Thursday, February 27, 2014


Romania's final takes place this Saturday as well. Often one of the strongest national finals around this year also offers some pretty good ones. The main contender and one to beat is out first, Eurovision veterans Ovi & Paula. This blogger isn't impressed of this manufactured Eurovision by numbers effort. Both are good artists but this song isn't anything special, and it'd be a miracle indeed if it wins Eurovision in case it wins in Romania.... That's what I think but prove me wrong. Other favorites seem to be Anca Florescu and Stefan Stan. Both are better. I also like Renee Santana and Bere Gratis, and The dAdA aren't bad either. This said my favorite is Stefan Stan - if it only works out live on stage as well as in the very beautiful video! Recap.

01. Paula Seling & Ovi – Miracle
02. Bere Gratis – Despre Mine Si Ea
03. The dAdA – Unpredictable
04. The Zuralia Orchestra – You Know
05. Vizi Imre – Kind of Girl
06. Anca Florescu – Hearts Collide
07. Silvia Dumitrescu – Fiorul Iubirii
08. Renee Santana feat. Mike Diamondz – Letting Go
09. Ştefan Stan feat Teddy K – Breathe
10. Naomy – Daca Tu Iubesti
11. Vaida – One More Time
12. Şăl – Hardjock

Wednesday, February 26, 2014


UPDATE: The qualifier is Elaiza. No surprise.
Germany has revamped their national final and besides the seven internally selected big acts one slot is received for a newcomer. Ten made it to the selection show tomorrow night out of over 2200 applications. You can watch the show live tomorrow, Thursday February 27 at 22.00 CET here.Televoters will decide on the finalist.

Elaiza -  Is It Right 
Nicole Milik -  I See Fire 
Simon Glöde - Blame It On The Boogie 
Melanie Schlüter - Run 
Cassie Greene - Not This Time 
Valentina - Love Is Gone 
Caroline Rose - Amber Sky 
Max Krumm - Home 
Ambre Vallet - Siehst du mich? 
Bartosz - Walk away

The other seven acts already in the final are:

Madeline Juno – Like Lovers Do / Error
The Baseballs – Mo Hotta Mo Betta / Goodbye Peggy Sue
Das Gezeichnete Ich – Weil Du Da bist / Echo
MarieMarie – Cotton Candy Hurricane / Candy Jar
Santiano – Niemals untergehen / The Fiddler On The Deck
Unheilig – Als wär’s das erste Mal / Wir sind alle wie eins
Oceana – Thank You / All Night

As weird it may sound they all have two songs. First they will perform one and four of them will go to the next round where they will perform their second song (!). Then again two will advance to the superfinal. I fail to understand which song goes there and how this all works. Confusing....   In a way there's a lot of Sanremo rules here, only they make less sense here, me thinks....


The Sammarinese team has also been busy prepairing their entry for Copenhagen. and it's all coming together; song, video, staging. The song will be presented on March 2014 in streaming for all of you to see. The show Verso Copenaghen/Towards Copenhagen features of course Valentina with friends, team and fans, and premiers her video for the entry. The song is written again by Ralph Siegel. More about that in due time.
The video was shot last week as you can see from the image above and the team behind her is the same as last year with Fabrizio Raggi as artistic director. Award winning Michele Massari is the director of the video. More here (in Italian).


Updated with links to videos Feb 27, 2014

Tomorrow evening at 20.00 CET internally selected Mei Finegold will present her three entries, each with a video. The videos have been filmed around Israel; in Tel Aviv, in Hameginim forest near Jerusalem and in the Israeli railway museum in Haifa. Two of the songs have been selected among the 78 proposals she got, one is writtten by herself. After the show the voting starts while the videos will be put on IBA's website for all the world to seee and hear. The results will be revealed on March 5, 2014. 

Be proud (Mei Finegold)
Same heart (Rami Talmid)
Nish’eret iti (Loren De Paz-Chen Metzger Eder)


Estonia will have its final this Satuday after two semifinals where half of the songs were kicked out. Eesti laul has been the past few years rather indie, exciting, provocative (just think about Winny Puhh) and innovative. This year wasn't so bold I'm afraid. Relistening the final line up it's pretty safe stuff and who knows what the Estonians will vote to Copenhagen? I don't. Estonia has now made three times in a row to the final, twice with a ballad in Estonian, will the wind change this year, as Sandra suggests? I would still go for that, meaning Maiken. Sandra would do again as well, I like her song and it makes me think of this for some reason, which is a good thing as I loved it. Lenna and Traffic are also potential winners, I think. I would be surprised of anyone else. Except Tanja but not in a good way. Oh hang on, what about Norman?! Here's a recap.

Brigita Murutar -  Laule täis taevakaar
 Traffic - Für Elise
 Norman Salumäe - Search
 Wilhelm - Resignal
Lenna - Supernoova 
Super Hot Cosmos Blues Band - Maybe-maybe
Kõrsikud - Tule ja jää
 Tanja - Amazing
 Sandra Nurmsalu -  Kui tuuled pöörduvad 


It seems the rock entries ended in the Andra chansen aka Second chance, with a very few exceptions. The only one I really want to the final is Helena Paparizou, I have kinda learned to like it, and it is catchy. But the other one? I'm between three: Linus, JEM and Outtrigger. I'd like to like Linus a bit more but something isn't yet right, J.E.M are fun if nothing original, and Outrigger for the fun of it. So let's say Helena and Outtrigger for me! Recap.

Ammotrack - Raise your hands
Linus Svenning - Bröder
J.E.M - Lovetrigger
State of Drama - All we are
Ellinore Holmer - En himmelsk sång
Martin Stenmarck - När änglarna går hem
Helena Paparizou - Survivor
Outtrigger - Echo

Tuesday, February 25, 2014


Poland returns to Eurovision after a break of two editions. And they make it big and viewer friendly. The song in question has had over 38 million views on Youtube and after being a huge hit in Poland is starting to get airplay also in Austria, Switzerland and Germany, it seems. And curiously it seems the Polish TV asked them after a public demand as they were flooded with suggestions and pleas to send Donatan and Cleo to Eurovision.... They asked, the artists in question were in game and here it is. My Slowianie/Slavic Girls. It's a parody of Slavic imaginary abroad and tongue in cheek lyrics to some modern beats. Most fans seem to be thrilled, some even screaming Winner! but this blogger thinks three minutes of chanting, hand clapping and half naked breasts isn't just enough. But a fun choice anyways. Here's a taste of the possible staging live.


France made public its threesome in the end of January, the online voting finished a few days ago and next Sunday it will be revealed who's the winner. Apparently TwinTwin is the favorite, despite early on accusations of plagiation, let's wait and see. It's also my favorite, not because it's great but because it's better than the other two :-). Joanna is offering a generic French ballad written by non-French that is missing the last drop of drama to make it stand out while Destan are offering a very generic and forgettable boyband mid-tempo song.

Twin Twin - Moustache
Joanna - Ma liberté
Destan - Sans toi

Monday, February 24, 2014


Ireland, once the power state of Eurovision, is looking for their winning entry this Friday. Like in the previous years five acts chosen by as many mentors. The field is wide open this year as Jedward is not taking part this year either. Five quite pleasant songs and I must admit I have no clue who will win in the end.  
Heartbeat is the big fan favorite but will regular TV-viewers buy it? I think it's quite good. I wished they would have dared more in the production and arrangements, now it's a bit bland. Promising but not delivering. Don't hold on is oldfashioned but a good solid song sung well. The movie song I like a lot. Apparently Eoghan isn't loved much as a person (but what do we European voters know about that?) so it might play against him, which is a shame. Be mine makes me think of Bon Jovi for some reason. Also very catchy after a couple of listenings which means he might be lost in the crowd. Laura thinks I don't remember her but hey, I do. Since the first hearing of You don't remember me. Adelesque grower of a song. Lovely arrangement, good voice. If she delivers on stage with passion who knows? I'm fine with Laura, Kasey or Eoghan winning, hoping for Eoghan. Or Laura? Hmmm....

Patricia Roe - Don't hold on
Eoghan Quigg - The Movie Song
Can-linn feat.  Kasey Smith - Heartbeat
Andrew Mann - Be mine
Laura O'Neill - You don't remember me


Russia remains the country with very little news about their participation. A national final was scheduled originally for the new year's 2013 but then cancelled. Some have made themselves available like the Buranovskye Babushki but now another rumor has emerged: Sergey Lazarev. More credible this one. The eternal competitor with Dima Bilan for the most popular male artist in the country has tried to get to Eurovision in the past (Flyer in 2008, when he lost to.... Bilan, as well as a member of a boyband some moons ago before that). He's also a popular TV-presenter and household name in Russia. Just like Bilan he has also tried an international career, that is yet to explode outside the ex-USSR countries.  Here he makes fun of Bilan, with Bilan himself.
Lazarev's songs include Cure the thunder, В САМОЕ СЕРДЦЕ, СЛЕЗЫ В МОЕМ СЕРДЦЕ, Unreal love, Vspomonai .... This blogger has been waiting for this happen for a few years now, so hopefully it's true. At least he would give a run of the money for Hungary's András Kalláy Saunders in many ways....
I have written about him several times over the years, and this post has been particularly popular... Wonder why....

Sunday, February 23, 2014


The endlessly running Lithuanian selection miraculously comes to an end eventually. Tonight the song was chosen out of the three still in the running until now. We have one song and three singers. Next week they will sort out the last handicap and we will have their entry for Eurovision 2014 in Copenhagen. I'm not a big fan of this song but maybe they will revamp and improve it somehow. At this point I like most the Baumila's version. It's less slutty. Which one do you prefere? Recap.

Mia - Attention
Vilja Matačiūnaitė - Attention
Vaidas Baumila - Attention


The long Azeri selection process has nearly come to an end and we have the three finalists. Sadly my favorite Azad Shabanov is not among them even if he came third in the televote. Apparently only the top-2 were granted a place in the final, and the third one selected by the jury who picked Erkin instead of Azad. Oh well... They are Xana Hasanova, Dilara Kazimova and Erkin Osmanli. Next week in the final they will propably sing their entries that Azeri TV has been shopping around Europe for them, as usual.


Belgium has been sorting out singers until now but now we are getting into serious business. Four entries tonight will be voted by a jury and televotes and only two will make the final line up. You can watch it online here from 20.30 CET. Tonight also the mysterious Day One with fitting song title - is it Kate Ryan or not?

Day One - Whoever you are
Eva Jacobs - Nothing is impossible
Petra - Killer touch
The jury had Eva first, Day One second, Udo and Petra tied third but televote lifted Udo with Eva to the final, which I totally agree. Eva and Udo are maybe oldfashioned and still need work with their staging (Udo, drop the dancers) while Day One believed a bit too musch to their masks and came across only wierd and unlikable. Petra was a cliche show burlesque number that was entertaining and fun to watch but who I want to hear the song ever again? No. A bit like I wanna,...


The final of Sanremo festival was watched by fewer people than ever in the history of Auditel or since 1987. "Only" an average of 9.348.000 people turned in. A far cry if compared to last year for example when it was 12.997.000. With the same hosts and team behind it. Sanremo is Italy's Melodifestivalen only that MF drags on for 6 weeks, Sanremo 5 days. Both have faced serious problems this year.... time for a change for both?
But happier news in iTunes. Today around midday Arisa is in the lead followed by Francesco Renga at no 2, then Rocco Hunt at no 3, Noemi no 5, Giusy Ferreri no 11, Perturbazione no 16, Sinigallia no 18, Gualazzi no 22, Frankie Hi-Nrg Mc no 24, Renzo Rubino no 25, Zibba no 27.... 16 other songs have made the top-200 so far... Time will tell who stay and climbs, who drops and vanishes. 
The only official compilation album will be out Tuesday with TV Sorrisi e Canzoni-magazine and includes only the final songs of the Big + all the Newcomers + a few songs by the international guests.
Meanwhile Noemi has been the most tweeted one over the five days of the festival, over 42.000 tweets. Dubious fashion sense surely helped to get that award! The top-5 is completed by Rocco Hunt, Francesco Renga, Arisa and Sarcina.


Sanremo's final didn't attract as many viewers as usually and end the flop season in that sense with a flop final, only 9,3 million ( 43,5%) against last year's 12,9 million and (53,8%). But the top-3 turned out b´not very Sanremo-esque when really a newcomer Renzo Rubino came third, Gualazzi with the Bloody Beetroots second and Arisa won. Well, Arisa is quite Sanremo after all, isn't she? While waiting for the detailed results here is the votes for the top-3

Televote: Arisa 58%, Gualazzi 23%, Rubino 19%
Jury votes: Arisa 42%, Gualazzi 29%, Rubino 29%

Here is the list of the other awards given out:

Premio della Critica Mia Martini for Big: Cristiano De Andrè for Invisibili
Premio della Critica Mia Martini for Newcomers: Zibba for Senza di te
Award for the best lyrics Sergio Bardotti: Cristiano De André for Invisibili
Award for the best arrangement for Big: Renzo Rubino for Per sempre e poi basta
Award Lucio Dalla, given my the journalists: Perturbazione for L'Unica
Award Lucio Dalla, for the Newcomers: Zibba for Senza di te
Premio Emanuele Luzzati for Newcomers: Rocco Hunt for Nu juorno buono
Premio Assomusica for Newcomers: Rocco Hunt for Nu juorno buono

Let' s have a look at the songs presented by Arisa: Controvento, Lentamente, Cuccurucucu
This was her fourth Sanremo. In 2009 she won the newcomers with Sincerità, the year after she was among the Big with Malamoreno, then in 2012 with La notte she came 2nd.

Apparently the results are as follow:

1. Arisa
2. Raphael Gualazzi & The Bloody beetroots
3. Renzo Rubino
4. Francesco Renga
5. Noemi
6. Perturbazione
7. Cristiano De Andrè
8. Frankie Hi.Nrg Mc
9. Giusy Ferreri
10. Francesco Sarcina
11. Giuliano Palma
12. Antonella Ruggiero
13. Ron 

Full results here


While I was zapping from one stream to another with Latvia, Spain and Hungary, a quick look to Macedonia and Sweden in TV the evening went on slowly in Sanremo. Luciana was a bride, Stromae seemd drunk (and so did Cristiano De Andrè who won the Premio della critica Mia Martini), Ligabue came and sung... and in the end Riccardo Sinigallia sung his disqualified song that in the end is maybe the best of them all, me thinks. Love it.
Televoting was on, the jury voted and way after midnight the results were out who made the top-3 and would be revoted by viewers still awake and the jury. And there's a surprise! No Renga! Instead two men sitting by a piano and a Minnie Mouse!
The top-3 is Renzo Rubino, Raphael Gualazzi & The Bloody Beetroots and Arisa, in an order of re-performance.
00.22 We start the superfinal. First with Renzo Rubino with Ora.  He's adorable and the song is nice, but I never thought it would go this far! I even preferred his other song, and he was actually awarded with the other song. He's having one great festival! I guess him winning would be a real shock to many! My guess he'll be third after all.
00.29 Time for Raphael Gualazzi & The Bloody Beetroots and Liberi o no.  This ending this high is also a surprise, if we think what typically succees in Sanremo. This year is a real groundbreaker! Will they win? It would give a really different winner for a change. My guess is 2nd place....
00.36 Arisa has already taken two palmtrees home, winning the Newcomers and coming 2nd in Big. Will she add another plant to her collection? I think so and I'm pleased if she does. Her Controvento is lovely, and the most Sanremo-esque... Now can't help about thinking of Eurovision.... Hmm... Most likely it would have been her in the end if Sanremo was used this year for it.... Anyways this is a great comeback for her to the music scene after judging X Factor for a few seasons and not singing and recording that much.Funny fact if she wins is that she was the first one to sing this year, just like Mengoni last year. Mengoni with his first song though, Arisa with her second....
Another interesting fact is these three all have particiated in the newcomers, Arisa and Raphael winning it. Renzo was in last year, he came 3rd.
00.45 To kill some time and televote the newcomers will sing bits and pieces of their songs once again.And Luciana has achy feet, as you could here by accident from the backgroud, lol.
00.59 Stop the televote, Bling! After pubblicità we will know the result.....
01.02 The award for the best lyrics goes to....  Cristiano De André for Invisibili. Earlier he also won the Premio della critica Mia Martini.
And the winner is.... ARISA!!!! Her comment: "Tutto ok!" She got 50% of the votes, Rahael second with 26% and Renzo third with 24%....
Detailed results (if available) and stuff tomorrow, now good night "against the wind of one who doesn't believe in miracles..."


Exciting end for the Spanish final when Ruth Lorenzo and Brequette tied after the jury votes and televotes with 66 points. However Ruth won the televote so she will go to Copenhagen for Spain with her Dancing in the rain. Here are the televotes, the top-3 was within 5,6%!
Ruth Lorenzo  30,97%
Brequette  27,40%
Jorge Gonzalez  25,34%
Raul  9,36%
La Dama  6,93%


Aarzemnieki has won the Latvian final with Cake to bake. So the acoustic folk trend continues. They beat Samanta Tina and Dons in the superfinal.

 JURY vote:
1.       „Revelation”, Ralfs Eilands & Valters Pūce,
2.       „Pēdējā vēstule”, Dons,
3.       „I can breathe”, Aminata Savadogo,
4.       „Cake To Bake”, grupa „Aarzemnieki”,
5.       „Stay”, Samanta Tīna,
6.       „Going All the Way”, grupa „MyRadiantU”,
7.       „Moment and tomorrow”, Katrīna Bindere,
8.       „If I Could (Get Away)”, grupa “Eirošmits”,
9.       „Saule riet”, Olga un Līgo,
10.   „Lights on”, Markus Riva,
11.   „Here I am again”, Niko,
               12.   „You Are The Reason”, Katrine Lukins.
 Televote. Total of 14745 votes
1.       „Pēdējā vēstule”, Dons, 2426  balsis,
2.        „Cake To Bake”,  grupa „Aarzemnieki’’, 2398 balsis,
3.       „Saule riet”, Olga un Līgo, 1960 balsis,
4.       „Stay”, Samanta Tīna, 1302 balsis,
5.       „Moment and tomorrow”, Katrīna Bindere, 1298 balsis,
6.       „Here I am again”, Niko, 1269 balsis,
7.       „I can breathe”, Aminata Savadogo, 948 balsis,
8.       „Revelation”, Ralfs Eilands & Valters Pūce, 905 balsis,
9.        „Going All the Way”, grupa „MyRadiantU”, 686 balsis,
10.   „Lights on”, Markus Riva, 632 balsis,
11.   „If I Could (Get Away)”, grupa “Eirošmits”, 541 balsis,
12.   „You Are The Reason”, Katrine Lukins, 380 balsis.
Due to the heavy internet traffic the online voted for the finalists were not counted and included in the final results. However, analysing the vote proportions, it is definite that the online vote would not have affected the final results.
Jury vote at the superfinal:
1.       „Pēdējā vēstule”, Dons,
2.        „Cake To Bake”,  grupa „Aarzemnieki’’,
3.        „Stay”, Samanta Tīna.
Televote at superfinal consisted of phone calls, txt messages and online voting. 3877 votes were received online:
1.       „Pēdējā vēstule”, Dons, 1551 balss,
2.        „Cake To Bake”,  grupa „Aarzemnieki’’, 1529 balsis,
3.        „Stay”, Samanta Tīna, 797 balsis.
It was the "phone" vote that determined the Latvian ticket to Copenhagen. In total 9758 votes were received:
1.       „Cake To Bake”,  grupa „Aarzemnieki’’, 3949 balsis,
2.        „Pēdējā vēstule”, Dons, 3830 balsis,
3.       „Stay”, Samanta Tīna, 1979 balsis.

Saturday, February 22, 2014


He did it finally. András Kalláy Saunders will represent Hungary with his Running in the Eurovision song contest 2014. The Hungarian final was very good this year and I'm glad my favorites made it to top-4 chosen by the jury and then televoted; besides him Bogi, Viktor Király and Fool Moon.


Tijana was internally selected ages ago and tonight she presented her song Tamu kaj što pripaǵam, and it's English version To the sky.


Europe, we have the first result of the evening. This time there were no surprises as both Alcazar and Anton Ewald qualified for the final.  Ammotrack and Ellinore Holmer went to the second chance, could they have been more different? Linda Bengtzing is out, as are I.D.A (6th), Josef Johansson (7th) and Janet Leon (8th). So, with those acts Sweden got a huge doze of tasteless, smelless plastic to the final line up :-). It'd be so sad Alcazar wins this year when they have their worst entry ever. But that's the way it often goes - you don't when when you're good, but when you are supposed to "deserve" it...

So, now we have a complete set for the next week's second chance aka Andra Chansen in Lidköping:

Helena Paparizou - Survivor
Linus Svenning - Bröder
JEM - Lovetrigger
Martin Stenmarck - När änglarna går hem
Outtrigger - Echo
State of Drama - All we are
Ammotrack - Raise your hands
Ellinore Holmer - En himmelsk sång


After four nights of disappointing viewing figures Sanremo comes to its final. I must say I have enjoyed the show; Fabio Fazio and Luciana Littizzetto are a great couple. There are useless moments and intervals but we have experiences far worse in the past. Do we miss the huge divas like Madonna, Celine Dion and likes to steal the show? The models pretending to be presenters without even speaking Italian showcasing some 4-6 haute coiture dresses per night? Not really. If they only manage to tighten the script, reorganize the running order - start with a guest, let the competing singers sing and after do as many interval acts you want to until the early hours - it would be great. Apparently Fazio will do also Sanremo 2015 if he only wants to. Luciana has said this is her last Sanremo, but she said the same last year. We will see. After all, just like RAI pointed out today in the press conference, the viewing figures have been lower than expected but getting better night after night instead of the contrary. Still, some 4 million Italians opted for something else....
Tonight the Big 14 will once again sing their songs. They are voted by the Giuria di qualità and televoters. They are counted in percents in this manner: televotes of Thursday 25%, televote of tonight 25% and votes of the jury 50%. The top-3 will re-perform their songs in a superfinal, a new voting takes place with 50% of the jury, 50% of the second televote. It seems Francesco Renga has it in pack already but the jury vote maybe could push him down and lift Perturbazione or Raphael Gualazzi to the top-3 where Arisa seems to be safe. But what about Renzo Rubino? Or then who knows? The way of counting votes took the Newcomers victory from Diodato and 75% televote gave it to Rocco Hunt who was actually last or 4th with the jury! My favorites are (in no particular order) Perturbazione, Ron, Antonella Ruggiero, Arisa, Giusy Ferreri. Sinigallia would be among my favorites....
Giuliano Palma - Cosi lontano
Noemi - Bagnati dal sole
Ron - Sing in the rain
Arisa - Controvento
Francesco Sarcina - Nel tuo sorriso
Perturbazione - L'Unica
Giusy Ferreri - Ti porto a cena con te
Francesco Renga - Vivendo adesso
Renzo Rubino - Ora
Antonella Ruggiero - Da lontano
Raphael Gualazzi & The Bloody Beetroots - Liberi o no
Cristiano De Andrè - Il cielo è vuoto
Frankie Hi-Nrg Mc - Pedala
(Riccardo Sinigallia - Prima di andare via)
Sinigallia will also be on stage performing his disqualified entry Prima di andare via.
The newcomers will be on stage as well, apparently snippets of their songs except for the winner, Rocco Hunt. In this order:
Diodato - Babilonia
Filippo Graziani - Le cose belle
Bianca - Saprai
Zibba - Senza di te
Veronica De Simone - Le nuvole che passano
The Niro - 1969
Vadim - La modernità
Rocco Hunt - Nu juorno buono

The guest stars tonight are Ligabue, returning after the opening night. He will sing three songs of his repertoire using the grand orchestra. Then there's Belgian star Stromae, comic Maurizio Crozza, actress Claudia Cardinale and actor Terence Hill aka Don Matteo.
I will be watching, maybe blogging some and come up with the results as soon as they are out. Meanwhile I try to keep an eye also of happenings in Sweden, Latvia, Hungary, Macedonia and Spain...


Three weeks to the dealine and the finals are here. This week we will get four new songs to the list when Latvia, Spain and Hungary select their entry. On top of that the Macedonian entry will be presented. The national selections will go on in Estonia, Sweden, Azerbaijan and Belgium. As a bonus the Italian Sanremo festival comes to an end on Saturday evening as well after 5 days of music and songs, even if not Eurovision related this time. And propably something is going also in Lithuania, I forgot. It's been going for so long.... will it ever end?

Friday, February 21, 2014

Estonia - Semifinal 2 - EESTI LAUL 2014
20.45 CET - Webcast - read more

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Latvia - Final - DZIESMA 2014
20.25 CET - Webcast - read more - Final songs recap -

22.00 CET - Webcast - read more - Final songs recap -

Hungary - Final - A DAL 2014
20.20 CET - Webcast - read more - Final songs recap -

Macedonia - Song presentation
21.30 CET - Webcast

Sweden - Semifinal 4 - MELODIFESTIVALEN 2014
20.00 CET - Webcast - read more

Lithuania - Show 10 - EUROVIZIJOS 2014
20.00 CET - Webcast - read more -

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Belgium - Semifinal 1 - EUROSONG 2014
20.30 CET - Webcast - read more

Azerbaijan - Show 3 - Böyük Səhnə 2014
20.00 CET - Webcast - 


The results are out and the youngest artists won the youngesters contest, or the newcomers, aka Nuove Proposte, new proposals. Rocco Hunt from Salerno, born 1994. Melodic Napoletan rap that scored a stunning 75% of the televotes. Some are suggesting it's only because everyone in Naples region voted for him (a bit like in UMK the Finnish Swedes vote for themselves, and in Syksyn Sävel the Finnish gypsies voted their artists in the past, oh well). but I think he deserved to win.

Here are the jury votes: 1. Diodato 47%, 2. The Niro 23%, 3. Zibba 19% and 4. Rocco Hunt 11%
Here are the televotes: 1. Rocco Hunt 75%, 2. Diodato and Zibba11%, 4. The Niro 3%
Below is the combined result. If you math doesn't make sense, don't worry. It's not 50-50 jury-televote after all but all about percentage. If they used Eurovision-like points Diodato would have won and Rocco second. 

1. Rocco Hunt - Nu juorno buono 43%
2. Diodato - Babilonia 29%
3. Zibba - Senza di te 15%
4. The Niro - 1969  13%


Ricchi e Poveri have been to Sanremo countless times in the past and have also won in 1985 with Se m'innamoro. Last year they were supposed to be honored on stage for their career but had to cancel their presence the last minute. The son of Franco Gatti, the one with the moustache, was found dead. Alessio was only 23 years old. 
This year, Angelo Sotgiu, the blond one, suffered a heart attack during the show on Thursday. He was taken to hospital and is ok now and his condition is not dangerous. Phew.
Angela Brambati, you have been warned - there's no two without three so beware of Sanremo 2015! :-) (I'm of course joking, I adore her and the band and I wish them all the best now and forever!)


Incredible but true! The youngsters get to perform when some viewers are still awake and watching! The previous nights they have been the very last part of the show, always well after midnight. Fazio announced the change in the script like it was a huge favor for them, and in a way it is. Only that everywhere else perhaps they would have been treated like that already the previous nights. How about starting the show with them next year? 
22.40 It started. The "giuria di qualità" has 50% of the rsult, the televote the rest and the finalists are four.
We start with Diodato and Babilonia. I like this song. The orchestration fits nicely and I like his voice. Quite good performance, even if a little bit nervous perhaps?
22.49 Next Zibba and Senza di te. Lovely soft reggae with nice lyrics, great voice and likable person. Very relaxed performance!
22.53 Third one is Rocco Hunt and Nu journo buonoRap reggae with dialect. Very catchy and he propably has a hit in his hands. I like this one, too, but I think my vote goes for the daddy bear instead of frankie Hi-Nrg in miniatura. He really works the stage and gets the audience along clapping their hands. Makes me think of Almamegretta, too. I think he wins tonight and it's ok.
22.58 Last but not least The Niro with 1969. My least favorite out of this four, but they are all good this year.
23.03 The newcomers have sung and televote is open. They seem to be so proud of this decision to let them sing early that they have to remind us in every given moment. Oh well. If it makes them happy....
23.07 Luca Zingaretti aka Commissario Montalbano on stage talking about "Beauty", the theme of this festival. Enter mafia.... or rather the talk of mafia. Also this is Italy and Sanremo.
Then we have recap of the Big songs in the order televoted yesterday from bottom to top.
And as we know now Sinigallia has been disqualified. He enters the stage and explains what has happened: he played the song in a gathering last summer, 30-40 persons in audience. He has no idea of going to Sanremo or whatsoever. His mistake. And he gets to sing his song tomorrow anyways, but not in the contest anymore, as a guest. Bene.
And the evening continues with the Big....
00.30 Televote is closed, Bling!
00.44 We start with some awards. Premio della critica Mia Martini goes to Zibba.
Zibba also wins Premio Radio/TV/Web Lucio Dalla!
Premio miglior arrangiamento or best arrangement goes to  Renzo Rubino for Per sempre e poi basta, the song that didn't make it to the final.
00.54 Here we go.... the winner is.... Rocco Hunt! He runs around the stage and hugs everyone crying. He comes from salerno and will turn 20 this year. It's a good day indeed for him! Here is his video.
Diodato came second, Zibba third and The Niro fourth. 

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