Thursday, November 26, 2015


The rumour mill for possible Sanremo 2016 Big artists is in full swing and Carlo Conti told the press today there will be 20 instead of 18 Big artists, and 8 newcomers.
The newcomers or Nuove proposte will be selected and announced tomorrow night in a live show on Raiuno at 21.20 CET. Twelve artists will fight for the six places, and the two names from AreaSanremo selection will be also announced so by the end of the evening we have already all the eight newcomer arists and also their songs out. As always the songs by the Big won't be heard until they are being performed for the first time onstage in Teatro Ariston in Sanremo.
Let's see the most talked about names. Conti already made a wish to see both of his co-hostesss last year Emma and Arisa back, and it seems at least Arisa is game. It also rumored she's dropped the song she was already proposed and accepted and is now looking for something poppier, and perhaps more Eurovision friendly? We know she's dying to do Eurovision.... Other name who has been self promoting herself in hope to be taken and would also love doing Eurovision is Sister Cristina. The Kolors also would say yes to Eurovision but their handicap for Sanremo is they only sing in English. If they change that and debut in Italian, who knows...? In 2016 we might also finally see the scandal couple Anna Tatangelo and Gigi D'Alessio in duet and surely they would continue the trend of Italian duets in Eurovision. Unless Gigi is sour grapes after his failure in the Jesc?
This blogger would like Dolcenera for Eurovision and indeed she's rumored - once again - being in the list and let's see if she makes it this time. Other names include Dear Jack with their new singer and they might meet as their rival Alessio Berbabei, the ex-singer who went solo. Then we have the usual Chiara, Noemi, Lorenzo Fragola, Francesca Michielin, the possible return of Fausto Leali, Bianca Atzei again even if most people still don't have a clue who she is and why she was among the Big this year and she might bring Gianluca Grignani along,  Then we have bad boy rapper Briga and Samuele Bersani.... for now.
Oops, I forgot Giusy Ferreri, given as a sure name!
Oh and there's more! I told you the rumour mill is going crazy..... We might have the debuts of Alessandra Amoroso, Luca Carboni (!) and Edoardo Bennato. Paola Turci and/or Syria might make a comeback too. Then we have young talents Renzo Rubino, Antonio Maggio and duo Benji & Fede. Rapper Clementino. Last year's newcomers winner Giovanni Caccamo. Giuliano Palma, band Stadio.... and even some talk of Elio e Le storie Tese, Patty Pravo, Anna Oxa, Loredana Bertè. And Tony Hadley of Spanday Ballet could do Lara Fabian.... 

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