Monday, February 23, 2015


Giovanni Caccamo won Sanremo nuove proposte 2015 with Ritornerò da te. That's the last success in a career that was nearly over before it started. Caccamo from Modica in Sicily left his hometown at 18 and went to Milan to find his fortune like so many others. He took part in castings and got a job in RAI's children's channel Rai Gulp and continued writing songs but the record companies were not impressed and it didn't go that well in X Factor 2010 either. After six years of mostly delusions and countless closed doors and refusals he was ready to give up and forget about being an artist. He wrote L'indifferenza, that was ment to be his last song. 
He went back home to Sicily and in summer 2013 one of his friends said she had seen his idols Franco Battiato on the beach of Donnalugata. The rest is history: Caccamo takes his demo cd, writes a letter and puts everything in an envelope and goes looking for him. After four hours under Sicilian midday sun Battiato finally comes to the beach. Caccamo in his swinsuit goes to him and hands over the envelope explaining he'd like him to listen to it. Battiato isn't impressed, after all he's on holidays but takes it and dismisses Caccamo who thinks it didn't go that well and goes to another beach to join his friends. Later in the evening he found in his phone several missed calls from unknown number and calls back. "Where have you been? We need to talk!" barks Battiato back. Next Caccamo is in studio recording his debut album with him and opening his Apriti Sesamo Tour dates. Soon he's signed to Caterina Caselli's label and the very same L'Indiffferenza becomes his new single. Battiato sings a duet with him in his debut album Qui per te and in Sanremo he wins all possible: his category, the Press award Luco Dalla and the Critics' award Mia Martini. He also co-wrote Malika's third placed song Adesso é qui (nostalgico presente) that also won the Critic's award Mia Martini in its category.
Who's laughing now? Sometimes a swinsuit in a right moment can take you far. If you have talent to back it up, of course.....

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