Monday, December 15, 2014


The Spanish rumors are here now that Sanremo is out and in the open. TVE has so far been more silent than YLE what comes to the Eurovision news but we should know something more concrete in January. All indicates though for an internal choice once again and the three names TVE seem to be after this time are Diana Navarro, Edurne and Raúl Gómez. 
Diana Navarro has been speculated for years and apparently she would be up for it declaring it would be an honor. She has also said Spain should bring its own sound to Eurovision and not rely on the Swedish pop in English. This blogger backs Ms Navarro in that all the way! She's been around since 2005 and mixes flamenco, Arabic influences and classical music in her music. Here's La paloma.
Edurne, from Operacion Triunfo 2005 fame was first heavily tipped, with a Swedish penned song mind you, until it was all denied. But we know that means nothing. Wouldn't she want to do just that, promote the international album in Eurovision? Her latest single is Painkiller
Raúl Gómez is the winner of El número Uno in 2013. He has released his debut album and here's Under your skin
Should Spain go for something Spanish like Navarro or something totally lacking any nationality like Gómez?

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