Monday, March 31, 2008

On the spot light: Azerbaijan

The land of fire takes the spotlight in Belgrade. This yet quite unknown country far away in the Caucasus will surely raise a few eyebrowns and make people think where this came from? The song and its presentation are rather unique and memorable, to say the least... Elnut Huseinov (21) is of Turkmenistan origin and moved to Baku at the age of 12. He has studied both music and hairdressing and styling, all which can be seen and heard in his performance! Samir Javadzane (soon 28) has studied business and international economics. He was the front man of band Sharon before going solo first and dueting with Elnur next.... Azerbaijan is debuting in the Eurovision this year and following the tradition debuting countries will do very well. It's all set for Azerbaijan anyways: a lot of neighbours and most of all a catchy memorable song with a performance one will remember! Elnur has stated that if he should win in Belgrade he will adopt a child Elnur and Samir have made a promovideo for the song and have been promoting it already in Greece, Ukraine and Latvia. See the video here:

Special thanks to Denis Gursky for the material.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Vote! The songs that got away - semifinal 2

Ok, it's time for the last part of the entries I think should have won. As usual, vote the Eurovision style on my email or in comments here!


Who made Jippu that woman?

Jippu's second album Kuka teki minusta tän naisen (Who made me this woman) will be released April 2. Eleven new tragic stories in true Jippu style than you can listen here: . The title nicely follows the unusual titles in the footstep of her debut Salaisuuksia joita yksinäiset huutaa unissaan (Secrets that the lonely cry out in their sleep) ... Worth mentioning is Huono mies (Bad man) for its lyrics.... :-)

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Teräsbetoni hits number One

Teräsbetoni's third album Myrskyntuoja enters the Top-40 at number one. It's their first as their previous two albums stopped at number two. Their single Missä miehet ratsastaa did stop at number two and is now slipping down.... Here's the video:

One love runs dry

"Carola and Andreas have decided to cancel all their future plans together and go on their separate ways after the Melodifestivalen fiasco" as nicely put by the Swedish media. So much for Lucky stars and One loves that would conquer us all... Back to basics: Andreas will go on with his solo album and Carola will go on with her 25th anniversary stuff...

Lets' remember them as they were:

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Happy Easter everyone! 工房 ジンギスカン

Yellow is for Easter and there's plenty of yellow in this video by Berryz Koubou 工房工房 ジンギスカン and their cover of Dschingish Khan. Who would have thought this song's so good even in Japanese? Instant good mood! Enjoy here:

Friday, March 21, 2008

In bed with Paolo

Paolo Meneguzzi has released a different video for the South American market for his Sanremo entry Grande... In the Italian one he wanders fully cloathed in forests..... Hmm... ,

Alice, where are you?

I just realized it's been already 5 years since Alice has released something, and actually ten years since her latest album with new material! It's about the time I would say.... Her old record label EMI Italy however has not been quiet with her: a quick count gives 7 compilation albums released in the past 5 years (and I think there are a couple I am missing here. If someone has details please let me know!) so she must be still selling, right?

1975 La mia poca grande etá 1978 Cosa resta... un fiore 1979 Mi chiamo Alice* 1980 Caponord 1981 Alice (alternative releases in Japan and in Germany) 1982 Azimut 1983 Falsi allarmi (re-released in the Netherlands in 1984 with I treni di Tozeur) 1984 Alice* 1985 Gioielli rubati (covers of Battiato songs) 1986 Park Hotel 1987 Elisir (new versions of her old songs) 1988 Melodie passagère 1989 Il sole nella pioggia 1992 Mezzogiorno sulle Alpi 1995 Charade 1995 Viaggiatrice solitaria* 1998 Exit 1999 God is my DJ 2000 Personal jukebox (new versions of her old songs) 2003 Viaggio in Italia (covers of great Italian classics) 2003 Il vento caldo dell'estate* 2003 Alice canta Battiato* 2004 Made in Italy* 2006 Collezione Italiana* 2007 I grandi successi* 2007 Solo grandi successi* 2007 The best of platinum* (*compilation album)

Vote! The songs that got away - semifinal 1

Ok, you have still time to vote for the first part of the poll scrolling down but here come the countries from the first semifinal with the songs I think should have won. Voting as usual to email or comments box here by Monday! Enjoy! (Remember to vote the first part, too, if not yet done so: )


Complice Sammarinese....

Well, I was wondering if I should post this or not but here goes: Giorgia made it to the Eurovision after all, in a way. Her Gocce di memoria is one of my all time favourite songs and the Sammarinese Complice reminds quite a lot it. I'm not saying it's copied or even the same song, just that there are similarities in the arrangements and atmosphere. Not that it disturbs me or that it should be disqualified! Just makes me want to listen Giorgia again....

Thursday, March 20, 2008

A worrying kind for me - finally!

As everyone knows I never liked the Swedish entry last year, the Ark's The worrying kind. I never actually disliked the song itself, just the act for some unknown reason. However, now there's a wonderful version of the song by Maia Hirasawa. She's fab! She's the best thing coming out from Melodifestivalen 2008 no doubt! But why do I expect her to get up, start running around like a madwoman and scream at some point of the song? Judge yourself:

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Vote: The songs that got away!

Have your say on the songs I think should have gone to Belgrade. I will feature two semifinals coming up in the coming days. But, as some countries didn't have a national final but just chose their song/artist internally I can't decide. Also, miraculously I may add, some countries managed actually choose my favourite! So, let's start with these songs.

You know the game: voting Eurovision style and votes to this email by Friday March 21:


Vote! Also the first semi here:

Monday, March 17, 2008

The voting order

The voting order was drawn, too. UK will start followed by FYROM, Ukraine, Germany, Estonia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Albania, Belgium, San Marino, Latvia, Bulgaria, Serbia at number 12, Israel, Cyprus, Moldova, Iceland, France, Romania, Portugal, Norway, Hungary, Andorra, Poland, Slovenia, Armenia, Czech Republic, Spain, the Netherlands, Turkey, Malta, Ireland, Switzerland, Azerbaijan, Greece, Finland at number 35, Croatia, Sweden, Belarus, Lithuania, Russia, Montenegro, Georgia and finally Denmark.

Not any specific block here but rather balanced display, except maybe in the very end if in case Russia is battling it out with some, say western country like Sweden, and all the 12s running in for its favour from Belarus, Lithuania and Georgia, but on the other hand Denmark might give its final votes for beforementioned Sweden. It's an open race!

The running orders for the semis

The draw took place this afternoon in Belgrade hosted by Zeljko and Jelena who need to work their chemistry a lot if they want to top Jaana & Mikko come May. The draw seems good for Finland and Portugal, and bad for Israel and Sweden. In the first one Azerbaijan, Greece and Russia were able to pick up their place, while in the second one FYROM, Portugal and Denmark had the same honour. In the final Serbia was the lucky one.

Semifinal 1 on May 20:


Semifinal 2 on May 22:


Final May 24:

2. UK




Sunday, March 16, 2008

Teräsbetoni still at no 2

This week's chart action has Movetron's Cubido entering the singles charts at no 15 while Teräsbetoni stays at no 2 for the second week. The compilation Eurovision 2008 also sits firmly at no 3 in the compilation charts. Kirka's greatest hits Kaikki parhaat 1967-2007 also stays at no 4 in the midprice charts. In the album charts Vuokko Hovatta climbs one spot to no 3 while Movetron's greatest hits enters the chart at no 10. Previous Euroviisut artists are also doing well: at no 7 we find Nightwish, at 25 Samuli Edelmann, no 28 Anna Eriksson and Markku Aro enters at no 37 with his first release for years.

Saturday, March 15, 2008


So she won. Shame as her song clearly wasn't the best tonight and Sweden propably would have done better in Belgrade with Sanna or BWO. And Swedish people wanted Sanna anyways. I wanted Sanna, she was outstanding and gave the best performance of the evening but it just wasn't enough to beat Ms Perrelli's miniskirts, fancy microphone and coreography... Rongedal did surprisingly well (but all deserved!) and in all it was a great show. All this said, Sweden is still one of my favourites this year... But why do I think she isn't that happy? Maybe she wanted actually become 2nd? Have a hit in Sweden and be the "one who deserved to win", the glory that now goes to Sanna, and avoid not winning in Belgrade? Or is it only my imagination running wild?

1. Charlotte Perelli - Hero, 224 (juries 1., televoting 2.)
2. Sanna Nielsen - Empty room 206 (juries 3., televoting 1.)
3. BWO - Lay your love on me, 158 (juries 4., televoting 3.)
4. Rongedal - Just a minute, 142 (juries 2., televoting 4.)
5. Linda Bengtzing - Hur svårt kan det va, 64
6. Nordman - I lågornas sken, 48
7. Sibel - That is where I'll go, 39
8. Amy Diamond - Thank you, 36
9. Christer Sjögren - I love Europe, 23
10. Frida feat. Headline - Upp o hoppa, 6

Complice is here

The entry of San Marino has been finalized with a video shot in the main piazza of the town, I mean country.... Have a look here:

Thursday, March 13, 2008

What the Finnish fans like?

I have done my very un-orthodox ranking based on the votes given by voters again. Sweden of course is still missing and San Marino has very few votes given yet and even those based on the demo found circulating on the net. Finland is missing from the list as one can't vote their own country.... Here's the current situation:

1. ARMENIA (+60)
2. SAN MARINO (+60)
3. SERBIA (+56)
4. ICELAND (+52)
5. NORWAY (+51)
6. SLOVENIA (+51)
8. ISRAEL (+44)
9. ALBANIA (+43)
10. GREECE (+41)
11. PORTUGAL (+41)
12. TURKEY (+37)
13. ANDORRA (+37)
14. UKRAINE (+32)
15. RUSSIA (+31)
18. ROMANIA (+10)
20. MALTA (0)
21. FRANCE (0)
22. HUNGARY (-5)
23. BELARUS (-6)
24. BULGARIA (-16)
25. CYPRUS (-21)
26. DENMARK (-22)
27. GEORGIA (-22)
28. IRELAND (-27)
30. BELGIUM (-29)
31. LATVIA (-29)
32. GERMANY (-33)
34. POLAND (-36)
35. LITHUANIA (-40)
36. CROATIA (-41)
37. FYROM (-41)
38. MONTENEGRO (-43)
39. ESTONIA (-53)
40. MOLDOVA (-69)
41. SPAIN (-72)

The first semi final songs

Fans have been busy putting together Youtube medleys of the songs of the first semi final on May 20, so here's one for your pleasure: For the second semi final final line up we have to wait til Saturday and Sweden....

Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Rather unknown band Miodio (translates to Mi Odio or I hate myself rather than Mio Dio My God) with song Complice will be the very first San Marinese entrants in the Eurovision. Are they going to be complice for Italy to come back next year?

Listen an acoustic 1,5 mins version here:


Jelena Tomašević won with Zeljko Joksimovic's song Oro the Serbian final. The other favourite Beauty Queens, Marija's backing group in Helsinki, managed only third place as Aleksa Jelić i Ana Štajdohar surprisingly took 2nd place with their insane (or rather Aleksa's) dancing. For the first time the host of the contest is also the composer, voting will be very interesting this year! And it's Zeljko's third win; he came 2nd for Serbia-Montenegro in 2004 and 3rd for Bosnia in 2006 (as a composer)....

1.Jelena Tomašević - Oro
2.Aleksa Jelić i Ana Štajdohar - Beli Jablan
3.Beauty Queens - Zavet
4.Betty Boop - Kvar
5.Studio Alektik i Cveta Majtanović - Iznad nas
6.Lejla Hot - Da si tu
7.Marko Vulinović - Sada ili nikada
8.Zoe Kida u Zemlji Gruva - Čudesni svetovi
9.Drum'n'Zez - Dunav
10.Ognjen i prijatelji - Čućemo, čućete

See & hear here:

Monday, March 10, 2008

Next stop: Serbia

We finally have the Serbian final tonight after last night's semi wherefrom ten songs qualified. I agree with most of them but would drop out two of these: Betty Boop, Drum'n'Zez, Ognjen i prijatelji or Zoe Kida u Zemlji Gruva; and throw Mogul and Ivana Ćosić in for the dream final. I still think the strongest contenders are the Beauty Queens and Jelena Tomašević but Marko Vulinović, Aleksa Jelić i Ana Štajdohar or Lejla Hot might have a chance.... A special mention for Aleksa's dancing, he surely would bring a smile on Europe's face!

The biggest mistake of the year?

Russia chose in unison last night Dima Bilan for Belgrade. Everyone reading this blog knows I like Dima and I even like his song this time around but I think Russia made a mistake. No, I'm not talking about that Kalinka rubbish but Sergey Lazarev. I think he would have win this year finally for Russia. I doubt Dima will.... But who am I to go against Mother Russia?
See & hear Sergey here:


Vânia Fernandes has won the Portuguese final with Senhora do mar. The song is written by Andrej Babic which can be easily heard, yet the song has Portugal written all over it.

1.SENHORA DO MAR - Vânia Fernandes - 17.617 (35%)
2.OBRIGATÓRIO TER - Alex Smith - 6.913 (14%)
3.EM ÁGUA E SAL - Marco Rodrigues - 5.927 (12%)
4.Canção Pop - 4.721 (9%)
5.Magicantasticamente - 4.612 (9%)
6.Por ti Portugal - 2.932 (6%)
7.Do Outro Lado da Vida - 2.621 (5%)
8.Cavaleiro da Manhã -2.044 (4%)
9.Porto de Encontro - 1.974 (4%)
10.O Poder da Mensagem - 624 (1%)

See & hear here:


Another ridiculous choise this weekend. The imaginary language crap has won in Belgium and who wants to bet it won't get anywhere near the previous Belgian imaginary language thing went?? Oh well... what can you expect? Belgians got rid of all potential successes already in the semis....

Sunday, March 09, 2008


Dima Bilan gets another chance, after being the runner up after the Lordi monsters in 2006. He was chosen then internally but this time he won the national final breaking into tears. He will bring Timbaland production to the Eurovision stage with his Believing. The Russian final featured 27 songs but was still fun to watch and featured all from bad English to Spanish, bossanova, boyband songs, rock, crazy woman who dropped the microphone, horrible accents, Tatar music and obligatory strip tease... Another top placing for Russia in sight again but did they just lose their first victory when Sergey Lazarev was left 4th?

See & hear here:

Rai speaks about Eurovision

For all of you who speak italian here's an interesting piece from the TG2, RAI's second channel's news:

Melodifestivalen final: Blonds vs. Balds

Sweden will choose the song number 43 and if all goes well they will propably choose a song that will be my list's number one. On the other hand the final line up for me 5-5 great songs-horrible ones, so if they follow the trend and pick up something out of these 5 I like it will end up in the bottom of my list of all entries.... Here's the line up. If the winner is any of these I will be happy!

1. Charlotte Perelli - Hero
2. Sibel - That's where I'll go
3. Rongedal - Just a minute
4. Linda Bengtzig - Hur svårt kan de' va'
5. Christer Sjögren - I love Europe
6. Amy Diamond - Thank you
7. Sanna Nielsen - Empty room
8. Nordman - I lågornas sken
9. Frida ft Headline - Upp o hoppa
10. BWO - Lay your love on me

Last year in Spain they had Mision Eurovision, I understood their mission was to find a good song and bring Spain back in top but they only managed to go to Sweden and make another fiasco in Helsinki. This year they pretended to "save" Eurovision and instead they are distroying it. Their entry is bad beyond words and for the first time I truly hope something comes up and it will be disqualified! Poor Raffa...
1.Rodolfo Chikilicuatre - Baila El Chiki Chiki (60 points)
2.Coral - Todo Está En Tu Mente (48 points)
3.La Casa Azul - La Revolución (42 points)
4.Arkaitz - Un Olé (32 points)
5.Marzok Mangui - Caramelo (24 points)
6.Bizarre - Si Pudiera (22 points)
6.Lorena C - Piensa Gay (22 points)
8.Innata - Me Encanta Bailar (15 points)
9.D-Vine - You Make Me (9 points)
9.Ell*as - 100x100 (9 points)
See & hear this masterpiece here:

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Stefan will sing Zauvijek volim te

The song for Montenegro by Stefan Filipovic has been unwrapped today, too. Nothing to get excited about, I'm afraid.... See & hear here:

Carola is out

The unthinkable has happened: Johnson & Häggkvist didn't make it to the final, not even to the 2nd round when Nordman kicked them out right away! And then they went to the final next week along with Sibel who kicked Ola out. I do agree with Nordman now. I know I didn't care for them befor but something happened and ... I like it! I almost add it to my favourites in the final... I don't think this is how Carola wanted to celebrate her 25th anniversary....

Sirusho will sing Qele qele

Armenia has chosen. And a very wise and united decision with 86,5% of the votes. Sirusho will sing Qele qele (C'mon c'mon apparently) in Belgrade and the high votes will be rolling in all over Europe.... See & hear her here:

A far l'Eurovision comincia.... Raffa!

Tonight's the La Carra show in Spain, and she will be hosting further Eurovision related shows overthere, ay que lindo! Here are a couple of her jewels from her past catalogue: and

Friday, March 07, 2008

Hind will sing Your heart belongs to me

Hind, who was chosen to represant the Netherlands months ago has finally unwrapped her entry today. It's called Your heart belongs to me. And she's not amused to have to battle against a turkey.... Anyways, just saw the show on internet and I like it! Catchy melody, good vocal skills and a feel good song. Well done, Netherlands! (And greetings to Grgrgrgr girl and Rene with the pinky thing with flashing lights!! Where did you put it???)

Watch & hear here:


For a change the rumour was true and Sébastien Tellier will go to Belgrade with Divine for France. He has worked with Daft Punk and Air so if Dima Bilan will win in Russia with his Timbaland song one can say Eurovision 2008 does have Names in it... The song? Oh well, who knows how it will do?! Somehow I doubt his fans are watching Eurovision and it just isn't Eurovision friendly enough to appeal for the televoting masses. Is France going to be Bottom-4 again? :-( ... And the song's in English!

See & hear here:

Carola's second chance

Carola and Andreas are the superfavourites to qualify for the final from tomorrow night's second chance round. First they have to kick out Nordman of course, and then Thérèse Andersson or Suzzie Tapper. Here are my choises:

Match 1: E-type & The Poodles vs. Sibel
I would pick Sibel but neither of them should go further.
Match 2: Ola vs. Caracola
Easy. Ola.
Match 3: Nordman vs. Johnson & Häggkvist
Well, it just has to be Johnson & Häggkvist
Match 4: Thérèse Andersson vs. Suzzie Tapper
This is unfair. They both should be in the final instead of Match 1s... Suzzie

Match 5: Sibel vs Ola
Easy again: Ola. Not that he deserves it though....
Match 6: Johnson & Häggkvist vs. Suzzie
A hard one. I go for J&H just to scare the ones in the final a bit...

So, Ola and Johnson & Häggkvist to the final... But there it's all about BWO vs Sanna for me

Sébastien Tellier for France?

The news spred in the internet this morning that Sébastien Tellier has been chosen to represant La France in Belgrade with Divine off his Sexuality album.
At the same time some sources are talking (or I think wistfully hoping) about Alizée... I would rather have her anyways!

Next stop: Armenia

We are quickly running out of countries and next one's Armenia. They already chose Sirusho as their artists a long time ago and she will sing four songs this Saturday in a show that was moved from a big concert hall to a TV-studio for security reasons after last week's happenings in the country.... Undoubtly a great vocalist but are the songs strong enough? They're all "nice". Qele qele is the most Armenian one in the arrangements and my favourite followed by Strong.

1. Strong
2. I still breathe
3. Qele qele
4. I can't control it

Thursday, March 06, 2008


Unlike Finland where men ruled in Germany the male had no chances. Carolin Fortenbacker and No Angels went on to the superfinal. And No Angels with Disappear won and I'm happy for that. I like the song even if their live performance left a lot to improve or they will end up to bottom places in the final. Once again for Germany...
The biggest applause and standing ovation was for Roger Cicero... was that a sign? He only managed 19th place in Helsinki but apparently is not done any harm to his career!

See & hear here:

Eurovision hits the Finnish TOP-40

There are Eurovision news in all three main charts! Teräsbetoni's winning Missä miehet ratsastaa enters the charts at no 2. Last year's favourite Lovex is back with a new single Take a shot and enters the charts at no 5. Movetron and Cristal Snow are still in the charts with their previous singles: Ei kenenkään maa at no 18 and Scarred at no 19.
In the albums the big surprise is Vuokko Hovatta. She enters the Top-40 at no 4.
In the compilations charts Eurovision 2008 enters at no 3.

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Cristal Snow - Can't save me

This should have won after all.... Sigh.... See the video here:

Miss Milana sings La Laila

The daughter of legendary Finnish singer Laila Kinnunen, Milana Misic has released an album of her late mothers most loved songs, including two Eurovision covers: Kaikkialla (Al di lá, Italy 1961) and Tanssilaulu (Dansevise, Denmark 1963). Curiously La Laila's own Eurovision song, the very first Finnish entry from 1961, Valoa ikkunassa, is not included.... Milana describes the recording the album "a weird journey to my childhood and past" and having done the album only because "If I don't do it, someone else will sooner or later". Point taken.
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