Thursday, May 31, 2007

Who is this?

I came across this photo by someone returning home from Helsinki... (thanks OGAE Italia) Any guess who it is? A tip? Sieben Sieben ai lyu lyu..... (Is that Mama next to him???)

Monday, May 28, 2007

YLE sold the goods - in 3 hours

Tomorrow's second day of selling has been cancelled as most of the stuff was sold within 3 hours. Over 1000 people visited the sale making a line outside of 100 meters already before the doors opened.... :-( I was planning on going tomorrow due to work... Not fair!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

YLE sells the goods

YLE is selling next Monday and Tuesday all the goodies used in Eurovision: flags, banners, lamps, chairs, papers and all the rest. All money goes to Ylen Hyvä charities for children in need. Also RadioVega sells some stuff on auction for the same cause on Wednesday.

Double minority

Marija Serifovic did it. She came out in Serbian TV after winning Eurovision and declared her song Molitva is dedicated to all minorities. She belongs to two herself: lesbian and gipsy. Brave girl, Serbia isn't the easiest place on earth to come out!
(photo: www)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hanna in charts

Hanna's album LOvers has climbed back to number 12 in the Finnish charts and gone gold during the Eurovision. She is also charting in the UK as number 122 and in Sweden at number 8 with the single Leave me alone....

Hanna in Cannes

Hanna has been to Cannes, too. She performed along with other Finnish artists in Suomi Bar by the beach. She sings the title melody for Musta jää (Black ice) movie.

Lordi in Cannes

Lordi has been in Cannes Film Festival to promote their movie Dark Floors. They also performed in the VIP party and generally caused commotion wherever they went to....

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Ruzsa Magdi wins an award at the after party

I am here... twice, hihi

Breaking records

Hanna's performance on TV was watched by nearly 2,2 million Finns. We must go back over 20 years to have such an audience for Eurovision in Finland. Also Helsinki bars, BioRex for fans and Senate's Square were packed and not counted in that number. In average the final was followed by 1,9 million Finns while the semifinal's average was just under 0,9 million.

I'm back! Sort of....

For all of you who have missed my updates - I know you are like three of you - I try to get back in business after this rather overwhelming Helsinki 2007 experience.... Ten days, 2260 photos, 24 CDs/promopacks, 20 autographs and 23 photos with the stars, opening party, nights at EuroClub, days at EuroVillage, Palestinian press conference, breakfast with Eric from Austria, T-shirts, pins and hanging out days and nights at Lasipalatsi, Dima Bilan, after party.... just to name a few, it's time sit down, go through the photos and newspapers and try to get some order into this chaos. Meanwhile I'll do Krisse and just say: I go now, bye!
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