Monday, September 22, 2014


Alice will be a special guest in Cervignano Film Festival this week and she will be awarded Saturday a special award for her career, Premio speciale alla carriera Michel Gondry. This festival is for short films, documentaries and videos and the entries come all over the world. Alice will pick up her award with all the other winners of this festival and maybe also perform. A nice birthday gift for her as she turns 60 on Friday!
But the more important news is she is releasing her new album still in 2014 it seems! Over the spring and summer we have heard rumors and some news about collaborations (including her apparent exclusion from Sanremo festival with songs written by Franco Battiato) but knowing her times of releasing music (Samsara was released only two years ago, and that 14 years after Exit, her previous studio album with new material) one has learned to be patient so this news is almost unreal. This will be her 13th album with original songs since 1975.
Meanwhile she's dueting with Mario Venuti in his album Tramonto dell'Occidente, that is released tomorrow, September 23, 2014. 

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