Saturday, December 06, 2014


The AreaSanremo selection is now over and the jury has chosen Amara and Chanty for the Newcomers selection. Six more will be selected by RAI. I will dig in deeper into the process when all names are out.
Amara (or Erika Mineo) is 30 years old and in the past she has participated in Amici (2005) and in 2008-2011 she was close to getting to Sanremo but in the end never made the final cut. Since then she has done a lot of collaborations and concerts with big names and is working on her debut album as we speak.
Chanty (Chantal Saroldi) is 22 years old, born in Tanzania and lived also in Taiwan before settling in Italy. She has already won various minor festivals and is currently studying jazz. In 2011 she took part in Star Academy, the unfortunate reality talent show that was sacked only after three episodes due to poor ratings. 

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