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Wars for nothng by Boggie will represent Hungary in Vienna, after winning the superfinal where televoters had their say. First round it was the usual jury voting and the results were:

Ádám Szabò - 28
Boggie - 24
Spoon - 20
Zoltan Muhajid - 20
Kati Wolf - 16
ìV - 4
Passed - 0
Balint Gajer - 0

Boggie is a project by singer Boglárka Csemer and keyboardist Áron Sebestyén, so should we consider this another duo?
The televoting results haven't been yet released. If they will be, I'll add them here...


Ucrainian Eduard Romanuyta has won the Moldovan national final with I want your love. He already took part in the Ucrainian national finals 2012 and 2013. He came second in the jury votes behind Valeria Pasa but ruled the televote. Below are the results (jury+televote). They once again didn't agree much, except for Eduard for some reason. Stela managed only 7th thanks to juries, while televoters runner up got a null points from the jury!

1. Eduard Romanyuta (10+12) 22
2. Valeria Pasa (12+4) 16
3. Sunstroke Project (6+8) 14
4. Miss M (8+3) 11
5. Serj Kuzenkoff (5+6) 11
6. DoReDos (0+10) 10
7. Stela Botan (1+7) 8
8. Diana Brescan (7+0) 7
9. Dana Marchitan (4+2) 6
10. Doinita Gherman (0+5) 5
11. Marcel Rosca (3+1) 4
12. Irina Kitoroaga (2+0) 2
13. Glam girls (0+0)
14. Julia Sandu (0+0) 0
15. Lidia Isac (0+0) 0
16. Mihaela Andrei (0+0) 0

Not everyone is happy about the results as accusations of corruption and vote rigging started the moment the results were out in the media, also from Eurovision veteran Pasha Parfeni who wrote DoReDos' song that won the second semifinal and now got a flat zero from the jury while being televoters second favorite. Sunstroke Project stormed out of the greenroom and ALL the other 15 artists boycotted the after party..... Oh drama!
His "funny" tribute (???) to Conchita Wurst isn't making this crap of a song any more likable.... On the contrary. 


Maraaya has won the Slovenia final with Here for you. This is by far the most interesting song selected last night. Love her voice! Maraaya are actually vocalist Marjetka Vovk and producer Aleš Vovk aka Raay. They are a married couple and besides a few hit songs have also two sons. Another duo for Vienna! (Seventh so far.....)


22.53 Ok, here we go..... NO COMMENT
22.45 Stop televote! And then we have Softengine! :-) Nice acoustic Something better before moving on to Sirens. The band has matured nicely and they are good indeed. Great performance even if so dark you couldn't really see a thing......
Another recap as the lines are stillopen for the rest of the votes. The 90% of them.....
22.30 Time for results. The juries. Eurovison style voting. First Martat. Solju gets 12. Rainbow people next. PKN gets 12. Kids. Satin Circus 12 and zero for PKN. Kids are the truth and the future! Finnish Swedes next, with Krista's bf. Satin gets 12. Music writers next. Opera Skaala gets 12 and the snob Satin. Media people now. Satin 12 points and they snobbed PKN. Fans next. Satin 12 :-) And last jury is taxidrivers. 12 for Satin!
22.26 Time for Emma Salokoski. With an interesting dance act with lyrics of the song painted on their bodies......
22.25 It's official: there will be #umk16!
22.21 Almost time for the juries. There are 8 of them each with 4 people of different categories from taxidrivers to rainbow people, kids to Finnish Swedish, grannies and firefighters or something... 10% for them only though so it's most likely for the entertainment value only.
22.17 Back to greenroom with Roope. Talk with Jouni, PKN and Angelo. Kimmo tells Angelo is a weirdo.
Voting is still on and it's time to repeat the voting numbers and have a little recap.
22.06 Last is Angelo De Nile (or Kimmo Blom) and his All for victory. And it seems he just quoted me with Fire! Muscles! Drama! In some weird way I like this. Huge musical number. And Rome's my home town so.... 
22.05 Another educational video for those who plan to travel to Vienna..... ;-p
22.01. Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät and Aina mun pitää next. Toilet break.
21.54 Jouni Aslak and Lions and lambs next. The same performance as before mainly. I never got this song. He sings well but it touched me in no way at all.
21.50 Greenroom with Roope. Norlan has copied Lordi's winning hat with the Finnish flag and Essi is asked about the karaoke video of her song. A-a-a-a-a-a-aaa.....
21.46 Time for Opera Skaala and Heart of light! Essi has sung several very important classical singing competitions. And they are very excited about the opportunity. And Essi is lovely. Enough said. Essi to Vienna! Ok, now let's hear the song.... :-) The staging is the same but there are minor changes I see and it seems the beat is stronger this time, just as we all have wished. Great stuff. She is vocally flawless. The pillars, smoke, outfits, all that would be just perfect for Vienna..... And it doesn't matter Italy already sends pop opera, it is so different. 
21.44 Time for a little touristic promotional film about Austria..... LOL
21.40 Next straight from Finland's Little Havana aka Moisio near Turku Norlan El Misionario and No voy a llorar por ti, reggaeton in Spanish. Very Finnish. Not. In the semi he had a bad flue and now he doesn't. Yet it is the same. Himon his bench and the dancers. Nice summer song but Vienna? No.
Roope reminds YLE will put online all the old Finnish national finals they have shortly. How cool is that?
21.34 Next on stage is Järjestyshäiriö and Särkyneiden sydänten kulmilla. An ex-punk band turned into poprock band. Same as in semis but stronger me thinks. Better performed and more rockstar posing and it seems they have a good time on stage. Surely winning some polls and gaining the status as one of the favorites to beat PKN has given them a much needed ego boost! Some falso notes but who cares? The audience is screaming......
21.29 YLE has run a voting online of the most wronged Euroviisut enty and Nightwish won. They should have won in 2000 with Sleepwalker. Indeed. Before that YLE run some slogans on screen for tolerance and showed Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät in it. Could they be a bit more transparent maybe? Aaarg.... Then we visit the greenroom and Satin Circus tell that Paradise Oscar  is actually their ex-singer. He left when he went to Eurovision solo..... Time for a revenge!
21.24 Next mother-daughter duo from Lapland with their pop-joik. Solju and Hold your colours. They have the same performance with polar lights, dry ice and dancers. Snow falling down. Lappish exotism. Joik is strong but the rest of vocals maybe a little shaky. I like this but I always wonder if this is strong enough....
21.18 Next is Satin Circus and Crossroads, once again put to perform very early in the line up by YLE. Why? Their semi performance wasn't the strongest and they have promised a lot of changes to the performance tonight. Let's see. Dry ice and Paul making camera contact, it's already better :-) Much much better than the semi. Well done. A sax solo as an icing on the cake. And pyros. These guys are almost ready for Vienna now. 
21.14 Let's start the show. First is Finnish bhangra with Shava and Ostarilla. The staging seems the same as in semis. Very colorful and a lot of people in and out of their van. Glittery confetti falls down in the end to make it even more colorful and shiny. Pretty good performance but ... Vienna? I hope not.
21.08 Raakel Liekki is on stage as well. And Jon Ola Sand is here, too! He is asked to describe the Finnish Eurovision history in three words. Easy! Hard rock hallelujah! The voting procedure is explained next with the voting numbers that is now open.
21.06 The running order is revealed finally as the artists enter the stage:  Shava, Satin Circus, Solju, Järjestyshäiriö, Norlan El Misionario, Opera Skaala, Jouni Aslak, Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät and last but not least Angelo De Nile
21.00 Here we go. A lovely Austrian family is having a quite life in the Alps that is about to end soon...... Finns are coming! Then Roope Salminen enters the stage singing Pump pump with hanna Pakarinen and Fredi himself. The audience enters to a flash mob like pump pump pump.... 
Three semifinals later we have nine songs left. One big favorite to beat. PKN. Four main contenders to do that. Satin Circus. Opera Skaala. Shava. Solju. The first award has been given already: Opera Skaala won clerly the Finnish fan site's voting of their favorite. 
Eight juries "just for fun" made up of taxidrivers, kids, rainbow people and all sport of other minorities, like Finnish Swedes. They will weight only 10% while the rest is in the hands of the televoters. It is still unclear if there will be only one round of voting or a superfinal in the end. Depending on that the result may change significantly. But we will find out tonight. Join me at 8pm CET. The last live blog of the season. 


You have spoken, my dear readers. Satin Circus is your favorite to represent Finland in Vienna in May. They have recently released an acoustic verison of Crossroads. The poll is now closed and here are the results:

(1.) 1. Satin Circus  47%
2. Siru  36%
(2.) 3. Solju  34%
(3.) 4. Opera Skaala  28%
(4.) 5. Shava  15%
(5.) 6. Angelo De Nile  9%
(6.) 7. Jouni Aslak  9%
8. Ida Bois 8%
9. Eeverest  7%
(7.) 10. Norlan El Misionario  6%
11. Pihka ja Myrsky  4%
(8.) 12. Järjestyshäiriö  4%
13. Aikuinen 4%
(9.) 14. Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät  4%
15. Hans on the Bass  3%
16. Heidi Pakarinen  2%
17. Vilikasper Kanth  1%
18. Otto Ovar  1%


The time is running out and this weekend will give us (at least) six new entries, when Irealnd, Moldova, Finland, Hungary and Slovenia have their national finals. Sweden has its fourth and last semifinal and Spain releases its song. Are you excited yet? As usual I will update this with results and the rest in due time. 

Friday, February 27, 2015

Ireland - Eurosong - FINAL
22.35 CET. Watch it here. Read more here RESULTS

Austria - Wer singt für Österreich - Show 2
20.15 CET. Watch it here. Read more here

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Moldova - O melodie pentru Europa
19.00 CET - Watch it here. Read more here RESULTS

Finland - UMK15 - FINAL
20.00 CET - Watch it here. Read more here and here  RESULTS

Hungary - A Dal 2015 - FINAL
20.25 CET - Watch it here. Read more here  RESULTS

Slovenia - EMA15 - FINAL
20.00 CET - Watch it here. Read more here  RESULTS

Sweden - Melodifestivalen - Semifinal 4
20.00 CET - Watch it here. Read more here < - results added

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Spain - Song presentation
12.00 CET


And we get another 16-year-old for Vienna 2015 Eurovision when Molly wins in in Ireland with Playing with numbers. For once I was pretty right with my prediction. After the live performances she was my favorite along with Kat, who came second. Erika's Break me up was very poor on stage, as was Nikki's Memories and Alex's She's so fine was simply odd and bad. Well done Ireland!

Friday, February 27, 2015


Moldova has had its two semifinals this week and we are ready for the final. I didn't watch the semifinals nor have seen the live performances later so can't judge how these songs translate on stage. Stela Botan is good, and I do kinda like Dana Marchitan's song even if it's pretty much ruined by the heavy accent. Doredos might do pretty well tomorrow night. Miss M could go either way but it's one of the better songs in the line up. Donita Gherman will propably do pretty well, too, but is it original? Fresh? New? No. Lidia Isac has some good incredients. A total makeover and remix of the song and it could be pretty ok. A change of singer would be advisable, too. Julia Sandu brings us back to 80's eurodisco and the most clichè rhymes. Romanyuta is apparently auditioning for the Backstreet Boys? Only about 25 years too late though. Marcel Rosca has gotten a Dima Bilan reject to sing. Also Glam Girls sound like old Bilan album track, what's going on?  Diana Brescan would bring to Vienna the same midtempo female song with heavy beats we already have enough of. Serj Kuzenkoff is in a league of his own. If it's a good thing is another matter. Mihaela Andrei stands out thanks to her voice, if nothing else. Irina Kitoroaga makes me think of some Diana Ross album filler from the 80's. And finally Sunstroke Project. How come it stands out as the only professional one among all these amateurish ones? Yet it isn't very good nor strong, is it? In the end there are only two songs that have something going on, Sunstroke and Stela Botan. This must be the worst national final of the season! Save Moldova, Stela & co! Below the songs in my ranking after one hearing (from 15 seconds to full song ;-) )

Stela Botan & The Cadence of Heart – Save Me
SunStroke Project & Michael Ra – Day After Day
Lidia Isac – I Can’t Breathe
Miss M – Lonely Stranger
Dana Marchitan – Love Me
Irina Kitoroaga – I’m Gonna Get You
Glam Girls – Magia
Mihaela Andrei – About Love
Eduard Romanyuta – I Want Your Love
Doredos - Maricica
Marcel Rosca – Feelings Will Never Leave
Donita Gherman – Inima fierbinte
Julia Sandu – Fire
Diana Brescan – Up And Down
Serj Kuzenkoff – Danu nazdravanu
Valeria Pasa – I Can Change All My Life


The fourth and last Melodifestivalen semifinal comes from Örebro. Caroline Wennergren makes a very welcome comeback in MF, and so does Måns Zelmerlöf, one of the pre-designed winners this year. Then we have a 67-year-old debutant, Hasse Andersson.
After listening the snippets I'm left quite confused. Is that all there is? If Midnight Boy's entry was the only one that got me a little bit interested, and only because I was a huge Stock-Aitken-Waterman fan in the late 80's, something must be wrong,  me or MF, I don't know which one. Anyways, I'm not even trying to predict this time. I try to make some sense to MF once the finalists are out and maybe there is something to like after all. Maybe. 

Midnight Boy - Don't say no  7th
Caroline Wennergren - Black swan  5th
JTR - Building it up  TO FINAL
Hasse Andersson - Guld och gröna skogar  Andra Chansen
Dinah Nah - Male me (La la la)  Andra Chansen
Annika Herlitz - Ett andetag  6th
Måns Zelmerlöw - Heroes  TO FINAL


In Austria the final six will be at it again tonight. Last week ten acts were sent home and only these six continue the race. Apparently they will continue performing covers or their own songs trying to convince the juries of their talent. Only next week they will all perform two potential entries and one of them will be voted by the jury to the final. Only in the final Austrias will have a say as there will be 50-50 televote-juryvote. This blogger thinks these rounds without their entries are rather useless and annoying, after all it's all about the song after all. No matter how good you are if your songs sucks, or the combination doesn't work..... But let's see what they come up with. 
The Makemakes
Celina Ann
Johann Sebastian Bass

Thursday, February 26, 2015


Israel chose 16-year-old Nadav Guedj as the winner of The Next Star and therefor the Israeli entrant for the Vienna 2015 Eurovision. Now his song has been chosen, titled Golden boy. It's written by Doron Medali. For the first time Israel will be singing 100% English as the rule that half the song at least should be in Hebrew has been thrown out of the window.... 


Some were saying they may have won Sanremo but their won't sell (ehm, Nek among others). Instead they have topped the single charts for two weeks now. Their EP Sanremo grande amore debuts in the album chart at number one this week. Their Platinum collection climbs 41 positions to number 13. We are love climbs 28 positions to number 50. One below is the live album Takes flight, climbing 10 positions. 
Their meet & greet signing tour in record stores has been a huge success with hundreds if not thousends of people waiting for them from Milan to Rome to Bologna. In same cases they have created also a traffic chaos and blocked streets outside the stores. Volomania is reality and it's here! When writing this Grande amore on their Vevo has got nearly 9,9 million views. 
In combilations the Sanremo 2015 is number one for te second week. 

Here's the Italian best selling albums this week:

 1. Il Volo - Sanremo Grande Amore
2. Tiziano Ferro - TZN The best of (*guest star in Sanremo)
3. Dear Jack - Domani è un altro film (Seconda parte)
4. J-Ax - Il bello d'esser brutti
5. Marco Mengoni - Parole in circolo
6. Imagine Dragons - Smoke + Mirrors (*guest star in Sanremo)
7. Gianna Nannini - Hitalia (*guest star in Sanremo)
8. Annalisa - Splende
9. Malika Ayane - Naif
10. Nesli - Andrà tutto bene
11. Marco Masini - Cronologia
12. Ed Sheeran - X (*guest star in Sanremo)
13. Il Volo - Platinum collection
14. Modà - 2004-2014 L'originale
15. Bianca Atzei - Bianco e nero
16. Chiara - Un giorno di sole - Straordinario
17. Nina Zilli - Frasi e fumo
18. Moreno - Incredibile (Sanremo editon)
19. Anna Tatangelo - Libera
20. Vasco Rossi - Sono innocente
22. Giovanni Allievi - Love ((*guest star in Sanremo)
29. Giovanni Caccamo - Qui per te
30. Gianluca Grignani - A volte esagero
31. Irene Grandi - Un vento senza nome
33. Biagio Antonacci - L'amore comporta (*guest star in Sanremo)
50. Il Volo - We are love 
51. Il Volo - Il Volo ...takes flight 
61. Lorenzo Fragola - Lorenzo Fragola
67. Nek - Greatest hits 1992-2010 e da qui
88. Kutso - Musica per persone sensibile


Hungary's A Dal has been through three heats and two semifinals and we finally have the final and by the end of it the Hungarian Eurovision 2015 entry for neighbouring Vienna. Simple? As usual, I know I repeat myself, the line up is very good. For me A Dal has been for years now one of the strongest national finals around and this year is no exception. Below the acts and their points in the semifinals. Six qualified thanks to jury while Spoon and Bálint qualified thanks to the televoters.
Boggie and Adam start from the pole position. I'm not sure about Boggie's live performances even if the song is sweet and important. she has also always qualified thanks to jurors so will televoters like her, too? I like Ádám's song and his intense performance. Kati hasn't completely convinced me yet but it's good and will be easier to master when in English. Yet I don't think she would better her placement in Vienna from the last time so she should stay home this time and come back with something better next year maybe. Also Zoltán has a good one. The staging also works but then one can question if it's the right time to go for a military look? PASSED is interesting and hypnotic, but not maybe what I want to hear in Vienna this time. Spoon was voted in by the teenage girls I suppose. Not bad and the whistle and marching beat are quite catchy.... the only thing that might want me them for Vienna though is to go and steal votes from the Danish guys. Ív has a good song and she's interesting but something's a bit wrong there I think. It coud be better. Somehow. Bálint offers the only song in the final I don't care for. Good cabaret but this is Eurovision after all. But televoters sent him here so someone likes it. All this said I hope Ádám wins, if not Kati or Zoltan will be fine. Boggie, too, but she must be much more convincing on stage. 

Boggie (Boglárka Csemer) - Wars For Nothing (47)
Ádám Szabó - Give Me Your Love (47)
Kati Wolf - Ne engedj el (44)
Zoltán Mujahid - Beside You (43)
PASSED - Mesmerize (43)
Spoon - Keep Marching On (41, televoters)
Ív - Fire (41)
Bálint Gájer - That's How It Goes (38, televoters)


Moldova has its second semifinal of O Melodie pentru Europa tonight. Once again seven songs will qualify for the final by televote/juryvote, and then televote alone will send one more to the final from the remaining five entries. Many familiar ladies from the previous years trying again here. Lidia Isac gives some competition to the Epic Sax Guy and Miss M seems to be the favorite. 

Vera & Diana Popa – Faith (3+1=4)
Valeria Pasa – I can change all my life (10+2=12)
Carolina Gorun – Sublime (2+3=5)
Stela Botan & The Cadence of Heart – Save me (5+12=17)
Cezara – Am devenit straini (4+0=4)
Doinita Gherman Inima fierbinte (8+7=15)
Dana Markitan – Love me (6+5=11)
DoReDos – Maricica (7+10=17)
Vitalie Todirascu – Tu singura (0+0=0)
Julia Sandu – Fire (0+6=6)
Lidia Isac – I can’t breathe (1+8=9)
Miss M – Lonely stranger (12+4=16)

UPDATE: Those in red qualified for the Saturday's final. Televoters added.... Julia Sandu. (televote +juryvote=total). Once again quite big differences in the preferences of the jury and the televoters. Judging this there is no big common favorite for the final. 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015


Moldova will have its first semifinal of O Melodie Pentru Europe tonight. Seven songs will qualify based on televote/juryvote. Additional 8th finalist will be then televoted from the remaining five entries. The big favorite in this semifinal is of course the return of the Epic Sax Guy and Sunstroke Project, this time fronted by singer Michael Ra. Also British Kitty Brucknell is here to try her luck again after failing to make an impression in the Swiss selection earlier this season. The songs in general didn't make any huge impact on this blogger with the first hearing (and in their audition videos below). 

Eduard Romanyuta – I want your love (7+12=19)
Marcel Rosca – Feelings will never leave (5+3=8)
Kitty Brucknell – Remix (1+0=1)
Mihaela Andrei – About love (2+4=6)
Raby – Hero (0+6=6)
Glam Girls – Magia (3+10=13)
Diana Brescan – Up and down (12+5=17)
Serj Kuzenkoff – Danu Nazdravanu (6+8=14)
Domenico Protino – Let me fly (4+0=4)
Sunstroke Project & Dj Michael Ra – Day after day (10+7=17)
Irina Kitoroaga – I’m gonna get you (8+2=10)
Anisoara Volinschi - Vocea inimii (0+1=1)

withdraw: Edict – Our star (replaced by Anisoara Volinschi)

UPDATE: The ones in red qualified (jury + televote = total). One more will be added by televotes only to the final line up. We can see the jury and televoters didn't quite agree on anything but the very bottom ones.... 


The news broke last night Elhaida Dani won't be singing her Festivali i Këngës winner Diell after all. Apparently the composer of the song has withdrawn the permission to use it in Eurovision. My wild guess is he wasn't pleased the way it would have been cut to 3 minutes and translated and remixed into English but what do I know? This will be the first time the FiK winner won't be the Albanese entry since they debuted in the Eurovision in 2004. Often the songs have gone through a heavy remix and rearrangement and also change of language though..... 
Today it's revealed she will sing I'm alive instead, written by Zzap & Chriss, two Kosovan composers. It will be released in due time. 


Ireland will have its final this Friday. In apparent lack of Irish songwriters and artists it's a bit international mix. Alex was born in Zambia, Erika is Swedish and it seems she even flies Timotej to back her up in the final. Eurovision winner Charlie McGettigan has written Kat's song, and Nikki we all remember as runner up in 2011 Irish final behind Jedward and doing the backing vocals in Eurovision 2010 for Niamh.
Alex is out first and the song doesn't just go anywhere. The rapping is useless and annoying. Next please! Kat offers a tender ballad with piano and violins in the classic Irish Eurovision mode. Beautiful and old fashioned but didn't this train pass already? Or would this stand a chance among all those fierce angry women with heavy beats in Vienna? Hmmm... maybe. Erika takes us to MF. If she was there she'd be one of my favorites propably. In Ireland I'm only asking myself why? Especially if Timotej will be there, too. Sounds like a winner though. Nikki next. I liked her the last time, now she's joined the screaming ladies with heavy beats club with another midtempo song (written by Swedes?) for Vienna. No. No. No. Please no. Molly has another piano ballad and a very interesting voice. Why am I thinking of Fleetwood Mac and Bette Midler all of sudden? And something else I can't put my finger on right now... I like it. So, summa summarum it's Molly or Erika for me. In that case Molly as she isn't Swedish. But what do I know?

Alex Saint and the MJs - She's so fine
Erika Selin - Break me up
Nikki Kavanagh - Memories
Molly Sterling - Playing with numbers

Monday, February 23, 2015


Giovanni Caccamo won Sanremo nuove proposte 2015 with Ritornerò da te. That's the last success in a career that was nearly over before it started. Caccamo from Modica in Sicily left his hometown at 18 and went to Milan to find his fortune like so many others. He took part in castings and got a job in RAI's children's channel Rai Gulp and continued writing songs but the record companies were not impressed and it didn't go that well in X Factor 2010 either. After six years of mostly delusions and countless closed doors and refusals he was ready to give up and forget about being an artist. He wrote L'indifferenza, that was ment to be his last song. 
He went back home to Sicily and in summer 2013 one of his friends said she had seen his idols Franco Battiato on the beach of Donnalugata. The rest is history: Caccamo takes his demo cd, writes a letter and puts everything in an envelope and goes looking for him. After four hours under Sicilian midday sun Battiato finally comes to the beach. Caccamo in his swinsuit goes to him and hands over the envelope explaining he'd like him to listen to it. Battiato isn't impressed, after all he's on holidays but takes it and dismisses Caccamo who thinks it didn't go that well and goes to another beach to join his friends. Later in the evening he found in his phone several missed calls from unknown number and calls back. "Where have you been? We need to talk!" barks Battiato back. Next Caccamo is in studio recording his debut album with him and opening his Apriti Sesamo Tour dates. Soon he's signed to Caterina Caselli's label and the very same L'Indiffferenza becomes his new single. Battiato sings a duet with him in his debut album Qui per te and in Sanremo he wins all possible: his category, the Press award Luco Dalla and the Critics' award Mia Martini. He also co-wrote Malika's third placed song Adesso é qui (nostalgico presente) that also won the Critic's award Mia Martini in its category.
Who's laughing now? Sometimes a swinsuit in a right moment can take you far. If you have talent to back it up, of course.....

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