Sunday, January 31, 2016


Saara Aalto is maybe the best known name (along with Eini) in this year's #UMK2016. The eternal runner up (Talent 2007, Euroviisut 2011, The Voice 2012) is looking for a revenge with her new #Nofear2016 campaign. She has been singing with José Carreras and Andrea Bocelli in China and has dubbed Frozen in Finnish as Anna. She has released two solo studio albums, one Christmas album and one digitally released album in Chinese. And recently a duet album with Tango ing Teemu Roivainen. She was dating him until they broke up in 2013 after nine years together and Saara came out with her newlyfound girlfriend. Saara and Teemu still perform together in joint projects. She's after the ticket to Eurovision big time as it is a well known fact she's a huge Eurovision fan. 

Saturday, January 30, 2016


Hungary's A dal continues tonight with the second heat. Once again the judges + App send five acts straight to the next stage, and from the losers televoters will save another one. Previous winner András Kállay Saunders is back with his band, as are familiar names from previous selections from Karmapolis to Gergö and fan favorite Passed. A bit bland semi this one. Gergö brings some nice ethnic vibe to it, Group'n'Swing come useless cabaret, Karmapolis is good with its atmospheric entry that makes me think of Police and Sting for some reason, and Passed is again enjoyable. But Kállay Saunders rules. 

Passed – Driftin’  34 (televote)
Gergő Oláh – Győz a jó  39
Laci Gáspár – Love and bass  37
André Vásáry – Why  39
Karmapolis & Böbe Szécsi – Hold on to  36
Kállay Saunders Band – Who we are  41

Group’n’Swing – Szeretni fáj  31
Anna Patai – Colors  32
Maszkura és a Tücsökraj – Kinek sírjam  32
C.E.T. – Free  27


Lithuania continues its search for Eurovision and tonight the qualifiers from shows 1 and 2 are against each other. The Lithuanian jury that voted already at the recording of the show confirmed the previous winners Ruta and Donny as top contenders but the international jury votes and the televote will be crucial to sort out who drops out. Up to eight acts will continue after tonight. 

Ruta Sciogolevaite - United  22
Erica Jennings - Leading Me Home  16
Catrinah - Be Free  14
Istvan Kvik & Ellada - Please Don’t Cry  12
Valdas Lacko - Stay Tonight  11
Egle Jakstyte - Let Me Show You  10
Petunija - Tomorrow  9

Behind the Moon - Did It All  6
Alice Way - Hero  4

Friday, January 29, 2016


Marco Mengoni's success story continues today with Parole in circolo, second single of the second part of his latest album concept. As announced the video takes off where the previous one Ti ho voluto bene veramente (almost 27 million views as we speak) left us and watching the video you can already see hints of the things to come I guess.... in the next video and single release of course!

Thursday, January 28, 2016


The nominees for the best video. The winner will be voted by the public in this category. Four out of ten are also nominated for the best song.... Among them UKM host Roope Salminen, tongue twisitng SAARA, JVG and now also JVG's VilleGalle in another video....  And way too much Finnish humour rap here, too. Thank heavens there's Chisu at least!


The Finnish Grammy, Emma, will be handed out once again in March. The nominees are out and here are the ones for the Best Song. The industry has been taken over by humour rap. Sigh. Do you agree? Who is your favorite?
Among them we have Sanni and JVG from Vain elämää series, Stig from UMK, and also Roope Salminen, the UMK host last year and also this year. And the tongue twisting SAARA.


Emma has released already third single off her latest album Adesso, and this time it's Io di te non ho paura (I am not afraid of you) and it's against all violence, physical and psygolocigal, against women. Directed by Luisa Carnevale it features also actor Francesco Arca, who also appeared in the latest James Bond movie Spectre. Enjoy!


Željko Joksimović has released a new, self titled album, his first in six years and Zvezda (Star) is the latest single off it following a couple of other singles/videos released recently. It's once again a very catchy one, with beautiful melody and arrangement that grows to the climax. It looks like in 2016 he won't be involved in the Eurovision song contest..... maybe. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016


Sanremo songs haven't even been heard - except by selected journalists - but the betting is in full swing and the speculation who will win the festival (and go to Eurovision 2016!) heats up. As said the selected journalists were invited as usual by Carlo Conti to pre-listen the songs so they can have a better idea when writing about them when the festival starts. No cell phones or anything allowed, of course, and also this year everyone's been good and followed the rules. They are allowed to write their impressions and of course they did and based on this fans and Italians in general have formed already some opinions and expectations. 
Quite a few are saying Lorenzo Fragola will walk it. But in the betting the new duo by Amici winner Deborah Iurato and Sanremo newcomers winner last year, Giovanni Caccamo takes the prize. Both from Sicily, as is Mr Strawberry Lorenzo as well btw. It is also said Fragola has his song ready for Eurovision and in English. Caccamo is eager for Eurovision. Fan favorites Annalisa and Noemi are high up as well, but Arisa, Michielin and Dolcenera a bit lower. Elio seems to be one (hopefully I may add) to decline the trip to Stockholm should they win..... I wouldn't mind these Sicilians doing it. Either of them really. 
1. Deborah Iurato & Giovanni Caccamo (4.50)
2. Annalisa (5.00)
2. Elio e le Storie Tese (5.00)
2. Noemi (5.00)
5. Lorenzo Fragola (6.00)
6. Arisa (7.00)
7. Francesca Michielin (9.00)
7. Valerio Scanu (9.00)
9. Dolcenera (12.00)
9. Stadio (12.00)
11. Enrico Ruggeri (16.00)
12. Alessio Bernabei (22.00)
12. Morgan & Bluvertigo (22.00)
14. Patty Pravo (25.00)
15. Dear Jack (33.00)
15. Rocco Hunt (33.00)
17. Clementino (40.00)
17. Zero Assoluto (40.00)
19. Irene Fornaciari (50.00)
19. Neffa (50.00)


Congolese born French rapper Maître Gims joins Sir Elton John and Ellio Goulding as Sanremo 2016 festival's foreign guest stars. He follows Stromae to the Italian charts with songs in French, something that doesn't happen too often in the closeted Italian domestic market for songs in any other language but Italian and English. Est-ce que tu m'aimes? he asks and Italians say Oui, oui, oui. Sanremo gig will surely boost his sales with the album Mon cœur avait raison, the single is already a hit. This blogger likes :-)

Tuesday, January 26, 2016


Ukraine has revealed the 18 names that are competing in the national final to be held once again after last year's unfortunate and forced withdrawel as they were busy with other more important things. But they are back and ready to kick some ass. The line up includes some heavuweighters like Anastasia Prykhodko who sung for Russia in Moscow 2009. Today she's not very friendly with Russia it seems..... Jamala has also kissed and made up and is back in the national selection, as are NeAngely and Victoria Petryk, who already had success in JESC and has tried already to step into the big one. Then we have Brunettes Shoot Blondes who released that amazing video Knock knock knock last year - I never knew they came from Ukraine! Eurovision 2004 winner Ruslana and Eurovision 2007 runner up Verka Serduchka, or rather Andrei Danilko are in the jury. This looks very promising! The semifinals are on February 6 and 13, and the grand final on February 21.
The Hardkiss
Aida Nikolajchuk
Victoria Petryk
NeAngely (Nuangels)
Peaks of Kings
Svitlana Tarabarova
Arkadij Vojtjuk
Brunettes Shoot Blondes
Tonja Matvienko
Vladislav Kurasov


What would the national selection season be without a review by Peter Clancy, already a Blogilkar tradition! He reviews the songs in the Finnish national selection #UMK2016. First semifinals, then the final once the finalists are out and later on this spring also the Eurovision song contest entries as well. Hopefully! Here is the Semifinal one of #UMK2016. Enjoy!

Saara Aalto - No Fear
I love the opening, and like Saara's voice. Very warm. There's a nice buildup to some kind of neo-Chinese type music, the flow is continually broken though and unfortunately it doesn't do it for me. In the middle I had hope that something would change, but unfortunately it lead nowhere and ends nowhere (points: 3 out of 5) qualifies
Mikko Herranen - Evil Tone
Don't get the point of the driving given that he's blind .. Go figure … I don't particularily like his voice and the lyrics are a bit haphazzard - almost a mistake. This could be characterised by being one big moan … what a boring singer .. It sounds like the song was manufactured to "fit" some kind of Eurovision winning template including the modulation - but I think they took the wrong template. (points: 2 out of 5)
Stella Christine: Ain't Got Time for Boys
Well Fado style has never worked for Portugal, why would it work for Finland? It's not a bad lounge song, and at least it tries to break the mould. Not sure it would do well at Eurovision though. Lyrics are corny, pretty miserable actually. There's no real climax and it's in no way captivating. (points: 2 out of 5)
Eini - Draamaa
Ok, Unlike Mikko, Eini chose a winning Eurovision template, only problem is that it was from the 1970s. Far too "traditional" for 21st century Eurovision. At least there's a bit of a beat, and we won't be too bored during the performance. She should also consider acting her age and not pretending to be 30 years younger (sorry, but that's painful to watch) (points: 2 out of 5)
ClemSo - Thief
By comparison to the other songs in the first semi, this one is reasonably good. At least it's different and it has a beat. It would not do well on an Eurovision stage as a result of the constant repetition of the motif. There is no variation in the song at all. (points: 2 out of 5) qualifies
Pää-äijät - Shamppanjataivas
This goes direct into the song, though I'm not a fan of rap, it looks like a song that could have potential as a fun song. When it comes to this selection it's in the top half of the songs. It has a melody (of sorts), and I have no idea what they're talking about, but that's probably ok. Whether it gets through or not, it would be a song that would go down well at Eurocafé. (points: 3 out of 5) qualifies

So this is it, my first review of the 2016 season. Unfortunately the top three songs in this first semi-final are very unimpressive. My hope is that the next semifinals will have better songs in them, but I guess that will be review 2. Of course it all depends on the performance in the first semi as to whether or not the song will come across well on TV. So maybe their acts will be good and I'll change my mind when reviewing the songs in the final.

Monday, January 25, 2016


Germany had asked to vote in the second semifinal, and thus Sweden was allocated in the first one,
Israel had asked to be in the second semifinal.


The symbol consists of a variety of sparkling seeds, which are combined into one unit.
- The symbol carries with it a lot and you can interpret it in different ways, but the idea was to start from a dandelion was something we liked. Most people can relate to it. It has an enormous growth potential, it is widespread across Europe and it can move, says Lotta Loosme, Communications Manager for the Eurovision Song Contest in 2016. The idea generation process reverts to the original idea of ​​the Eurovision Song Contest, which was born in a post-war in the 1950s. Meanwhile the new technical possibilities, where it is now going to send out a signal with sound and moving image that people in different countries could gather for. The idea then was born to fill this signal with a unifying message, with singing and artistry, and affirming European diversity.
- We want to bring with us all the nice keynote that Eurovision is based on - it was important then and is just as important now, says Lotta Loosme.
The logo is developed by the Agency INGO. Richard Holst, who is the art director of INGOs and that stands for the design of the symbol, elaborates:

- The symbol is a dandelion with reverse function. It is made up of small seeds, "aviator", coming from all over Europe to gather in our magical flower and visualize the positive energy that occurs when the music's joy and power come together in Eurovision in 2016.

Slogan: "Come Together"

This year's slogan refers back to the theme that is collected, a theme that also accords well with the host city's values ​​of a Stockholm for all. "Come Together" also conveys that people are more than welcome to experience the Eurovision 2016, either on site in the Globe or the sofa.
- "Come Together" relate to our symbol, but also links to the history of the Eurovision Song Contest carry with them and that is just as relevant today, says Lotta Loosme.
The symbol becomes organic and  also has a 3D function which is produced by agencies Brokendoll and Swiss.
- We already work with ideas started from the symbol to move. It is organic and pulsating color explosion. Seeds, or "Aviator" as we call them, adventurous journey to unite in our magical flower is an important part. We have put much effort into how they are designed, and how they move, they are like their own little fuss, said Richard Holst.
- I hope the fans and the rest of Europe will have the same feelings that we do. We are very proud and happy, says Lotta Loosme.

This blogger is rather thrilled about this. Looks nice and will surely function well. Besides, dandelion is sure sign of summer being finally here! Me likes!

Sunday, January 24, 2016


More guest have been announced for the coming 66th Sanemo festival. Sanremo winner 2001 Elisa will be there to present her new work and return to singing in English, No hero. Ellie Goulding will be bringing her worldwide success to Teatro Ariston as well, and Sir Elton John will grace the event his present. Let's see if he uses it to promote the ongoing demostrtions in Italy for equal rights #Svegliatitalia......


As usual the Thirsday night in Sanremo festival  is dedicated to covers of Italian classics by the Big artists and here are the songs they are performing. And yes, Patty Pravo will cover herself! And fabulous Dolcenera doing equally fabulous Nada's fantastic Amore disperato, one of my Italian favorites of all times! Annalisa doing Nannini. Noemi doing La Berté. Rocco wants to do the American. Arisa with Cuore! Can't wait!
This cover's night might seem useless for some but it can be crucial. Marco Mengoni cemented his victory with his teary eyed cover of Luigi Tenco's Ciao amore ciao, and last year Nek scored a hit with Mina's Se telefonando, maybe even bigger one than his second placed entry..... So, it's ont only a filler and entertainment but can be serious business. Dolcenera for example has already included her cover to the re-isssue of her latest album to be released on February 12. 

Patty Pravo - Tutt'al piú (Patty Pravo)
Clementino - Don Raffae' (Fabrizio De André)
Dolcenera - Amore disperato (Nada)
Alessio Bernabei - A mano a mano (Riccardo Cocciante)
Stadio - La sera dei miracoli (Lucio Dalla)
Annalisa - America (Gianna Nannini)
Neffa - 'O sarracino (Renato Carosone)
Valerio Scanu - Io vivró (Senza te) (Lucio Battisti)
Noemi - Dedicato (Loredana Berté)
Zero Assoluto - Goldrake (Actarus)
G. Caccamo & D. Iurato - Amore senza fine (Pino Daniele)
Dear Jack - Un bacio a mezzanotte (Quartetto Cetra)
Bluvertigo - La lontananza (Domenico Modugno)
Lorenzo Fragola - La donna cannone (Francesco De Gregori)
Irene Fornaciari - Se perdo anche te (Gianni Morandi)
Enrico Ruggeri - 'A canzuncella (Alunni del sole)
Francesca Michielin - Il mio canto libero (Lucio Battisti)
Rocco Hunt - Tu vuo' fa l'Americano (Renato Carosone)
Arisa - Cuore (Rita Pavone)
Elio e le Storie Tese - Quinto repensamento (Walter Murphy/Beethoven)


The Eurovision song contest 2002 runner up Ira Losco has won the Malta's national selection tonight.She was the big favorite from the start as fans have been waiting for her comeback for years and years and over the years she has become one of the most succesful Maltese singers at home andabroad. Her song Chameleon (Invincible) needs though q bit of a revamp, me thinks. And most of all all new staging as this one's as bad as any other in the Maltese selection this year.
Apparently she scored 40% of the televote followed by Christabelle and tonight's well deserved surprise Brooke. Brooke was also many juror's favorite and also franklin scored so well with them he pushed ahead of Christabelle in the end. Maxine came 5th so I got all right except Franklin in the top-5.
1. Chameleon (Invincible) - Ira Losco   68
2. Golden - Brooke   58
3. Little Love - Franklin Calleja   44
4. Kingdom - Christabelle Borg   38
5. Young Love - Maxine Pace   36
6. Alive - Jasmine Abela   26
7. The Flame - Jessika   19
8. Falling Glass - Corazon (Mizzi)   15
9. Flashing Lights - Raquel Galdes   12
10. Lighthouse - Kimberley Curtis   10
11. All Around The World - Deborah C   8
12. You're Beautiful - Laurence Gray   7
13. Fire Burn - Dominic   5
14. Under The Sun - Daniel Testa  2

Saturday, January 23, 2016


After last night's semifinal where Stefan Galea, Domenique Azzopardi, Dario Mifsud Bonnici, Sarah Chrystal, Danica Muscat and Ira Losco's second song were voted out the other 14 continue the race for Stockholm 2016 Eurovision song contest. Ira Losco is the front runner, even more so now when the second song is out of the picture. Or could last year's runner up Christabelle beat her? Or the newcomer Brooke? Corazon, whose performance was as messy as Ira's? (Generally this year's #MESC has been the worst styled, staged and choreographed ever! What were they thinking?! Most entries are totally ruined by bad staging, or lack of styling or whatsoever.....) Or will young love conquer all?
All Around The World - Deborah C
Little Love - Franklin Calleja
Under The Sun - Daniel Testa
Golden - Brooke
Flashing Lights - Raquel Galdes
Kingdom - Christabelle Borg
Falling Glass - Corazon (Mizzi)
Fire Burn - Dominic
The Flame - Jessika
Alive - Jasmine Abela
You're Beautiful - Laurence Gray
Young Love - Maxine Pace
Chameleon (Invincible) - Ira Losco
Lighthouse - Kimberley Curtis


Lithuania continues its selection and this time it's the artists and the songs selected among the submitted entries. From this heat 10 will move forward and only the last two will be eliminated. As always there's the Lithuanian expert jury, televoters and the international jury. 
National selection veteram Aiste Pilvelyte is back for the 9th time. At least. She first took part in 1999, then 2004, 2005 and 2006. In 2007 she already reached 4rd place with Emotional fire, then both 2008 and 2010 she was 2nd with Troy on fire and Melancholia. She was back again in 2014 but was kicked out already in the second show, and now in 2016 she is firmly moving on to the next step with her song. Isn't it time she wins?

Aiste Pilvelyte - You Bet
Ruslanas Kirilkinas - In My World
Ieva Zasimauskaite - Life (Not That Beautiful)
Milda Martinkenaitė - If Tomorrow Never Comes
Berta Timinskaite - Stars in a Rainbow
Saulene Chlevickaite - Strong
4 Roses - Butterfly
Neringa Siaudikyte - Never Knew Love
E.G.O - Long Way From Home
Baiba - Mayday
Deividas Zygas - Survivors
Evelina Jocyte - When it Sings


Hungary will start its search for the song for Eurovision song contest 2016 in Stockholm tonight. Six out of ten acts will be voted for the next round. One can vote via A Dal app, or from the official website. My clear favorite is Freddie, not only in this heat but to win it all really. The others I would send forward are in no particular order ByTheWay, Mushu, Odett, Reni Tolvai and Jázmin Török. But I think Petra will squeeze in as well..... maybe even Fatima..... As in previous years the top-5 by the jury + App will qualify for the next stage, and then one from the remaining ones by televote.
In the case of tie Jázmin and Reni the jury chose Reni.

Friday, January 22, 2016


France is selecting internally and now it looks like the people in charge are testing a bit, so to speak. Both Head of Delegation Edoardo Grassi and the Director of Entertainment on France2 Nathalie André have published the song and video on social medias praising it. Sasha, a newbie in the business couldn't ask a better start for her career but to have all Eurovision fans searching for her. 
And guess what? The song's just a bit over 3 minutes, modern, bilingual (as wished by France2 already ages ago). And more importantly - it's a good one. I say Mais oui. Oui, oui, oui!


As predicted, Ivan (Aleksandr Ivanov) won the Belarusian Eurofest. he's Belarusian-Russian and last year already represented Russian in the INtervision song contest. 
1. IVAN (Aleksandr Ivanov) - Help You Fly   23.167
2. NAPOLI - My Universe   22.399
3. Kirill Ermakov - Running To The Sun   13.555
5. Aleksey Gross - Flame   3.202
6. Anastasia Malashkevich - Pray For Love   2.680
7. THE EM - Turn Around   2.164
8. Valeria Sadovskaya - Not Alone   1.322
9. Radiovolna - Radiowave   805
10. Sasha Zakharik - Glory Night   727


Belarus is having its final tonight. Alexey Gross with his pompous anthemic power ballad and Kirill Ermakov, already familiar name from JESC, have emerged as pre-contest favorites. Alexandr Ivanov seem to have some following too, and it wouldn't be the first time Belarus sends a blond long haired simil-rocker. The EM has something going on and could be worked into something. Anastasiya would follow the trend of screaming ladies with heavy beats but it's not all that bad really.... Nicely 90's.  Napoli goes all sugary Disney. Yuk. Quite a few jazzy flirty elevator music pieces are included in the very bland line up. Not forgetting the strong Russian accents :-)
You can watch it live from 20.00 CET at

Alexey Gross - Flame studio
Sasha Zakharik - Glory night studio
Valeria Sadovskaya - Not alone studio
The EM - Turn around studio
Alexandr Ivanov - How to fly studio
Anastasiya Malashkevich - Pray for love studio
Kirill Yermakov - Running to the sun studio
Napoli - My universe studio


Malta is having its semifinal tonight. Twenty songs made it through out of 153 submitted. Fourteen of them will make it to the final tomorrow, and the winner of course travels all the way to Stockholm and Eurovision song contest 2016. It seems there's not much competition as everyone takes granted Ira Losco wins. With Chameleon. Let's wait and see...  You can listen to all entries here.

Chameleon (Invincible) - Ira Losco
Falling Glass - Corazon (Mizzi)
Light Up My Life - Stefan Galea
Empty Hearted - Domenique Azzopardi
I Love You - Dario Mifsud Bonnici
Under The Sun - Daniel Testa
The Flame - Jessika
Alive - Jasmine Abela
Flashing Lights - Raquel Galdes
Golden - Brooke
Lighthouse - Kimberley Cortis
Right Here With You - Sarah Crystal
Frontline - Danica Muscat
Kingdom - Christabelle Borg
Little Love - Franklin Calleja
Fire Burn - Dominic
That's Why I Love You - Ira Losco
You're Beautiful - Laurence Gray
Young Love - Maxine Pace
All Around The World - Deborah C


Next Monday the allocation draw will take place in Stockholm's City Hall at 11.15 CET. Alexandra Pascalidou and Jovan Radomir will host the show. You can watch it live on
First there will be a draw to see in which semifinal the Big5 and Sweden will vote. 
In the first semifinal there will 18 countries, in the second 19. There will be also a draw for the first or the second part of the semifinal for each country.

Pot 1:
Albania, Macedonia, Montenegro, Slovenia, 
Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Pot 2:
Denmark, Finland, Norway, 
Iceland, Estonia, Latvia

Pot 3:
Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, 
Georgia, Russia, Ukraine

Pot 4:
Belgium, Cyprus, Greece, 
Australia, Netherlands, Bulgaria

Pot 5:
Czech Republic, Lithuania, Ireland, 
Malta, Poland, San Marino

Pot 6:
Austria, Hungary, Moldova, Romania, 
Switzerland, Israel (pre-assigned to the 2nd semifinal)

Thursday, January 21, 2016


ÖRF has published all the #WSFÖ final songs on their website and you can listen to them by clicking the titles below. Anti-war song, wild card winner, groovy beats, modern beats, a bit of Brazil, German The Voice wannabes, power ballad, ex-boyband singer, a bit of Lebanon, a bit of Philippines, a bit of Sri Lanka... and not one Swedish songwriter in sight! In general the boys beat the girls, except ZOË who's pretty wonderful and the only song not in English. But it's not German either but French! Besides her my early favourites are Sankil, Vincent and Orry.....

Wednesday, January 20, 2016


Freddy Kalas has found himself in a trouble soon after his participation with Happy rush was published. It seems the chorus is a bit too similar to a song five years ago he was involved in. Fredrik Auke aka Freddy Kalas was close to being disqualified but then the emergency meeting by NRK MGP team allowed him to participate but he must find another song. More details are expected tomorrow.
At the same time MGP boss Jan Fredik Karlsen denied this was a promotion move to attract more attention..... 


The Sanremo 2016 festival is already the 66th Festival della canzone Italiana
This year there are two real veterans: Enrico Ruggeri participates for the 10th time (since 1980) and Patty Pravo for the 9th time (since 1970)
Nine out of 20 Big participants have participated in the X Factor or Amici reality shows searching for new talents: Deborah Iurato (Amici 2013-14 winner), Francesca Michielin (XF winner 2011), Valerio Scanu, Noemi, Dear Jack, Alessio Bernabei, Lorenzo Fragola (XF winner 2014), Annalisa, Giovanni Caccamo. No one from The Voice is there but at least lat year's winner Fabio Curto submitted a song (see below)
Alessio Bernabei competes against his ex-band Dear Jack, but it's not the first time a similar duel happens: In 2002 we had Franceso Renga against his ex-band Timoria, and in 20015 Antonella Ruggiero against Matia Bazar
Quite a few artists have made public their submission and not being taken to the festival. Scialpi and Marco Carta didn't take it very well (read more by clicking their names), but others haven't made it a big drama (at least in public): Fabio Curto & Francesco Facchinetti, L'Aura, Loredana Errore, Syria, Perturbazione, Paolo Vallesi, Rettore... and heavily rumored to have sent a song are also Marina Rei, Amara, Virginio, Paola Turci, Ricchi e Poveri, Michele Zarrillo, Tiromancino, Ron, Bianca Atzei & Gianluca Grignani
Patty Pravo (67) is the oldest artist, Dear Jack's new lead singer Leiner Riflessi (18) the youngest. Average age is 35, slightly younger than in 2015
Only two real debutants in the festival's Big category: 
Deborah Iurato and Clementino. Francesca Michielin has never been in competition but has been on festival stage in 2012 dueting with Chiara Civello during the duet's night
Three previous Big category winners are back: 
Enrico Ruggeri (1987, 1993), Valerio Scanu (2010) and Arisa (2014)
Four previous Newcomers winners are back: 
Dolcenera (2003), Arisa (2009), Rocco Hunt (2014), Giovanni Caccamo (2015
Only one Eurovision veteran is among the artists: Enrico Ruggeri (1993)
Since Italy's comeback to Eurovision it has sent in 2011 the winner of the Newcomers, Raphael Gualazzi, then in 2012 Nina Zilli who competed among the Big, 2013 Sanremo winner Marco Mengoni, 2014 internally chosen Emma, who however had won Sanremo in 2012, and in 2015 again Sanremo winner Il Volo. In 2015 and 2016 it is written in the Sanremo rules the winner has the right to represent Italy in the Eurovision if they want to....

Tuesday, January 19, 2016


Il Volo has truly taken a flight again. After their Italian and American tour they will hit Europe.....
The Italian tour is in its midway and mostly sold out success. Where is Måns performing? Or Polina, Loreen...?

6.1 Roseto degli Abruzzi
8.1 Ancona
9.1 Padova
12.1 Livorno
15.1 Firenze
16.1 Roma
20.1 Caserta
21.1 Bari
23.1 Acireale
26.1 Bologna
27.1 Torino
29.1 Milano

USA and Canada
5.2 Buffalo, NY
7.2 Orillia, ON (Canada)
9.2 Montrela, QC (Canada)
10.2 Boston, MA
12.2 Wallingford, CT
13.2 Atlantic City, NJ
16.2 Albany, NY
17.2 New York, NY
19.2 Washington, DC
21.2 Easton, PA
23.2 Hershley, PA
24.2 Cleveland, OH
26.2 Chicago, IL
27.2 Detroit, MI
1.3 Nashville, TN
3.3 Jackson ville, FL
5.3 Miami, FL
6.3 Tampa, FL
8.3 Fort Myers, FL
10.3 Orlando, FL
11.3 Atlanta, GA
14.3 New Orleans, LA
17.3 San Antonio, TX
19.3 Dallas, TX
20.3 Oklohoma City, OK
22.2 Denver, CO
24.3 Mesa, AZ
25.3 Las Vegas, NV
26.3 Los Angeles, CA
29.3 San Jose, CA
30.3 San Diego, CA
1.4 Temacula, CA

Europe and Russia
21.5 Madrid (Spain)
23.5 Luzern (Switzerland)
26.5 Bruxelles (Belgium)
27.5 Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
29.5 Paris (France)
3.6 London (UK)
7.6 St.Petersburg (Russia)
8.6 Moscow (Russia)
10.6 Kazan (Russia)
12.6 Krasnodar (Russia)
14.6 Frankfurt (Germany)
18.6 Wien (Austria)

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