Monday, September 29, 2014


RAI has announced today along with the rules of the 2015 Sanremo festival that its winner will be the first choice to represent Italy in the Eurovision song contest 2015 in Vienna. And that seems to go only for the artists, not necessarily for the song. If the winner is not interested, the organizing committee will pick up another artist from the festival.
In 2012 Emma Marrone won the festival but apparently said a polite "No thank you" to Eurovision and Nina Zilli was selected instead and chose another song. In 2013 Marco Mengoni won and brought his winning entry to Malmö so this method has been in the use unofficially it seems already. Maybe. 
Sanremo 2015 will be a five day affair starting February 10 with the grand final on Valentine's Day February when the Italian entrant will be then known.
In the rules we can see the submission perios starts September 30, 2014 and the host and artistic director Carlo Conti has the last word on each and every one of them. The announcement of the artists will take place on December 9 for the Newcomers and December 14 for the Big. 


Serbia returns to Eurovision and brings in big guns. Eurovision song contest winning composer Vladimir Graic is put in charge to compose three songs and one of them will be the Serbian entry in Vienna 2015. The artists will be revealed later. Serbia used this system already in the past when Goran Bregovic composed all songs in 2010 for diffrent acts.
Vladimir Graic is of course the composer of Molitva, Serbia's winning song in Helsinki 2007, and he also wrote Verjamem, that represented Slovenia in 2012 but had a different fate (17th in the semifinal). He has composed also othe national final songs, like Beauty Queen's Zavet in 2008. 
Recently he has been working with Milica Pavlovic, Nemanja Andjelovic, Zeljko Sasic, Milena Novakovic, Maja Nikolic, Tanja Savic and Ivana Pavkovic. Will some of them be among the possible entrants? Time will tell.... 

Sunday, September 28, 2014


The new Lordi documentary got its premiere this Friday in Rovaniemi but the band boycotted the it as it seems Mr Lordi and the others are very unhappy with it, and based on what he writes in an open letter in Facebook he has all the reasons to be so! He says the band provided hundreds of hours of material to the director that they wanted to be included: the tours, backstage, making the costumes, writing the songs, photo sessions, building the stages, the happy times with success, fans, gigs abroad... all that is absent and the documentary concentrates only on the bad times and negative things about their story. Mr Lordi states he understands the director's decision for film's drama line but underlines it shows only one side of the coin. He also wishes there would be material they provided from the pre-success period, denies he was bullied at school and that his mother makes any decisions - in fact he tells her mother has nothing to do with the band and her presence was director's idea and made only both of them feel akward. Nor his friends have any power over the decision making in the band. 
On top of all that he says there's something in the documentary he can never in any circumstances accept nor understand: showing the members unmasked. The band has never done that and never will. They feel betrayed by the director and crew, people they trusted knew better after being close to the band for years and he takes that as an immense personal insult. The band has never acknowledged its member's - former or present - real face. Therefor he can never stand 100% behind this documentary. Sounds a bit like an invitation for a boycott and so it should be. (Remember the boycott against a magazine and its publishing house in Finland when they published photos of the members unmasked after Eurovision?) Also this time fans seem to be stand with Lordi and don't want to see the mystery revealed.
Meanwhile the band is planning a DVD release with added material, the other side of the coin to give a full picture. And obviously no unmasked members.

PS. This blogger hasn't seen the documentary and what I understand it's Awa whose face has been revealed in it. 

UPDATE: It seems either the boycott worked or Finns simply aren't interested anymore. The documentary gathered only 459 paid moviegoers last weekend.....


I know there's something going on. Anni-Frid Lyngstad aka Frida aka Princess Reuss of Plauen has revealed recently she's working on an autobiography she hopes to release eventually some time in the future. It's time to turn the stone. She sure has stories to tell! 
Born as a Norwegian-German warchild she ended up in Swiss alps living in a castle as a real princess. In between we have three marriages, children and step children, losing her daughter, becoming a widow, solo career as a singer, being a member of ABBA, hits and misses. She was the one who enjoyed performing and fame the most out of ABBA members and shone being favorable for a reunion but today says she's done with music and concentrates on charity affairs and her hobbies, including writing. I can only wish the words will come to her and she gets this project finished soon. Between En ledig dag and Även en blomma there are so many untold stories to tell for sure. 

Saturday, September 27, 2014


Turkish Ayşe Özyılmazel who is Neco's daughter has covered his father's Eurovision 1982 entry Hani for Turkey, and Neco himself is seen in the video. I remember liking the song back then - yes, I'm that old – and Ayşe makes it all very sweet and cute, and the arragement is pretty much the same. But it is not the first time Eurovision kids cover their parents songs. Danish Rasmus Seebach covered his father's 1993 Eurovision entry Under stjernerne på himlen (and did a great job with it!) and in Finland Milana Misic has recorded various songs by her mother Laila Kinnunen, including her 1961 Eurovision entry Valoa ikkunassa. Surely there are more similar cases (hints are welcome in the comment box!). I have a burning desire to have Taikapeili girls Hanna-Riikka Siitonen (Fredi's daughter) and Nina Tapio (backing singer's daughter) cover the Finnish entry Pump pump from 1976. How cool would that be?! Both girls have also multiple Eurovision backing singer experience.

Under stjernerne på himlen - Rasmus Seebach Vs. Tommy Seebach
Valoa ikkunassa - Milana Misic Vs. Laila Kinnunen

Friday, September 26, 2014


News from Malta tonight as well. The 134 songs have been shortlisted to 48 (what happened to the news they won't reveal this list at all?) where from the 20 semifinalists will be selected. Many familiar names and previous winners but one is missing, Ira Losco. Her return has been rumoured and speculated for months and she's not in. Yet. Maybe she will be granted a wildcard. Maybe some other wildcards will be granted as well. Anyways previous winners Miriam Christine (1996), Ludwig Galea (2004), Olivia Lewis (2007), Glen Vella (2011) and Gianluca Bezzina (2013) with his sisters and brothers following the example of the Micallefs are in with several previous Malta Song for Europe participants. And hallelujah, there is even a group of nuns! We will see how many of these are included in the end.... Malta's selection will take place already this November 21-22, 2014.

12, Baker Street – Karen DeBattista
Beautiful to Me – L-Aħwa (aka Bezzina Family)
Break All Borders – Jacqueline Richard
Breakaway – Glen Vella
Call It Love – Kurt Cassar
Chasing a Dream – Trilogy (incl. Ludwig) 
Close Your Eyes – Danica Muscat
Closed Doors – Chris Grech
Could Have Been Me – Iona Dalli
Dark Dark Waters – Domenique
Dream of Love – Rebecca Mifsud
Eclipse – Ana-Maria Grima
Empty Hearted – Domenique
Fandago – Jessika
Flame – Monroe
For All Those Times – Gloriana Arpa Belli
Freedom – Simaria Galea
Hey Yo – Domenique
Hold My Hand – Estelle Imbroll
Hold On To Love – Olivia Lewis & Miriam Christine
Home – Lyndsay Pace
Hurricane – Marilena Gauci
Indestructible – Annabelle Vella
It’s OK – Deborah C
Look – Neville Refalo
Love & Let Go – (Sr Michaela, Sr Monica, Sr Rita, Sr Claudia, Sr Denise & Sr Magdalong) aka The Nuns
Love Call – Danica Muscat
My Next Tattoo – Domenique
Never Ask Why – Andreana & Fiona
Once in a While – Minik
Ringside – Gabriella Azzopardi
Rush – Christabelle
Secretly – Corazon
See Through Lover – Larissa Borg
Shine a Light – Malcolm
Something in the Way – Daniel Testa
Still Here – Franklin
Stop Haunting Me – Raquel Galdes
Stuck Without Me – Kylie Coleiro
Take Me as I Am – Domenique
The One That You Love – Lawrence Gray
The Thief – Dario Mifsud Bonnici
Warrior – Amber
What You Wanna Hear – Stefan Galea
What? When? Where? – Joseph Refalo
Where Do We Go? – Kurt Cassar
Who Needs a Heart – Soraya Cardona
Your Phone – Fiona Cauchi


Tijana's sister Tamara is among the 20 Skopje festival participants. She must have gotten the spark in Copenhagen 2014 where she was providing backing vocals and enjoying the atmosphere besides being very nice to everyone. She's no stranger to Eurovision anyways as she did represent Macedonia already back in 2008 with Adrian Gaxha and Vrčak. Also Vlatko Ilievski who already did 2011 is trying to get another go at it.  MRT received about 200 songs and these 20 will battle it out already on November 12, 2014 and the winner will get the ticket to Vienna 2015 Eurovision song contest after 505/50 jury/televote.

  1. Risto Samardziev & Vlatko Ilievski – North–South
  2. Lena Zatkoska – Hello
  3. Aleksandra Janeva – In your world
  4. Nade Talevska – I know
  5. Sanja Gjoshevska – I want to fly
  6. Viktorija Loba – I’m missing someone like you
  7. Goran Naumovski & Sanja Kerkez – A moment without you
  8. Lidija Kochovska & Marjan Stojanovski – Sunshine through the clouds
  9. Vera Jankovikj – I want to fly
  10. Evgenija Chanchalova – If I don’t love you
  11. Daniel Kajmakoski – Perfect storm
  12. Tamara Todevska – Sinking ship
  13. Aleksandar Tarabunov & Toni Mihajlovski – Maria
  14. Dimitar Andonovski – Everything I promised
  15. Verica Pandilovska – Just for you
  16. Tanja Carovska – I miss you like hell
  17. Myatta – Deep down inside me
  18. Joce Panov – Neither “L” form love
  19. Aleksandra Mihova – Heart keeps memories
  20. Sasho Gigov–Gish – Blues
Update: Apparently songs/singers 16 and 20 have been replaced with these:

16. Sara Mejs - Pekolno mi nedostasuvas
20. Nina Janeva - Bluz


As incredible it may sound, Carla Bissi aka Alice turns 60 today. She has been this blogger's favorite female singer since 1981 and the soundtrack of my years. She may have not been the most productive  recording artist over the years but the good news is she's coming out with a new album soon! Can't wait! 
She's been in the business since 1971 when she won the Castrocaro music festival for new voices that lead her to Sanremo and winning the La Gondola d'Argento in Venice the year after. All this under her real name Carla Bissi.
In 1975 change of name to Alice Visconti and new production team and a song to remember, Io voglio vivere. The real success comes however after meeting Franco Battiato - and this magical collaboration continues on and off until these days - and scoring her first megahit in 1980 with  Il vento caldo dell'estate, dropping Visconti and being simply Alice. The next year she wins Sanremo with Per Elisa, conquers parts of European markets, does Eurovision with Battiato and I treni di Tozeur in 1984 and releases a cover album of his songs in 1985 including Prospettiva Nevski.
In 1986 she changes her style a bit to less commercial with new collaborators and this reserach continues the next two decades. She returns to Sanremo 2000 with Il giorno dell'indipendenza in change to be able to release her God is my DJ album. Her first live album is released in 2009 and finally in 2012 she returned to more commercial and pop sound with Samsara, something that will continue with her next release later this year. 
Alice is a true artist who does what she believes in, the way she wants it. Not bending for the commercial sides of things and easy success which kept her away from television for over a decade for example. Maybe not loved by the masses and copied by hysterical teenage girls like she was in the early 1980's but she has a big loyal fanbase that has stood by her all these decades adoring whatever she does. This blogger is proud to be one of them and dreaming of seeing her perform live again one day somewhere. It would be the third time after Helsinki's concert in 1990 and the performance in Rome's Santa Maria degli Angeli many Easters ago.
Tanti auguri, Carla!

Thursday, September 25, 2014


Something special cooking up in Paris. If you put together Conchita Wurst, the legendary strip club in Paris Crazy Horse, designer Jean Paul Gaultier, Christian Louboutin's shoes, Pierre & Gilles designs for the official poster and Bianca Li for the show concept. This will happen this November 9-15 when Ms Wurst is singing there every night with the cabaret's dancers. 
Conchita tells she accepted the second she was asked: "For me, it's beautiful: Crazy Horse is known worldwide for its female and artistic shows, Paris is the city of love and glamour: here I have everything I need!" She will of course perform her Eurovision 2014 winning song Rise like a Phoenix and maybe some Tina Turner cover but also try out a new song on that stage. 
With this opportunity happening and her providing voice for the German version of Penguins of Madagascar her debut album's release has been postboned once again and won't be out before Christmas. At this point maybe its best to release it for Vienna 2015?


Seija Simola turns 70 today and gave a very rare interview to Helsingin Sanomat. It's no secret her career pretty much finished after she ended second to last in the Eurovision song contest 1978 in Paris with Anna rakkaudelle tilaisuus. It's also no secret she has not forgotten nor forgiven that. In fact her faith was well in mind of many others who stayed away from the national finals in the 1980's and still today at times it is used as an example that Eurovision can do no good to your career. We fans of course know it's not true, but with the general public is another story.
Anyways, Simola released her first single Kun hämärtää in 1966 and string of hits followed that showcased her strong vocals (Kun aika on, Sulle silmäni annan, Rakkaus kasvoista kasvoihin, Kuutamo). Her debut album came in 1970 and she enjoyed hits and success all decade. Her hits include ABBAs Waterloo and Fernando (she wrote the Finnish lyrics herself to both), Et itkeä saa, Argentiina - that Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber has commented as one of the best versions ever while Simola tells it was recorded at night after a concert. "It was dark and I was very tired. For some reason there was this hurry to get it done and I sung it once for the technician to get his stuff right and the second try is the recorded version" -  and La Maritza. As said after Eurovision her albums didn't sell anymore, nor people came to her gigs. As a last attempt she recorded two albums of more pop oriented music (that she didn't like at all, she tells now), including Ei rakastaa voi tämän enempää, her last minor hit, and even a cover of I treni di Tozeur. Her last studio album is from 1986 and included Sateenvarjo, that did get radio airplay but didn't sell. YLE came to her rescue and gave her a lot of work recording demos. Her last recordings are from 2003 from a compilation album. 
Today she has no voice anymore to sing as she suffers from a strong astma, and also she suffered damage in a throat operation a few years ago making it hard for her even to speak. She lives alone in Helsinki after divorcing her third husband six years ago. She lives in the same apartment she has lived for 42 years and enjoys her incognito status when in public. The last public photos of her date back to early 1990's. 
Blogilkar congratulates Seija, one of the finest voices in the Finnish pop music history who certaily wasn't treated right by the audiences after Paris. We should have given her another chance.....

Tuesday, September 23, 2014


Here it comes, the debut album by Softengine. The release date is October17, 2014 and the title very humble We created the world. Before that the third single The Sirens will be released on October 3, 2014 that follows their UMK winner and Eurovision song contest 11th placed Something better, and the follow up Yellow House
The lead singer Topi Latukka tells The Sirens is a very atmospheric track that grows throughout the song until the end. It is perhaps a little unusual single choice, but they wanted to publish it, because it illustrates probably best what their music is, and what the album will be like. It can give a new, perhaps surprising view of their music if one knows only their first two singles." 
The album includes 11 songs, all new. You can order yours from here

Monday, September 22, 2014


Namely their concert at Wembley Arena on November 10, 1979 when they were the hottest pop band on earth. With this release apparently the unreleased material of the band is finished. This will be a double-Cd and 3-LP format release including 25 songs. A limited edition 2-CD digibook wil be also released. Release date September 26-29 worldwide. It's quite amazing how many hits they already had as the set list looks like a greatest hits tour. They even have dropped Mamma mia, an evergreen these days. As well as Ring, ring, Hasta manana, Honey honey, I do I do I do I do, Angel eyes..... I have a feeling I may have been a little disappointed in the set list if I was there :-)

But that's not all. In October ABBA Gold will be released in a special steelbox edition. In November their Spanish language album Gracias por la musica will be re-released n deluxe CD-version, as well as a Deluxe CD-box that will include all their albums in deluxe versions. And on top of that also B&B's musical Chess will have a re-release both on CD and DVD, deluxe of course with added bonus material. 


Alice will be a special guest in Cervignano Film Festival this week and she will be awarded Saturday a special award for her career, Premio speciale alla carriera Michel Gondry. This festival is for short films, documentaries and videos and the entries come all over the world. Alice will pick up her award with all the other winners of this festival and maybe also perform. A nice birthday gift for her as she turns 60 on Friday!
But the more important news is she is releasing her new album still in 2014 it seems! Over the spring and summer we have heard rumors and some news about collaborations (including her apparent exclusion from Sanremo festival with songs written by Franco Battiato) but knowing her times of releasing music (Samsara was released only two years ago, and that 14 years after Exit, her previous studio album with new material) one has learned to be patient so this news is almost unreal. This will be her 13th album with original songs since 1975.
Meanwhile she's dueting with Mario Venuti in his album Tramonto dell'Occidente, that is released tomorrow, September 23, 2014. 


Marco Mengoni is on the go-go already almost two years without a moment's pause. After selling triple platinum with #Prontoacorrere and conquering Spain he has been working on a new album. And that's not all. Today a new Marco Mengoni Application has been launched for Mac and Androids users with prebooking for his announced 2015 Tour! 
Mengoni has always been very active in the social medias and the past eight days the hashtags #dovenasconoleidee, #nuovifuturi and #8suoniper3colori have taken over giving fans hints of things to come, to be joined now by #MengoniLive2015
The tour next year will surely be hugely interactive, this is just the beginning. The dates are: May 7 Milan, May10 Turin, May 12 Florence, May 14 Rome, May 16 Naples, May 19 Bari, May 21 Bologna and May 23 Conegliano.... err, isn't that just the Eurovision 2015 weeks?
Not much is know about the new album and it's exact release but it's once again produced by Michele Canova and recorded in Sunset Sound Studios in Los Angeles.

Saturday, September 20, 2014


Lordi is back with a new album Scare Force One, alreay their seventh studio album. The album will be out for Halloween and the release party will be on November 1, 2014 in The Circus, Helsinki. 
The first single is Nailed by the hammer of Frankenstein, that will be released on September 19, 2014. Enjoy the fright!

Thursday, September 18, 2014


Finally some concret names in the rumor mills. Israel shortly confirmed its presence in the Eurovision song contest 2015 in Vienna - even though there seem to be some minor issues to be sorted out before they can make it happen, like the very existance of IBA come May 2015 - and that the selection would be done internally by radio station Radio 88FM. It didn't take them long to come out with a name, by no means a new one when it comes to Eurovision gossiping: Marina Maximilian Blumin (27). This jazzy singer of Russian origin came second to Boaz Mauda in a talent show and since then caused some eyebrows by not doing the military service, a fact that played against her in the past and propably will do so this time again. Her songs include Maurin, Tango and Silence.
The second choice is Ester Rada, an Ethiopian born singer currently working on her debut album. he's also doing ethno-jazz mixing Israeli music with her Ethiopian heritage. Her songs include Life happens, Could it be and No more.
It looks like Israel is really going the other way after these two ladies with a very un-Eurovision sound. And it only gets better: The third in line, and this blogger's instant favorite is Asaf Avidan (34). He already had an international hit with One day/Reckoning song and managed to silence Sanremo's Teatro Ariston totally during his performance in 2013 and then get a standing ovation for it and a reprise was demanded before he was let off the stage. A voice to remember, stage presence and a name that is somewhat known already - would that be a key to success in Vienna? His other songs include Different pulses and Love it or leave it. It'd be great to see him next May in Vienna....

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Emma Marrone won Sanremo 2012 with Non è inferno and now the Cypriot megastar and Eurovision 1998 entrant Michalis Hatzigiannis has made his cover of it as Poios eimai ego (and strangely wrong written Non el'inferno following it. One could ask why, but why bother? He sounds great as always! Emma sounds all rough and raw while Michalis has a softer approach giving the song a slightly different mood - maybe it's all in the lyrics? Not speaking Greek I have no clue. I like both of them. They are different yet the same. 1-1 for me.
But that's not all. It seems La Marrone's songs seem to be hot stuff in Greece as also her Amami has been covered in Greek by Nadio Mpoule as Klepse me. And once again Emma's version is much harder, with raw and harsh vocals while the Greek one seems kinda watered down, doesn't it? This goes for Emma!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Yesterday, September 15, 2014 was the premilinary deadline set by EBU to express interest in participating in next year's jubilee editions of the Eurovision song contest. With the final rush that got us Bulgaria and Serbia returning and  Spain, Armenia, Israel and Serbia on the list we now have 35 countries. It must be said especially Serbia stressed this is a premilinary "Yes" and could withdraw after all before the final deadline.
Some sources say Slovenia has applied as well or asked for more time (once again!) even if the broadcasters have time until October 10, 2014 to think over and cancel without any penalties.
Strangely Albania has announced its annual Festivali i Këngës  without any mention of Eurovision though. Maybe and hopefully they have applies as well, just not making a fuss about it in public. After all it's only EBU that makes official the participations in due time. Same goes for San Marino, Ukraine and Moldova where total silence reigns so far. Ukraine has far more important issues to think about for sure, but their presence in Vienna would give a strong symbolic importance. Same goes for Moldova, apparently Russia's next target - who knows what the situation will be there in 8 months.... Croatia and Poland remain question marks and both countries are rumoured to me present but there hasn't been any more or less official information on that. If all above mentioned missing countries have applied after all we would be having 42 countries in the ball dancing Viennese waltzers and eating Sacher cake in Vienna next May. 

UPDATE: San Marino has today announced the final decision will be taken by October 11, 2014. Read more here

UPDATE2: Slovenia has indeed sent in a premilinary application just like Serbia hoping to be able to resolve problems and participate.

UPDATE3: Moldova has confirmed on September 18. So that's 36 for sure. 

UPDATE4: Ukraine has confirmed a non-participation stating “Unstable financial, political situation, military aggression from the east, the annexation of Ukrainian territories – all of these processes have forced us to focus on our basic duties,”. They also say they hope to be back in 2016 and when they participate they are in to win it. This year they can't give it all. 

UPDATE5: Croatia has confirmed they are not going to be present in Vienna 2015. Such a shame! (26.9.2014)

Monday, September 15, 2014


Ada Reina has won the Italian selection for OGAE Video contest 2014. This year's selection was filled with emerging young, new talents on purpose so most of them were unknown to this blogger. One jumped as a megafavorite though since the first viewing, Ada Reina and and I'm very pleased she won with Lei balla (She dances).
Ada (25) has apparently Latin American roots and she came to spotlight only two years ago but have since then achieved already quite a lot. Songs like Vieni, Bevi and Sono io have led to Lei balla, and she's due to release her debut album shortly after several collaborations and EPs, and various important performances like the legendary MuccAssassina and GayVillage's Opening party in Rome. 
She seems to be very promising, and different, act. And judging the genre and looks she would fit into Eurovision like a glove in a year or two after she gains a bit more experience and a few more cross over hits under her belt - if she chooses to emerge from the undergroud to more commercial sound. Like Lei balla

Saturday, September 13, 2014


Sanremo might or might not be the selection method for the Eurovision 2015 for Italy. In the past days RAI has confirmed its presence in Vienna to a huge relief of those Italian (and not only) fans who were in doubt and still can't believe Italy is back in game for real. Among the fans the speculation and opinions run wild if Sanremo will be linked with Eurovision, and also should it be at all? One possibility is that the artist will be selected internally beforehand and will still take part in Sanremo, and whatever the result, will go to Vienna anyways. Or then it simply has nothing to do with Sanremo 2015. This blogger would love to see Arisa, this year's winner to have her chance now as she seemed more than eager to do Eurovision this year and seems to be well aware of what it is all about. Another name I want to push forward (again) is Giorgia. She should have gone already back in 1995 when she won Sanremo and was apparently not so happy about Italy's non-participation and her missed chance. Now 20 years later, let her do it. She's even better today than she was back then, if possible. 
Some of the rules of the next Sanremo festival have been revealed by the conductor Carlo Conti: the artists will have one song only unlike the past two years, and ... there will be elimination grounds for the artists and not the songs! Not all the 16 Big artists will make the final on Saturday and this may cause some of them withdrawing their bids or making them say a polite No to his invitation to take part. We will see how the cast will be. Conti is kind of national popular and loved by the grannies so there's a chance he will go for the very Sanremoesque cast from various Pupos, Albanos and Cutugnos to please the audience.
So far the rumour mill on the possible names has been rather timid but one seems to come out all the time and everywhere: Dear Jack, a new succesful boyband with a huge fanbase. If so, with televoting they could easily do Mengoni or Emma. And... they could be also handpicked for Eurovision. So far Italy has sent only solo artitst, maybe it's time for a group? Another name will please some Eurovision fans a lot: Anna Tatangelo, she seems to be quite certain name as well.... And a very possible Eurovison candidate in that case. Then we have Alessandra Amoroso and Moreno, while Suor Cristina seems to be out for good. Rocco Hunt, the latest Newcomers winner seems to be certain for a place among the Big this time as well, and Elio e le storie tese could make a return as well.... But it's only September, anything can happen. 


Eurovision song contest 2014 winner Conchita Wurst will perform for the European Parliament in Brussels on October 8, 2014. Invited by European Parliament's vice president Austrian Ulrike Lunacek with members of parliament from Netherlands, Finland and Italy. The one hour concert will take place on Esplanad Solidarnosc in front of the European Parliament and is open for everyone and is part of a campagn to fight discrimination. 

"The wonderful signal for openness and anti-discrimination that the people of Europe gave Conchita Wurst with their votes must be translated ... into forging a society and legal framework allowing everyone to live and to love without fear," Lunacek said.


One of the most glamourous Eurovision break ups happened this year when Waylon left The Common Linnets as soon as the lights in B & W Hallerne in Copenhagen were dimmed and the Netherlands stopped partying for their excellent 2nd place with Calm after the storm. He decided to concentrate on his solo career and this summer saw the release of his third solo album Heaven after midnight and the first single of it, Love drunk
Now The Common Linnets, where he was replaced in a nanosecond by Jake Etheridge, has releaed their follow up single, Give me a reason. And the band goes by as Ilse DeLange and The Common Linnets these days.... (Sounds so The Supremesque..... and curiously Diana Ross singing about Love hangover...) This blogger joins the Waylon camp as Love drunk is one of the best songs heard this fall while Give me a reason... well, it's just ok. Waylon-The Common Linnets 1-0. 
What do you think?


So far 31 contries have confirmed their presence in the Eurovision song contest 2015 in Vienna when also Italy officially enters the game. This blogger never had a doubt about it. I guess we can also count in safely Albania, Spain, Moldova and Poland, and there are still Slovenia and eventual returns of Serbia, Croatia and Bulgaria. Things might be a bit trickier in San Marino, Israel and Ukraine.
Bosnia & Herzegovina returns as do Cyprus but Turkey and Andorra will stay away, along with Slovakia, Czech republic, Monaco and Luxembourg. It seems anyways that we will be hitting the 40 countries again next May :-)

The confirmed so far are: Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy,  Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malta, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom

Thursday, September 11, 2014


Out of the blue comes the slogan for the 2015 Eurovision song contest in Vienna next May: Building bridges. Afte feeling the rhythm, joining us in true fantasies under the same sky it feels just perfect. Vienna has always been a bridge between East and West (a bit like Helsinki). Read the whole story here

"With "Building Bridges" we have chosen a theme, the idea of ​​Europe with the uniting character of music and that in Vienna, the traditional capital of world music in the heart of Europe." says Dr.Alexander Wrabets, the Director general of ORF. We understand this slogan as a logical extension of the idea Conchita Wurst formulated at the 2014 Eurovision Song Contest and also lived: the importance of openness, tolerance across all borders for a joint interaction. With the song contest in Vienna, we want music to build bridges across borders, cultures and languages​​. In light of the unifying power of this great common European event, we invite all to build bridges and to join hands."
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