Saturday, February 22, 2014


After four nights of disappointing viewing figures Sanremo comes to its final. I must say I have enjoyed the show; Fabio Fazio and Luciana Littizzetto are a great couple. There are useless moments and intervals but we have experiences far worse in the past. Do we miss the huge divas like Madonna, Celine Dion and likes to steal the show? The models pretending to be presenters without even speaking Italian showcasing some 4-6 haute coiture dresses per night? Not really. If they only manage to tighten the script, reorganize the running order - start with a guest, let the competing singers sing and after do as many interval acts you want to until the early hours - it would be great. Apparently Fazio will do also Sanremo 2015 if he only wants to. Luciana has said this is her last Sanremo, but she said the same last year. We will see. After all, just like RAI pointed out today in the press conference, the viewing figures have been lower than expected but getting better night after night instead of the contrary. Still, some 4 million Italians opted for something else....
Tonight the Big 14 will once again sing their songs. They are voted by the Giuria di qualità and televoters. They are counted in percents in this manner: televotes of Thursday 25%, televote of tonight 25% and votes of the jury 50%. The top-3 will re-perform their songs in a superfinal, a new voting takes place with 50% of the jury, 50% of the second televote. It seems Francesco Renga has it in pack already but the jury vote maybe could push him down and lift Perturbazione or Raphael Gualazzi to the top-3 where Arisa seems to be safe. But what about Renzo Rubino? Or then who knows? The way of counting votes took the Newcomers victory from Diodato and 75% televote gave it to Rocco Hunt who was actually last or 4th with the jury! My favorites are (in no particular order) Perturbazione, Ron, Antonella Ruggiero, Arisa, Giusy Ferreri. Sinigallia would be among my favorites....
Giuliano Palma - Cosi lontano
Noemi - Bagnati dal sole
Ron - Sing in the rain
Arisa - Controvento
Francesco Sarcina - Nel tuo sorriso
Perturbazione - L'Unica
Giusy Ferreri - Ti porto a cena con te
Francesco Renga - Vivendo adesso
Renzo Rubino - Ora
Antonella Ruggiero - Da lontano
Raphael Gualazzi & The Bloody Beetroots - Liberi o no
Cristiano De Andrè - Il cielo è vuoto
Frankie Hi-Nrg Mc - Pedala
(Riccardo Sinigallia - Prima di andare via)
Sinigallia will also be on stage performing his disqualified entry Prima di andare via.
The newcomers will be on stage as well, apparently snippets of their songs except for the winner, Rocco Hunt. In this order:
Diodato - Babilonia
Filippo Graziani - Le cose belle
Bianca - Saprai
Zibba - Senza di te
Veronica De Simone - Le nuvole che passano
The Niro - 1969
Vadim - La modernità
Rocco Hunt - Nu juorno buono

The guest stars tonight are Ligabue, returning after the opening night. He will sing three songs of his repertoire using the grand orchestra. Then there's Belgian star Stromae, comic Maurizio Crozza, actress Claudia Cardinale and actor Terence Hill aka Don Matteo.
I will be watching, maybe blogging some and come up with the results as soon as they are out. Meanwhile I try to keep an eye also of happenings in Sweden, Latvia, Hungary, Macedonia and Spain...

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