Tuesday, September 30, 2008

L'Amore... baciami adesso! OGAESC is coming...

It was a close run earlier this summer in Italy in the fan club's selection for the song that would do the honors this year in OGAE song contest. However Sonohra won and I wish them all the best! Excellent mix of songs and many of them would have been been a great choice. My everlasting favourite Mietta was second but she has done it already twice with excellent results: 1990 winner with Amedeo Minghi and fantastic Vattene amore (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C07uOukxxls), and 2000 2nd with equally fantastic Fare l'amore.(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gs1fCKuKcrU)

Here's the full ranking:

1. Sonohra - L'Amore (296)
2. Mietta - Baciami adesso (284)
3. Paolo Meneguzzi - Grande (282)
4. Tazenda ft Eros Ramazzotti - Domo mia (281) http://www.youtube.com/watchv=CJ99yOzhA8s&feature=related
5. Gió Di Tonno & Lola Ponce - Colpo di fulmine (276)
6. Irene Grandi - Bruci la cittá (276)
7. L'Aura - Basta (241)
8. La Scelta - Il nostro tempo (236)
9. Studio 3 - Voci su voci (228)
10. Baustelle - Charlie fa surf (210)

Great Greek-Turkish co-operation

Sertab Erener dueted with Mando in Ask/Fos before she won the Eurovision 2003 for Turkey when Mando sung for Greece with less spectacular results. Here's the fantastic track in original http://it.youtube.com/watch?v=t35c7tRQQPg and here the very explosive Istanbul opening with the English version Leave http://it.youtube.com/watch?v=0zYqlT4HsEU . And that is, folks, the most exciting and memorable 5 minutes of my Eurovision history! Yes, it tops Helsinki 2007 - was just too involved and too tired, lol, and Lordi's winning, that took more than 5 minutes to understand and believe! But this opening was my first Eurovision live and Sertab was simply amazing as was the atmosphere in the hall. Still gives me shivers everytime I see it. I'd gladly go back to Istanbul very soon....

Riki Sorsa's Christmas surprise!

As reported before here Riki Sorsa sadly said he is never going to be able to sing again after his throat cancer diagnosis and heavy treatments back in 2006. The treatments weaked his hearing for good but he happily says he has got back his sense of taste, and after spending one of the best summers of his life now announces he has been back to studio! Not an album but as a guest star in Laulupuukuoro's Christmas album! Well done, Riki and let's hope it's just a new beginning!

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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Dima Bilan on ice

Dima Bilan is participating in the Russian version of Dancing on Ice and did pretty well dancing with Elena Berezhnaya to music of Alsou, who was there singing live, too. Eurovision heaven!
Watch his performance here http://it.youtube.com/watch?v=BiRr-CllteU . He also performed Believe on ice.... here: http://it.youtube.com/watch?v=Y_W9CPH9l9U

Vote for Sonohra in MTV Europe Awards!

Sonohra, the italian band in OGAE song contest 2008 is also nominated in the MTV Europe Awards 2008 so vote for them. Meanwhile here's their new video: http://it.youtube.com/watch?v=J8JG89vzPi4&feature=related and a taste of the same in English: http://it.youtube.com/watch?v=GztV6w4uXYg
And here is their L'Amore in English from worthcoming album to be released in Europe this winter! http://it.youtube.com/watch?v=sRV1WCbXRBk and here's the original from OGAE song contest: http://it.youtube.com/watch?v=T3kSV6NsEGE

Euroviisut semifinals running order

YLE has also announced the running order for the semis and it seems Kwan, Remu and Jari Sillanpää will easily make it to the final. The other spot in the first one is widely open. In the second propably Waldo's People will make it, too and in the third one Signmark... Or then not!

First semifinal on January 9, 2009: Kwan, Tiara, Tapani Kansa and Riikka
Second semifinal on January 16, 2009: Sani, Passionworks, Remu and Waldo's People

Third semifinal on January 23, 2009: Signmark, Janita, Vink and Jari Sillanpää

Waldo's People: It's time for eurodance

"Finland has tried already everything; schlager, novelty acts, heavy, poprock, pop, rock, folk... but never this kind of music we do so it's time for us!" declare Waldo. "We have a little problem as we have two very good songs to choose from. In the end we will choose the one ourselves and people have the power to put it forward. Both are 100% Waldo's People music and we won't go for a ballad. Full speed beat and good energy. We are giving it 100% and ready to win!"

Vink: We are here to win!

"We are new and fresh and have a happy upbeat song!" describe the Vik guys themselves. "We are very calm people in private but on stage we get quite wild. Of course we are here to win, with respect to all the other artists. If we don't we will be disappointed, of course. This is a competition after all!"

Tiara: Distant relative of Mr Lordi

"I was very honored and suprised to be invited and took it with humble yet happy mind. Tiara's music is not very Eurovisionlike but still fits in, rhythmic and upbeat with attitude. Of course I am aiming high but even if I make the final I will be satisfied!" tells Tiara. "I'm from Rovaniemi and I have been told I'm related to Mr Lordi himself. Very distant but related!" Well, Mr Lordi seems to be related to every artist that comes from the north! Including CatCat!

Jari Sillanpää: Third time lucky?

"This is my third time and I'm chasing my childhood dream so let's see!" says Jari. "Istanbul was such a great experience and not making the final didn't matter at all. It was one big party for two weeks and following the final in the audience was a awesome experience and I'd be thrilled to live it all again in Moscow. I think the Eurovision in Moscow will be spectacular! I hope I will get a strong melodic ballad where I can use the full capacity of my voice but let's wait and see what the composers offer me!"

Signmark: If we only get to Moscow...

"I'm very thrilled about this opportunity. All my life I have heard and read about Eurovision but of course I have had no reason to watch it really. Invitation was a huge surprise! Signmark is something new to Eurovision, same way that Lordi was. There are hundreds of thousends of people who use signlanguage as their mother tongue in Europe, and millions who use signlanguage for other reasons, their families and friends. If we only get all the way to Moscow... it will be done!" sums it up Signmark. "We have been already in 16 European countries and they wrote quite much about us in Germany and Italy for example, so we have a certain base already."

Sani: No circus on stage

"This is my fourth time, last time was with Aikakone and we came 2nd so let's see how it goes now. I hope people will like it. There will be familiar people on stage with me so I won't be alone, but not people from Aikakone except Maki Kolehmainen who is always everywhere! Euroviisut is such a fun happening, it's pleasure to be in it again. At the moment we have too many songs to choose from but in the end it comes down to me. I want the song to be one that I like, that suits me and of course that it is a catchy one. After all this is a song contest. I won't drag a circus with me on stage, song must be enough" says Sani.

What happened in Istanbul?

During Riikka's interview Jari Sillanpää joins in. Riikka: "Stay away or I will tell details of what happened in Istanbul by night!" Jari: "Riikka has promised to take me in her backing choir this time!" Riikka: "I don't know. Only if you manage to keep your pants on this time, ha ha haa...!" Hmm... Can we have details? And why did Jari change his outfit between final rehearsal and the live show?

Riikka: I'm so excited!

"Somehow Eurovision comes to my life regularly, from different directions. I have been as a solist in 2004 with Toarie and then in Jaris' back up choir in Istanbul, and also with Jasmine in Oslo. And of course in the interval act in Helsinki 2007 where I came down from the ceiling with the wires and was so scared... and here I am again. I'm sooo excited!" says Riikka who is visibly excited about the second chance. "The song is very beautiful and has been around already for a long time but Villa and I are now reworking it. It's very sad and melancholy. I only wish I could great the same wonderful feeling on stage I had in 2004. I thought it was once in a lifetime experience but here I am again! Euroviisut is such a great experience!"

Remu: No song yet

"Every challange is good and one must play every card so here I am" says Remu. "We don't have the song yet and are still playing with ideas and I won't talk before it's ready!"

Passionworks: It's a duet

Passionworks revealed their song is going to be a duet! With Tarja Turunen's little brother Toni! "We are searching something special for Eurovision, therefor this gimmick here. We are taking it step by step: first the semifinal and then final, and then... Eurovision is all about music and sometimes the music seems to be forgotten under the show but ... Our song is simply the best!" Is it ready? "No!!!"

Kwan: Greetings from Moscow!

Kwan has just returned from a gig in Moscow: "It's huge! It's massive and it was horrible: the travel to airport in the morning took forever and we didn't see anything. The traffic is really scary!" But they plan to win and give it another chance because "we are the most international band here. And we can give a very good show and Eurovision, let's say it frankly: it's a show contest these days. And of course our song is a hit!"

Tapani Kansa: Never say never

"After my last participation in the 1980's I was left with a bad taste of Euroviisut and I swore I would never take part again. In the past few year's the contest seem to have changed a lot, it's more open and professional so I took the invitation gladly. I look for a good show, a good song and performance, that's all!" says Tapani Kansa

Janita: Alternative soul

YLE has made video interviews of the artists and here comes some main facts what the artists told us.
Janita, who left for New York right after Thursdays' press made headlines over the weekend when the yellow press picked up her coming divorce from her husband with whom she has been collaborating all her career. She stated their working relationship will go on.

"I was very surprised but very happy for the invitation and think Lordi's victory has changed Euroviisut a lot. I believe my song is great and I have a lot of experience in performing, after been a professional artist for the past 16 years, 12 of them abroad." She describes her song as alternative soul and hopes people will like it...

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Raffaella did it again!

True to her word, Raffaella Carrá continues her crusade against all odds to exploit Eurovision in Italy and this week showed the clip of Ani Lorak in Belgrade and talked about Dima Bilan's success in last week's show. She was hoping to bring Ani in studio in flesh soon and next week Roberto Meloni will bring his pirates to Rome... http://it.youtube.com/watch?v=9SRzHW-Ez2s

Friday, September 26, 2008


3440. That's the number of songs SVT has received. A new European record. 32 will be selected to the semifinals. Poor judges who have to listen them through trying to find a song that will lift Sweden back to its former glory. The final will be watched by 4 million Swedes. Big numbers.
While we wait for those let's enjoy some big hairdos: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OG_TwuzymXU&feature=related

Euroviisut 2009: Waldo's People

No surprise here. As expected the 1990's hit machine in Eurodance pop tries its luck in Euroviisut, too, after their succesful come back and greatest hits album. Karoliina Kallio on vocals tried as solo in 2004 and 2005. And this completes the 12 artists this time. A good mix of styles and young and old I would say...
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uAOmRjo1dBM , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZT--L1twkZI&feature=related , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ohuXgCBVsfU&feature=related

Euroviisut 2009: Vink

Another completely unknown band to be, even if they have been together since 1998. They have released a few singles and are now prepairing their debut album. Check their video here: http://www.vinkrock.com/video

Euroviisut 2009: Tiara

Tiara? Who's she? I have no idea.... She has released two singles so far and will release her debut album next spring. She's from Rovaniemi like Mr Lordi but lives now in Helsinki. In 2006-2007 she has been singing in Eurovision concerts by Kaartin soittokunta, the very same wherefrom Mikael Konttinen was found, so she has sung several Eurovision tunes.... let's see if her own song will join them?

Euroviisut 2009: Jari Sillanpää

It was just a question of time Jari (43) would return to Euroviisut; this is his third time: 1998 with wonderful Valkeaa unelmaa (2nd) and 2004 with the winner Takes two 2 tango. He won Tango King in 1995 and since then he has earned millions with his live shows and a few top selling albums. Still, can you name one hit by him? (I can't...) His debut album is the most selling album ever in Finland with 272.000 copies sold so far. It is something like 5 x platinum. His tour this fall will be of latin flavor and let's see if his entry will be of the same theme? And it will be interesting see if he will play the gaycard now that he is openly gay? Or how can you top the campness of Takes two 2 tango? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SWSYC7OALdk , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3exN5IrQUVY , http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgEJCNvNp50

Euroviisut 2009: Signmark

Def rapper in Euroviisut? Well, now that's something new isn't it? Hugely popular Signmark had become a real phenomenon recently and Euroviisut 2009 will surely make him finally a household name in Finland, he seems to be better know in Japan and places.
It all started by accident when YLE1 channel made a documentary with hip hop video with sing language translation. An idea of a DVD was born. Signmark that was released in 2006 is still the world's only sign language hip hop DVD/CD. From that moment he hasn't had time to rest. Gigs everywhere including live performance in Japan with 7 million people watching. This fall he has been to Italy, Slovakia, Germany and Hungary. The sign language used in the first album was Finnish one, and the next one will be in English and American sign language.

Euroviisut 2009: Sani

Aikakone's Sani finally enters Euroviisut solo. Aikakone did Euroviisut twice (1996, 2002) and dominated the charts from 1995-1998 and returned in English as Aika in 2001-2003, and reunited shortly this year again for the release of their greatest hits album so Aikakone's return to Euroviisut was expected but instead we got Sani. She did also Euroviisut 1998 with Samuli Edelmann so this is her 4th try. She has also collaborated with Darude and written songs for many other artists. She has released two solo albums so far.

Euroviisut 2009: Riikka

We all surely remember Riikka from Euroviisut 2004 where her Toarie was a fan favourite. She has been singing in Värttinä (1999-2001) and Adieus and has been working on her solo project already 8 years ago and the album Käenkukuntayöt was finally released this spring to very good critics. Now she's very happy to be in Euroviisut again.

Check her MySpace here: http://www.myspace.com/riikkatoarie

Euroviisut 2009: Remu

Remu Aaltonen (60) is a rock legend in Finland. The spirit of 1970's rock band the Hurriganes and his life style has kept him in the spotlight as the leader of the Hurriganes from 1971 until 1984 when the band split (they reunited in 1988 but it didn't last long and by 1991 the other 2 members were dead) and Remu went solo.
Lately he has been in the news for various reasons: his brother's unsolved murder a long time ago, his house burning down, him entering the politics, being an Idols judge, drunk driving, possession of drugs... In 2008 also a Remu Dictionary has been released with 500 words and impressions he uses as his talking is legendary and at times hard to understand...

At the moment he's recording a new album with rock'n tango team with new material and tango classics Remy style. I guess we can expect anything from him and honestly I don't know what to make of him until I hear what he brings in...

Euroviisut 2009: Passionworks

Passionworks turns 10 this year and has released 2 albums, an Ep and several singles of melancholy melodic rock so far to good critic and minor hits, including Falling, also known for its video. The band has been through several changes in members and only 2 remain from the original: singer Harry or Harriet Hägglund who mainly writes the songs, and basist Kristian Pihlajaharju. Looks like they have had some success in Germany...
I must admit I never heard of them before but Youtube comes to help and they're pretty good and if they come up with anything like Falling they might surprise us all come January. There's rock after all!

Euroviisut 2009: Kwan

The instant favourite to win is a band that is making come back after a break. During the break lead singer Mariko has become a star on her own right, winning Dancing with the stars and releasing a highly succesful solo album. The band started in 2000 and their first single was already a hit. They started with hip hop but have steadily moved towards pop/rock on each new release.

List of glory in short: Debut album (2001) sold platinum and won 2 Emma awards. The second album (2002) sold double platinum and won another Emma. Third album (2004) sold gold and won yet another Emma. Fourth album (2006) was released in many countries, including Japan and Greece where they scored a hit with Tainted love. The fifth album will be released in 2009.

Euroviisut 2009: Tapani Kansa

Tapani Kansa (59) is this year's dinosaur in Euroviisut following Jukka Kuoppamäki and Kari Tapio in this new format. He has been singing since 1967, recorded over 400 songs and is the Finnish singer who has participated with most songs in Euroviisut never winning! Total of 12 songs (1975, 1980 (2 songs), 1981, 1982 (4 songs)1983 (2 songs) and 1985 (2 songs) - will his fate change this time? I don't think so...
In 1970's he was one of the top Finnish singers scoring hit after hit, many of them being covers as it was the trend. He has continued with pop and covers all through his career but has been moving the past 20 years or so to more demanding and serious music. He has recorded musicals and many songs written to poems, Argentinian tangos, Finnish movie music and a full album of Tapio Rautavaara covers. He has done also theater, TV and movies. He's know to be doing big concert tours every year and is soon starting yet another one all around Finland.

Euroviisut 2009: Janita

I was hoping Janita (30) for Euroviisut 2008 but she's here now a year later when I had lost my faith, great! I'm really curious how her 2nd try will go as her 1994 Enkeli was very good and despite being the hot favourite finished only 3rd. Her career has been rather strange. She became a hit making, Finnish Grammy winning, platinum selling artist at the age of 13, was voted the most sensual woman at the age of 15 and left the country at the age of 17 when being on the top. Since then she has been living in New York and making music there, touring the world and releasing albums and getting excellent critic in jazz circuits.
Her discography so far includes 4 albums in Finnish ( 1992, 1994, 2001 and compilation in 2005) and also 4 albums in English and a new one is in the making.

Kwan and Remu favourites

The announcement of the 12 hopefuls to go to Moscow didn't set the Finnish media on fire, maybe because the whole country is still under some kind of shock for the second school massacre within a year. Anyways, all the articles lifted Remu on the front and he's the runner up with 20% in Ilta-Sanomat's on line poll that was won clearly by Kwan. They got 31% of the votes, mainly because of Mariko's current popularity?

"Spectacular, glitter and big hair" promises Mariko. "It will be Kwan-like with some new spices added and great lightning show! The song is a fireproof hit" adds Tidjan.

Remu says he's not sure why he is there but promises a memorable show. "The song doesn't need to be even good, all that matters is to be remembered and I can guarantee that" he says. "Anything to stand out!"

The song titles and writers will be announced in December

Maja Bladgan in Eurofest Hrvatska 2008

The annual party by Eurofest Croatia is happening for the 6th time this weekend in Rabac (Istria) and the guest star is fantastic Maja Bladgan who sung Croatia's best placement (shared with Doris Dragovic 3 years later) 4th in 1996 with Sveta ljubav. Enjoy it again here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p9jEKJtyx4o

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Here is the Finnish 12: Sign language, pop, rock n' tango!

YLE reveales the 12 artists participating in Euroviisut 2009 and here they are:
03. KWAN
05. REMU
07. SANI
11. VINK

Artist presentations and more information coming up shortly....
(Apologies for everyone checking in today. Due PC problems I was able to update only at 11pm.)

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Finnish fans have voted their favourites...

If the Finnish Eurovision fans in Viisukuppila.fi could pick up the artists for Euroviisut 2009 the list would be like this: (votes given in Eurovision style by approx 80 fans in 3 categories; female, male, band. Top-4 of each makes the top-12)

Jenni Vartiainen (489)
Anna Abreu (471)
Anna Eriksson (406)
Johanna Kurkela (352)

Antti Tuisku (623)
Mikko Lempilampi (405)
Cristal Snow (374)
Darude (361)

PMMP (380)
Sunrise Avenue (337)
Apocalyptica (313)
Movetron (309)

Bubbling under are Aikakone, Lovex, Waldo's People, Lauri Tähkä & Elonkerjuu, Indica, Jari Sillanpää, Olavi Uusivirta, Mikael Konttinen, Kim Herold, Panu Larnos, Juha Tapio, Paula Koivuniemi, Laura Voutilainen, Mariko, Katri Ylander and Chisu. Tomorrow we will know!

Slovakia returns in Moscow

Slovakia returns to Eurovision after a long break. They debuted in 1994 with Martin Durinda and Tublatanka's Nekovecná piesen finishing 19th. Two years later they retried with Marcel Palonder's Kým nás máš that made it to 18th by pure luck. They threw in the towel after 1998 when Katarína Hasprová's wonderful Modlitba only got 8 points and 21st place. A fate very different from another Prayer in 2007...
Let's see what they will bring in this time!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Dima Bilan's Lonely

Dima Bilan has released a follow up single to Believe. Lonely is actually the English version of his previous Russian hit Protiv pravil from his forthcoming Against the rules album. Listen to it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ImyK3KeM7GY

Euroviisut artists leaked??

Jari Sillanpää, Anna Abreu, Sani (of Aikakone), Tapani Kansa, Kwan (of Mariko) and Remu (of Hurriganes) are some of the artists on the list YLE will publish next Thursday claims today's Ilta-Sanomat. The information comes from Petri Kaivanto. Read: none of his songs made it to the 12 finalists again and he is causing yet another "scandal". Boring! Grow up! His only real credit is writing the lyrics to Eternamente Maria in 2006 that was the runner up but then, who was the winner? How did they do in Athens?
We will see on Thursday if any of this information is real....

Lena +Orup are here!

Here's the first single/video from Lena's and Orup's forthcoming duet album: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IXl-jOuch0 ... is it too late to call it a summerhit?

Saturday, September 20, 2008

ESC 2009 kicks off with Bulgaria

Bulgaria is this year's Iceland with endless semifinals and selections starting October 2 and ending December 19. Several names from the previous Bulgarian selections are giving it yet another try. Nine songs of the list below will make it to the final joined by 3 wildcards:

1.Zona - Senki 2.Todor Kalchev - Ne moga da zaspya 3.Big Mama Scandal - By you 4.Antoniya Markova - Don't leave by the day 5. Svetozar Hristov - Barrow from the shadow 6.Vatticana - Sun is shining 7.Mario Denev - Lipsvash mi tatko 8.Mario Marinov - La ragazza che ho lasciato 9.Iskren Petsov - Zashto se Varna 10.Perfect Stranger - I promise 11.Venelina Milanova - Neka s pesen 12.Moto - Razstoyaniya 13.Freeway - Sama 14.Monika Kirovska - I won 15.Asya Rusanova - Ako nyama koy da vi obicha 16.Gligor - Sazdadeni 17.Tsetso Vlaykov - What does it take 18.Gergana Dimova - Yasno slantse 19.Bobi Kokera, Bleki & Sunnie - Tozi pat 20.Teni - Fall 21.Fizicheski Fakultet - Kosmonavti bez raketa 22.Itso Petroff & Priyateli - Rokendrol izkustvo 23.Hristo Karakanchev & Priyateli - Pesen za pirin 24.Vihren - Once upon a summer 25.Emilya Valenti - S teb 26.Annayah - Az te chakam 27.Sunay Chalakov - Neshto ludo 28.Emil Sokolov -Deystvitelnost ili izmama 29.Deyan Dzhenkov - Imam tvoeto ime 30.Anna Star - Stranger 31.Prima Vista - Let's spread love 32.Konkurent - Placha v noshtta 33.Stefan Ilchev - Get up 34.Lazar Kisyov - You're not alone 35.Iliyan Tsvetanov - Tozi ritam 36.Iskra & Misha Iliev - Dokosni me 37.Teodora Kutsarova - Droga 38.Biby Michael Sfriends - Valshebni noti 39.Ruth - Sometimes 40.Lorado - More ot mechti 41.Shara - Don't kiss for the money 42.I Velina - Ready for love 43.Hari ot Balgariya - Bez dumi 44.Just Elly - My song 45.Tereza Kolarova - Samo edno more 46. X-R@Y - We 47.Georgi Varbanov - Europe is my home! 48.Tedu Slavcheva - Don't look for me 49.Zheni Karavacheva - Dumi 50.Hristo Dimitroc Polyakoc - Uprek 51.Plamen Penev - Dalechen svyat 52.Fanagora & Milena Peeva - Love never ends 53.Martin Aleksandrov - Mi fai male 54. Petya Hristova - Sacred journey

Raffaella pushes RAI to the limit

Raffaella Carrá is pulling all the possible strings in her power to make italians talk about Eurovision and Italy's absense from the contest since 1997. Her new weekly primetime show Carramba! Che fortuna already featured Dima Bilan last week, a tribute to ABBA and Raffa's touching introduction with the words "... in my heart I believe that day is not so far away!" meaning of course Italy's return. She also plans to feature artists from this year's contest on weekly basis (names in circulation include Boaz Mauda, Pirates of the sea ft Roberto Meloni, Paolo Meneguzzi, Miodio, Vania Fernandez, Jelena Tomasevic, Kalomira etc). Apparently her visit to Spain to host the national final and this year's final from Belgrade made her such a fan she is doing all she can to make Italy return. Meanwhile, the touched and grateful OGAE Italy is planning to grant her honorable membership to the club! Evviva Raffa!

Euroviisut 09 tip: Lauri Tähkä

Last but not least here's Lauri Tähkä & Elonkerjuu again, previously presented here: http://ilkar.blogspot.com/search?q=lauri+t%C3%A4hk%C3%A4
There are many others I have been hoping and wondering like Kaija Koo, Janita, Technicolor, Katri Ylander, Sunrise Avenue, Olavi Uusivirta, Uniklubi, Tea Hiilloste, Darude, Mikko Leppilampi, Stella, Panu Larnos, Aikakone, 51koodia, irina, Lovex, The 69Eyes and so on, but in a few days we will see.... Be warned!

Friday, September 19, 2008


Unfortunately it's true. De Toppers or Gerard Joling, Gordon and Rene Froger will go to Moscow for the Netherlands. Oh well, maybe they will have a good song? There's an open call for the songs and the national final should be on February1, 2009 with a few of them....

Watch them perform a medley of Eurovision songs including Gerard's 1988 Shangri-La, Amsterdam, De Troubadour, Ding A Dong, Vrede and many others:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pR9-l63V7m4 and It's raining men - no further comment - here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qmb65quhSVo&feature=related

Austria is out but Eric keeps going ...

Austria has officially announced it's not going to Moscow. However, at the same time they declared they will show the final live this time. Are they making way to join again in 2010 if the changes in voting seem to work for them? Or the whatever reasons they take as an excuse not to participatè?
Eric Papilaya, who's the latest Austrian entrant and who was one of the nicest guys around in Helsinki 2007 is touring with his band and they have released a new single All I know this summer. It charted for seven weeks in Top-40.
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