Wednesday, September 10, 2014


Giacomo who? I hear you ask. Watch closely Valentina Monetta on stage in Baku and also in Copenhagen and there he is providing backing vocals. Among his other musical productions this versatile singer has had time to record and release his own Italian song book of the songs he thinks are some of the jewels of the last 40 years of Italian music. 
At first glance it seems to be like any other including the usual classics from Lucio Dalla's Caruso to Gino Paoli's Il cielo in una stanza, Battisti's E penso a te and Gianni Morandi's Canzoni stonate, but then, there are some pleasant surprises like Banane e lampone by Dalla/Morandi and E non finisce mica il cielo by Mia Martini. But there's even more. Cu ti lu rissi and Lugano addio are two songs less familiar to this blogger but they are great and fit his voice perfectly.
On the track list one song sticks out like Lordi in the Eurovision history: Mamma Maria, a classic 1980's Italopop by Ricchi e Poveri. But when hearing the album it fits in like a glove, thanks to its completely different arrangement - only guitar and Giacomo's voice (like the rest of the album by the way). Now that's a jewel for a Ricchi e Poveri fan like this blogger! 
All in all a great album that fits many moods and occasions: you can use as a pleasant backgroud for your Sunday brunch, or as a sing-a-long album in a gathering or just sit down on your sofa with a glass of good red wine and let Giacomo's voice take you back to Italian holidays when it's cold and dark outside - winter's coming! And that's what I'm going to do tonight..... again!
You can order yours from giacomo at

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