Friday, December 26, 2014


Belarus has chosen and I could say "What did I say?". Uzari & Maimuna won the jury vote and came third in the televoting and another violin player goes to Vienna instead of Rybak (who didn't win the televoting either btw). Oh the irony!  Uzari was third time lucky and usually I have more or less liked his entries, but this one is the best of them and yes, it was my favorite out of these so I can't complain tonight. Here's Time.

The televotes:

1. Muzzart     2862
2. Milki     2226
3. Uzari & Maimuna     1188
4. Napoli     1159
5. Beatris     939
6. Alexey Gross     917
7. Anastasia M.     710
8. Gunesh     531
9. Lis     424
10. Tasha Odi     408
11. Valeria S.     403
12. Rostany     373
13. Vitaly V.     268
14. Janette     200
15. Daria     193

Uzari has taken part also in 2012 with The winner (5th) and in 2013 with Secret (8th). He was also backing singer in Eurovision 2011 for Anastasia Vinnikova, and he was also involved in the Belarusian Junior Eurovision 2014 entry.

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