Sunday, January 31, 2016


Saara Aalto is maybe the best known name (along with Eini) in this year's #UMK2016. The eternal runner up (Talent 2007, Euroviisut 2011, The Voice 2012) is looking for a revenge with her new #Nofear2016 campaign. She has been singing with José Carreras and Andrea Bocelli in China and has dubbed Frozen in Finnish as Anna. She has released two solo studio albums, one Christmas album and one digitally released album in Chinese. And recently a duet album with Tango ing Teemu Roivainen. She was dating him until they broke up in 2013 after nine years together and Saara came out with her newlyfound girlfriend. Saara and Teemu still perform together in joint projects. She's after the ticket to Eurovision big time as it is a well known fact she's a huge Eurovision fan. 
Blogilkar: I find this song only irritating in many ways; it really never gets going, I'm not sure I like this oriental use of voice, the beat when it comes sounds like something out of the worst Ralph Siegel songbook. I also don't like the preaching of a cause in a song, no matter how good the cause really is. Not in Eurovision at least. Great vocalist, no doubt, but in my honest opinion lacking a bit of a personality and that something that would set her apart from being more than just a great voice, a starShe's been waving her Lesbian card in our faces already in all tabloids for way too long. I do like the last 15 seconds or so of the song. It should have more of that in it. 2/5

Jack: Saara's entry seems to be among the favourites - if not THE favourite - to win UMK and I wouldn't be too disappointed with that. I am really looking forward to seeing her live as No Fear seems to be a very tough song to sing. It could become a hot mess live! But I think she'll nail it and this song is for sure going to be a contender. 4/5

Peter: I love the opening, and like Saara's voice. Very warm. There's a nice buildup to some kind of neo-Chinese type music, the flow is continually broken though and unfortunately it doesn't do it for me. In the middle I had hope that something would change, but unfortunately it lead nowhere and ends nowhere 3/5

Robert: Saara is a skilled singer and you hear that very well. You must like her highy pitched voice though. Sometimes it's a bit too much, sounds a bt like a little girl. The song did not appeal right away but after a few hearings I do kinda like i, I'm looking forward to the live performance. 3/5

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