Monday, November 30, 2015


Now that was a surprise! A nice one! Excellent one! Readers of my blog know I'm not the biggest Melodifestivaen fan and I do find it way overrated. Great entertaining show yes, musicaally interesting and great? Not so much. Anyways, Krista Siegfrids continues her never stopping career going onwards in Meldoifestivalen. She has told she was asked to take part last year but said nej as the song didn't quite convince her. Now she has co-written her entry and follows Arja Saijonmaa's footsteps becoming only the second Finn to be in*. Arja scored a second place, with one point behind the winner back in 1986 with Högt över havet and returned in the 2000's with less success. Will Krista become the third time lucky Finn? Maybe not, but this is her a huge opportunity to sell her bubbly personality and music to the Swedes. After all, she has always been the odd happy "Swedish like" artist in Finland. If only she could spread that positivity, fun and happiness to other Finnish artists! I'm not usually very fond of foreign artists taking part in other countries' selections but this one is a very fitting one, not only the reasons I mentioned above but also her songwriting and production team is mstly Swedish and she's a Swedish speaker. Truth to be said, her Finnish is.... not so good! But that's part of her charm, that mixed talk of English, Swedish and Finnish that comes always with a laughter. Now let's see if the Swedish audiences will be falling for her come February 13 and Malmö... a stage she's already very familiar with! And oh boy, she's going to have one busy winter as she's also hosting the Finnish UMK!

*Well, we cannot forget Lili & Susie, Markoolio and Anna Järvinen, but they have lived and done their whole career in Sweden, desite being Finns. Järvinen has later done something also in Finland, while Päivärinta sisters and Markoolio nothing and they don't even speak Finnish while Järvinen does still speak quite good Finnish. So, Krista and Arja are real Finns. Arja made a succesful career also in Sweden, Noway and elsewhere, maybe now it's Krista's turn?

Sunday, November 29, 2015


The first four artists and their songs wee presented here, and here come the other four. The four full Italians whose songs are much more Italian and mainstream and Sanremo-esque, except maybe Irama. But I do like all these four, too, more or less. But I guess the winner will be among the other four. Maybe. 
Chiara Dello Iacovo (19) comes from Asti and  is fresh from The Voice. She plays piano and guitar and has studied singing, and her aim is to become a good songwriter. She started in English but has then switched into Italian. 
Check out her video here and the live here.
Francesco Gabbani (33)  from Carrara is a singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. He already tasted success with his band Trikobalto that released two albums, and in 2013 he released his debut solo album. The past two years he has concentrated on writing song for others but now he's back singing himself. 
Check out his video here and the live here.
Irama (Filippo Maria Fanti) is 19-year-old and comes from Monza. This is his first real exposure and brings some pop hip hop and rap to Sanremo. He started experimenting with music and word in freestyle competitions with his friends. 
Check out his video here and the live here.
Miele or Manuela Paruzzo (26) comes from Sicily. That's were she started her career by winning some local talent contests. Now it's her time to shine nationwide. 
Check out her video here and the live here.

Saturday, November 28, 2015


Last night the eight newcomer artists and songs were chosen in a live show on Raiuno. And in the end we have a rather interesting group of new voices and talents. And all of sudden also very multi-ethnic as half of the artists have foreign roots. I'm quite thrilled by the songs and the outcome. I will present them in two parts. Let's have a look at them.
Let's start with Cécile, or Cécile Ngo Noug (21). She was born in Rome but has roots in Cameroon, and raised by lay nun. She used to be professional basketball player and played also football but now she's a full blown artists: singer, dancer, rapper, plays violin and brings a hot topic to Sanremo: racism. She sings about being called "negra" but when she's naked on the bed the color is not a problem. This song will surely stir the Sanremo spring air and will be very divisive. I wasn't crazy for it first but she gave a very convincing performance on stage and the video will surely raise a few eyebrows. She'sone to watch out for sure. 
Ermal Meta (34), Albanese who came to Italy 20 years ago has made a name as a songwriter for names like Emma, Marco Mengoni, Annalisa, Chiara, Giusy Ferreri, Lorenco Fragola and so on. But this is actually his third Sanremo newcomers and he has done it already twice with his bands Ameba 4 (2006) and La Fame di Camilla (2010). In a way his presence here is a tricky one as he could as well be among the Big ones if it comes to his success and number of hits. One of the poppiest songs and radio friendliest songs.
Alessandro Mahmoud (33) has mother from Sardinia and father from Egypt and was born  in Milan. He has done already X Factor, the edition won by Chiara. Since then an EP and various songs that are not the easiest ones, like his entry here. He's one of this blogger's favorites and I was afraid he wouldn't make it because the song isn't the usual Sanremo stuff.... Might end up as critics pet.
Michael Leonardi (real surname Valasinni) (25), Sicilian parents but born and raised in Australia. His first shot to fame came in 2008 in his native Sidney where he sung to the Pope Benedictus XVI during the World Youth celebrations. He's been fed with Pavarotti and Bocelli and now it seems Caterina Caselli (who made among others Raphael Gualazzi and beforementioned Andrea Bocelli) has decided to cash on the success of Il Volo and make him the next pop opera sensation. He might rule the televote but let's see how the professional juries will treat him. He has already performed internationally and done musicals and operas. 

Friday, November 27, 2015


Here they are, the Nuove proposte or newcomers for the Sanremo festival 2016. These six made it through tonight after the live show in primetime show on Raiuno from Villa Ormond in Sanremo. The jury include besides Carlo Conti also Piero Chiambretti, Rosita Celentano, Federico Russo, Carolina Di Domenico, Giovanni Allevi and Andrea Delogu. The songs and artists submitted were 646 and 60 made the first cut, and these 12 made it this far and as said six made it to the festival.
The songs are presented in trios and then the jurors pick up one to kick out, all but Conti who only decides in case of 3-3). Guest stars were Biagio Antonacci and Jasmin Thompson.

------------ L I V E   B L O G ------------

First elimination:
Chiara Dello Iacovo – Introverso (2 votes)
Cecile – N.E.G.R.A (0 votes)
Valeria e Piero Romitelli – Mai abbastanza (4 votes)

Second elimination:
Michael Leonardi – Rinascerai (2 votes)
Una – Amare Stanca (3 votes)
Francesco Gabbani – Amen (1 vote)

Third elimination:
Ermal Meta – Odio le favole (1 vote)
Beatrice Visconti – Paulette (5 votes)
Irama – Cosa resterà (0 votes)

Fourth elimination:
Siberia – Gioia (2 votes)
Rumor – Il grande salto (2 votes)
Francesco Guasti – Io e te (2 votes)
*by the decision of Carlo Conti Rumor is out

Fifth and sixth elimination is by the jurors who have to rank the remaining eight entries and the least voted two are out. And they are Siberia and Francesco Guasti.

In the same occasion it was also announced the two names chosen from the AreaSanremo selection. Originally there were 248 submission, out of which first 40 were chosen, and then they were eight, and now two....

Chiara Filomeni – Le buone Ragioni
Inigo – Di me e di te
Kalica –  Sogna
Mahmood –  Dimentica
Mari Di Guai -  Tra l’orizzonte e lo sguardo
Miele -  Mentre ti parlo
Musicomio -  Come un miracolo
Tita – Stupida la luna

This blogger is very happy for these two choices, I would have picked them, too, in the end! :-)

Names of the Big category ones will be announced on December 13.

Thursday, November 26, 2015


SVT will reveal the names of the chosen ones and their songtitles and writers next Monday morning. As always the tabloids have done their investigation and spread rumors and "confirmed" information who are in. The list is endless and below is the names gathered togeher than have been mentioned over the past few weeks. Let's see how many of them really are included and will fight for the ticket to Globen....

Ace Wilder
After Dark
Albin feat. Mattias Andréasson
Anders Fernette
Anna Book
David Lindgen
Dinah Nah
Dolly Style
Gabriel Alares
Hilda Stenmalm
Isa Tengblad
Linda Bengtzing
Lisa Ajax
Mariette Hansson
Mollie Lindén
Molly Sandén
Molly Pettersson Hammar
Ola Svensson
Oscar Zia
Pernilla Andersson
Rikhard Söderberg
Samir & Viktor
Sean Banan
Simon Peyron
Zlatan-Frans Jeppson-Wall


The submission period for one of the Europe's best national selections, Hungary's A Dal has ended. Many names have admitted or leaked information that they are running at it again or for the first time. 
Among them we have Gergö Rácz who has already graced the Eurovision stage a s a member of V.I.P. in 1997 and has co-written fan favorite What about my dreams in 2011. This is his fourth year in a row in A Dal as a solo or member of Fool Moon. Last year's fan favorite Passed is back, too, and then we have names like Timi Antal, Kozmix, Laura Cserpes, Guyla Elias Jr, Gájer Bálint, Mujahid Zoltán and MDC again. This year's jury favorite and this bloggers favorite Ádám Szabó with Give me your love has now formed a boyband YesYes and has submitted a song with them. 
American born Abbe Lewis, André Vásáry, Oliver Berkes & Lili Peterffy, Mrs Colombo, Izsák Palmer are among the names whose participation is known by various sources.
The selected song and more information on this year's A Dal will be revealed in due time.


The rumour mill for possible Sanremo 2016 Big artists is in full swing and Carlo Conti told the press today there will be 20 instead of 18 Big artists, and 8 newcomers.
The newcomers or Nuove proposte will be selected and announced tomorrow night in a live show on Raiuno at 21.20 CET. Twelve artists will fight for the six places, and the two names from AreaSanremo selection will be also announced so by the end of the evening we have already all the eight newcomer arists and also their songs out. As always the songs by the Big won't be heard until they are being performed for the first time onstage in Teatro Ariston in Sanremo.
Let's see the most talked about names. Conti already made a wish to see both of his co-hostesss last year Emma and Arisa back, and it seems at least Arisa is game. It also rumored she's dropped the song she was already proposed and accepted and is now looking for something poppier, and perhaps more Eurovision friendly? We know she's dying to do Eurovision.... Other name who has been self promoting herself in hope to be taken and would also love doing Eurovision is Sister Cristina. The Kolors also would say yes to Eurovision but their handicap for Sanremo is they only sing in English. If they change that and debut in Italian, who knows...? In 2016 we might also finally see the scandal couple Anna Tatangelo and Gigi D'Alessio in duet and surely they would continue the trend of Italian duets in Eurovision. Unless Gigi is sour grapes after his failure in the Jesc?
This blogger would like Dolcenera for Eurovision and indeed she's rumored - once again - being in the list and let's see if she makes it this time. Other names include Dear Jack with their new singer and they might meet as their rival Alessio Berbabei, the ex-singer who went solo. Then we have the usual Chiara, Noemi, Lorenzo Fragola, Francesca Michielin, the possible return of Fausto Leali, Bianca Atzei again even if most people still don't have a clue who she is and why she was among the Big this year and she might bring Gianluca Grignani along,  Then we have bad boy rapper Briga and Samuele Bersani.... for now.
Oops, I forgot Giusy Ferreri, given as a sure name!
Oh and there's more! I told you the rumour mill is going crazy..... We might have the debuts of Alessandra Amoroso, Luca Carboni (!) and Edoardo Bennato. Paola Turci and/or Syria might make a comeback too. Then we have young talents Renzo Rubino, Antonio Maggio and duo Benji & Fede. Rapper Clementino. Last year's newcomers winner Giovanni Caccamo. Giuliano Palma, band Stadio.... and even some talk of Elio e Le storie Tese, Patty Pravo, Anna Oxa, Loredana Bertè. And Tony Hadley of Spanday Ballet could do Lara Fabian.... 


Many happy returns this year all of sudden! Besides Ukraine and Bosnia & Herzegovina also Bulgaria and Croatia return and it becomes the biggest contest ever equaling 2008 and 2011. If only Portugal sticked around it would have been 44 and biggest ever.... and then there was always Turkey, it could have been 45.... And Slovakia.....
This year's trend seems to be also that songs are revealed later than usual, which is perfectly fine. Six artists have been announced (only) and most of their entries will be out only in February. At this rate Albania will be the first one to have a song out, just before New Year's. And it's all fine, the songs should be out only in 2016 and not siz months early....

The countries are:
Albania, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, FYR Macedonia, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, Netherrland, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom

Wednesday, November 25, 2015


The rumors were true. BHRT returns after three years absense to Eurovision song contest with Deen and Dalal, an act was heavily rumored the past few days. Bosnia & Herzegovina' s comeback was wuite a surprise but it all comes down to money. BHRT got sponsors the ladt minute both for the participation fee and the costs for the entry's promotion and production - maybe this comes directly from artists and their label? Anyways, welcome back all of you! Deen or Fuad Backović has been there already back in 2004 in Istanbul - as was I. Dalal Midhat-Talakić is a newcomer.
Their entry will be revealed later..... and will include Ana Rucner.


Also Latvia has already kicked their selection process in full swing. Last year they hit success in Vienna for the first time in ages and spirits are high to repeat that success. This week the first auditions have been held and we have two runner ups Markus Riva and Samanta Tina looking for a revenge, as well as other familiar names like Sabine Berezina, Mārtiņš Ruskis, Nikolajs Puzikovs and Liene Candy. The 20 names that make the cut this year will be selected on December 10, but we won't know them - leak leak - before the show times in January 17 and 24.
The songs will be handpicked from the 120 submitted songs and the final will take place on February 28, 2016. 
Markus Riva (pictured) came 11th in 2014 with Lights on and 2nd in 2015 with Take me down. Will he better it still and be third time lucky?


Belarus has received 84 songs for their national final, quite a drop from last year's 110. Tomorrow November 26 and December 1 these 84 songs will be performed live for a jury (you can follow it live on it seems) that will select the finalists (15) for the national final to be held on January 15, 2016 in Minsk. The names should be out on December 2.
In the final there will be televote only and let's see how that will end like. Belarus is famous for scandals and changes and all sort of things before and especially after their national final..... Can they make it right the first time? What will Lukashenko say?
Quite many previous wannabes are at it again from Alexey Gross to Janet, Chistyi Golos and Napoli. And Aura, Sweet Brains..,  Alexey Gross (pictured) has a long history in the contest, he has taken part most every year lately.... will he finally win?
Here are some of his entries: One way love (2013), If I could do it all again (2014), Stand as one (2015) and his entry for 2016 is Flame. Or is it Superman lover?


The Spanish folk/heavy rock band Mägo de Oz wants to do Eurovision song contest bad. They have revealed they want to bring something new and fresh to Eurovision and shake up the Spanish bad record recently in it. Band's leader Txus de Fellatio confess they have been begging their label Warner to send them for years now.... After another failure with something typically Eurovision, Swedish written nonsense this year, maybe the Spanish broadcaster is ready to go for something for more risky that might pay off in the end? 
Band's music has a Celtic vibe with the usage of violinist and flautist to enrich their sound. They have released 12 stuio albums since 1994 and have collected gold, diamond and platinum discs along the way. They would surely not go unnoticed, to the horror of Eurovision glitter bubble gum purists and indeed bring in something new and fresh like Lordi did almost ten years ago. And they could surely come up with a 3 minute cocktail of folk, heavy and why not tango the way no one before..... RTVE.... wake up!

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


FYR Macedonia announced this evening Kaliopi will return to Eurovision and sing for them in Stockholm 2016 Eurovision! Her song will be once again written by Romeo Grill and will be presented in the end of February. This blogger is superhappy, she's awesome! Can't wait!


Loreen starred in My life my story feature by Ellos this spring (here) and now for the Christmas special they have hired the Christmas herself, Carola. In the short video she talks about her life and her Christmas while wearing Ellos fashion with her adopted daughter Zoe and decorating her home with other stuff you can buy from this postal order company.

Meanwhile she has made headlines in Finland not only for her Christmas tour Min bästa jul (Turku on November 25, Helsinki on November 26) but also for the fact she has taken ten refugees to live in her house. She met them this summer when visiting Kos to see the situation herself and help refugees wo arrived across the sea. She gave them her phone number and told them to contact her if they ever make it to Sweden and then this fall one day her phone rung.... they had arrived.


The three Swiss broadcasters have all come up with their entrie for the Expert Check to be held on Sunday December 6. The six best ones according the expert jury will go on to the natonal final on February 13, 2016 and the winner gets the ticket to Stockholm and Eurovision song contest 2016.
Among the 19 we find two Spanish artists; Maika Barbero from La Voz and American dancer Stanley Miller aka Chipper who has been doing career in Spain even in Operacion Triunfo. Rykka is Canadian-Swiss, and Nathalie is Swiss-Brazilian. Evelyn Zangger has participated in the Swiss Popstars, while Stephanie Sandoz has collaborated with very big French names from Florent Pagny to Zazie. Patric Scott and Loic Shumacher are already familiar names from Swiss selections, as is Elias Bertini. If I were to choose I would pick up these, with option for these

SRF or German speaking television

RTS or French speaking television

Stephanie Sandoz - Flashback

RSI or Italian speaking television

So we have to say goodbye this lovely granny and her gang:

Sunday, November 22, 2015


The OGAE contest for runner ups and fan favorites from national final is finally over for this season and Italy completes the well deserved third place in the Eurovision song contest with the victory in here for the Sanremo runner u Nek and Fatti avanti amore. The rest of the top is dominated by the Nordic countries Sweden, Denmark and Finland proving that at least Finland should have sent the runner up instead of the nonsense that we did send..... Watch the voting here and the entries here

Saturday, November 21, 2015


Second win for Malta in three years in the end of a two horse race with Armenia. Slovenia scores its best ever, as does Albania while San Marino beats Italy.


ARD has withdrawn their proposed Xavier Naidoo for Eurovision 2016 after protests, petitions and critisizm over his political views, song lyrics and other stuff. So Germany has become the new Drama Queen of Eurovision after last year's shock finish when the winner of the national final said Nein Danke and the runner up went to score zero points in Vienna instead.....
German television will now stop and look for something else. One can expect the safest and dullest solution now I guess.... 

“The Eurovision Song Contest is a fun event, in which music and the understanding between European people should be the focus. This characteristic must be kept at all costs. The ongoing discussion about Naidoo could harm the image of the Eurovision Song Contest. This is why Naidoo will not represent Germany.”, says Thomas Schreiber of the German broadcaster ARD. He also confessed they were very surprised over the strong reaction Naidoo's selection got and were not expecting that.... 


The 13th Junior Eurovision song contest will take place tonight in Sofia, Bulgaria, as last year's runner up as Italy turned down to host the show. All of 17 countries are taking part, the highest number since the second edition in 2004 with 18. In 2012-2013 the number had dropped to 12 and the whole contest was becoming a minor joke. New people in charge have made a miracle and in the recent days there have been talks of the Baltic states and France maybe joining in next year.... We will see!
It's no secret this blogger has never warmed up to this, and thus also this year I'm having a look what's in offer just when the rehearsals are already on and the final nearly here. I won't even see the final live as I will be doing something else but may catch up watching the show later on ....
However I was quite surprised as the songs this year aren't that bad when heard for the first time. I still have the problem to whom this contest is aimed: kids singing for kids or kids pretending to be adults? As the Nordic MGP for kids is clearly aimed for kids, singing childish songs and being somewhat younger this Jesc borders with some weird stuff; some songs and singers could easily do the real thing - after all if you are 15 looking like an adult why are you here? Wait one year and try the main thing! But I try to ignore all that and have my say on the songs. And yes, one song shines high above the others, but then... it could/should be that country's Eurovision 2016 entry instead and would do well there..

Friday, November 20, 2015


Ever since Australia was confirmed and Bulgaria declared it is NOT in the provisional list (but could still make it the final decision being made only after this weekend's Junior Eurovison taking place in Sofia) fans have been wondering who the 41st country is then?! Could it be Croatia?
Today the rumour comes from Bosnia-Herzegovina they are still trying to make it and have a song and artists ready if only BHRT managed to come up with the 25.000 euros needed for the participation.
The artists in question would see Deen returning, but this time with Dalal and Croatian cellist Ana Rucner. Now wouldn't that be great to have Bosnia-Herzegovina back again? And if Bulgaria makes it, too, we might end up with 42? 

Thursday, November 19, 2015


Area Sanremo will provide two of the eight Newcomers or Nuove proposte entrants. Two of these will be chosen by the committee to join the other six that will be sorted out on a live broadcast on Raiuno on November 27. To be honest the selection is very disappointing. I would save only Mahmood, that I actually do like, and then maybe Miele or Mari.... 


Germany hasn't really nailed it the past a couple of years but the news come as a complete surprise anyways even though they hinted they will have changes in their selection method this time around. This morning they announced they have internally selected Xavier Naidoo for the 2016 Eurovision song contest in Stockholm. Xavier who? Apparently a big name but I have never heard of him.....
Further investigation who he is brings me to this: His political activities has lead to him being labeled as a "Christian fundamentalist" one day, as an antisemite the next. He believes today's Federal Republic to be illegitimate, he advocated conspiracy theories surrounding the 9/11 attacks and was widely accused of spreading homophobia with a hidden track on one of his albums. The song in question is Lied vom Leben where the lyrics go freely translated

"Once more I cut your arms and legs off, then fuck you in the ass like you do with the ittle ones. 
You are killing children and fetuses, you just don't have the size and your little dick in control. 
Why don't you like cunt?"

Oh my..... Why oh why? Or is it a plan to cause minor scandals in the build up for the contest, to gain attention? To say the least all this happened three years ago and the text to me more aimed to pedophiles than gays - the two things media so often like to link so wrongly. 
Anyways, Xavier (44), also known as Kobra and Der Xer and Xavas, has released eight studio albums since 1993, five of them have topped the German chats. Further three live or compilations albums have also went to #1 so he does a good track record. He has also two #1 singles, Danke and Das hat die Welt nich gesehen. His latest is Mitten untern Jahr.
The song for Eurovision will be chosen from six entries he will present in the national final on February 18, 2016.

UPDATE: Indeed it seems his selection hasn't been that well received by German people: There's a petition to not to send him to Stockholm for his political views and not only....

Wednesday, November 18, 2015


Some time ago YLE revealed that lat year's UMK host Roope Salminen wil return also for the 2016 season, but with a new partner, Krista Siegfrids! She will debut as a host but there's no doubt she won't be speechless in any situation and will handle anything that could ever happen in live television with her bubbly energy. For the occasion they have made a funny duet you can watch below. In it they make fun of themselves and play with a lot of double meanings ;-p
The artists and songs will be revealed only on January 12, 2016 and there's a rumour they are only 12 this year, but as said that's only a rumour..... The television broadcasts stat on February 6 indicating there will be three of them before the final on February 27. Maybe that means 6+6 with three songs going through, a second chance round with the six that didn't make it 2-3 of them making the final? We will know in due time.....
....I go ding dong for your accent
strange skinny guy and ADHD, Krista and Roope!
Close your eyes
when you touch me I start to modulate, play me
I grab your mic, 
we can make this world better together
win with gay votes, win it, win it.....

Tuesday, November 17, 2015


I guess no one is surprised Australia will indeed return to Eurovision song contest in Stockholm. But unlike last year's debut and special guest of honor status and secured place in the final, this time around they will start in the semifinals. In the it says:
"The feedback we got from viewers, fans, press and the broadcasters after Australia's participation in Vienna was overwhelmingly positive," says Jon Ola Sand, Executive Supervisor of the contest on behalf of the EBU. "We strongly believe the Eurovision Song Contest has the potential to evolve organically into a truly global event. Australia's continued participation is an exciting step in that direction, "It remains to be seen what such an event may look like in the long run," Sand continues and hints of the possibility of Australia being only the first non-European participant..... Global Eurovision? Now that's something to chew on....
With Australia now confirmed we have the 41 countries taking part - the highest number since Baku 2012 - when Ukraine and Bulgaria return while Portugal withdraws:

Albania, Armenia, Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia-Herzegovina,  Bulgaria*, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Malta, Moldova, Montenegro, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Russia, San Marino, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine, United Kingdom

Update: Bulgaria apparently is not in the list so who is the mysterious 41st country? Croatia?
Update2: Bosnia-Herzegovina confirmed they are returning so they'd be the 41st country after all. If Bulgari enters after all, it makes 42....

Monday, November 16, 2015


Ruth Lorenzo was doing promotion in Gran Canaria performing at Maspalomas Winter Pride when she was the headliner of Saturday night's show at Yumbo center's main stage. Clearly she was the most anticipated guest as there were some screaming teenagers and a lot of Eurovision fans who knew her from all over Europe present. 
The day after she did a meet & greet signing copies of her new album. 
She opened her act with her latest single 99 (she told it has just this week entered the Spanish charts at #3), Proud Mary, Gigantes and finally Dancing in the rain that you can see below in my somewhat crappy video shot with a cellphone and 7% battery left.... ;-p

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