Monday, February 03, 2014


Belgium had it's start for selecting their entrant for Copenhagen 2014 Eurovision. In this casting thing the artists had to sing an Eurovison entry (yes, another country goes for this option!) and in the end four artists got the ticket to the final, four got a ticket to a call back (or second chance) and the other may dream on.... In some weird way thee acoustic takes on these songs are quite enjoyable....

The results

01. Udo - Ne partez pans sans moi  93%
02. Nelson - Glorious 86%
03. Eva Jacobs - In your eyes 86%
04. Axel Hirsoux - Tu te reconnaitras 84%

05. Joyce Lemmes - Mister 82%
06. 2 Fabiola feat. Loredana - My number one 81%
07. Jessy - Euphoria 81%
08. White Bird - Fly on the wings of love 80%

09. Di Stephano - L'amour ça fait chanter la vie 78%
10. The Fuckeleles - Waterloo 76%
11. Violet  Sky - Door de vind 73%
12. Gracious Wild 7- In love for awhile 2%
13. Elvya Dulcimer - Sweet people 72%
14. 3M8S - Only teardrops 71%
15. The Exclusive Strings - Hard rock hallelujah 68%

The Exclusive Strings maybe expected more as they have recorded and even made a video clip for Hard rock hallelujah! Here! Yet another prove there's a song under those masks and show :-)

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