Sunday, February 28, 2010

Angel si ti for Bulgaria

As expected Miro's self penned Angel si ti (You're an angel) won the national final in Bulgaria scoring over 48% of the votes.Twist & tango was second with 27% followed by Eagle, Ostani and Moyat pogled v teb.

Tonight: Bulgaria decides

Or should I say Miro decides as the reports from Bulgaria suggest he has been heavily promoting his own song Angel si ti. But hey, I don't care as it is the best one by far! Miro will sing five songs, Deep Zone is the guest and you can follow it online. When? 19.30 CET. Where? Here.

1. Eagle
2. Moyat pogled v teb
3. Twist & tango
4. Ostani
5. Angel si ti

Moldova: Second semifinal tonight

After last night's first semifinal here comes the second one including Brand, Mbeyeline and Pavel Turcu who qualified from the SMS second chance voting. Also in this one two last minute withdrawels and replacements. Listen to the songs here. Update; the qualifiers.

1. Boris Covali - No name
2. Pavel Turcu - Imn Eurovision
3. Gloria - I'm not alone
4. Pasha - You should like
5. Alexandru Manciu - Ramii linga mine
6. Mariana Mihaila - Say I'm sorry
XX. Alex White - Towards the sky (withdrawn)
7. Vitalie Toderascu - Ti-aduci aminte
8. Gicu Cimbir - Cine sunt eu
9. Irina Tarasiuc - Lucky star
10. Cristy Rouge - Don't break my heart
XX. Victoria Mahu - Padure, verde padure (withdrawn)
11. Veronika Lupu - Poza ta
12. Valeria Tarasova - See you soon
13. Mbeyeline - Never step back
14. Brand - S.O.S.
15. Cristina Croitor - My heart


Aisha and her laundry ladies have won the Latvian final with What for. Add shaky vocals and acccordeon.

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Kristina has won the final in Slovakia with fan favourite Horehronie.

Complete results
No.      Performer               Jury      SMS       Total
1 Kristina
2 Mista
3 Tomáš Bezdeda
4 Aya
5 Miro Jaroš
6 Pavol Remenár, Klára & Liquid Error      
7 Soňa
8 Martina Schindlerová
9 Marián Bango
10 Robo Opatovský
11 Mayo
12 Free Voices

Sweden: Anna Bergendahl and Peter Jöback to the final

I have had my moment. That Moment when you think you are listening to the Eurovision winner. I had it with Fairytale when I first heard in the Norwegian semifinals. With Believe. With Molitva when I first heard it once the Serbian songs were out in 2007... . And I got it with This is my life. I might be completely wrong but we will see... At least it's Is it true? moment. In meantime she qualified directly to the final in Globen and if she wins there, too, we might be back there in 2011?. Noll Dicipline I didn't think would go to top-5 but was thinking Sibel or Lovestoned would take that last place but I got it rest right. Peter Jöback went to the final as expected and Pernilla and Neo meet again in Second chance round next week. This was all in all the best Swedish semifinal this year so SVT was saving the best for last and used some simple but very effective special effects but what was wrong with Måns jacket???

Shine for Georgia

Sopho sung her six songs and was rather visibly uncomfortable with the uptempo songs akilling especially Never give in and clearly favoured herself the last song, Shine. And hey, it won! Ok, no problem. Nice song. Nothing more though. Hanne Sørvaag will have exciting times in her home country Norway as she has also co-written the Norwegian entry.

Greek songs on line

After two disqualifications the rest of the Greek national selection songs have been finally made available on line. Greece has had a rather troubled selection this year. Previously Eleftheria Eleftheriou's song Kendro tou kosmou leaked and was disqualified. The same happened earlier to Katerina Avgoustakis's Enjoy the day, Both were considered favourites to win.

Christis Hatzinasios - Illusion
Sunny Baltzi & Second Skin - Game of life
Manos Pyrovolakis - I kivotos tou Noe 
Giorgos Alkaios & friends - Opa
Giorgos Karadimos - Polemao
 Melisses - Kinezos
 Emigré - Touch me deep inside

Tonight: Final in Latvia

Latvia will have its one off final tonight. Several familiar names in the line-up but missing the one outstanding song. Propably they will send Reiniks or Zaharova but I think their efforts are rather mediocre. My favourite is and stays Ivo Grisnins-Grislis but I also have a soft spot for the two somehow Brazilian mood songs by Konike and Kristine Karkla-Purina. When? 20.15 CET. Where? Here.

1. PeR - Like a mouse
2. Trianas parks - Lullaby for my dreammate (Diamond Lullaby)
3. Aisha - What for? (1.)
4. Lauris Reiniks - Your morning lullaby
5. Dons - My religion is freedom (3.)
6. Konike - Digi digi dong
7. H2O - When I close my eyes
8. Kristine Karkla - Purina - Rishti Rashti
9. Ivo Grisnins - Grislis - Because I love you (2.)
10. Kristine Zaharova - Snow in July

Tonight: Final in Slovakia

Slovakia's lenghty selection process comes to an end tonight, a day before planned due to Olympic success. Twelve songs made it to this stage. My favourite is Kristina with her fantastic mix up of everything Eurovision and Miro Jaros. Also the familiar names from last year Robo Obotovsky, Martina Schindlerova and Tomas Bezdeda would be ok. As long as Figaro won't win! (Let's see if I did it again.... ref. Slovenia)  Listen them here. When? 20.15 CET. Where? Here.

Remener, Klara & Liquid Error - Figaro
Kristina - Horehronie
Free Voices - Z osnov
Robo Obotovsky - Nieco mas
Martina Schindlerova - Mozes ist
Aya - Do neba volam
Marian Bango - Ty tu ticho spis
Tomas Bezdeda - Na strechach domov
Mista - Emotions
Miro Jaros - Bez siedmeho neba
Sona - Skus ma viest
Mayo - Ton

Tonight: Final in Georgia

Sopho Nozharazde, internally chosen will perform six song in tonight's show. The songs are not very Georgian and I'm not so sure I like this ever more common behaviour by some authors to spent their songs to every country possible and see what goes through where.... At least Sopho is Georgian!  That aside, Imy favourites are Never give in and For eternity. If Call me or Shine wins, that's okeyish, too. Listen all songs in 3 minutes hereWhen? 17.30 CET. Where? Here.

Never give in (co-written by Tina Japaridze, who also co-wrote Is it true)
Call me
Our world
Sing my song (written by Svika Pick, who also wrote Diva, Light a candle and Hasta la vista)
For eternity (written by Andrej Babic, who also wrote Senhora do mar, Vise nisam tvoja, Call me, Cvet z juga and Love symphony)
Shine (written by Norwegian-Swedish team that co-wrote also My heart is yours)

Lithuania: Third semifinal tonight

Lithuania will have its third and last semifinal tonight. Three songs will qualify for the final. Amongst tonight's songs 4Fun from Helsinki 2007. When? 20.30 CET. Where? Here
Update: Here are the qualifiers:

InCulto: East European funk
Soliaris: So high
Sirdeles: As ir tu
Eva: Nes tu pamirsai
Vanilla Sound: Faces
4Fun: Don't you know
Ramunas Difartas: Blues of life
Evelina Sasenko: For this I'll pray
Eden: Nirvana
The Cavaliers: We are about to love
Gaudi (Gaudentas Janusas): Man nieke nereikia
Jurate Miliauskaite: Let it rain
Merunas: Rosa

Moldova: First semifinal tonight

Moldova has its first semifinal tonight. Doinita Gherman and Todo have been added to this first semifinal after the SMS Second chance round with the songs that didn't make the jury cut first time. Curiously Sun stroke project and Olia Tira who have 3 songs in all in the running were all placed in the same semifinal but a few days ago they withdraw their other entris, as did Ionel Istrati and some others. Here are the original list and under their replacement songs. Listen to all the songs here. When? 19.40 CET. Where? Here
Update: Here are the qualifiers:

1. Mihai Teodor - Ai-ai-ai
2. Cornina Cuniuc & Boris Latisev - Forever
3. Doinita Gherman - Meloterapia
4. Sun stroke project & Olia Tira - Run away
5. Millenium - Before you go
6. Marcel Rosca - If love is the thing
7. Nicoleta Gavrilita - De tristete
8. Dyma - Manipulate
X. Olia Tira - Goodbye (withdrawn)
9. JJ Jazz - So many questions
10. Todo - Dance 4 life
11. Eugen Dolbani - Love, sweet love
12. Preoiectul Monkey Mind & Daniela - Smile
XX. Sun stroke project - Believe (withdrawn)
13. Dana Marchitan - Day and night
XX. Ionel Istrati - Wait! (withdrawn)
14. Constantinova & Fasu - The robbery
15. Carolina Gorun - Addicted

Friday, February 26, 2010

Carola: Wings of compassion for Haiti

Carola performed songs like Jag ger allt and Så länge jag lever in the Haiti charity concert last night in Stockholm. She also dueted with sarah Dawn Finer in Tro, and all the cast sung together We are the world, Man in the mirror and Pride (In the name of love). She also sung a new specially written song Wings of compassion. (Photo & video by Alexander Busk)

Sweden: Melodifestivalen semifinal 4

Another busy weekend coming. Besides the Swedish Melodifestivalen semifinal number 4 also Lithuania will have its semifinal (3rd) and Moldova its first tomorrow night. And on top of that the national finals in Georgia, Slovakia and Latvia. You can listen to the Swedish hopefuls here. They were released already earlier this week after two of them leaked. Readers of this blog know my votes go to Peter and Pernilla :-)

Sibel - Stop
Py Bäckman - Magisk stjärna
NEO - Human frontier
Lovestoned - Thursdays
Anna Bergendahl - This is my life
Pernilla Wahlgren- Jag vill om du vågar
Noll Diciplin - Idiot
Peter Jöback - Hollow

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pernilla Wahlgren is.... MILF?

Pernilla Wahlgren is back in Melodifestivalen for the fourth time and her entry this year is called Jag vill om du vågar or I want if you dare. And she wants and dares. Her artist badge doesn't say "artist" like everybody else but MILF. And we all know what that stands for, don't we? :-) Here's Piccadilly Circus (1985), Tvillingsjäl (1991) and Let your spirits fly (2003)

Sanremo takes over the charts in Italy

As usual the Italian charts is invaded by the festival. The whole top-10 in iTunes is from Sanremo:

1. Malika Ayane 2. Noemi 3. Valerio Scanu 4. Marco Mengoni 5. Povia 6. Arisa 7. Irene Grandi 8. Irene Fornaciari ft Nomadi 9. Simone Cristicchi 10. Tony Maiello.

In the album charts Marco Mengoni hits number one, followed by Malika Ayane second, the Sanremo compilation third, Noemi 4th, Valerio Scanu 6th, Nina Zilli 8th and Arisa 9th.

The three for Serbia

The three names to battle out the ticket to oslo 2010 from Serbia have been revealed today: Milan Stankovic, Emina Jahovic and Oliver Katic ft Jelena Markovic. They will all perform the song Goran Bregovic has specially written for Eurovision on March 13 and people will televote the best combination.


The chaotic selection process in Belarus involving two different TV-stations have come to and end when group called 3 + 2 with song Far away has been announced as their entry. Sounds somehow light heavy and Nightwish-esque to me. The group is put together by reality Tv programmes Musical Court and New voices of Belarus project, and includes Artyom Mihalenko, Egiazar Farashyan, Yulia Shishko, Alyona and Ninel Karpovich.

Carola for Haiti tonight

The charity concert Hopp för Haiti organized and with Carola will take place tonight in Filadefiakyrkan in Stockholm.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Round up - the 2010 songs so far

We have about 1/3 of the songs for Oslo 2010 selected now and it's looking rather interesting. Over the next weekend we will have another four songs to ad. Fans are complaining for choices like Spain but I think it was a wise choice. So far we are totally missing the Eurovision prototype from the recent year: lightly dressed dancing girls singing, or rather performing, some uptempo dance number with ot without some ethnic sounds. Closest to that genre are Iceland, Denmark and Switzerland but without light dressed girls and ethnic influences. And I for one am very happy for that! Instead we have some authentic etchnic tunes, classic ballads, Melodifestivalen reject, remake of previous success, a mix'n match of folk and rock, 80's pop, waltz, impressive opening tunes, some rap - and then we have the Netherlands. What do you think? Here they are: Albania, Armenia, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Macedonia, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland.

Allez! Ola! Olé!

Now did that get your attention? That's the title of the French entry this year, performed - why I want to use that verb instead of "sing!? - by Jessy Matador. Sounds more suitable for FIFA World Cup than Eurovision indeed. Oh well... Maybe there is a little chance it is good?

Georgian songs online

The songs Sofia Nizharadze will sing in the Georgian national final have been put online. Six songs, six short titles: Our world, Simg my song, Never give in, For eternity, Call me and Shine. Listen here. Undoubtly Sofia has vocal capacities and the songs aren't bad, but none of them stroke as an Eurovision winner with the first hearing.

Mikael Konttinen releases a new album

Mikael Konttinen who broke through in the 2006 Independance Ball's entertainer and made it to a household name in Euroviisut 2008 where he also won the fan's award and went on to represant Finland in OGAE's Second Chance contest has released a new album to pretty good critic. Ota kiinni entered the Finnish Top-40 at number 30 last week. He also charmed the folks in Miss Finland pageant and reports from his live gigs tell he is a natural born entertainer. And his music? Schlagerpop? Jazzpop? Old dance band music? Hard to say, maybe he is just an entertainer. The album includes also a duet with Anna Eriksson. Here is his the title track Ota kiinni and the beforementioned duet with Anna Eriksson, Marraskuu. Is it me or does Ota kiinni sound very familiar, somewhat Spanish perhaps?

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Germany: The search continues

Germany continues with its search with Stefan Raab. Two more names will be dropped tonight and only six move on to the next step. Lena Meyear-Landrut has taken a little lead as public's favourite artist to win.

  1. Katrin Walter
  2. Sharyhan Osman
  3. Cyril Krueger
  4. Jennifer Braun
  5. Christian Durstewitz
  6. Lena Meyer-Landrut
  7. Kerstin Freking
  8. Leon Taylor

Update: Cyril Krueger and Katrin Walter got the smallest number of televotes and were eliminated from the race.

Sanremo 2010: Aftermath of the scandal

The Avvenire newspaper has published the "secret" results of the Sanremo televote. How they got them as well as the whole voting is under investication as apparently - or should I say as we are in Italy - there seems to be something not quite right. In other countries all sort of tricks are being used, mainly internet hackering. What do they do in Italy? No, you don't my telephone cards, you buy call centers! However, the orchestra in Teatro Ariston formed 50% of the vote and as their top-5 was 1. Malika Ayane, 2. Noemi, 3. Arisa, 4. Marco Mengoni and 5. Simone Christicchi and non of their top-3 made it to the superfinal one can undertand their outburts and protests. 

Here are the televotes in the first round of the final night:
1. Pupo, Emanuele Filiberto & Canonici   212.482 (32,95%)
2. Valerio Scanu   135.588
3. Marco Mengoni   80.287 (jury 4.)
4. Povia   61.125
5. Arisa   37.069 (jury 3.)
6. Irene Fornaciari ft Nomadi   36.210
7. Noemi   23.089 (jury 2.)
8. Malika Ayane   21.668 (jury 1.)
9. Irene Grandi   18.358
10. Simone Cristicchi   16.031 (jury 5.)

1) Valerio Scanu 235.105 (37,01%)
2) Pupo & co.  213.866 (33,5%)
3) Marco Mengoni 137.913 (29,45)%

Shame the whole top-10 by the jury is not revealed yet but one can suspect Pupo & co were maybe the last one, and Valerio Scanu and Povia at the bottom, too. Considering this the top-3 should have been different or they had a very weird way of counting the points (look how well it was done in Spain last night!). It is clear Marco Mengoni would have been in top-3 anyways, and maybe the winner. Arisa and Malika might have been there, too, or maybe Irene F ft Nomadi as one can quite safely think they were not mongst the last ones on jury's list... 

In the Second Chance round Valerio Scanu beat Pupo & co with 233.092 vs 204.679. Nino D'Angelo third with only 94.042 followed by Sonohra and Toto Cutugno last.
In total during the week in various televotes 3.606.950 televotes were given.

300.000 times thank you!

Another milestone! 300.000 hits! And visits from 179 different countries/territories so far! The hitcounter has been working overtime this year: in January I have had in average 629 daily hits, in February so far already 770. Thank you for following me and I can't wait for May and the hectic times! By this rate I should reach 400.000 in Oslo!


Yuhuu, my favourite won, what happened?? He was really good and won both televote and the jury votes beating Coral. John Cobra insulted both public and jurors and behaved like an idiot and gor a deserved last place. Amen to that. And waltz for Oslo 2010.

1  Daniel Diges5860118 (jury - televote - total)
2  Coral Segovia47     5097
3  Lorena374077
4 Venus243054
5 Samuel y Patricia302050
6  José Galisteo143549
=. Ainhoa Cantalapiedra242549
8  Anabel Conde321547
9  Fran Dieli19524
10  John Cobra51015

Monday, February 22, 2010

Tonight: Final in Spain

One of the most anticipated national finals will take place in Spain. RTVE has put rehearsal videos of the entries here   With the exception of John Cobra it's a pretty solid offering. If I now say that I can live with any song winning but that, will it win? (See Slovenia). Destino Oslo tonight at 22.15 CET. Here.

  1. Coral Segovia - En un vida
  2. José Galisteo - Beautiful life
  3. Ainhoa Cantalapiedra -Volveré
  4. John Cobra - Carol
  5. Samuel & Patricia - Recuérdame
  6. Venus - Perfecta
  7. Daniel Diges - Algo pequeñito
  8. Lorena - Amor mágico
  9. Fran Dieli - Cuando se trata de ti
  10. Anabel Conde - Sin miedos

Israel: Harel Skaat's 4

Harel Skaat and his team have chosen the songs he will perform in the Israeli selection Kdam on March 14. The songs will be first presented in a preview program on March 6.

Le'an? (Where to?)  written by Sahar Hagay & Eyal Shahar
Millim (Words) written by Noam Horev-Tomer Hadadi
Ela'yich (To you)  written by Noam Horev- Ohad Chitman
Le'hitkarev (To get closer)  written by Sahar Hagay-Nitzan Keikov

Congratulations, Noa!

Noa, who represanted Israel with Mira Awad in Moscow with There must be another way has given birth to her third child last Friday. Counting back one can only come to one conclusion: Moscow was very productive time for her! Congratulations! Life must be beautiful for her right now. She comments on her Facebook:

"i am in mother mode. dedicating myself to milk and love. separatng myself from reality. its been years since i've had this quiet. sometimes its confusing. mostly it´s like floating in a warm bath in a candle-lit room. for the moment, the world outside can wait. Yum , Enea and Ayehli are all the news i need."

Sunday, February 21, 2010


To say something positive it's different. And it has an impossible title Narodnozabavni rock.

Full results:

  1. Rok Žlindre & Kalamari - 15907
  2. Nina Pušlar - 3527
  3. Langa - 3462
  4. Manca Špik - 2264
  5. Hamo & Gal - 1918
  6. Marko Vozelj - 1597
  7. Martina Šraj - 1479
  8. Brigita Šuler - 1244
  9. Nuša Derenda - 1040
  10. Lea Sirk - 751
  11. Vlado Pilja - 513
  12. Tangels - 444
  13. Stereotipi - 298
  14. Anastazija Juvan - 273

LIVE: Slovenian final

The Slovenian final has just started and it all looks good. Great stage. Omar Naber (ESC 2005) opened the show and we move on to the songs.
Marko Vozelj smartly dressed performs his quite nice yet a bit boring Moj si zrak. Somehow kind of Italian song. Vocally he is pleasant. Dancers inside and outside huge transparent balls complete the act.
Eurovision veteran Nusa Derenda next looking royal in her peach colored dress performing her Sanjajva. Windmachine under her dress makes a nice effect :-). Besides that she has three backing vocalist and the song flows nicely with some a bit ethnic "na la la leys" Vocally she is perfect of course.
The men known to abuse the use of hairgel next, Langa with their Roko mi daj.  This is so called Balcan ballad. Four ladies in black wave in the background and one guy forgot its a so called Balcan ballad and runs around trying to look like it was a rock anthem. Windmachine makes an appearence as well.
Four piece Tangels next with their Kaj in kam.  All are in mainly black and sitting first put get up once they have a solo to do. Pleasant song but somehow I think this is not what get the televoters hot. But I kinda like it.
And after that we have a commercial break and time to reflect things so far. Well, I doubt the winner is amongst the first four songs even if all of them have been pretty good.
After some talk about Eurovision oddities like Verka Serducha, Lordi, Sestre and Dana International we are back on track with Brigita Suler and Para me.  Long blue dress and two male drummers in black, three female backing vocalists and windmachine... is that going to do the trick for Brigita? Somewhat repetitive and a drum bridge reminding a bit of White & black blues but... no. I don't think she's going to win either.
Nezna by Anatastazija next. Once again blue and black. She looks a bit like Italian housewife after a visit to parruchhiere. Three violinist ladies sitting and playing, a grand piano and backing singer. Rather anonymous ballad she kills with some wrong notes. Nope. The worst so far I'm afraid.  I doubt she would have gotten  here if she had to go through the semifinal.
Next one of the favourites, Manca Spik with Andrej Babic's  Tukaj sem doma. Guess what? She's in blue! Alone on stage until an angel choir walks in in white. Anthemic with a wardrobe trick. But haven't we heard this so many times already? Some shaky vocals in a very emotional performance. But if she gets to Oslo and has to meet Coral I think she's doomed.
We move on to totally different atmosphere with Hamo & Gal's Crni konji cez nebo. Singer is very casual while the pianist has a fancy jacket. Very rusty voice but it fits the song nicely. Simple, acoustic and beautiful. I like but this would be something totally different from Slovenia. Judging the applause people liked it!
Next Martina Sraj with Dovolj ljubezni. Silver and white, miniskirt for her while the backing group in black. Starts off very gospely and goes on very American, makes me think of Kelly Rowland but the song isn't really going anywhere (well, neither do those American hits!). Pretty good performance but ... I'm curious to see what the televoters think! After all she did qualify from the semifinal.
While I'm still thinking and wondering about Martina next act is on stage, Stereotipi with Daj mi en snak. For me it's the worst song tonight.  Totally uninteresting. It's not even annoying, just uninteresting. And it's time for a break....
We are back with Nina Puslar and Dez.  Silver pants under a grey dress for redhead Nina - modern day Katja Epstein - and four male dancers with a coreography that use nicely the whole stage. Rocky simple pop song with catchy hook and pulsing beat. This is officially now my favourite! It's not a masterpiece I know but all comes together nicely.
Another by favourite follows right after, Vlado Pilja with Tudi fantje jocejo. Black suit and tie with white shirt looks always good, the song is nicely arranged without pretendous gimmicks and like Dez previously it's nothing extraordinary but a good sum of its parts.  Vlado has somewhat forced vocals tonight though. Shame.
Next on stage something else: Ansamble Roka Zlindre & Kalamari with Narodnozabavni rock. My biggest fear tonight is this would win. An annoying cocktail of rock and folk. They didn't even bother to mix them but keep singing two different songs in pieces and bits. Horrible bs. (Why am I thinking Global Kryner?)
Last but not least Lea Sirk and Vampir je moj poet. Again black and purple! Two dancers and three backing singers with her. Jazzy groovy number. Not bad at all but not maybe exactly what will attract the European televoters, is it?
Another commercial break and I have to admit I have no idea who's going to win, or even who I would like to win? Maybe Nina after all. Or Hamo & Gal? Manca and Nusa are rather calculated and made for Eurovision, and that may not be the best choice anymore. I tend to like the Slovenian entries when fans don't and dislike them when the others think they are great.... Go figure! Recap didn't make things any clearer.
Time for some Quartissimo, last year's winners - that I didn't like btw. Two songs by them and next on stage Sasa Lendero. Next Tinkara Kovac. And now we have Alexander Rybak with Europe's skies. There were reports he was suffering from nervous breakdown but at least play-back seems to be working fine. To say the truth he isn't looking very happy or energetic. And we move on to Fairytale. The act is the same as in Euroviisut in Finland it seems. He has three violinist girls and two Frikar dancers with him.
I guess it's time for the results.....
Oh dear. No comment. Except I'm not surprised.

Advertising break: Super Fizz!!!

The best thing from last night's Melodifestivalen was Måns going Japanese! Here!

Sanremo 2010: Watch again the scandalous end

Watch what happened in Teatro Ariston last night here. First Antonella Clerici gives out the names of the 7 songs that didn't make to the top-3. People start protesting already when the second name Irene Grandi is announced, another explosion later with Simone Cristicchi but when Malika Ayane is announced as second last name out of the superfinal the situation gets really heated. The director of orchestra comes to stage and wants to make public the vote by the orchestra (50%) but it can't be done and then we move on to the last non finalist, Noemi. After that a total chaos. People are chanting "vergogna! vergogna!" (Shame! shame!) and "venduti! venduti!" (Bought! Bought!) while the members of the orchestra are tearing their notes and throwing the to the air. La Clerici tries to get hold of the situation. In the end we get the names of the three superfinalists including the name of Pupo & co, met with a huge uproar, whistles and boos again.... About an hour later when the final announcement is done, La Clerici doesn't announce the third and second placed songs at all but - after looking very relieved after seeing the paper - and just shouts who the winner is: Valerio Scanu. What if the trio won?

Tonight: Final in Slovenia


Tonight Slovenia chooses its entrant for Oslo 2010 when the qualified songs from last night's semifinal (songs 1, 3, 5 and so on) try to beat the directly invited songs (songs 2, 4, 6 and so on). After a quick listening I think Manca Spik might do it finally this year but we can't rule out Nusa, always dangerous Langa. Or a total change of direction for Slovenia with Tangels? Or a raspy ballad by Hamo & Gal? Slovenia's Kelly Rowland Martina? Or rather effective Nina? Or go very anti-Slovenian kitch with Vlado? My favourites are... hmmm... in no particular order Nusa, Tangels, Nina and Vlado. As long as Stereotipi or Ansanbel won't win it's ok. A good solid final in Slovenia. Once again!

  1. Marko Vozelj - Moj si zrak
  2. Nuša Derenda - Sanjajva
  3. Langa - Roko mi daj
  4. Tangels - Kaj in kam
  5. Brigita Šuler - Para me
  6. Anastazija Juvan - Nežna
  7. Manca Špik - Tukaj sem doma
  8. Hamo & Gal - Črni konji čez nebo
  9. Martina Šraj - Dovolj ljubezni
  10. Stereotipi - Daj mi en znak
  11. Nina Pušlar - Dež
  12. Vlado Pilja - Tudi fantje jočejo
  13. Ansambel Roka Žlindre & Kalamari - Narodnozabavni rock
  14. Lea Sirk - Vampir je moj poet

Slovakia: Second semifinal tonight

The second semifinal tonight in Slovakia. Update: These six qualified for the final next Sunday.

  • 1. Aya - Do neba volám
  • 2. Smola a Hrušky - Pridaj si ma
  • 3. Horská chata - Myslím, že vieš kto som?
  • 4. Soňa - Skús ma viesť
  • 5. Free Voices - Z osnov
  • 6. Martina Schindlerová - Môžeš ísť
  • 7. Tomáš Bezdeda - Na strechách domov
  • 8. Peter Bažík - Paradise vs. Babylon
  • 9. Alone - Strašne mi chýbaš
  • 10. Mista - Emotions
  • 11. Martin Konrád - Ja viem
  • 12. Dáška Kostovčik - Dážď


Valerio Scanu, who was the runner up in the reality show Amici wins the 60th festival di Sanremo,.Marco Carta last year's winner came from the same show. Also, last year Carta was the youngest ever winner since Gigliola Cinquetti in 1964 but now  Scanu takes that record from him being just 19. One can only be relieved he and his Tutte le volte che won instead of the horrid trio who came 2nd. Marco Mengoni, X Factor winner 2 months ago  came 3rd. Now we can all make love "in ogni luogo, in ogni posto, in ogni lago..." Read the full report of this chaotic and scandalous night here.


Some good news tonight; Thea Garrett (17) for Malta. The best Maltese entry for many many years and my favourite from the beginning with Wayne Micallef who also got a respectable 6th place after being 3rd with the juries. Congrats Thea and Wayne! So, My dream for Malta! So called favourites - I would say hype created by fans and songwriters without no real reason - Claudia Faniello and Foxy Federation got the placing they deserved. I'm glad the Maltese jury and people have come to their senses!


1. Thea Garrett  (jury 54 + televote 48) 102
2. Glen Vella (28 + 30) 58
3. Tiziana Calleja (13 + 32) 45
4. Pamela Bezzina (27 + 13) 40
5. Eleanor Spiteri (25 + 14) 39
6. Wayne Micallef (27 + 9) 36
7. Lawrence Gray (21 + 12) 33
8. Ruth Portelli (19 + 12) 31
8. Claudia Faniello (3 + 28) 31
10. Dorothy Bezzina (21 + 6) 27
11. Klinsmann (10 + 16) 26
12. Nadine & Clifford (7 + 12) 19
12. Priscilla & Kurt (3 + 16) 19
14. Eleanor Cassar (5 + 11) 16
15. Petra Zammit (7 + 7) 14
16. Ryan Dale & Duminka (7 + 6) 13
17. Andrey Marie Bortolo (7 + 3) 10
18. Claire Galea (3 + 6) 9
18. Foxy Federation (0 + 9) 9
20. Silver clash (0 + 5) 5


Like in Sanremo a chaotic end in Macedonia.... In the end Gjoko Tanevski ft. Billy Zver and Pejcin with Jas ja imam silata will go to Oslo 2010 even if people protest.... Truth to be said, Vlatko Ilievski would have been equally bad choice so I don't care.

1. Gjoko Tanevski (jury 12 + televote 10) 22
2. Vlatko Ilievski (10 + 12) 22
3. Maja Vukisevic (8 + 6) 14
4. Vlatko Lozanovski (7 + 5) 12
5. Nade Talevska (4 + 7) 11
6. Bravo Band (4 + 5) 9
7. Aleksandar Belov (0 + 8) 8
8. Angela Zdradkova (6 + 0) 6
9. Susana & Darko (3 + 2 ) 5
10. Esma's Band (0 + 3) 3
11. Treta Dimenzija (2 + 0) 2
12. Kristijan Jovanov (0 + 1) 1
13. Volodija, Tumbao Salsa Band, Darko Ilievski, Viktorija Apostolova (0 + 0) 0

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Tonight: Sanremo 2010: The final - the chaos!

21.03 the show has started and off we go with Marco Mengoni and Credimi ancora. Fresh winner of X Factor where he got a place here besides the winning that show he has proved he can handle also a stage like Teatro Ariston. One of the favourites (also mine) but has divided the opinion a bit so let's see how it goes.
21.09 And next on stage Povia with La veritá. Over the years he has created an image that some like, many dislike with his songs of different topics, often critizied of being only written to create scandal and provocate  instead of real discussion, like Luca era gay previously in Sanremo. Once a winner he may find himself in the bottom of the scoreboard this year? Personally I would put it right there, 9th place.
21.14 On radio a long speculation why Sanremo has made a success again surprisingly when no one expected it after many years in crisis. One reason could be there are many faces from reality shows - like newcomers winner Tony Maiello and Marco Mengoni from X Factor etc - so they find Sanremo a good promotion wheel, and their fans watch it for them. Hm, could be. And then the bosses of RAI talk bad about Eurovision saying it's kitch and filled with reality stars! Worth mentioning is the fact Dita von Teese performed the first night in Sanremo 2010. On stage instead Michael Jackson's  dancers are doing a homage to their late boss.
21.31 And finally we go on with the competition.  Here comes my favourite Malika Ayane with fantastic Ricomincio da qui. Beautiful melody, great lyrics, beautiful her... and that voice! I already liked her last year in newcomers category but this year even more. I hope she gets to top-3!
21.38 We go on with another favourite, Irene Grandi and La cometa di Halley. Yes, the same one Turkey sung in Eurovision long time ago. Irene almost won already ten years ago with La tua ragazza per sempre. I don't like this song quite as much but Irene delivers the song with gusto, the lyrics are good and it all works fine so she might be in the top-3 tonight again.
21.43 Antonella Clerici announces Irene Grandi is single. Oh?  Too much information....Well, Carola did that same announcement in Melodifestivalen with the blinking t-shirt....:-)
21.50 Here comes the storm of whistles and boos when Pupo, ex-prince of Italy Emanuele Filiberto di Savoia and Luca Canonici are announced with their Italia, amore mio.  This is an example of a song that lives only in places like Sanremo - or Eurovision for that matter - as it needs an excuse to be heard, recorded and published. The melody is quite nice, but the banality of the lyrics and performers ruin it all for me, and I'm not even Italian! Sad thing is that this took a place from some serious artist in the final who would have deserved it much better. But then, Ireland sent a turkey to Eurovision....
21.58 Next on stage one of my favourites, Irene "Zucchero's daughter" Fornaciari ft. Nomadi with Il mondo piange. It got the best critic from last night's duets night and indeed was fantastic in duet with Suzie and Mouse T and slightly different arrangement and some lyrics in English. They should definately record that version, too!  But even alone she is great. Like Malika I liked her already last year in newcomers so these two are two very nice confirmations! If one Irene gets to the top-3 I secretly it is this one! Funny how this year turned out pretty good also musically!
22.05 Time for Lorella Cuccarini, the showgirl extraordinaire and her show! Some Fever in italian.... She has been in Sanremo previously both as presenter and singer.
22.17 And we go on with the songs in competition. Simone Cristicchi with his Meno male next.  This is a song I should hate or at least dislike but I don't! Must be that big orchestra at full blast or something. He won in 2007 with Ti regalo una rosa but this is a far cry from that song. Can he do a bis? Nope, I think. I hope.
22.21 A big applause when the lovely sisters in drag or Sorelle Marinetti come to stage with Arisa and their Malamorenó. (And I just realized if this is the last song I have somehow managed to miss two first songs, Valerio Scanu and Noemi! How is that possible, lololol.... Well, I was wondering why it started off so fast!) I adore this song! I wake up in the morning and it's in my head, ma l'amore, ma l'amore no! :-) Let her win!
And now we just wait. Let's see who gets the results out first, Malta, Macedonia or Italy? I have already posted the qualifiers in the semifinals in Sweden, Lithuania and Slovenia so meanwhile go and have a look who did it!
23.04 Looks like we are back in business and Mary J. Blige on stage! Should have been a duet with Tiziano Ferro but he's ill so she goes solo. But in the end of her performance she sings Happy Birthday to Tiziano as he has his 30th birthday tomorrow :-)
23.12 Stop al televoto!
23.18 Here comes again Tony Maiello, the winner of the newcomers or Nuova Generazione last night.  He tells he has celebrated until 5am and stopped crying. But he is soooo shy! Better let him sing, sin't it? Here comes Il linguaggio della resa. Ok. I kinda like the song. I admit it now.
23.25 Here we go. These go home..... Povia! Arisa! (WTF?), Irene Grandi! (people protest....), Simone Cristicchi! (Where is Pupo and co? ), Irene Fornaciari ft Nomadi! Malika Ayane!  ... CHAOS!!!
23.33 The orchestra is protesting and trowing their papers and instruments! Someone comes to the stage and demands to make public the votes....
23.34 the finalists are Marco Mengoni, Valerio Scanu and the trio Pupo & co
23.37 the situation has calmed a bit even if both the orchestra and the public keep on protesting but Marco Mengoni will sing first in the superfinal and is greeted by big applause. After him Valerio Scanu (slow applause) and the last to perform are Pupo & co.... whistels, booing and shouting.... sigh. Instead in the radio the presenters are silent and sad. Two out of three songs comes from second chance, how is that possible? And both Mengoni and Scanu come from reality -TV talent shows. Interesting.... And they are against an has-been, a medicore opera singer and a celebrity/royalty who can't sing..... How this can happen? 
00.09 Finally Marco Mengoni again on stage. At this point fingers crossed he (or Scanu) will win!
00.14 Valerio Scanu on stage again while Thea Garrett wins in Malta! Great!
00.19 Finally the horrid the boos of the audience. But at least the orchestra played it after all.
00.33 Televote is finished. Meanwhile the press center is in chaos. Some websites published the names of the three qualifiers way before they were made public, and the rumour is the votes by the orchestra were not collected properly and so on.... Let's see what happens. The trio seems to have a police protection and are hiding somewhere or they risk being beaten up! Only in Sanremo....
00.40 Malika Ayane wins Premio Mia Martini. Well deserved. At least the journalists know the music I must say....
00.43 and here are the results... but the real winner of this festival is Antonella Clerici!
00.44 Antonella interviews Marco and Valerio, and then Pupo and Emanuele Filiberto. Thanks to voters and bla bla bla.... let's get to the business.... 
00.47 The winner is .... VALERIO SCANU!!! Hooray!!!

Sweden: Darin and Timoteij to the final

For once I picked the top-5 right and even the finalists. Darin and the Swedish Kuunkuiskaajat Timoteij to the final, surprisingly the girls qualified directly instead of Darin, and Crucified Barbara and Alcazar went to the second chance. All is good in Sweden. :-)

Sanremo 2010: Nina Zilli wins Premio Mia Martini

Nina Zilli didn't win the Nuova Generazione category but she can consolate with the Premio Mia Martini, given to her by the critics. Out of 108 journalists 48 preferred her before La fame di Camilla that didn't even make the final, and Tony Maiello, the winner. She was also my favourite with L'uomo che amava le donne. Congrats, Nina! Here are some other songs by her: L'amore verrá or cover of the Supremes You can't hurry love (watch out for the dropping earring in the vid!) and 50mila,

Sanremo 2010: The final!

Sanremo 2010 has been a success. Last night Antonella Clerici managed a share of 50,74%, or 15,6 million - a record since 1999! A brand new opening with Bob Sinclair, Jennifer Lopez and Tokyo Hotel also helped (J.Lo reportedly got 800.000 euros for her playbacks...) . And the fact it was duets nights and unique performances. Tonight besides the ten finalists we have Mary J.Blige but Tiziano Ferro has called in sick and unable to perform. Marco Mengoni and Irene Fargo are considered favourites but I wouldn't be surprised if we got a completely different top-3. Like Malika Ayane, Arisa and Valerio Scanu? The most discussed entry Italia, amore mio by Pupo, ex-prince Emanuele Filiberto and co. was strongly booed and whistled at last night in Teatro Ariston, let's see how televoters react. There will be a superfinal with the top-3 as usual. In the first round it's the usual 50% jury-50% telelvote but in the second round 100% televote. Other guests include talk show legend Maurizio Costanzo and showgirl Lorella Cuccarini. I will be blogging live as usual so drop in later! Watch all the performances from all Sanremo nights here.


After all gossip and rumours and promises of big things to come after Patricia Kaas France goes... what? I don't know. Some unknown Jessy Matador (27), born in Kongo. Dancer. Two singles to his credit, Décalé Gwada and Mini kawoulé one can hardly call him a big star. But that seems not to be the point. but to create a summer hit and tittle song for the FIFA World cup this summer. Oh well, anything goes but this seems a  big disappointment but apparently it is true...

Croatian songs online

HRT has put the mp3s online that you can download here. Reviews coming closer to the final on March 6.

Romanian songs online

TVR has put the songs/videos in the Romanian national final online here. True to its usual style there are several songs for the beach parties in summer aka tasteless and smellness anonymous radiopop that is nice to listen as long as it last but is immediately forgotten when the song's over. And of course a banal trinute to Michael Jackson. This said, the selection is not that bad as it I have made it sound :-) Even if all songs are in English. Shame. Review coming up closer to the final on March 6.

Razvan Krivach - Jack pott
Luminita Anghel, Tony Tomas & Adrian Piper - Save their lives
Paula Selig & Ovi - Play with fire
Dalma - I'm running
Alexandra Ungureanu - Crazy
Pasager - Running out of time
Lora & Sonny Flame - Come along
Hotel FM - Come as one
Zero - Lay me down
Lucia Dumitrescu - See you in heaven
Paula Selig & Kamara - It's not too late
Lulu & The Puppets - Searching for perfect emotion
Anda Adam & Conect-R - Surrender
Tina G - Love is war
Alexa - Baby
Cătălin Josan- Around around

Lithuania: Second semifinal tonight

Amongst all Eurovision happenings this weekend also Lithuania is having its second semifinal. In this semifinal we have the leader of the online poll on LTV's website Mariaana Seppern as well current #3 Kirilkinas and #5 Donatas Montvydas. When? 20.30 CET. Where? Here.

Agama - Field of kings  ---> final
Amberlife - Material world
Andrius Zadevski - Right now
Donatas Montvydas - Running fast ---> final
Mariaana Seppern - My home is Europe
Marta Lukosiute - Meiles ruduo
Merunas - Rosa
Egle Juneviciute - Amzinai
Mundis & Electric Ladies - Sielos muzika
Raimonda Masiulyte - Ledine sirdis
Ruslanas Kirilkinas - I love a boy who's in with a fairytale ---> final
Saules Kliosas - Tu atejai (tu man padejai)

Tonight: Final in FYR Macedonia

Skopje Fest 2010 reached its final tonight after two days of semifinals. 16 songs in the running to go to Oslo 2010 still. Here is how the scoreboard looks like after the two semifinals (votes combined from both semifinals). Judging this it looks like it's going to be Vlatko or... Vlatko! I go for Lazanovski. Let'see how it will look tonight! When? 20.30 CET. Where? Here.

1. Vlatko Ilievski - Sreka     22 (10 jury + 12 televote)
2. Vlatko Lazanovski - Letam kan tebe     20 (10 + 10)
3. Esma's Band - Dzipsi dens     19 (7 + 12)
4. Suzana Spasovska & Darko Nesovski - Bog Go Ima Sekoj Kljuc 18 (12 + 6)
5. Maja Vukicevic - Fama     16 (12 + 4)
6. Aleksandar Belov - Ostani     15 (7 + 8)
7. Gjoko Taneski - Jas Ja Imam Silata     15 (8 + 7)
8. Nade Talevska - Sreken kraj     14 (6 + 8)
9. Viktorija Apostolova - Zaboravi na Se     13 (8 + 5)
10. Bravo Band - Taa Ima Se     12 (2 + 10) 
11. Kristijan Jovanov - Nikoj na ovoj svet      12 (5 + 7)
12. Angela Zdravkova - Zaboravaš     10 (4 + 6)
13. Darko Ilievski - Lagi     8 (5 + 3)
14. Treta Dimenzija - Bolest Zaraza     7 (3 + 4)
15. Tumbao Salsa Bend - Poludena Vo Nokta Studena     6 (6 + 0)
16. Vodolija - Solza     4 (1 + 3)
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