Friday, February 21, 2014


I thought last week Melodifestivalen had reached the ultimate bottom. I was wrong. Listening the snippets of this week's songs it only gets worse! Alcazar recycles all their old tricks and you don't know if you are listening their medley or what. And that's only one minute. I'm afraid to hear the whole song! And they seem to recycle also their discoball. Any trick to make it memorable, I guess. (And mind you, I like Alcazar!) For I.D.A it took me 15 second to realize I don't want to hear more. Of Janet Leon I don't find anything to say. How something can be so indifferent? Ammotrack only makes me remember why Swedes should leave hardrock to Finns. How did Josef get in and why? Never been a fan of Linda B and surely won't be after tomorrow. To her credit I have to say in this group she's actually great! Who is Ellinore and why she's on stage? Is there something wrong in her earpiece and stage monitors or is it really her? Then I repeat why she's on stage? Last but not least Anton. How false can you sing? How unoriginal song and choreography one can get? And with this.... I will watch something else tomorrow night. Anything but Melodifestivalen.

Anton Ewald - Natural
Ellinore Holmer - En himmelsk sång
Linda Bengtzing - Ta mig
Josef Johansson - Hela natten
Ammotrack - Raise your hands
Janet Leon - Hollow
I.D.A - Fight me if you dare
Alcazar - Blame it on the disco

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