Friday, November 30, 2018


It's been a long autumn but finally we have the first artist for the Eurovision song contest 2019. Armenia revealed today their internal choice and it is 24-year-old Srbuhi Sargsyan aka Srbuk (apparently pronounced Serbuka, phew). She has already done X Factor Armenia 2012 and The Voice of Ukraine 2017 and finished in top-4 in both. Two singles to her credit so far - Yete karogh es and Half a goddess - Armenian tv has now launched a song search for her that runs until January 10, 2019. W will hear the chosen one propably only in March....

Thursday, November 29, 2018


This blogger has been a fan of Eros Ramazzotti since the beginning, I loved Terra promessa when he won the very first Sanremo nwcomers category back in 1984, and his next songs and albums were eagerly waited by me. Over the 35 years my fanhood has had its ups and downs and even if I have seen him live in Helsinki already a couple of time (and front row seats for October 2019 are booked) I was very pleasantly surprised with his latest album Vita ce n'è. If his resent albums have been a bit the same old, this new one - his 13th studio album - has a fresh air to it. The classic Ramazzotti ballads are there but there's also a nice mixture of more modern sounds and Latin flavor to make fresh, interesting, catchy and highly enjoyable!  Maybe it's thanks to the authors of the album next to Eros himself: Federica Abbate (Nessun grado di separazione and Roma-Bangkok among others) is present in eight songs, Jovanotti in one (In primo piano), as is Fortunato Zambaglione (Nati per amare). Add Tommaso Paradiso (Vale per sempre), Bungaro (Ti dichiaro amore), Enrico Nigiotti (Ho bisogno di te) and Mario Lavezzi (Avanti cosi).
And what about the featured artists or duets? Alessia Cara (Vale per sempre), Luis Fonsi (Per le strade una canzone) and German Schlager queen Helene Fischer (Per il resto tutto bene).
In short: Maybe the best Eros Ramazzotti album so far!

Tuesday, November 27, 2018


Claudio Baglioni has today revealed the 24 that made it through to the Sanremo Giovani selection next month among the nearly 2000 applications. Two of them will make it to Sanremo 2019 among the Big, and who knows.... all the way to Tel Aviv and Eurovision song contest 2019? I'm quite pleased to notice 11/18 of my picks made it (I didn't have energy to listen well the Area Sanremo ones...)

Update 15.12.18: Laura Ciriaco's L'inizio has been sacked because too similar to Jason Mraz's I won't give up. She is replaced by Federico Angelucci and L'uomo che verrá

Andrea Biagioni - Alba piena 
Cannella - Nei miei ricordi
Cordio - La nostra vita
Diego Conti - 3 gradi
Einar Ortiz - Centomila volte
Federica Abbate - Finalmente
Fosco 17 - Dicembre
Giulia Mutti - Almeno tre
La Zero - Nina é brava
Laura Ciriaco - L'inizio
Marte Marasco - Nella mia testa
Nyvinne - Io ti penso
Ros - Incendio
Wepro - Stop/Replay

Deschema (Area Sanremo 2018) - Cristallo
Fedrix & Flow (Area Sanremo 2018) - L'impresa
Francesca Miola (Area Sanremo 2018) - Amarsi non serve
Mescalina (Area Sanremo 2018) - Chiamami amore adesso
Roberto Saita (Area Sanremo 2018) - Niwrad
Sisma (Area Sanremo 2018) - Slow motion


SVT revealed the artists and songs for the Melodifestivalen 2019 and most names were already leaked beforehand so there were only three surprises among the 28: Zeana feat. Anis Dom Demina, Omar and Pagan Fury. And minor surprise that LIAMOO and Hanna Ferm were actually together in a duet. Besides Arja Saijonmaa also High15 has a Finn in it.

Göteborg, February 2, 2019:

Anna Bergendahl - Ashes to ashes **** AC
Thomas G:son, Bobby Ljungren, Erik Bernholm, Anna Bergendahl

Nano - Chasing rivers **** AC
Lise Cabble, Linnea Deb, Joy Deb, Thomas G:son

Mohombi - Hello **** FINAL
Alexandru Florin Cotoi, Thomas G:son, Mohombi Moupondo, Linnea Deb

Zeana feat. Anis Dom Demina - Mina bränder * 5th
Thomas G:son, Jimmy Jansson, Anis Don Demina,  Pa Moudou Badjie

Arja Saijonmaa - Mina fyra årstider * 7th
Arja Saijonmaa

High15 - No drama * 6th
Joy Deb, Linnea Deb, Kate Tizzard

Wiktoria - Not with me *** FINAL
Joy Deb, Linnea Deb, Wiktoria Johansson

Interesting choice of having all G:sons and Debs in one semi.....
Update: The Mello team might be running out of creativity as 4 out 7 stagings recalled a bit too much to previous acts from Doutson to Ruth Lorenzo, from Måns Z to Sobral. This said thee hosts were funny and great and the interval act Israeli medley - Abanibiwhattafuck! - maybe the most hilarious one ever! Fab job with that! And no surprises, the bottom 3 was vry clear as was top-4, only in which order. Hello Mello!

Malmö, February 9, 2019

Andreas Johnson - Army of us AC
Andreas Johnson, Jimmy Jansson, Sara Ryan, Andreas ”Stone” Johansson, Sebastian Thott

Henna Ferm & LIAMOO - Hold you FINAL
Jimmy Jansson, Fredrik Sonefors, Hanna Ferm, Liam Pablito Cacatian Thomassen

Malou Prytz - I do me FINAL
Isa Tengblad, Elvira Anderfjärd, Fanny Arnesson, Adéle Cechal

Oscar Enestad - I love it  7th
Emanuel Abrahamsson, Parker James, Oscar Enestad

Jan Malmsjö - Leva livet  6th
Anderz Wrethov, Elin Wrethov, Johan Bejerholm

Vlad Reiser - Nakna i regnet AC
Lukas Nathansson, John Hårleman, Vladislav Meletjenkov, Chris Enberg

Margaret - Tempo 5th
Anderz Wrethov, Jimmy Jansson, Laurell Barker, Sebastian von Koenigsegg

And this one we have Janssons.....

Update: Was the worst semi-final in Melodifestivalen's history? I didn't really like any of them, but support Margaret because she's Margaret. That's all there was....

Leksand, February 16, 2019

Dolly Style - Habibi 5th
Jimmy Jansson, Palle Hammarlund, Robert Norberg

Martin Stenmarck - Låt skiten brinna AC
Uno Svenningsson, Tim Larsson, Tobias Lundgren

Jon Henrik Fjällgren - Norrsken FINAL
Fredrik Kempe, David Kreuger, Niklas Carson Mattsson, Jon Henrik Fjällgren

Omar - Om och om och om igen 6th
Omar Rudberg, Johan Lindbrandt, Robin Stjernberg, Jens Hult

The Lovers of Valdaro - Somebody wants 7th
Peter Boström, Thomas G:son

Lina Hedlund - Victorius FINAL
Melanie Wehbe, Richard Edwards, Dino Medanhodzic, Johanna Jansson

Rebecka Karlsson - Who I am AC
Rebecka Karlsson, Anderz Wrethov, Henric Pierroff

More Jansson and G:son here and wait, is that Maltese Richard Edwards aka Micallef?
Not much to say about this heat. Very mediocre offering and I don't get the fan hype of Jon Henrik... that shot with a reindeer is painfully kitchy....
Lidköping, February 23, 2019

Arvingarna - I do AC
Nanne Grönvall, Mikael Karlsson, Casper Jarnebrink, Thomas ”Plec” Johansson

Anton Hagman - Känner dig 6th
Gusten Dahlqvist, Oliver Forsmark, Anton Hagman, Jakob Hjulström

Ann-Louise Hansson - Kärleken finns kvar 5th
David Lindgren Zacharias, Josefin Glenmark-Breman, Olof ”Ollie” Olsen

Bishara - On my own FINAL
Markus Sepehrmanesh, Benjamin Ingrosso, Robert Habolin

Pagan Fury - Stormbringer 7th
Tobias Gustavsson, Fredrik Thomander, Anders Wikström, Mia Stegmar

Jon Lundvik - Too late for love FINAL
John Lundvik, Anderz Wrethov, Andreas ”Stone” Johansson

Lisa Ajax - Torn AC
Lisa Ajax, Isa Molin

 Nanne Grönvall and Benjamin Ingrosso among sonwriters with Robin Stjernberg in the 3rd one - previous winners are present. 

Friday, November 23, 2018


Softengine scored the best Finnish finish in the Eurovision since Lordi's win with their Something better in Copenhagen 2014. They released their debut album, got good critic abroad and for a while it seemed they would actually make it and become world known band. Then September one of the guys left the band and they continued as foursome, releasing singles and promised two EPs to be released. One came, the other never. Then May 2017 another guy left and they were three... Then we haven't quite  heard of them until now: lead singer Topi Latukka has released his debut solo single (but the band still exists). In Finnish. Pehmeitä pintoi is a far cry from bands rocky pop and flirts with today's radio friendly trends and thus remains rather anonymous sadly....
The year after Satin Circus was in UMK and instantly became a fan favorite with Crossroads. They already gained popularity before UMK but sadly Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivät run over them for all the wrong reasons and the very promising career vanished slowly and finally ended officially in spring 2018. Now Paul Elias has released alredy his second single 180°, following Mitä sil on välii. His both songs are honest radio pop, good ones. Listen both of their efforts in Spotify, for example. 
Enjoy below their biggest hits so far....

Thursday, November 22, 2018


The 24 finalists for Sanremo Giovani in December will be selected among these previously announced ones from open call, and among these ones below coming through Area Sanremo selection. In previous years Area Sanremo ones had two places reserved among the Newcomers, but this time it seems the 24 will be selected among all these entries without limiting the numbers. Both groups have the live auditions in front of the committee, Area Sanremo ones on November 26, while the other already had theirs on November 12. It's worth remembering one of these could become Italy's entrant for the Eurovision song contest 2019...
Sanremo Giovani runs from December 17 to 22, with the first four nights presenting six entries each before the prime time and will be hosted by Eurovision veteran Luca Barbarossa. The two final nights in prime time live television are presented by Sanremo legend Pippo Baudo and Fabio Rovazzi.

Adabell - Questa è la mia realtà
AleSol (Alessia Pelliccia) - Un biglietto per Marte
Anna Renè (Annamaria Rubino) - Binario 9 ¾
Anthony & Vittorio Conte – Storie
Aryarca (Mariarca Panico) – L’indispensabile
Daudia - Chiedi al mare
Deschema – Cristallo
Fedrix & Flaw - L’impresa
Francesca Calì - Guardati intorno
Francesca Miola - Amarsi non serve
Francesco Occhipinti – Corri
Giovanni Segreti Bruno - L’amore non fa per me
Giulia Vestri - Abbraccia il mondo
Goji (Francesco Brunelli) - Come va (adesso bene)
Lapard (Elena Pardini) – Ritrovata
MaLaVoglia (Gianluca Giagnorio) – Camoscio
Martina Difonte - Mai un addio
Mescalina - Chiamami amore adesso
Pietro Peloso - La cosa giusta
Riccardo Guglielmi - I miei giorni con te
Roberto Saita – Niward
Rosanna Altieri - Vado via
Sisma - Slow motion
Valentina Curzi – Specchio
Valentina Martucci - Non ti far vedere da me

Tuesday, November 20, 2018


No need for Sanremo for dummies this time, as it's going to be all very easy and simple come February 2019. As the Newcomers will have their own show already in December (two of them will join the Big) for the first time since 1983 (with the exception of the messy year 2004) when the Newcomers selection was created, won by certain Eros Ramazzotti btw, there will be one category only. 
The formula of how the evenings run is very simple: the first night all 24 entries will be performed, the second and third night half or 12 of them, and the fourth night is the event night when all the songs will be performed again but this time with guests and different arrangements. For the final and fifth night all 24 songs will be again performed. 
The voting is on every night and as usual it's a threesome: televote (40%), demoscopic jury (30%) and the media present in press room (30%). That voting will be the same for the three first nights, and in the end of the third night the results will be summed up to have a ranking. 
Fourth night the voting is a different threesome: televote (50%), media in press room (30%) and expert jury (20%). These results will be summed up to the previous ranking. The most voted entry on the night may receive a special award.
The final night yet another threeway voting: televote (50%), media at the press center (30%) and expert jury (20%). The voting will be added to previous ranking and the top3 will be announced. They will re-perform (or clips of the last performance will be shown or bits of it) and another voting will take place (televote50+press30+experts20) and the votes will be added to the ranking and voilà, we will have the winner and maybe the Italian entry for Tel Aviv. Should the winner turn down the offer, Rai will choose whoever they please with their own criteria....
The artists taking part will be made public latest by December 22, 2018. The songs must be in Italian and the max lenght is 4 minutes. The songs may be made public and commercially available only after the first night has concluded (so not as soon as it has been performed in Teatro Ariston).
As usual the final night various awards besides the top-3 are handed out: Critic's choice, Best Lyrics, Best Music, Best performance. 

Saturday, November 17, 2018


YLE has been very, very quiet about the coming UMK2019 - so much that fandom is creating such a fuss about it in chat rooms and message boards that even the tabloids are starting to talk about it. Last year this time we already knew Saara Aalto was selected in a surprise twist and YLE angered most everyone who had submitted songs to the selection that was cancelled just like that. Lack of any information or hints only fuels the idea YLE is clueless what to do or simply won't get anyone decent. The only thing known so far is that the selection will take place on March 2, 2019 somewhere, with someone with three songs. When UMK boss Anssi Autio was interviewed about it the whole affair can be summed up in this way: He didn't comment the No comment line of comments he gave to most every question.
Meanwhile the fandom has desperately seeked for clues and created several lines of conspiracy theories and even a rather credible reason: Yle may have had someone booked up who then withdraw when they were about it make it public and now they have nothing and no one.... Who knows? That one could have been Johanna Kurkela (this blogger's n.o 1 wish). Names from Sunrise Avenue to Tarja Turunen and The Rasmus have passed if we want big international names with local superstar Jenni Vartiainen thrown in (Finnish people's n.o 1 wish if we believe tabloid polls). Add Diandra, Kaija Koo, Waltteri Torikka and a string of new, up and coming and more or less yet unknown talents with ever present Krista Siegfrids and Saara Aalto again. One very insisting rumor was Tuure Boelius, only 17-year-old Youtuber turn singer and Gay of the Year now Dancing with Stars.... Few days ago that was denied first by his label, then himself saying "It should be me and one day it will be me!" But not now. Phew. The strongest fan rumor at the moment is Haloo Helsinki's Elli's solo project Ellips, due to be released this spring while the Finland's n.o 1 band is on break....
This blogger thinks it's no one on this list..... but who knows?
Update: Latest name thrown in: Eva+Manu. This blogger would be over the moon!!!

Friday, November 16, 2018


Melodifestivalen artists guessing goes wild when tabloids Afronbladet and Expressen try outdo each other in revealing the names before SVT does sometime in December most likely on November 27, 2018. So far we have a 15 year old Youtube star (he'll be 16 in time though) Bishara Morad in the list, as well as 86 year old Jan Malmsjö who could return to contest 50 years after his last appearance when he tied for the win with Hej clown co-written by ABBA's Benny Andersson but lost in revote.  Other rumored returnees are Arvingarna (ESC 1993). Ann-Louise Hansson (74) could return for the record breaking 14th time. She first took part in 1963 and last 2004. Her best placing so far is 4th (1966, 1969, 1973). Jon Henrik Fjällgren could become third time lucky having placed 2nd and 3rd already. Last year's 3rd placed John Lundvik seems to be back as well with other recent participants Anton Hagman, Nano, Polish Margaret and Wiktoria. Add ex-Barbados and ex-Alcazar Magnus Carlsson as well as ex-Alcazar Lina Hedlund and another Youtube star Vlad Reiser and another one from FO&O or Oscar Enestad (Felix Sandman came 2nd last year, and FO&O 11th in 2017. Maybe Omar wil take part next year then?)
All this said the one and only sure participant is The Lovers of Valdaro, winners of P4 Nästa.
Update 24.11. More names have been circulated before the announcement day is approaching. Eurovision veteran Martin Stenmarck should be in again, as are LIAMOO, Dolly Style (that keeps changing members like Serebro), Hanna Ferm, Rebecka Karlsson and maybe Petra Marklund. The surprise name on the list is Anna Bergendahl! It's about the time she gets back and I'm still shamed how Swedes treated her after her failure to qualify for the final 2010 with her wonderful This is  my life. If Swedes voted her to win Mello, they should have backed her even after Eurovision and not act like... err... Finns....
Update 26.11 Three more names included by press as certain entrants: only 15-year-old Malou Trasthe Prytz, Linda Pira and Mohombi, while Petra Marklund and Magnus Carlsson sem to be out...
Other circulated names include re-union of girl group Excellence, yet another Youtuber Ben Mitkus and Finnish veteran Arja Saijonmaa....


Out with the pink and baby blue, Celine Dion creates with Nununu cloathing brand that liberates children from the traditional boy/girl thinking. (Yet they have dresses, even tulle, what's girlier than that???.... hmmmm) Here

CELINUNUNU unites two forces by one voice:
fashion has the power to shape people’s minds.
inspire your children to be free and find their own individuality through clothes.

Thursday, November 15, 2018


Not only Melodifestivalen and Sweden but also Italy's Sanremo rumor mill is already in full swing. Several papers have hinted the same names so maybe there's some truth to it, then again who knows? As we know, even the artists will find out if they have been accepted only when we common mortals do, too. Usually in live television when the list is read out. We also have one certain no goer as Emma has declared she won't be there but on tour and as she has been a participant, the winner and the presenter she will only return as an invited superguest.... (Good luck with that!)
Arisa is widely rumored and her dream to do Eurovision is no secret. She also won Sanremo the only year Rai decided to fish outside the pool and went for Emma..... Time for a revenge? 
Other welcome names would be NekGiusy FerreriPaola Turci and Loredana Bertè (late Mia Martini's sister) who at 67 can still deliver hit songs, like Non ti dico di no
Young men like latest Amici winner Irama, and previous runner up Riki (Riccardo Marcuzzo) and latest Sanremo Newcomers winner Ultimo are widely rumored, too. Some very well deserved, some less. The unnecessary joke entry could be a duet with tv-host Enrico Papi and Italian schlager queen Orietta Berti (75). That would be her 12th Sanremo since 1966, and first since 1992. 
Let's wait and se what Claudio Baglioni & co. has in store for us. No date has been revealed for the announcement but usually it's been before Christmas, maybe this time during the Sanremo Giovani?

Sunday, November 11, 2018


Douwe Bob is one of the artists I've been following since he slowed down Eurovision in 2016. Judging his resent interviews he's had a rough ride since including too many parties, alcohol and becoming a not so nice a person. Add breaking up with his girlfriend and alcohol abusing dad in a care center and that got him sitting on his sofa in a boat - he's Dutch after all - for months until he realized music is his savior and he better shake himself out of that misery. Thus The Shape I'm In
If you liked his previous album Fool bar you are going to like this one, too. This blogger isn't a big fan of country pop/rock but for some reason Douwe hits the right spots and this new album is something I listen with pleasure over and over again. The lead single is Shine, and also I do has been released for promotion, a duet with Jacqueline Govaert. Twelve songs in all and they all could be next singles, but I took instant liking to Consider, Make believe and Running around

This is Douwe's fourth album following Born in a storm (2013), Pass it on (2015) 
and Fool bar (2016)

Saturday, November 10, 2018


Rai has published the Sanremo 2019 Giovani entries. With a quick listen through this blogger didn't quite find anything to be extremely excited about but below you can see my pick of those 24 entries that got my attention for more than 30 seconds for a reason or another. I don't usually agree that much with the jury that will pick up the 24 for the shows also because they have to keep in mind to get some variety and balancee between male/female/groups - or so I wish they do! If half of these make it to the tv I consider it a success for me ;-p
You can listen to all entries HERE. Two of these artists will be selected in a prime time tv show in December to join the Big category and could become Italy's Eurovision song contest 2019 entrant. However, they must present in Teatro Ariston in Sanremo with a new song come February...
Andrea Biagioni - Alba piena
Andrea Vigentini - Magari
Cordio - La nostra vita
Einar Ortiz - Centomila volte
Federica Abbate - Finalmente
Federico Angelucci - L'uomo che verra
Forlenzo - Non canto jazz
Fosco17 - Dicembre
Jole - La turista e il gondoliere nelle sfere di vetro con neve
La Rua - Alla mia età si vola
La Zero - Nina è brava
Laura Ciriaco - L'inizio
Le Ore - La mia felpa è come me
Liberamenti - Datemi spazio
Loomy - Coriandoli
Mahmood - Gioventú bruciata
Maria - L'amore non si cancella
Miriam Masala - Ops
Nico Arezzo - Gorilla
Nyvinne - Io ti penso
Sarah Dietrich - Per venirti a cercare
Seba - Cuore bomba innescata
Tr3ntan9ve - Lowcost
Vittorio Sisto - Oltre

Wednesday, November 07, 2018


EBU has published today the list of participating countries in 64th Eurovision song contest 2019 in Tel Aviv, Israel. This came as no surprise as of ysterday only Moldova hadn't made its intentions clear after San Marino's and Russia's confirmations the past few days. Only Bulgaria will be missing as they let us know last month despite initial intention to participate. 
EBU also lists several milestones: the Netherlands and Switzerland will send in their 60th entry, Greece its 40th, Croatia, Estonia and Slovenia their 25th, Latvia and Lithuania their 20th and finally San Marino it's 10th. Germany holds the record of most entries as they send already their 63rd one. They have ben abseent only once over the decades (1996 when Leon with Planet of Blue failed to qualify from the pre-selection causing the creation of Big4, later Big5 when Italy returned).
19 countries are yet to win the contest....

Albania (RTSH), Armenia (AMPTV), Australia (SBS)*, Austria (ORF), Azerbaijan (İctimai TV), Belarus (BTRC), Belgium (RTBF), Croatia (HRT), Cyprus (CYBC), Czech Republic (ČT), Denmark (DR), Estonia (ERR), Finland (YLE), France (FT), FYR Macedonia (MKRTV), Germany (ARD/NDR), Georgia (GPB), Greece (ERT), Hungary (MTVA), Iceland (RÚV), Ireland (RTÉ), Israel (IPBC/KAN), Italy (RAI), Latvia (LTV), Lithuania (LRT), Malta (PBS), Moldova (TRM), Montenegro (RTCG), The Netherlands (AVROTROS), Norway (NRK), Poland (TVP), Portugal (RTP), Romania (TVR), Russia (RTR), San Marino (SMRTV), Serbia (RTS), Slovenia (RTVSLO), Spain (RTVE), Sweden (SVT), Switzerland (SRG/SSR), 
Ukraine (UA:PBC), United Kingdom (BBC)

Tuesday, November 06, 2018


Another name Spain should send instead of some Operacion Triunfo newbie is Pablo Alboran. This blogger has been a fan since the beginning and he's still going strong: He was just awarded in Los Premios 40 as the Artist of the year and his Prometo as the Album of the year. He was also nominated for the Song of the year and the Video of the year (No vaya a ser). Since winning the same award as the Newcomer of the year back in 2011 he has collected already eight other ones. Add 12 Grammy or Latin Grammy nominations, countless other nominations and wins. In short he's one of the hottest artists of 2010's in Spain and in Latin America. Eurovision could make him a househod name in Europe as well following Julio Iglesias footstep with his soft voice singing sweet nothings into your ears... Check out also Miedo, El beso, Quien, La llave and Recuérdame

Monday, November 05, 2018


Her son Fabrizio did it. Twice. Her daughter Claudia did it. Now she has entered X Factor that also doubles Malta's Eurovision 2019 selection and charmed pants off from most everyone with her heartfelt cover of Mia Martini's Gli uomini non cambiano. Forget girl power - it's Mom power time (especially if we also get Pernilla Wahlgren for Sweden).... How cool that would be?! Mrs Faniello can sing, she's lovely and she deserves it. Check out also Cinque giorni, Il mare calmo della sera.
Fabrizio and Claudia can provide her backing vocals if needed. 

Sunday, November 04, 2018


Sergiu Bolotă has been trying to get to Eurovision for Romania already twicee - who knows if he's at it again and will be third time lucky? Last year he missed the final by placing 4th in his semifinal with self written Every little thing, adn the year before with Stig Rästa penned We were young (below). Since then he has released his debut album Umbre and string of singles like Tell me, Monstri, Pleaca and next one will be Un nou inceput


Lordi is currently touring Europe with their #Sexorcism tour and is treating fans in merchandize stand with limited editions of various items. Another treat is coming in a form of their first real live DVD to be filmed in Pratteln Z7 , Switzerland later this month. 

Spice up your love with #Vodkatomicbomb lingonberry hot sauce 
or fix your sugar rush with #Chokelate chocolates. 
And 50 daredevils can get wild with #Lordildo
All of sudden the Lordi Cola of the 2000's seems rather innocent....

Tonight Lordi plays Heidelberg (Germany) and the tour continues to Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary and back to Germany, then Switzerland, Italy, Russia and finally Finland on December 28 at legendary Tavastia Club in Helsinki. They already did Austria, UK, France, Spain and Belgium.

Saturday, November 03, 2018


Slovakia hasn't participated in Eurovision since 2012 and hasn't really shined when they did participate. One act however was a fan favorite and still remembered today despite finishing only 16th in the semifinal. That didn't hurt Kristina's career at home at all and has been ever since one of the biggest schlagr queens enjoying popularity also in Czech Republic and Poland... And that makes her a perfect candidate for an eventual comeback artist and make it even with the Horehronie injustice. 
Five albums and 30 chartings songs later - five #1's and 13 top5s - she's done also television and gained a lot of experience and confidence. 

Friday, November 02, 2018


The new formula of Sanremo Giovani has been a success at least in submissions: a record 677.  The jury has now cut those to 69 (instead of planned 60) for the live auditions on November 12, where from the 24 finalists for the televised shows on December 20 and 21, 2018. Each night will have a winner and those two will enter the main festival in February among the Big artists.
Among the hopefuls also familiar names like Mahmood (Sanremo Giovani 16, 4th after Francesco Gabbani, Chiara Dello Iacovo and Ermal Meta), Federica Abbate (co-writer of Nessun grado di separazione (ESC16), Andrea Vigentini (Italian backing singer in ESC18 and long collaborator of  Ermal Meta), Icaro aka Antonello Carozza (co-writer of two Italian Jesc entries), La Rua, Einar Ortiz (from Amici), Federico Angelucci (from Tale e quale show), Nyvinne (Sanremo Giovani 18)..... Other names from Amici are Federico Baroni, Zic, Michele Merlo aka Mike Bird. From X Factor Ros, Diego Conti, Andrea Biagoni, Morgan Ics. And we also have The Voice of Italy winner Maryam Tancredi. 
It's worth remembering the eventual Sanremo winner and Italian Eurovision song contest entrant could be among these artist. 


Mario Venuti may not be one of the most obvious names to think when thinking Eurovision but he come to my attention thanks to his duet with Alice in Tutto appare, and has delivered goodies like Caduto dalle stelle, Fammi il piacere, Ventre della città and Lasciati amare.  This Sicilian singer-songwriter and guitarist started his career in early 80's and found fame in group Denovo before going solo. In mid 90's he reunited various artist for a Battiato tribute album Battiato non Battiato where he covered E ti vengo a cercare. He has written for and collaborated with many other artists. He hasn't been to Sanremo for a decade, it would be nice to have him back.... and why not hav him in Tel Aviv, too. This DILF would certainly stick out. 

Thursday, November 01, 2018


Kazakhstan seems to be eager to join the Eurovision family while fans are a bit divided. This blogger would welcome them with open arms if they keep their promise and bring some national flavor with their songs. Zhanar is one of the leading ladies in business and has expressed her will to do the honors, after all she already won the substitute Turkvision song contest 2014 with Izim körem
Her career started in a succesful girlband KeshYou while releasing also solo stuff and since 2014 she's been delivering solo hits like Ala ketpedin, Ayta bersin and Sen meni tüsinbedin.

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