Friday, February 21, 2014


Latvia will have it's final tonight. Twelve acts made it to the final and there are a few very good choices for Copenhagen 2014 and hopefully Latvians choose right. Will Dons quiet elegance make it, or fan favorite Samanta? How about Markus or Niko? My favorites MyRadiantU and Olga and Ligo? Or will Latvians go for the cake baking song? Considering the strong line up this year, the best since forever it might be a mistake in the end, even if at first it sounded like a good idea. And then there's even Katrine Lukins. Plenty to choose from indeed.... Summa summarum: I will be happy with (in no particular order) a win by Markus, Dons, MyRadiantU or Olga and Ligo. Katrina, Samanta or Niko will be ok but I'm afraid it's going to be Ralfs or Aarzemnieki. That's 9 out of 12.... MF, take note!

Ralfs Eilands and Valters Pūce – Revelation
Markus Riva - Lights On
Katrīna Bindere -Moment and Tomorrow
Samanta Tīna -  Stay
MyRadiantU - Going All the Way
Olga and Līgo- Saule riet
Aminata Savadogo- I Can Breathe
Aarzemnieki- Cake To Bake
Katrine Lukins- You Are The Reason

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