Saturday, February 27, 2010

Moldova: First semifinal tonight

Moldova has its first semifinal tonight. Doinita Gherman and Todo have been added to this first semifinal after the SMS Second chance round with the songs that didn't make the jury cut first time. Curiously Sun stroke project and Olia Tira who have 3 songs in all in the running were all placed in the same semifinal but a few days ago they withdraw their other entris, as did Ionel Istrati and some others. Here are the original list and under their replacement songs. Listen to all the songs here. When? 19.40 CET. Where? Here
Update: Here are the qualifiers:

1. Mihai Teodor - Ai-ai-ai
2. Cornina Cuniuc & Boris Latisev - Forever
3. Doinita Gherman - Meloterapia
4. Sun stroke project & Olia Tira - Run away
5. Millenium - Before you go
6. Marcel Rosca - If love is the thing
7. Nicoleta Gavrilita - De tristete
8. Dyma - Manipulate
X. Olia Tira - Goodbye (withdrawn)
9. JJ Jazz - So many questions
10. Todo - Dance 4 life
11. Eugen Dolbani - Love, sweet love
12. Preoiectul Monkey Mind & Daniela - Smile
XX. Sun stroke project - Believe (withdrawn)
13. Dana Marchitan - Day and night
XX. Ionel Istrati - Wait! (withdrawn)
14. Constantinova & Fasu - The robbery
15. Carolina Gorun - Addicted

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