Monday, January 21, 2019


First, most every song sounded better live than on record, and the artists sung reasonably well and the comparasion to last night's French semi-final was striking where most everyone was showcasing shaky vocals, bad mixing and general worse than on studio performances. There were a couple Pastora Soler wannabes and one Alvaro Soler one, and one Famous showcasing Carola-like determination to make it and come across the screen making televoters to vote him out of fear. (They didn't). And a big favorite who didn't want to win and showed it in her performance  bit too clearly.
Last year's Alfred made an appearence but no sight of Amaia. Eleni came instead and showed once again how to make that hair fly....
And in the end Spanish televoters didn't the right choice: Miki's Alvarosoleresque La venda won over overrated and IdontwanttogotoIsrael-Maria's Muerdeme. With a better remix and fixed staging Spain may have a real chance this year! Miki Núñez Pozo is 22 and from Barcelona and vocalist in a Catalan band Dalton Bang. He has also studied business in Los Angeles and London. 
Miki - La Venda  34%
María - Muérdeme 22%
Miki y Natalia - Nadie Se Salva  14%
Noelia - Hoy Vuelvo A Reir Otra Vez  7%
Natalia - La Clave 6%
Marilia - Todo Bien 6%
Famous - No puedo más  5%
Julia - Qué quieres que haga 3%
Sabela - Hoy Soñaré 2%
Carlos Right - Se Te Nota !%

Sunday, January 20, 2019


Georgia is using The Idol this year to select their entrant for Eurovision song contest 2019 in Tel Aviv. The ten finalists have been recently revealed - among them Mariam Kakhelishvili from Jsc 2010 and many names from previous The Voice and X Factor... - and the one is among these names, to be selected on March 2, 2019:

ნინი ცნობილაძე/Nini Tsnobiladze
ლიზა კალანდაძე/Liza Kalandadze
ოთო ნემსაძე/Oto Nemsadze
გიორგი ნაკაშიძე/ Giorgi Nakashidze
იკაკო ალექსიძე/ Ikako Aleksidze
დიმა კობაშავიძე/ Dzima Kobeshavidze
ბესიკ ნემსაძე/ Besik Nemsadze
მარიამ კახელიშვილი/ Mariam Kakhelishvili
გიორგი ფრუიძე/ Giorgi Pruidze
თამარ ლაჭყეპიანი/ Tamar Lachkepiani


A Dal is back with its usual formula. Eurovision veteran Joci Pápai is back as is András Kallay-Saunders in his about 15th incarnation, this time as singer in The Middletonz,  and the semifinalists include many names from previous A Dals from Olivé Berkes to Leander Kills, Gergö Oláh and yesyes among others.
As usual three heats (six songs going through each, fivee by the jurors, the last one by the televoters from the remaining acts), two semifinals (four songs going through each) and final will follow and a lot of variety in the genres and Hungarians are not shy trying something new - remember Viszlát_nyár?

Heat one
Timi Antal ft. Gergő Demko – Álmos Világ **  39
 Olivér Berkes – Lighthouse **/Világitótprony *** 33
Deniz – Ide Várlak Vissza *** 34 (televoters)
Barni Hamar – Wasted *  29
Konyha – Szászor Visszajátszott ***  38
Nomád – A Remény Hídjai 35
Rozina Pátkai – Frida * 31
Gergő Szekér – Madár, Repülj! ***  41
Lászlo Váray – Someone Who Lives Like This (Mondd miért) * 29
Gergő Oláh – Hozzád Bújnék *** 41

Planet – Nyári Zápor ***
Fatal Error – Kulcs *
Dayana – Little Bird **
Gotthy – Csak Egy Perc ****
Klara Hajdu – You’re Gonna Rise *
David Hirtli – Alabama Hotel
Kyra Fedor – Maradj Még *
Leander Kills – Hazavágyom **
Mocsok 1 Kölyök – Egyszer *
Monyó Projekt – Run Baby Run *
Bogi Nagy – Holnap
Joci Pápai – Az Én Apám ****
Petruska – Help Me Out Of Here **
Ruby Harlem – Forró **
Savus – Barát
The Sign – Ő
The Middletonz – Roses ***
USNK – Posztolj *
Bence Vara – Szótlanság
yesyes – Incomplete ****

Saturday, January 19, 2019


Sanremo festival doesn't only have the competing artists and the superguests, but also those who come for the fourth night's duets, when the competing artists perform their song in an alternative version with invited guest artists. Complicated? Not at all. That only just about doubles the number of stars on that stage during the festival! Like last year's winners and Eurovision top-5 finished Ermal Meta and Fabrizio Moro. Some names rumored to have applied for the festival like Irene Grandi, Syria and Rocco Hunt have a consolation prize when dueting with chosen ones. Some add spice to their entries with actors like Bebbe Fiorello and Neri Marcore, and there's even a dancer involved, Eleanora Abbagnati. The rest of the cast will be revealed in coming days.

Simone Cristicchi & Ermal Meta
Ultimo & Fabrizio Moro
Daniele Silvestri & Manuel Agnelli
Loredana Berté & Irene Grandi
Mahmood & Gué Pequeno
Boombadash & Rocco Hunt
Anna Tatangelo & Syria
Zen Circus & Brunori Sas
Enrico Nigiotti & Paolo Jannacci
Francesco Renga & Bungaro & Eleanor Abbagnati
Paola Turci & Beppe Fiorello
Nek & Neri Marcore

Friday, January 18, 2019


Eva + Manu, the Finnish-French indie duo that were thrown into UMK2019 speculations late last year has released today their In the Woods EP with six new songs: Sins, Grow old, Mamie, Woods, Weightless and I won't let you down. How would have they fit in Tel Aviv? 

Thursday, January 17, 2019


Australia's Gold Coast will host the first ever Australian national final for the Eurovision song contest, as all their previous four entries have been internally selected. SBS has been dropping names since December and now we have all ten of them finally, from RuPaul's drag race finalist Courtney Act to the Voice winner Alfie Arcuri, classically trained Kate Miller-Heidke, Australia's Got Talent winner, tenor Mark Vincent, indie band Sheppard, electronica band Electric Fields among others. Aydan Calafiore is from the most recent the Voice and Leea Nanos from X Factor....

Electric Fields - 2000 and whatever
Kate Miller-Heidke - 
Mark Vincent - This is not the end
Sheppard - 
Courtney Act - Fight for love
Aydan Calafiore - Dust
Leea Nanos - Set me free
Ella Hooper - 
Alfie Arcuri - To myself
Tania Doko - 


Croatia has chosen the 16 finalists out of 150 submissions. Some Eurovision veterans in the line up: Klapa s Mora's Marko Skugor is now fronting 4 Tenora, and Feminnem's Nena Parmac is now with Gelato Sisters. Then there's Luka Nižetić, a familiar face from the national finals. Among songwriters Tonji Huljić, Branimir Mihaljevic, Jacues Houdek and Charlie Mason, all previous entrants.
The final takes place on February 16 and there will be 50/50 televote/jury

Elis Lovrić - All I Really Want
Luka Nižetić - Amorero Brutalero
Gelato Sisters - Back To The Swing
4 Tenora - Brod Bez Imena
Beta Sudar - Don’t Give Up
Bernarda Bruno - I Believe In True Love
Domenica - Indigo
Manntra - In The Shadows
Jure Brkljača - Ne Postojim Kad Nisi Tu
Ema Gagro - Redemption
Lea Mijatović - Tebi Pripadam
Lidija Bačić Lille - Tek Je Počelo
Jelena Bosančić - Tell Me
Lorena Bućan - Tower Of Babylon
Roko Blažević - The Dream
Bojan Jambrošić i Danijela Pintarić - Vrijeme Predaje

Wednesday, January 16, 2019


Claudia Baglioni has announced there will be only Italian superguests in Sanremo 2019 so forget likes of Lady Gaga, Madonna, Sting, Rihanna, Ed Sheeran... whoever could have been on that stage. Instead he will invite only Italian superstars from Eros Ramazzotti to Giorgia and Marco Mengoni, from Elisa to Ligabue and Andrea Bocelli with his son. Add Fedez and already Sanremo regular Laura Pausini with Biagio Antonacci (they will be touring Italy later this year together) and a couple of more like Fiorella Mannoia perhaps as there's supposed to be two of them each night. All names will be confirmed later once the contracts have been signed.
There's one exception to the cast though: Luis Despacito Fonsi, but only because he duets in Ramazzotti's new single Per le strade una canzone...
It's great he favours Italian over international stars but then again, the gap of getting these real big stars to participate in the contest is getting slimmer every year. 


The betting odds are hinting last year's Newcomrs winner Ultimo could do the trick managed only by Francesco Gabbani so far: to win the Big category only a year later. His name has been mentioned as the most possible winner since the artists were revealed - and even before that - and is now topping most every betting odds. 
Almost as clear is Il Volo's second place while the next ones are different depending on betting agencis including names like Federica Carta & Shade, Nek, Irama, Arisa and Francesco Renga in different order. All this may however change once the media is let to hear the songs and comment on them in their reviews and articles. We common mortals will hear them of course only when they will be performed on stage in Teatro Ariston for the first time come February 5....
Will Ultimo (translats to The Last) be first again? Will he be going to Tel Aviv 2019 Eurovision as well? Just in case let's get to know him a bit better:
Born in Rome as Niccolò Moriconi in 1996 he studied piano and composition in Accademia nazionale di Santa Cecilia and wrote his first songs at the age of 14. In 2016 he wins a hip hop contest and gets a record deal. He released his debut single Chiave, followed by Ovunque tu sia and Sabbia, and his debut album Pianeti that reaches #12 in official charts. Two more singles were released: Sogni appesi and Pianeti. He has already millions of Youtube views and a serious following. He also opens Fabrizio Moro's concerts before heading to Sanremo 2018 where he wins Newcomers with Il ballo delle incertezze (while Fabrizio Moro wins with Ermal Meta the Big category):
He releases his second album Peter Pan (#4) and heads for a sold out tour all over Italy. Three more singles have been released: Poesia senza veli, Cascare nei tuoi occhi and Ti dedico il silenzio
In all he has won several awards. His albums have sold and double platinum, and his singles one double platinum, four platinum and one gold disc. 
He also was featured in Fabrizio Moro's gold selling L'eternità (il mio quartiere), and Sercho's Tenebre and Mostro's E fumo ancora. A lot of work and success in only two years and he's already filling stadiums!
In Sanremo 2019 he will sing I tuoi particolari and release right after his third album Colpa delle favole. He has announcd a stadium tour in Italy in May of some dates that should bee postboned so it looks a bit unlikely he might be heading to Eurovision should he win, but then.... who knows?

Tuesday, January 15, 2019


As much as I would like the countries hosting Eurovision song contest showcase their own musical heritage and culture - best done in recent years by the underdogs Finland in 2007 and Portugal last year - the rumor of Madonna being in negotiations for performing in the Eurovision 2019 final is just too juicy to let go by. And wasn't she rumored also for Lisbon at some point, after all she lives there now and seems to be somewhat familiar with the event. If that becomes reality I hope it's done better than Justin Timberlake's somewhat out of the place performance in 2016 of Can't stop the feeling, did he even know where he was? After all the Kabbalah loving queen of pop already has done a very fitting performance on her Confessions Tour, including Im nin'alu and all.... Let's get unconscious honey, get into the groove and I'm gonna party (It's a celebration) etc. You know.
And there's still plenty of room for Netta, Dana International and Idan Raichel.... or could we get an Idan Raichel feat. Madonna collaboration? I dare to dream...


Belgium delivered a surprise last night when they announced Eliot Vassamillet (18) will be going to Tel Aviv 2019 Eurovision song contest. He's the latest addition to the string of young succsful singers from The Voice  following Roberto Bellarosa, Loïc Nottet, Blanche, Laura Tesoro and Axel Hirsoux (and Olivier Kay, Season 5 3rd is compting in Romania this year). 
His song Wake up will be written by Pierre Dumoulin who was behind Blanche's 4th placed Citylights.

Monday, January 14, 2019


Ukraine returns with Vibdir to choose their entrant for Tel Aviv 2019 Eurovision. The line up features several familiar names from twice runner up Tayanna to Kazka, Laud, Letay and Brunettes Shoot Blondes.
Two semifinals will send half the entries the final.

Braii - Maybe
Freedom jazz - 
Kazka - 
Yuko - 
The Hypnotunez - 
Laud - Dva dni
Tayanna - 
Brunettes Shoot Blondes - Houston
Vera Kekelia - 
ЦеШо (Tsesho) - Hate
Ivan Navi - All for the love
Anna Maria - My road
Bahroma - 
Letay - 
Кira Mazur - Dykhaty
Khayat - 


Czech Republic is using last year's method for choosing their Eurovision 2019 entry. They have hard time to follow up with last year's success when Mikolas Josef's Lie to me became a sort of an phenomenom. It's not easy. The chosen artists seem all good singers, but the songs are a bit anonymous lacking identity that would make them memorable in any way. Most of them sound like non finalists come May. Jakub Ondra's Space Sushi sounds like a perfect follow up to Mikolas, but then again... is it trying a bit too much? And does he have the stage presence and star quality Mikolas had?
The voting is on and also international jury will have its say before we know who gets selected. 

Hana Barbara - Poslední slova tobě ***
Tomáš Boček - Don't know why ***
Andrea Holá - Give me a hint **
Pam Rabbit - Easy to believe **
Lake Malawi feat. Albert Černý - Friend of a friend **
Barbora Mochowa - True colors **
Jakub Ondra - Space Sushi ***
Jara Vymer - On my knees ***


The Israeli selection for the artist in home soil next May started back in November and after 20 episodes 65 artists made it out of over 100 for the next step. We have now the 20 finalists chosen among them by the judges in further auditions.
After watching through their videos I was most impressed (in no particular order) by Naama, Ofri, Nitay, Tay and Kobi, but we can't forget Avraham who would have a great backstory turning from Orthodox Jew to a married gay man and coming from Brazil, or Maya Buskila who has been tipped many times for Eurovision since 2004 but if her voice is your cup of tea, is another matter. Then we have Netta's backing singer Danielle and Rotem Shefi's character act Shefita, and a non-profit organization's band with disabled people... Let's see how this develops, ingredients are there, they only need the right song and perfermer mixed up well and who knows...

Tay (aka Tamar) (20)
Shefita (aka Rotem Shefi) (27)
Shahaf (21)
(or 4 ladies Mor Polanuer, Ronit Rolland, Ruth Aharoni, Talia Bik)

Update 1: The rough elimination round left us with only 12 artists. I'm a bit sad to see some of my early favorites dropping out already:

Wanna Wanna Vs. Maya Buskila (68-81)
Shahaf Vs. Klara Sabag (60-76)
Lior Chen Vs. Osher Biton (64-87)
Naama Gali Cohen Vs. Daniel Barzilay (64-80)
Shefita Vs. Tay (41-89)
Kobi Marimi Vs. Liat Eliyahu (57-51)
Avraham De Carvalho Vs. Ketreyah (67-83)
Nitay Twito Vs. Ofri Calfon (68-90)
Nave Madmon Vs. Danielle Mazuz (53-54)
The Shalva Band Vs. Naor Cohen (95-66)
wildcards chosen my judges: Avraham De Carvalho and Shefita


Lithuania is again milking it seriously with Eurovizijos atranka 2019. A total of 49 participants with shows starting on January 5 including four heats, two semifinals and the grand final on February 23. Some familiar names among the participants from previous years and one Eurovision veteran: Jurgis Didžiulis fronted InCulto that funked in glittery shorts Lithuania to th 12th place in 2010.
Update: Mis January three more songs were added to the line up and that adds two Eurovision veterans to the list. Erica Jennings will join her husband Jurgis and Sasha Song is back, too...
I won't pronounce myself before the final as like last year Lithuania can be very misleading. A lot of useless songs that can hide among them even a jewel, like last year that I didn't notice until the final....
As usual, this post will be updated afteer each event.

Semi-final one - January 5, 2019
Matas Ligeika – You came here to fly (jury 5 + televote 4) 9
Simona Klušienė – This day begin with love (0 + 0) 0
Filtered tools – Survival (4 + 2) 6
Rūta Statkevičiūtė – Paradox (0 + 3) 3
Šarūnas Mačiulis – Traukinys (Train) (3 + 8) 11
Aldegunda – I want your love (3 + 12) 15
Gabriela Ždanovičiūtė – Home is in your heart  (1 + 0) 1
Migloko – Rožės (Roses) (12 + 7) 19
Twosome – 1000 (7 + 6) 13
MaNNazz – Blind Bird (10 + 10) 20
Gebrasy – Acceptance (8 + 1) 9
Glossarium – Anyone (6 + 5) 11

Semi-final two - January 12, 2019
Tiramisu - The smell of your eyes (jury 0 + public 8) 8
Giedrius Nakas - Klaidos (4 + 0) 4
Justina Žukauskaitė - Hit me harder (2 + 4) 6
Lukas Bartaška _ River of hope (8 + 5) 13
Paola Hart (Paulina Paulauskaitė) - I'll be alright (8 + 0) 8
Valdas Lacko _ Dare (0 + 3) 3
Emilija Gogolytė - Riddle (6 + 10) 16
Edgaras Lubys - To the sky (10 + 12) 22
Donata (Virbilaitė) & BingBang - Doing the loop (1 + 6) 7
Gražvydas Sidiniauskas - Another movie (5 + 1) 6
Juna (Justina Budaitė) - Strenght of a woman (12 +2) 14
Banzzai - I don't care (0 + 0) 0
Original copy - Power of sounds (3 + 7) 10

1. Audrius Petrauskas
12. Monika Marija - Criminal
17. Jurgis Brūzga
19. Valerija Iljinaitė
26. La Forza
28. Tomas Sinickis - Taip tau ir reikia
29. Dagna Kondrotaitė
30. Antikvariniai Kašpirovskio dantys
31. Jurgis Didžiulis & Erica Jennings - Sing!
32. Valdemars Petersons
33. Queens of Roses
34. Jurijus Veklenko - Nutinka visko
35. Viktorija Vyšniauskaitė
36. Algirdas Daumantas Ciūnys withdrawn
38. Allen Cichoo
39. Živilė Gedvilaitė
40. Soliaris
41. Saulės kliošas
42. Laimingu būti lengva
43. Elizabeth Olshey
44. Arvydas Kriščikas
46. Emilija Valiukevičiūtė
47. Indrė Juodeikienė
48. Sofi
49. Gabrielė Rybko
+ 120
+ Linas Jakštys - Criminal love
+ Sasha Song & Dovile - Bad boy
+ Monika Marija - Light on

Thursday, January 03, 2019


Romanian national selection for Eurovision Selecția Națională 2019 originally featured three Eurovision veterans: the Romanian debut artist Dan Bittman back in 1994 (with fabulous Dincolo de nori), Nicola from 2003 (with Don't break my heart) and unmissable MIHAI. Then all of sudden Dan Bittman withdraw and we were left with 23 entries only....
Another regular Xandra is back once again and the cast includes also Australian born Xonia and Belgian Olivier Kaye (song written by Ovidiu) as well as American Laura Bretan.
Sadly the overal standard of songs is so low MIHAI shines bright as one of the bests with his oh so fashionable latin beats.
There will be two semifinals and grand final.
Below is my first hearing, first impression ranking.

2 Gents – Ielele *
Aldo Blaga – Your journey **
Berniceya – The call *
Claudiu Mirea – We are the ones **
Dan Bittman – Pierd withdrawn
Dya & Lucian Colareza – Without you (Sin ti) **
Echoes – High heels on **
Ester Peony – On a Sunday **
Georgy – Tears **
Johnny Badulescu – Give up now ***
Laura Bretan – Dear father **
Letitia Moisescu & Sensibil Balkan – Daina **
M I H A I – Baya (Speechless) *** withdrawn
Nicola – Weight of the world ***
Olivier Kaye – Right now ***
Ommieh x Anakrisez – Rock this way **
Steam – The way it goes ***
Teodora Dinu – Skyscraper ***
The four – The song of my heart ***
Trooper – Destin ***
TWM – Make me your man **
Vaida – Underground **
Xandra – Independent **
Xonia – Discrete **
Bella Santiago - Army of love ***
Linda Teodosiu - Renegades ***

Semi-final 1
Bella Santiago – Army of Love
Berniceya – The Call: Dynasty of Love
Claudiu Mirea – We Are The Ones
Dya and Lucia Colareza – Without You (Sin ti)
Ommieh x Anakrisez – Rock This Way
Steam – The Way It Goes
Teodora Dinu – Skyscrapper
The Four – Song of My Heart
Trooper – Destin

Vaida – Underground

Semi-final 2
2 Gents – lelele
Aldo Blaga – Your Journey
Echoes – High Heels On
Ester Peony – On A Sunday
Georgy – Tears
Johnny Bădulescu – Give Up Now
Laura Bretan – Dear Father
Letiția Moisescu and Sensibil Balkan – Daina
Linda Teodosiu – Renegades
Olivier Kaye – Right Now
TMW – Make Me Your Man
Xandra – Independent

Wednesday, January 02, 2019


Azerbaijan is once again selecting internally their artist. These 15 have participated in an audition in November apparently. One of them may be the one for Tel Aviv. Most names seem to be from The Voice of Azerbaijan 2015... The chosen one and the song will be published later. With these videos below giving a hint of their voice, style and personality I might pick up Leman....

Tuesday, January 01, 2019


Estonia's Eesti laul's second semifinal offers everything from Synne's old school Swedish shlager to second generation Eurovision royalty in form of Sissi, daughter of Eurovision winner Dave Benton to insanity of Wo sind die Katzen? and indie poprock. All in all this second semi sounds more like the Eesti laul we used to know before it went a lot more mainstream a couple of years ago. With songs like Parmumäng. Once again it will be interesting to see which entries make it to the final and get a better idea what Estonians are into this year.... Grete Paia is back again as is Uku Suviste. 

Synne Valtri – I’ll Do It My Way ***
Sissi – Strong *
Kaia Tamm – Wo sind die Katzen? **
Iseloomad – Kaks miinust *
Cätlin Mägi & Jaan Pehk – Parmumäng *
Lumevärv ft. INGA – Milline päev **
Uku Suviste – Pretty Little Liar **
Kerli Kivilaan – Cold Love **
Around The Sun – Follow Me Back ***
Lacy Jay – Halleluja ***
Grete Paia – Kui isegi kaotan ***
Kadiah – Believe **


Estonia semifinal one offers as usual a variety of styles but sadly rather middle of the road radio pop without a real banger. The Swingers swing it away lead by previous Eurovision entrants Tanja and Birgit, and another previous one Sandra Nurmsalu of Urban Symphony fame is back as well. Swedish Victor Crone in an eearly fan favorite with another Stig Rästa penned song. Last year's runner up Vajé's Stefan is back as well. Below is my first hearing ranking

The Swingers – High Heels In The Neighbourhood *
Ranele – Supernova *
Sofia Rubina-Hunter – Deep Water *
xtra basic & Emily J – Hold Me Close **
Johanna Eendra – Miks sa teed nii? ***
Victor Crone – Storm ***
Stefan – Without You ***
Jennifer Cohen – Little Baby El ***
Sandra Nurmsalu – Soovide puu ****
Öed – Öhuloss *
Marko Kaar – Smile *
Inger – Coming Home ***


Slovenia's EMA is back. A jury panel will pick up two songs for the superfinal where the televote alone determinates the winner. Raiven is back again, and Ula from Junior Eurovision 2014 debuts among adults. Actually she's one of the very, very few Jesc artists that I actually remember, Nisi sam was great! I think I know who I am supporting, at least until I hear the songs!

Fed Horses - Ti ne poznaš konjev
Kim - Rhythm back to me
Lumberjack - Lepote DNS
Okustični - Metulji plešejo
Raiven - Kaos
Renata Mohorič - Thre bridges
René - Ne poveš
Ula Ložar - Fridays
Zala Kralj & Gašper Šantl - Oprosti


Unlike last year Opeeración Triunfo was brought to the end - and victory of Famous - before they started the search for Euroviison entry and entrant in a separate competition. Out of song submissions  (953 + over 100 from invited songwriters) 17 were chosen and given to the OT artists. Next the public has a chance to select three songs with online voting until January 2 while the jury selects the other seven finalists.... It's good to hear Spain is sticking to the Latin sounds mostly. 

Famous – No Puedo Más *** FINALIST
Miki – La Venda **** FINALIST
Alba – Qué Será Luego *
Miki & Natalia – Nadie Se Salva ** FINALIST
Julia – Qué Quieres Que Haga ** FINALIST
Natalia – La Clave **** ONLINE FINALIST
Sabela – Dímelo de Frente ***
Sabela – Hoy Soñaré ** FINALIST
Miki – El Equilibrio **
Noelia – Hoy Vuelvo a Reír Otra Vez *** ONLINE FINALIST
Marilia – Todo Bien *** FINALIST
María – Muérdeme **** ONLINE FINALIST
Carlos – Se Te Nota **** FINALIST
Damion – Sale **
Marta – Vuelve *
Joan & Marilia – A Tu Lado *
Carlos – Nunca Fui ***

Listen to the final versions of the entries:

María – Muérdeme 
(Juan Luis Suárez, David Feito – de El Sueño de Morfeo, Victoria Riba, Nuria Azzouzi and Rosa Martínez)
Noelia – Hoy Vuelvo a Reír Otra Vez 
(Jacobo Calderón and Álex Ubago)
Natalia – La Clave 
(Merche and Ander Pérez, Nuria Azzouzi and Rosa Martínez)
Famous – No Puedo Más 
(Leroy Sánchez, Louis Biancaniello and Nolan Sipe)
Miki – La Venda 
(Adriá Salas – La Pegatina)
Miki & Natalia – Nadie Se Salva 
(María Peláe, Nil Moliner and Javi Garabatto)
Julia – Qué Quieres Que Haga 
(David Santisteban and India Martínez)
Sabela – Hoy Soñaré 
(Jesús Cañadilla and Alejandro de Pinedo)
Marilia – Todo Bien 
(Sananda, Chris Wahle, Andreas Öhrn and Juan Carlos Fuguet López)

Carlos – Se Te Nota 
(Juan Pablo Isaza and Juan Pablo Villamil – Morat)


Latvia's Supernova 2019 invited 33 entries for live auditions, out of 83 submissions, and a jury chose 16 of them for the semifinals. And yes, Markus Riva is there for the sixth year in a row.... And Aminata has found yet another prettyboy to perform her song. This time Alekss Silvērs. Overal Latvians seem ratheer inspired by last year's Fuego as there are two Fires and one Fireworks....
Two semifinals each with 8 songs, 6 making the final is in store. 

Adriana Miglāne - Scared of love ***
Aivo Oskis - Somebody's got my lover ***
Alekss Silvērs - Fireworks ***
Carousel - That Night **
Double Faced Eels - Fire ***
Dziļi Violets feat. Kozmens - Tautasdziesma *
Edgars Kreilis - Fire ***
Elza Rozentāle - You came on tiptoe **
Kris & Oz - Midnight streets *
Kristiāna Bumbiere - Remedy **
Kristīne Pastare (Peress) - Smaragdi un pelni *
Laime pilnīga - Awe *
Līga Rīdere - Būšu tepat **
Markus Riva - You make me so crazy ***
Samanta Tīna - Cutting the wire *

These acts didn't make it pass the live auditions:
ATIS - She's on fire
ATOM - Alligator
Audiokvartāls - Tu man pajautā
August Valdis - Candy like rain
Ēriks Balodis - I know you know
Ivo Grīsniņš Grīslis - Free Your Mind
Jeļena Matule - With you
Kristīne Šomase - Harmony
LIIVA - Don't Need Nobody Like You
MARTA - Grow Down
Miks Dukurs - Life
Miks Galvanovskis - Fake
Miks Galvanovskis - Shattered
MONTA - The eye of the beholder
Roberts Ķimenis - Over
Roberts Memmēns - Feel
Waterflower - Grow
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