Wednesday, November 04, 2015


But hold your horses. This has (unfortunately) nothing to do with their Eurovision 2016 selection, even if does sound like a quite perfect platform for it. This is a joint production by Banca di San Marino and SMRTV. 
Anyways, the tiny state is made of nine castelli, or castles. Each of them has an act in the running, among them Anita Simoncini for her Montegiardino. This show benefits both the artist with fame and money (2000 euros) and the winning castle that gets 3000 euros to use for some common project in their community. The entries will be presented on November 26 and reruns on SMRTV three more times in December leading up to the grand final in the annual Christmas show Tombola di Natale. The voting is by WhatsApp and Facebook (oh oh oh) and there is also a jury. Sounds very Eurovision, doesn't it? Let this be a dress rehearsal for a national final in 2017, ok? :-)

1. Piero Piva - Acquaviva
2. Irol MC (Lorenzo Salvatori) - San Marino Città
3. Bradipoteatar Junior - Fiorentino
4. Mosè Cervellini - Borgo Maggiore
5. Fire Stones - Domagnano
6. Anita Simoncini & Simone Giacomini - Montegiardino
7. Giada Borgagni - Chiesanuova
8. Rosa Della Valle - Faetano
9. Martina Celli - Serravalle

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