Thursday, February 06, 2014


Rising boxes, American cars, very tall violinists, pink pistols, great little things, rockabilly, boys with make up.....yes, it's all there. Melodifestivalen has never been shy with props and gimmicks. Anything to hide the fact the songs aren't anymore what they used to be. In this second semifinal the favorites are Eurovision veteran Martin Stenmarck and Sanna - I still haven't won Melodifestivalen and btw I'm only 29 - Nielsen. But like the first semifinal showed, the Swedes have become quite unpredictable in their voting so anything can happen. But hearing the snippets, she's the best so far ... Here are the entries this Saturday:

JEM - Love trigger
The Refreshments - Hallelujah
Manda - Glow
Panetoz - Efter solsken
Pink Pistols - I am somebody
Sanna Nielsen - Undo
Little Great Things - Set yourself free
Martin Stenmarck - När änglarna går hem

Anyways, this is a good excuse to join in the Sanna-mania and remember all her previous MF entries:

2001 Igår, idag (3rd)
2008 Empty room (2nd)
2011 I'm in love (4th)

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