Thursday, November 15, 2018


Not only Melodifestivalen and Sweden but also Italy's Sanremo rumor mill is already in full swing. Several papers have hinted the same names so maybe there's some truth to it, then again who knows? As we know, even the artists will find out if they have been accepted only when we common mortals do, too. Usually in live television when the list is read out. We also have one certain no goer as Emma has declared she won't be there but on tour and as she has been a participant, the winner and the presenter she will only return as an invited superguest.... (Good luck with that!)
Arisa is widely rumored and her dream to do Eurovision is no secret. She also won Sanremo the only year Rai decided to fish outside the pool and went for Emma..... Time for a revenge? 
Other welcome names would be NekGiusy FerreriPaola Turci and Loredana Bertè (late Mia Martini's sister) who at 67 can still deliver hit songs, like Non ti dico di no
Young men like latest Amici winner Irama, and previous runner up Riki (Riccardo Marcuzzo) and latest Sanremo Newcomers winner Ultimo are widely rumored, too. Some very well deserved, some less. The unnecessary joke entry could be a duet with tv-host Enrico Papi and Italian schlager queen Orietta Berti (75). That would be her 12th Sanremo since 1966, and first since 1992. 
Let's wait and se what Claudio Baglioni & co. has in store for us. No date has been revealed for the announcement but usually it's been before Christmas, maybe this time during the Sanremo Giovani?

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