Friday, February 20, 2015


Finland will chose its last three finalists tomorrow. No big favorites for the victory in this one, but some interesting and possible surprises in this heat anyways. Solju might be the front runner and surprisingly Järjestyshäiriö won the YLE's poll. In my poll here on right Solju rulesbig time. Will the tango people be watching and voting sending Heidi Pakarinen to the final? What about the only hard rock epic fantasy cocktail by Kim Blom's alter ego Angelo De Nile? (Kim himself qualified to the knock out stages of The Voice of Finland tonight) He's supposed to be bringing on stage eight gladiators.... Be ready! Anyways, as always I will be LIVE BLOGGING the semifinal so join me Satuday night or read it afterwards... I'd be happy with Solju, Ida and .... can't decide, depends on performance: Järjestyshäiriö or Angelo?

What did my litle Finnish-Swedish-Italian-British panel think of these songs? Read below:

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