Monday, September 29, 2014


Serbia returns to Eurovision and brings in big guns. Eurovision song contest winning composer Vladimir Graic is put in charge to compose three songs and one of them will be the Serbian entry in Vienna 2015. The artists will be revealed later. Serbia used this system already in the past when Goran Bregovic composed all songs in 2010 for diffrent acts.
Vladimir Graic is of course the composer of Molitva, Serbia's winning song in Helsinki 2007, and he also wrote Verjamem, that represented Slovenia in 2012 but had a different fate (17th in the semifinal). He has composed also othe national final songs, like Beauty Queen's Zavet in 2008. 
Recently he has been working with Milica Pavlovic, Nemanja Andjelovic, Zeljko Sasic, Milena Novakovic, Maja Nikolic, Tanja Savic and Ivana Pavkovic. Will some of them be among the possible entrants? Time will tell.... 

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