Wednesday, December 31, 2014


Happy 2015, people! And a huge thank you to all of you who have followed me another year! 2014 was a special one!

IT'S #ESC250 2014 TIME!

Here it is again - propably the best way to countdown to a new year: #ESC250!

Thirteen hours of Eurovision songs
Twenty two songs from 2014
One hundred twenty four songs are more than 10 years old
One country with 14, one with 15 entries
Three thousand six hundred voters
Twelve artists with more than one song
Fifty two countries
Fifty three years
Forty four winners
Listen: 31/12 11:00 CET
See the results:
(hoping to be Trending Topic again, like last year!!)

PS. I will publish the full list just before midnight so please tune in at least in that point to see how the list looks like this year and if Loreen still keeps her #1 spot? 

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Another year, another series of hits. Which songs made it to number one in the official Finnish charts? Checking out the list its very clear it has been a year of "ft." as the infamous featuring is featured in 11 out of 22 songs. None of the songs managed to stay more than 4 weeks on top but there were five of those four-weekers, even if two of them did that with separate weeks. Foreign songs beat the Finnish ones 12-10 and two of the Finnish ones were covers from Vain elämää reality series. The Finnish acts in bold

Eminem ft. Rihanna - The monster (wk 1)
Pitbull ft. Ke$ha - Timber (wks 2-3, 5-6)
OneRepublic - Counting stars (wk 4)
Tuomas Kauhanen ft. Mikko  - Pummilla Tallinnaan (wk 7)
JVG ft. Anna Abreu - Huominen on huomenna (wks 8-11)
Clean Bandit ft. Jess Glynne - Rather be (wks 12-14, 16)
The Chainsmokers - #Selfie (wk 15)
Calvin Harris - Summer (wks 17-18)
David Guetta & Showtek ft. Vassy - Bad (wks 19-22)
Kasmir - Vadelmavene (wks 23-24, 27)
Robin - Kesärenkaat (wks 25-26)
Diandra - Paha poika (wk 28)
Teflon Brothers - Maradona (Kesä '86) (wks 29-31)
David Guetta ft. Sam Martin - Lovers on the sun (wks 32-33)
Robin Schultz, Lilly Wood & The Prick - Prayer in C (wks 34-35,38)
Haloo Helsinki! - Beibi (wks 36-37, 43)
Calvin Harris ft. John Newman - Blame (wks 39-41)
Elastinen - Naurava kulkuri (wk 42)
David Guetta ft. Sam Martin - Dangerous (wks 44, 46)
Paula Vesala - Sori (wk 45)
Calvin Harris ft. Ellie Goulding - Outside (wks 47-50)
Spekti ft. Tasis - Macho Fantastico (51-52)

Monday, December 29, 2014


Like last year I decided again look back and see who provided the soundtrack of my year 2014, or the albums I have listened and loved the most.
One album stands above everything else for some many reasons, Valentina Monetta's Sensibilitá. I was able to follow its progress and shaping up, and then follow her to Copenhagen and experience such joy and happiness along with the team I will never forget. But also because it's a great album. Very variable in material but Valentina sings her way through the styles and songs with grace and dignity and shows what a talented vocalist and songwriter she is. Ralph Siegel has provided the Eurovision material including her entry Maybe and the other initial possibilities Guardami ancora, Il fiume and the title track, but Valentina explores other styles and rhythms in her own songs Il vento, Hotel, Per te, Molto di più.. An icing in the cake is A kiss, duet with Josh De Cadenex, one of the many guests on the album. This bloggers favourite is Viaggio samba, written by and performed with her brother Vincenzo. This is a timeless album that will be played in this household for years to come....
Alice released Weekend just two years after Samsara, a surprising move considering she took 14 years before Samsara to come up with an album with original pop songs. Weekend is very much sounding like you think Alice album sounds this decade. Ten well performed and arranged songs including her Sanremo 2014 entry Veleni that wasn't accepted for the festival. Their loss as it's fantastic and one of the best Battiato songs for some time. Battiato is also duetting with her in La realtà non esiste, a tribute to late Claudio Rocchi. Just like her solo L'umana nostalgia, previously sung in duet with Rocchi himself. Tante belle cose is a Francoise Hardy cover while she covers herself in Viali di solitudine. Luca Carboni duets with her in Da lontano, following their previous duet in his album, La farfallina. Un po' d'aria, Christmas, self penned Aspettando mezzanotte and Qualcuno pronuncia il mio nome complete this album that will find a place among the best Alice albums when time goes by.
Eva & Manu, a Finnish-French duo released their second album Cinnamon hearts this year. I loved their self titled debut to bits and this new one has been on constant play ever since it came out, too. They have moved on, the sound is more electronic, bigger but their vocals and the feelings are there. With this two albums they have an owesome set for live concerts. Besides Cinnamon hearts Empty and There is nobody like you have been released as promo singles so far and gained a major airplay. Papi, Between us, The world is too busy, Save me, I've learned, Guardian and Kathey complete this very enjoyable album. 


She came, she conquered. Singing last in the line up tonight in Festivali i Këngës the winner of The Voice of Italy (that she won with 70% of the votes singing Adagio!) finally also triumphed at home and Elhaida Dani really brought in the sun as her song Diell suggests.
Elhaida (21) is used to winning. She won the Star Academy Albania in 2009, Sunčane Skale 2011's youth category in Montenegro, followed by wins in festivals in Romania and Bulgaria and finally her first participation in Festivali i Këngës 2011, then Top Fest 2012 in Albania and now she's off to Eurovision 2015 in Vienna!
She has released singles Fjala e fundit (2008), Mijera vjet (2011), S'je me (2012), When love calls yourname (2013), Baciami e basta (2013) and one self titled EP so far.  
Back to FiK. Elhaida scored six times full 12 points from the jurors, and once 10 so she was a clear favorite. Here below the scores, she ended up with 82 points.

Sunday, December 28, 2014


Uuden musiikin kilpailu aka UMK 2015 is undergoing changes this year and while YLE has kept the information minimal so far we have digged out some news. The artists and their songs will be revealed on January 13, 2015 (also on webstream) and the very same day their music video presentations will start one by one on TV2. The first one airs on 13th at 18.55 and the last one on January 27 at 12.40. Besides that all the songs will be played on RadioSuomi on January 18 at 17.15.
And yes, there will be 18 songs this time. The most propable solution I'm guessing is three semifinals with six songs each and six songs making the final.... maybe. The judges/tutors are history and only televoting will decide this time. 


Albanian Festivali i Këngës comes to an end tonight after two semifinals that gave us the 18 finalists. Who is your favorite? Albanian jury often has surprises in store for us so I'm not even trying to guess who's going to win tonight but I can say my favorites are all female..... You can watch the final luve tonight 20.45 CET here.  And no, Alexander Rybak isn't going to be there as expected and announced. Who would have thought he needed that break so immediately? 

Saturday, December 27, 2014


Despite all sort of rumors - like Sergey Lazarev - the only more or less semiofficial announcement from Russia has been that the winner of The Voice will go for Russia in 2015. The season came to an end last night with 24-year-old Aleksandra Vorobyeva winning. Will she be confirmed as the one? We will find out soon. Meanwhile, enjoy her voice with Chandelier, You lost me, ListenЛебединая верность


Festival i Kenges continues in Albania with the second semifinal tonight. Nine of tonight's songs will join the other nine chosen last night for tomorrow's grand final. Among the artists tonight is The Voice of Italy winner Elhaida Dani (pictured above). You can watch the show from 20.45 CET here
Jozefina Simoni - Mendje trazi
Bojken Lako Band - Të ndjëj
Elhaida Dani - Të kërkoj
Kelly - Nesë ti do
Rezarta Smaja - Më rrëmbe
Aurora - Maria
Ana Gromo - Në koma
Mjellma Berisha - Sot jetoj
Emi Bogdo - Një femër
Agim Poshka - Në rrugën tonë
Xhjen & Enxhi Kumrija - Njëri
Gjergj Leka - Himn

UPDATE: The qualifiers in bold. 


Alexander Rybak may be the overwhelming winner of Eurovision 2009 but his comeback to contest seems to be failing everywhere. He tried in Norway and Malta and nothing worked. He was supposed to win the Belarusian, his native, selection hands down but no... only 4th last night. 
He has published a FB video being extremely disappointed: "I went on tours in many places around the world and wherever Europeans said bad things about my homeland, Belarus, I defended it. I said it has a good system. And they say: "What kind of system? It 's all corrupt. "And I continued to defend it. But now I do not know what I'm defending. Every year I meet the Belarusian delegation and they tell me: "Sasha, please, write a song for us? What we have to do to win the Eurovision?". So I wrote a song, spent a lot of time, a lot of money. I found some very talented girls and I wrote a song on authentic and pure Belarus, as I see it. And the jury now rejected it. I also made the sacrifice of not spending Christmas with my parents. But it did not do anything. All in Europe have supported us, experts, Eurofans and here the jury decided to slap us in the face. I met this jury beforehand, I met them one by one. I remember when I was sick, a guy from the jury came, asked to take a picture with me. I smiled, we took the picture and told me: "I will always support you." And this would be the way I have been supported? I hope to never see this jury again because it will be very difficult for me to be happy and want to smile. "
Oh well, on the other hand, could it be the jury was not corrupted this time and just voted for the song they thought was the best one? It's easy to say I will support you when you haven't heard the song, isn't it? Miracles happen, like I never thought I'd be supporting the Belarusian jury for example.... And his act didn't win the televoting either.....

Friday, December 26, 2014


Belarus has chosen and I could say "What did I say?". Uzari & Maimuna won the jury vote and came third in the televoting and another violin player goes to Vienna instead of Rybak (who didn't win the televoting either btw). Oh the irony!  Uzari was third time lucky and usually I have more or less liked his entries, but this one is the best of them and yes, it was my favorite out of these so I can't complain tonight. Here's Time.

The televotes:

1. Muzzart     2862
2. Milki     2226
3. Uzari & Maimuna     1188
4. Napoli     1159
5. Beatris     939
6. Alexey Gross     917
7. Anastasia M.     710
8. Gunesh     531
9. Lis     424
10. Tasha Odi     408
11. Valeria S.     403
12. Rostany     373
13. Vitaly V.     268
14. Janette     200
15. Daria     193

Uzari has taken part also in 2012 with The winner (5th) and in 2013 with Secret (8th). He was also backing singer in Eurovision 2011 for Anastasia Vinnikova, and he was also involved in the Belarusian Junior Eurovision 2014 entry.


The 53rd Festivali i  Këngës starts tonight in Tirana and the winner will be the Albanian entry as usual in the Eurovision song contest 2015 in Vienna next May. Tonight the first semifinal. tomorrow the second and on Sunday the grand final. The show starts at 20.45 CET at Pallati Kongreseve and you can watch it live here
Out of the 26 artists 16 have participated before with Saimir Braho the most participations (6), Agim Posha (5), Besiana Mehmeti (4). Six of last year's artists are back, including 3rd placed Sajmir Braho, and 4th placed Venera Lumani (pictured above)
Enver Petrovci - Të vranë bukuri
Revolt Klan - Më mungon
Julian Gjojdeshi - Himn jetës
Sigi Bastri & Florent Abrashi - Eklips mbi oqean
Marsela Çibukaj - S'muj
Sajmir Braho - Kristal
Kladji Musabelliu - Vetëm të ti bësoj
Erga Halilaj - Ti s'më njeh
Besiana Mehmeti & Shkodran Tolaj - Kështjella
Estela Brahimllari - Kjo natë
Lindita Halimi - S'të fal
Offchestra - Bajram
Venera Lumani - Dua të jetoj

Update: The nine songs in bold made it to the final on Sunday. It seems like a very good year in Albania! Unfortunately with the first hearing already one of my favorites didn't make the final, Revolt Klan....


Belarus is having its EuroFest final tonight. Alexander Rybak's Milki project is the one to beat, it seems. Wouldn't it be ironic if Uzari with his violin player would beat him? Anyways, there isn't much to write about; mediocre or simply bad songs, Belarusian "English" and propably the singer and/or the song will be changed anyways before mid-March if it isn't Milki, so I will stick to my Christmas relaxing instead of watching this..... Anyways, it starts at 8pm CET and you can watch it live here

  1. NAPOLI – My dreams
  2. Lis – Angel
  3. Daria - Love is my colour
  4. Gunesh – I believe in a miracle
  5. Yana Butskevich & Muzzart – Tolko tantsuy
  6. Valeria Sadovskaya – Summer love
  7. Rostany – Electric toys
  8. Janette – Supernova
  9. Alexey Gross – Stand as one
  10. Milki – Accent
  11. Uzari & Maimuna - Time
  12. Beatris – Fighter
  13. Vitaly Voronko – Drive
  14. Anastasia Malashkevich – Don’t save my name
  15. Tasha Odi – Giving up on your love

Tuesday, December 23, 2014



Georgian television has published today the five artists who will battle it out for the ticket to Vienna 2015 Eurovision. Two female, two male and one band. Their songs will be presented on December 31 and then Georgian people will have two weeks to listen and vote for their favorites. These votes will be added to the international jury's votes in the final on January 14, 2015. Here they are, click their name for one of their non-Eurovision tracks:


EBU has confirmed finally today after months of speculation the participating countries in the 60th anniversary contest in Vienna next May. After Bulgaria finally said no it's 39 countries, two more than last edition in Copenhagen when Ukraine stays home  but Czech Republic makes a very unexpected comeback, and Serbia with Cyprus return after one year's absence. 
There will be as usual two semifinals, 16 countries in the first one, 17 in the second one while the Big5 and the host country are already in the final, that will feature then 26 countries.
The semifinal draw will take place in Vienna on January 26, 2015. EBU published today also a new general vignette, here. It puts on the spotlight the microphone trophy that has been used for some years now. Time will tell if it will become one day as legendary as the Golden palmtree with lions of Sanremo....

Big5+host country: 
France, Germany, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom and Austria
The other countries: 
Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, FYR Macedonia, Georgia, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, The Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Slovenia, Sweden, Switzerland

Sunday, December 21, 2014


Udo Jürgens saw Austria win Eurovision song contest again this May after 48 years since his victory back in 1966 with Merci chérie but he didn't live to see the contest take place in Vienna again next May. Udo, aged 80, passed away today. He was also supposed to feature in the interval act next May.
Besides winning Eurovision with his third consecutive try he was a superstar in the German speaking world with over 800 songs to his credit and sales of over 100 million records. His career started in 1950 with Je t'aime and over the years his songs were covered by world famous artists who in turn made them hits, like Shirley Bassey, Matt Monro, Bing Crosby, Sammy Davis Jr.... He released over 60 albums since 1965, his latest one, Mitten in Leben, came out this year. Merci for your music, Udo. 

Friday, December 19, 2014


ORF has revealed today the hosts or rather hostesses for the Eurovision song contest 2015 in Vienna and it's a trio of ladies: Mirjam Weichselbraun, Alice Tumler and Arabella Kiesbauer. Conchita Wurst is hosting the Greenroom as she wished. That means the most obvious and expected host Andy Knoll was left bareassed outside.....


Lithuanian television has announced the names who will take place in their national election. Once again there will be the rather weird way of selectiong artists and song separaely and then trying to find the match made in heaven, or at least in Eurovision to send to Vienna 2015. The list is filled with familiar names from previous selections and even last year's runner up Mia and third placed Vaidas Baumila are trying again as is 4th placed Monika Linkyté. Also several The Voice of Lithuania participants are in the list....
Eurovizijos Nacionalinė Atranka will start on January 3, 2015 and after weekly shows on February 14 we will have the winning song, and the week later the winning compination song + artist who will take it to Vienna......

Liepa Mondeikaité
Neringa Šiaudikytė
Edgaras Lubys (Amberlife)
Vilija Pilibaityté (Mia)
Vaidas Baumila
Monika Linkyté
Reda Striškaitė
Milita Daikeryté
Jurgis Bruzga
Wilma La
Tadas Juodsnukis

Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Softengine continues their success story with yet another single and video off their debut album We created the world. This time it's the piano driven ballad What if I? The video is so simple that only lead singer Topi Latukka is seen in it (and Henry's hands on piano most likely) but it fits perfectly with the song. Their previous singles are Something better, Yellow house and The sirens. In May the band scored the best placing in the Eurovision for Finland since Lordi's victory back in 2006 when they placed 11th. It's also one of the best placings for Finland ever in any way you look at it.


Georgian television has also made their plans known today. The song submission period ends this week and then a jury will pick up five songs. They will presented to the public on December 31, Then people will have time for two weeks to listen and vote for them. On January 14, 2015 the songs will be perfoemed live on a show where also an international jury will judge them and the combined votes of the 2-week public voting and the jury voting will give us the winner and the Georgian entry for Vienna 2015 Eurovision. 
Georgia has sent an internally selected songs two years in a row with minor success. Maybe they will get back to their initial good placements with this method? 


Moldovan television has published today the submitted songs for O melodie pentru Europa. They received 68 and nine were eliminated as they didn't follow the rules. Also, this year they opened the selection for everyone and so some of the songs sent to Switzerland are trying their luck now here (why can't they stop this nonsense and do like in UMK, a song cannot take part in any other national final. This rule should apply everywhere, this blogger thinks!) Many familiar names are at it again from Doinita Gherman to Carolina Gorum,  Diana Brescan to Edict, Eduard Romanyuta, Glam Girls and British Kitty Brucknell, already a Swiss drop out. And yes, Sunstroke Project is back with two songs as well. You can listen all entries here
These songs will be shortlisted to 24 after auditions in January in Chisinau and then we will have two semifinal and the final in the end of February.

Monday, December 15, 2014


The Spanish rumors are here now that Sanremo is out and in the open. TVE has so far been more silent than YLE what comes to the Eurovision news but we should know something more concrete in January. All indicates though for an internal choice once again and the three names TVE seem to be after this time are Diana Navarro, Edurne and Raúl Gómez. 
Diana Navarro has been speculated for years and apparently she would be up for it declaring it would be an honor. She has also said Spain should bring its own sound to Eurovision and not rely on the Swedish pop in English. This blogger backs Ms Navarro in that all the way! She's been around since 2005 and mixes flamenco, Arabic influences and classical music in her music. Here's La paloma.
Edurne, from Operacion Triunfo 2005 fame was first heavily tipped, with a Swedish penned song mind you, until it was all denied. But we know that means nothing. Wouldn't she want to do just that, promote the international album in Eurovision? Her latest single is Painkiller
Raúl Gómez is the winner of El número Uno in 2013. He has released his debut album and here's Under your skin
Should Spain go for something Spanish like Navarro or something totally lacking any nationality like Gómez?


Conchita Wurst has really been #unstoppable after her Eurovision win with Rise like a Phoenix last May in Copenhagen. She has done the catwalk for Jean Paul Gaultier, visited United Nations and met its secretary general Ban-Ki Moon, performed in European Union in Bruxelles, done high fashion for Karl Lagerfeld, danced and sung in Crazy Horse in Paris, dubbed a Disney cartoon, recorded a charity single for Licht ins Dunkel, My lights... and on top of that performed all over Europe, headline most every GayPride this summer and release a follow up single Heroes some time ago while working on the debut album every given chance. But now, she's off to Los Angeles and Hollywood and make an appearance in the Golden Globe awards and surely Hollywood will love her... who wouldn't? Maybe that will make way for her rumored Bond theme dreams as well?


Sanremo's Newcomers category, whatever it has been called over the years, was the talent show long before anyone even dreamed of various Idols, X Factors and Voices. Truth to be said, it may have lost a bit over the past few years when names like Eros Ramazzotti, Giorgia, Laura Pausini and Andrea Bocelli have not emerged from it and today's Marco Mengonis come from other formats. This year Sanremo has promised to bring the new talents in to the spotlight and prime time unlike the previous years when they have usually perfomed and been voted around 1am....
But through the hard times the category has served a passage to the main category and this year is not an exception. Eight of the 20 artists have started their career in Sanremo Newcomers, three of them winning it. All of them have returned to Sanremo multiple times since their debut, and Masini has also won the Big category in 2004 with Uomo volante. Here's the list:

Marco Masini - Disperato - winner 1990
Nek - In te - 3rd in 1993
Irene Grandi - Fuori - 4th in 1994
Gianluca Grignani - Destinazione paradiso - 6th in 1995
Alex Britti - Oggi sono io - winner 1999
Anna Tatangelo - Doppiamente fragili - winner 2002
Malika Ayane - Come foglie - finalist in 2009 (only the winner was announced, Arisa)
Nina Zilli - L'uomo che amava le donne - 3rd in 2010

Here are their further entries: Marco Masini 1991 - Perche lo fai, 2005 Raccontami di te, 2009 L'Italia
Nek  1997 - Laura non c'è, Irene Grandi 2000 La tua ragazza sempre, 2010 La cometa di Halley, Gianluca Grignani 1999 Il giorno perfetto, 2002 Lacrime dalla luna, 2006 Liberi di sognare, 2008 Cammina nel sole. Alex Britti 2001 Sono contento, 2003 7000 caffe, 2006 Solo con te. Anna Tatangelo 2003 Volere volare, 2005 Ragazza di periferia, 2006 Essere una donna, 2008 Il mio amico, 2011 Bastardo. Malika Ayane 2010 Ricomincio da qui, 2013 E se poi. Nina Zilli 2011 Per sempre


Cyprus had its second elimination heat (Information on the first one here). Five acts made it to the next step out of eight this time. To make things even more complicated Charalambous "Luna" Joseph already qualified last week and here he is again?! Obviously he didn't qualify this time or he might have had some multiple personality problems in the near future I guess. Pieros Kezou is a familiar name from Cypriot final 5 years ago and Ioanna Protopapa already tried her luck in the X Factor Greece. The ones in bold made it through.

 Christina Tselepou – In these arms 
Valence – Scared 
Charalambous “Luna” Joseph – Call for me 
Lady Ava – Until the end of time 
Pieros Kezou – Said it all before 
Kostas Archontous – Steko akoma 
Maria Moskofian and Christiana X Iordanous – Sailing Ships Pirates and Dragons 
Ioanna Protopapa – Beat of my heart 


Serbia returns to Eurovision in Vienna and they have put Vladimir Graić is charge. He's the man behind Serbian winning entry Molitva in Helsinki 2007 and less fortunate Verjamem for Slovenia in 2012. He will write the songs and select the artists. However, besides wellknown big names the unknown and lesser known ones had a chance as well. Ten of them competed last night performing covers and jury was ment to choose one wildcard for the line up. Instead they picked up two but it remains to be seen if they will perform in duo or soloist and bring the number of songs to four in the final as the information on this seems rather varied dependng on source. Anyways, the lucky ones are Goga Stanić, a model and Danica Krstić, more traditional singer. 
Serbian final will take place in February

Sunday, December 14, 2014


The artists and song titles for the Sanremo 2015 festival have been revealed this afternoon ending a weeks long speculation, guessing and gossiping. Earlier this week it was revealed they are 20 instead of the original 16. Now 16 of them will make the final on Saturday night and the winner has the right to represent Italy in the Eurovision 2015 Vienna.
It's a very interesting cast of old and very new, big names of the moment and returns after many years. Only one previous winner (Masini) but three Eurovision entrants (Zilli, Fabian, Raf)... The submissions were 186 and Conti confirmed Sister Cristina nor Fausto Leali has sent a song. Lorenzo Fragola who won X Factor only three days ago is the last addition to the list, last night. Among the artist many very suitable names for Eurovision...

Annalisa Scarrone - Una finestra fra le stelle
Malika Ayane - Adesso e qui
Marco Masini - Che giorno è
Chiara Galiazzo - Straordinario
Gianluca Grignani - Sogni infranti
Nek - Fatti avanti amore
Nina Zilli - Sola
Dear Jack - Il mondo explode
Alex Britti - Un attimo importante
Biggio & Mandelli (I soliti Idioti) - Vita d'inferno
Moreno - Oggi ti parlo cosi
Bianca Atzei - Il solo al mondo
Raf - Come una favola
Lara Fabian - Voce
Grazia Di Michele & Platinette (Mauro Coruzzi) - Io sono una finestra
Il Volo - Grande amore
Anna Tatangelo - Libera
Nesli - Buona fortuna amore
Irene Grandi - Un vento senza nome
Lorenzo Fragola - Siamo Uguali

Another news this was the Newcomers will get more visibility and have a prime time spot instead of being pushed to perform after midnight as the last part of the show. They were revealed earlier this week:

Serena Brancale - Galleggiare
Giovanni Caccamo - Ritornerò da te
Kaligola - Oltre il giardino
Kutso - Elisa
Enrico Nigiotti - Qualcosa da decidere
Rakele - Io non lo so cos'è l'amore
Amara - Credo
Chanty - Ritornerai
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