchandising, marketing and press.
Head of event, city & partners: Sofi Franzén - also a newcomer. In charge for tickets, spnsors and all the side events in the city.
Executive assistand and office manager: Josephine Görander - also a newcomer. She will back up all the above and give a helping hand (and propably a shoulder to cry on if needed)

What do you think? Do you believe this team can make the magic happen again and top all the previous contests as they aim to?

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