Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Moldovan television has published today the submitted songs for O melodie pentru Europa. They received 68 and nine were eliminated as they didn't follow the rules. Also, this year they opened the selection for everyone and so some of the songs sent to Switzerland are trying their luck now here (why can't they stop this nonsense and do like in UMK, a song cannot take part in any other national final. This rule should apply everywhere, this blogger thinks!) Many familiar names are at it again from Doinita Gherman to Carolina Gorum,  Diana Brescan to Edict, Eduard Romanyuta, Glam Girls and British Kitty Brucknell, already a Swiss drop out. And yes, Sunstroke Project is back with two songs as well. You can listen all entries here
These songs will be shortlisted to 24 after auditions in January in Chisinau and then we will have two semifinal and the final in the end of February.

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