Thursday, August 16, 2007

Nylon Beat - false start

Nylon Beat kicked of their short come back last night in Tampere by giving a surprise concert before their weekend's stadium gigs with Toto. Also, their new greatest hits cd Maailman pisin luokkaretki (World's longest school trip) is out featuring their biggest hits and a couple of remixes. (foto by Iltalehti)

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Gotan Project - takes 3 to tango!

Sometimes it is good to listen something that has nothing to do Eurovision, right? Well, Eurovision Dance Contest and all coming up soon Gotan Project is a good choise. A trio of DJ's, or mixers or producers or whatever they, are from Argentina, France and Switzerland creates the ultimate chill out experience with a hint of real Argentinian tango. Try it out!

Sunday, August 05, 2007

Finland 1974: Carita Holmström

Carita was considered the Finnish Joni Mitchell and got great critic for new music but her pop-jazz-rock career lasted only a couple of years, two albums, one singer of the year award and one Eurovision before she moved to other music. She released her debut album We are what we do in 1973 and the year after her second one, in Finnish titled Toinen levy. She wrote the whole first album herself (except of one Yes cover) and also played guitar and piano on it. Her Eurovision song Älä mene pois (Don't go away) or Keep me warm as how it was translated into English was released between these albums.

Today she is besides singer-songwriter a concert pianist, conductor, arranger, producer, music teacher and has composed even a chamber opera The Lunatic Express in 1995 ordered by the Finnish National Opera.
EMI released both her albums with bonus tracks in 2004 on CD to celebrate her 50th birthday.

994 times Volare!

Here is the full Top-10 by of the most covered Eurovision songs ever:

1. Nel blu dipinto di blu (Volare) orig. by Domenico Modugno (ITA 58) 994 versions

2. L'amour est bleu orig. by Vicky Leandros (LUX 67) 530 versions

3. Piove (Ciao ciao bambina) orig. by Domenico Modugno (ITA 59) 351 versions

4. Waterloo orig. by ABBA (SWE 74) 328 versions

5. Al di lá orig. by Betty Curtis (ITA 61) 268 versions

6. Puppet on a string orig. by Sandie Shawn (UK 67) 252 versions

7. Non ho l'etá orig. by Gigliola Cinquetti (ITA 64) 187 versions

8. Eres tu orig. by Mocedades (ESP 73) 184 versions

9. Dio, come ti amo orig. by Domenico Modugno (ITA 66) 168 versions

10. Poupeé de cire, poupeé de son orig. by France Gall (LUX 65) 155 versions

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Gigliola Cinquetti - covered

Eurocovers blog has listed the most covered Eurovision songs and the Top-10 is something someone should bring to those guys sitting at RAI's entertainments offices. Half the top-10 is Italian! Domenico Modugno is the King of covered songs by far but one must note that also Gigliola Cinquetti gets her share of glory: Her Non ho l'etá is number 7 and Dio, come ti amo is at number 9. Why Dio, come ti amo I hear someone wonder? As we all know those times each song was sung by two artists in San Remo festival and Gigliola sung (the better) version of this wonderful song that Domenico took to Eurovision just to score nil points. I am sure her Si from 1974 isn't far from the top-10 either! More on

Dancing lasha tumbai....

Verka Serduchka's Dancing lasha tumbai (or Danzing Russia goodbye) entered the official Finnish singles' charts at number 2 last week but misses out the number one spot as it drops to number 4 on its second week...
But most everyone seems to know "sieben sieben ailuluu..." and TV ads promote it also as cellphone ring tune....
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