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#umk15 kicks off tonight from YLE's studios in Helsinki. Raakel Liekki and Roope Salminen will be hosting and only televoters decide tonight who will proceed to the final. That is half of them or 3 out of six entries. Tonight there are two big favorites, both the biggest favorites to win the whole thing actually, are in already tonight and both should qualify easily: Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät and Satin Circus - two boybands who couldn't be any different from each other. Tonight's only questions are how big a percentage PKN scores and who is the third qualifier?
Raakel is a real Eurovision fan and has been in the audience the last years cheering on but Roope is a virgin, both as a live host and in Eurovision world. With their help I will guide you through tonight's semifinal live so stay tuned!
Here we go! Raakel and Roope are joking about the panic they are in, as they both have no live tv experience and they ask the Gods of Melodifestivalen for help....  but in the end, how hard can it be? We will see tonight how they manage! All the clichés are there from windmachine to confetti. Oh, there is Geir Rönning, Kaija Kärkinen, Sonja Lumme and Kuunkuiskaajat, too! After the show number they tell how the contest proceeds and reveal there are eight juries besides televoters in the final. This has caused quite a stir as YLE told us only this week there will be juries in the final as so far we only were let to know it's televoting only... Hmm.... All the profits from the voting go to charity. YLE seems to have also changed the running order, or rather it was never announced officially. The two favorites start and finish the show tonight. Then an Eurovision Bingo is introduced, a bit like the famous Eurovision Drinking game really.... Ok, let's get to the business!

Satin Circus - Crossroads
Satin Circus gets the honour to start tonight. They tell they were in the audience in the final last year and it was so cool they decided to enter this year. Did you know all guys are actually trained musicians and met while playing jazz? Oh, and Krista Siegfrids is there! And so are their screaming fans! They start with a very dark stage but then it turns into a rockband performance rather than a boyband, all of them with their instruments, no choreography. A bit weak  at the vocals at first maybe. But it works.

Hans on the Bass - Loveshine
Their aim is to export loveshine all over the world. The feeling that is, there's never too much loveshine in the world. Famous Finnish talkshow host Tuomas Enbuske interviews them on their way to the stage. A pile of suitacases on stage for them. Relaxed and feel good in theory yes, but she hit a few very wrong notes. It's a shame as it all turned a bit sour before the song was over and not so feel good anymore....

Vilikasper Kanth - Äänen kantamattomiin
Vilikasper says he's very humble and organic. He's a family guy and he has written the song with his father. Who's there waiting for him backstage. He performs in the middle of the audience with his guitar. Actually he does very well, getting the audience clapping along and yes, he's good. The song comes alive.

Back to Raakel and Roope who show us how interactive #umk15 is these days.....
Pihka ja Myrsky - Sydän ei nuku
They tell a bit how the band was formed and how they picked that name. And PMMP's Mira Luoti is there to greet them. Oh, and Frederik! A lot of pink and purple on stage for them. Colorful. Camp a bit. Great vocals. They really seem to enjoy their time on stage. Please let this be the third qualifier!
Norlan El Misionario - No voy a llorar por ti
Norlan tells how he ended up in Finland and why UMK "because it's the biggest thing in Finland", and then he tells about his song, dedicated to his late father. He has on stage five dancers from five countries prepresenting five different dance styles....  Cortisone shot seem to have brought his voice back but the song remains a bit ... how to say? Lazy? It could be so much more uplifting and catchy but no.

Back to Raakel and greenroom. Satin Circus is interviewed and reveal if they win they will drive with a van to Vienna and Raakel is ready to jump in and travel with them. In Vienna they plan to play in streets for the joy of all fans. Next to Hans and... talking about sunshine again. Vilikasper tells he is very satisfied with the performance and feeling good. And this blogger is wondering how much YLE can push PKN as they have been saved last and even AFTER all this smalltalk.... Is that fair?
Pihka ja Myrsky next and Raakel tells Lasse he has been compared to The Ark's Ola Salo, and Lasse is only flattered as he's a huge fan! Last but not least Norlan. We have a chat about his recent flue, lost voice and forced recovery with heavy medication. Ok.... now to the last entry.... with shameless high speak by Raakel and Roope "this is what we all have been waiting for!" I haven't. . Is this fair, I ask again?
Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät - Aina mun pitää
They fantasy about winning, and winning in Vienna and when they are asked about the first thing that comes to mind with words "Police? FUCK YOU!". Yeah. A string of Finnish tv personalities are there to greet and wish them luck..... No comment. The performance and song is what it is. Nothing to add.

Here comes the voting information and recap. Only one vote per person and voting on only during the show, so at least that's good! Then we are back to green room with Roope and all the artists one by one. Satin Circus were asked about their favorite status and being cute; looks or music first? Music of course. Vilikasper asks forgiveness from all cat owners as he said he doesn't like cats before his performance. Let's put it on being too nervous. Pihka ja Myrsky think everyone was great but they were a bit better. PKN asnwers to that they were even shittier than themselves! Norlan is feeling good, everybody should vote for Norlan! Ok, another recap now.
Voting is! And Roope Salminen & Koirat takes the stage. Maybe we could have been saved from this Finnish rap whatever....
Satin Circus!
Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät and....
Norlan El Misionario!

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