Thursday, November 29, 2012


The Voice has reached Russia and the coaches are Dima Bilan, Pelagea, Leonid Agutin and Alexander Gradsky. It's on Channel One and there's a rumor it could be used as the national selection, meaning the winner would get besides the usual recording deal also chance to represent the country in Malmö 2013. 
You can watch videos of it here


Even in the era of internet and all the media means sometimes someone manages to surprise us. That's the case of Tarja Turunen, ex-Nightwish singer (Euroviisut 2000 with Sleepwalker) who managed to keep her pregnancy secret to media and fans. Of course living in Argentina helps in that, but still.... Well done! 
The secret was revealed yesterday when she posted a photo on her FB page holding a little baby in her arms and the Finnish media went wild. Today her publicists confirms it's her biological child. Now that's a nice Christmas gift to her family in Finland!
Earlier this fall she released a double CD/DVD Tarja Turunen - Act 1 and next week she will hit the road with her Christmas in the heart tour, a challenge for a new mother for sure!

Mainz - Germany, December 3, 2012
Berlin - Germany, December 4, 2012
Oberhausen - Germany, December 5, 2012
Leipzig - Germany, December 6, 2012
Savonlinna - Finland, December 12, 2012
Haapajärvi - Finland, December 13, 2012
Kuhmo - Finland, December 14, 2012
Alajärvi - Finland, December 15, 2012
Oulu - Finland, December 16, 2012
Rovaniemi - Finland, December 17, 2012
Pori - Finland, December 19, 2012
Vaasa - Finland, December 20, 2012
Espoo - Finland, December 21, 2012
Jämsä - Finland, December 22, 2012


We already have a confirmation from Portugal and Poland that they won't participate in Malmö 2013 Eurovision due financial problems and Slovenia and Slovakia are apparently doing the same unless something happens very quickly. A few days ago Cyprus announced the same news and today it's Greece. Both countries have earlier announced their intention to participate but while the last day to confirm draws closer they both lack money or sponsors to be able to participate. EBU wanted to scale down Eurovision but I don't think they ment this!
Portugal has been present since 1964 and has missed only three editions; 1970 for protest along with a handful of other countries, and in 2000 and 2002 for relegation based on previous year's results. Poland missed out last year because of financing the football European championships and was ment to return in 2013 but won't with rather vague excuses. Slovenia has been participating whenever possible (relegation in the 1990's) while Greece stepped out in several occasions in the 1980's but has been in since 1987 every year. The country has also reached the final every since the semifinals were introduced and even in top-10 every year, except last year when finally their recipe passed best before date and only reached 17th place. 
Cyprus has been participating since 1981 with the exception of 1988 and 2001 with mixed results. 
If all these countries stay home we have the lowest participating number of countries since the semifinals were introduced in Istanbul 2004...
It's worth mentioning also Andorra, Czech Republic, Luxembourg, Monaco and Morocco are missing. Liechtenstein and Kosovo won't debut either. 


Michalis Hatzigiannis has teamed up with Midenistis for another very good song, ΣΕ ΕΝΑ ΤΟΙΧΟ (translates to On a wall). Once again a very good melodic song, despite the rap, and Michalis provides very nice vocals to it. Written by Dimitris Kontopoulos and lyrics by Nikos Moraitis. I'm yet to hear a bad song from Michalis... Can't Greek or Cypriot TV just convince him to return to Eurovision, please?


As we know by now, Army of Lovers are making a comeback in Melodifestivalen 2013. This doesn't please Camilla Henemark's band fellows and friends in Happy Hoes, Dominika Peczynski and Martin "Miss Inga" Johansson, who were also running for Melodifestivalen. "She simply dumped us as soon as there was a chance for Army of Lovers reunion" tells bitter Dominika (who was part of Army of Lovers previously as well) to anyone who's willing to listen. "She just wants to be the only diva!" La Camilla is quick to response: "For sure! Happy Hoes is just a nice hobby band. Army of Lovers are world stars. In Melodifestivalen we will have seven warm up acts and we will go to Eurovision. Then we will spread homosexual propaganda all over Eastern Europe! We will have one of the biggest ever show stoppers in Eurovision history!"
The reunion took place when Alexander Bard and Jean-Pierre Barda wrote a song for Army of Lovers comeback in mind a couple of months ago. Christer Björkman put the condition it must be the original Army of Lovers so it was in the end La Camilla's hands and she accepted. "I'm the one that commands in Army of Lovers!" she also states... Can't wait to see and hear what they have cooked for us! Meanwhile here's Obsession and Crucified


Or so it seems the yellow press in Sweden is trying to make it look like. Both have apologized the past few days trying convince there's nothing more to it but maybe thoughtlessness. What's the story?
Gina Dirawi has a blog and she recommended for "bedtime reading" Lasse Wilhelmsson's book Är världen upp och ner? (Is world upside down?). The thing is he's a well known antisemitist. In her apology she explained the book was given to her in some happening a couple of year's ago and she thought it looked so boring she wouldn't read it at all. Well then, this blogger can only wonder why she'd post it in her blog then....?! But this is not the first for Gina. About a year ago she was heavily criticized for comparing Israel's government to Hitler...
Danny boy on the other hand is found on a online video doing her training and when his trainer asks him to do harder and better he uses the word "svartingar", that maybe best translates to the n-word. That only they can do that. Apologies have followed and explanations in the press. The usual excuse that it was cut out of it's context and that he continued with "... they with the different physics can do that."
Dirawi, Saucedo. Very Swedish family names, too. Isn't this kind of ironic?
Anyways this has called SVT into a crisis meeting and they both got a warning.


Well, not really as more tickets will be available later. However, the interest is high and despite all the complaints and negative feedback my the fans - as usual, are they never happy with anything anyways??!! - also the 345 euro fan packets for standing area, all 2000 of them were sold out, and the demand was so high there are going to be more of those available later as well. It seems those living outside EU had some difficulty getting their tickets through internet but then, has this ticket sale ever run smoothly?

Wednesday, November 28, 2012


The seventh season of Tanssii tähtien kanssa or the Finnish version of Strictly come dancing is coming to and end this weekend and the Princess of the Republic from Helsinki 2007 Eurovision, Krisse Salminen has made it to the final. A couple of weeks ago she did paso doble dancing to Euphoria of all tunes. She will meet in the final Antonio Flores, the husband of Pekka Haavisto. Haavisto himself was in the "final" of the presidential elections earlier this year where he closely lost to Sauli Niinistö. 
This show has had a string of Eurovision related artists over the years: Tomi Metsäketo won the first one, Mariko the second one. And Maria Lund the third one while Pirkko Mannola came 2nd in 2009, as did Laura Voutilainen the year after. Jani Toivola came third last year and this year if Krisse wins the chain of Eurovision related people in top-3 continues....


Franco Battiato takes on a new adventure, becoming the Councillor for culture in his home region Sicily in the new elected government. "I renounce the compensation and I will try to organize events that expose the island Sicily with the rest of the world " he declares and underlines he's not there to make politics and politics he can do without. He does not want to be called councillor, he prefers to be called Franco only and feel free to work for free as one of the conditions to accept the position of Councillor for Culture of the board of the newly elected governor of Sicily, Crocetta, a former mayor of troubled southern Sicilian town of Gela (where this blogger has spent some fun times many, many moons ago!). Another condition for accepting the job was that he could quit at any time as he "can't and won't change jobs"
He is ready to work for Sicily, although "it is still early to talk about programs and initiatives.The only worthwhile project I can do", he says, "is to find a space where you can do without difficulties and where there is freedom to organize special events that connect Sicily with the rest of the world, from China to America to Germany. " Battiato announces that its going to be "an ambitious project that you can do with little money, as we have shown in the past. "I take this very seriously"  he says "and remember that culture and entertainment are two different things: the culture does not need the show, while the show needs to culture."
Franco Battiato lives on foot of the volcano Etna in Miló and besides songwriter and singer is known also as painter and writer, director and has also composed operas, film music and worked with documentaries and many other things so he's widely cultured figure. And of course an Eurovision veteran :-)
His latest album Apriti sesamo came out this fall and it's lead single is Passacaglia, and Eri con me, a new song he wrote to Alice's Samsara album. 


"it's not gay, it's European!" Hardware bar in New York presents Europhoria, a monthly celebration of the Eurovision song Contest, The most watched music event in the world! Beginning December 10th, 7PM at Hardware Bar (697 10th Avenue (between 47th street and 48th street). No cover. Every 2nd Monday of the month. And remember, there's BYOF (Bring Your Own Flags) policy! More info here. And here

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


If you want to get into some Italian Sanremo mood the songs of the newcomers selection are already online here. These 60 have been invited for a live audition and then the finalists will be chosen. Eight newcomers will take the stage of Teatro Ariston next February and  as said their songs are already there to be heard, unlike the 28 songs by the 14 Big artists who will present their songs only in the festival for the very first time. 
RAI hasn't yet given any hint how the song and artist for Malmö will be chosen but it's worth remembering the 2011 entry Raphael Gualazzi's Follia d'amore came from the Sanremo newcomers selection, while Nina Zilli came from the Big category of 2012 but the song from her album.... Meanwhile RAI has a poll on it's Facebook page for fans to have their say who'd be the ideal represent.... (and Marcos Mengoni and Carta are leading)


Rylan Clark of The X Factor UK fame has declared he wants to represent UK in Malmö 2013 because it would be "amazing"! If Jedwards did it for Ireland and even twice, why not give Rylan a chance? What he lacks in voice department he certainly has in personality department and showmanship. Or judge yourself here and here and here, too. I think it would be amazing, too! He would certainly be a fun addition to the short list of artists in the next Eurovision, and most likely would secure good ratings and visibility for BBC! And here's one more example of his fashion sense...... 


The troubled Junior Eurovision song contest is coming up this Saturday, December 1, 2012. This 10th edition has only 12 countries taking part when Bulgaria, Latvia, Lithuania and Macedonia decided to stay home but EBU managed to replace them with Israel, Albania and Azerbaijan. Still, the concept isn't really taking flight and the line between being a children's singing contest and a freak show showcasing little monsters pushed on stage by parents, managers and producers is very thin. This blogger dislikes greatly kids dressed up and acting like adults and that kind of performances seem to come from the usual suspects (Russia, Ukraine) while some of the entries seem more genuine and real (Belgium and the Netherlands) while some are somewhere in between and maybe just a little bit too grown up (Sweden). Mind you, I might be completely wrong as I have only watched this recap. I have no idea who the favorites are and who's going to win but I promise to check the whole videos by the end of the week and maybe even watch the show online this Saturday.... :-)

Monday, November 26, 2012


Another Eurovision legend has left us. The Spanish composer of worldwide hit and Eurovision 1973 runner up Eres tú, Juan Carlos Calderón. Not only, he also wrote Tú volverás for Sergio y Estibaliz (1975), La fiesta terminó for Paloma San Basilio (1985) and finally Nacida para amar for Nina (1989).  His song Me gustas tal como eres gave Luis Miguel his first Grammy award. Eurovision is only a small part of his career and he worked with great sngers both sides of Atlantic winning awards and scoring hits. His talent will be missed even if la fiesta terminó.... 


The rumors were true and Army of Lovers have united - at least for the Melodifestivalen - and how ironic it would be if these three lovers, one of them the king's lover for real would fly the Swedish flag in Malmö 2013? Alexander Bard might have to deal it with his ex-band fellow Martin Rolinski in the final, Carolina af Ugglas returns and Tommy Körberg indeed tries again, but this time with a quartet of gentlemen. Ulrik Munther is there again as well, and Sylvia Vrethammar brings in some lady power. That might come useful as there seems to be slightly more male singers than females....

Semifinal 1, Karlskrona - February 2
Burning Flags - Cookies N Beans
Gosa - Mary Ndiaye
Heartbreak Hotel - YOHIO
Paris - Jay-Jay Johansson
Porslin - Anna Järvinen
Skyline - David Lindgren
Vi kommer aldrig att förlora - Eric Gadd
Were Still Kids - Michael Feiner & Caisa

Semifinal 2, Göteborg - February 9
Annelie - Joacim Cans
Begging - Anton Ewald
Copacabanana - Sean Banan
En förlorad sommar - Rikard Wolff
Hello Goodbye - Erik Segerstedt & Tone Damli
Make Me No 1 - Felicia Olsson
On Top Of The World - Pernilla Wahlgren, Hanna Hedlund, Jenny Silver
Only The Dead Fish Follow The Stream - Louise Hoffsten

Semifinal 3, Skellefteå - February16
Alibi - Eddie Razaz
Dumb - Amanda Fondell
Ravaillacz (Tommy Körberg, Claes Malmberg, Johan Rabaeus, Mats Ronander) -
En riktig jävla schlager
Falling - State of Drama
Heartstrings - Janet Leon
Hon har inte - Caroline af Ugglas
In And Out Of Love - Martin Rolinski
Island - Elin Petersson

Semifinal 4, Malmö - February 23
Bed On Fire - Ralf Gyllenhammar
Breaking The Silence - Terese Fredenwall
Jalla Dansa Salwa - Behrang Miri
Must Be Love - Lucia Pinera.
Rockin' The Ride - Army of Lovers
Tell The World I'm Here - Ulrik Munther
Trivialitet - Sylvia Vrethammar
You - Robin Stjernberg

Sunday, November 25, 2012


Sergey Lazarev keeps releasing new songs and videos, just like Dima Bilan. This blogger believes sooner or later we will see him on Eurovision stage as well. His latest one is НЕРЕАЛЬНАЯ ЛЮБОВЬ or Unreal love (or something like that). He's got to travel to southern France for the video...
Vlad Sokolovsky is a new face to the music business and has delivered an ambitious video for his single Мир сошел с ума  or The world has gone mad. He sounds and looks like one who would be willing to give Eurovison a go as well someday. His idols are Michael Jackson, Usher and Justin Timberlake and you can see all that in his video....
Alina Artts has some powerful producers and music makers in Russia and Ukraine behind her and has spent some time in the Unites States to kick start her career. Her song LA sounds a lot like an Eurovision tune dropping all sort of international and English words making it all a nonsense and add some la la las here and there and voilà.... And in the video most everyone does a strip tease. (And in some weird way it makes me think of Mandy Smith's Positive reaction

Saturday, November 24, 2012

VAIN ELÄMÄÄ - EUROVISION SPECIAL: Jari Sillanpää covers Tu te reconnaitras, Kaija Koo Katson sineen taivaan, Jonne Aaron L'oiseau et l'enfant....

This falls's real success and hit in Finnish TV has been Vain elämää, the format also known as De beste zangers Van Nederland in the Netherlands and Så mycket bättre in Sweden where it has also been a huge success. Second season will be done but in the first one Katri Helena, Jari Sillanpää, Erin (ex-Nylon Beat), Cheek, Neumann (of Dingo), Kaija Koo and Jonne Aaron (of Negative) have definitely gained new fans and we have been given some fantastic covers of their songs by the other artists. The compilation album featuring three of the songs by each artists sold platinum on its release and has given a real boost to the artists albums as well. So far twelve songs have entered the iTunes top-30 and six have entered the official singles top-20. 
And what is a really nice, several Eurovision songs have got their reinterpretation as well!

Katri Helena covered Jari Sillanpää's 1998 Euroviisut runner up Valkeaa unelmaa.
Kaija Koo covered Katri Helena's 1979 entry Katson sineen taivaan.
Jonne Aaron covered also Katri Helena's cover of France 1977, Lintu ja lapsi.
Jari Sillanpää covered also Katri Helena's cover of Luxembourg 1973, Nuoruus on seikkailu.

Jonne Aaaron's Lintu ja lapsi was voted clearly the best one in Iltalehti's poll provinf the song is still very much loved and is also this blogger's all time favourite Eurovision song and I have heard quite a few versions of it over the years and this one is very touching indeed....
And that's not all! The artists will reunite once more for a big concert! That's December 28, 2012 in Barona Arena in Espoo where also UMK will take place in 2013. 

Friday, November 23, 2012


The man with the full package, Ott Lepland from Estonia will perform in a Christmas concert in Espoo cathedral on December 11, 2012 in Finland. It's a part of his Christmas tour that takes him also to Brussels, Luxembourg and the a little tour in Estonia with Ivo Linna and Noorkuu. After placing sixth in Baku 2012 with fantastic Kuula, he has released Kodu and apparently kept very busy with his career. 

Thursday, November 22, 2012


After 46 entries and no win. Only Portugal beats Finland's record of participating without wins. Lordi changed the tables for us and Portugal has kept trying until now. Financial reasons, says the broadcaster not ruling out a return in 2014. Portugal joined Eurovision in 1964 and have missed only three occasions so far (1970 due protest, 2000 and 2002 for relegation). The history of Portugal in Eurovision is full of ups and downs, more downs to tell the truth even if they have often send very good songs. Some of my favorites are Rita GuerraSabrina, Sara Tavares, Dina, Dulce Pontes, Da Vinci, Maria Guinot, Doce.... The list goes on and on. Portugal I'm gonna miss you!


The rumors about the possible Serbian name for Malmö 2013 are also running wild. And as Serbia is one of my favorite Eurovision countries let's have a look who has been named and proposed so far. 
Nataša Bekvalac is an artist, model and actress and has been around for over a decade now. Her biggest hits include Nikotin, Dopro moje and Pozitivna. Emina Jahovic or Emina Sandal as she is married to Turkish megastar Mustafa Sandal (who I'd love to see represent Turkey btw) was rumored next. She's no stranger to Eurovision having participated in the national finals already in 2002 and 2010, and many other contests in the ex-Yogoslavian area where she has a name. Her songs include Da mogu, Posle mene and Beograd prica. Eurovision 2007 winner Marija Serifovic was rumoured at some point as well until she declared herself she's not going to be the one. Now another name has emerged, Saša Kovačević. He has released two albums and several singles including Lapsus, Kako posle nas and a duet with Emina Jahovic, Jos ti se nadam. I like them all but Saša seems like a very good option!


The confirmations, withdrawals and speculations whether the countries are in or out are running wild these days while the date to confirm participation gets closer. Now it looks like Poland and Slovakia will be out after all but Montenegro has confirmed its participation. So, we are at 41 countries and Portugal is the only one that hasn't revealed their intentions but a good guess is they will be in so it'd be 42 again. 
And this is a good excuse to remember fantastic Kaliopi and her dramatic entry Crno i Belo and its equally great follow up Vučica. Hopefully they will continue sending this kind of great artist and song also for Malmö 2013!
Don'r forget also the exclusive interview we did with her in Baku 2012 here.

Update: Of course Kaliopi did not sing for Montenegro but Rambo Amadeus did. However, any excuse and confusion is good enough excuse to write about Kaliopi. Anyways, we did interview also Rambo and you can read that here. Macedonia. Montenegro.... I'm a bit confused after holidays I guess....

Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Nothing has changed since 2011 when Italy returned to Eurovision. Marco Mengoni's name pops up every year. This time RAI confirmed its participation surprisingly early, and even more surprisingly added a poll on its Eurovision Facebook page here about who the fans would like to see represent the country. At the moment Marco Mengoni has nearly 800 votes while runner up Tiziano Ferro less than 200.  Marco Carta fans seem to be tricking the poll but there are three different voices for him and it's hard to think RAI would think about him when selecting the artist. Also a question comes to mind: Will RAI select internally, or without Sanremo effect this year? (Even if they say this poll is just out of curiosity and they have not decided how to choose the singer for Malmö 2012)


The first set of tickets for the Eurovision song contest 2013 in Malmö wil be on sale next Monday, November 26, 2012 at 10 o'clock. The special fan packet includes six standing tickets in the area close to the stage for the following shows at the cost of 2975 SEK or approx 345 euros. Against the previous information there is also one seated section available for fans, to be divided by the various OGAE organisations. 

First semifinal's jury rehearsal May 13
First semifinal May 14
Second semifinal's jury rehearsal May 15
Second semifinal May 16
Final's jury rehearsal May 17
The final May 18

There are also separate tickets on sale from 10 euros to 216 euros here.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


YLE has finally published their plan for this year's UMK aka Uuden musiikin kilpailu, ex-Euroviisut. 
The 12 chosen ones will be announced on December 3, 2012 and we will get to know them all better on December 27. After that two shows will follow when they will be introduced better to the judges and us on January 3 and 10. After that follow three live gigs from Circus nightclub in Helsinki (January 17, 24 and 31) and finally the big final with eight remaining artists in Barona Arena in Espoo. 
The judges are Toni Wirtanen (of Apulanta fame), Aija Puurtinen, Redrama and Tomi Saarinen so this time at least that part seems to be rather solid block of people. 
The hosts will be Ile Uusivuori and Anne Lainto. 
In the three live gigs the jury and the audience will decide who go further, in the final there should be televote only. 

Monday, November 19, 2012

#1 in Finland this week: Rihanna - Diamonds

Rihanna stays at number one in Finland this week with Diamonds for the second week. This is her second #1 in Finland after We found love
But the real climber this week is Cheek thanks to Vain elämää reality. His songs or his versions are at number 7-8-9-17-19!!!


And while we are at the rumor mill let's see what the little birds tell from France. Fabrice Mauss. Never heard of him, I must admit. He's been around for almost ten years now with his band Mauss, three albums on his credit and fourth probably coming if he's aiming for Eurovision I guess. His songs include C'est la vie and Je mens. If France wants to send a guitar troubadour, why not? It would also continue the French string of trying different things....


It seems it's just a promotional gimmick of her PR team to gain her more international visibility and fans. And it worked I guess. Would I be Youtubing her if it wasn't that she might be the one? If I become a fan, I don't think so! Anyways, already a sort of a superstar (apparently) in both Slovakia and Czech Republic this Swiss-American singbird has already scored a string of hits like Nobody knows, Run run run and Never be you. So let's wait for Slovakia's real offering. Could we get Kristina back and her a placing she deserves?


Director Antti Haase is working on a documentary film of the life of Tomi Putaansuu aka Mr Lordi. It should premiere in spring 2014 and will have a look at the past and behind the scenes how a little boy named Tomi became a world famous monster and Eurovision winner. "Tomi was already as a kid the only person I have ever know who wanted to be a monster" Antti tells. "I believe his story is rather universal and will touch all those who haven't given up on their dreams despite difficulties and setbacks. We want to give a peak into his life and the hard work and life behind the masks." This is the first time the band lets anyone that close behind the scenes. As we remember the band kept their masks on all the time even in the heat of Athens. "Antti is the right guy to do this" comments Mr Lordi himself, "as he knows the background and where we come from. Our homes were just 200 meters apart as kids!"
The documentary will feature also footage from Tomi's childhood and the band's early stages and has been filmed along the way in Finland, Europe and United States and will have an international release. 


While I was holidaying under the Soanish sun Belgium announced they will send The Voice winner Roberto Bellarosa to Malmö 2013. He's Italian as the name suggests, comes from a family of footballers so how more Italian can you be: singing, playing football and emigrating?! Anyways, he's just 18 and the song will be selected on December 16, 2012 when he will sing several songs and people will have their say. Belgium thus becomes already 6th country to selected their entry before the end of the year!
Roberto has already released two singles, Je crois and Apprends-moi from his debut album Ma voie released this September. And here he sings with Tiziano Ferro!
To me it looks like a good choice but then all depends on the song really. Being the Voice winner should mean he has some popularity and following to support him on the home ground, too. 


Looks like there's a change in Sweden. The aertists for the first two semifinals were revealed today and most of them seem to be newcomers to the contest. We do have Cookies N Beans and David Lindgren trying again in the first one, Sean Banan and Erik Segerstedt in the second with some other familiar names like Jenny Silver and Pernilla Wahlgren, and then there's also Tone Damli after all. And a lot of familiar names among the songwriters, too, from Måns Zelmerlöw to Ingela Pling Forsman and Thomas G:son. 
And we also have the songwriters of Eurovision winners of 2011 and 2012 neck to neck, too, as also Bjurman and Örn are there....


Cookies N Beans – Burning Flags (Fredrik Kempe)
Mary N’diaye – Gosa (Åsgärde, Frändå, Mary N’diaye)
YOHIO – Heartbreak Hotel (Fransson, Lundgren, Larsson, Göranson, YOHIO)
Jay-Jay Johanson – Paris (Jay-Jay Johanson)
Anna Järvinen – Porslin (Björn Olsson, Martin Elisson)
David Lindgren – Skyline (Fuentes, Nordenback, Fast)
Eric Gadd – Vi kommer aldrig att förlora (Eric Gadd, Stenström, Olofsson)
Michael Feiner & Caisa – We’re Still Kids (Michael Feiner, Caisa Ahlroth)


Joacim Cans – Annelie (Joacim Cans)
Anton Ewald – Begging (Kempe, Malmberg Hård af Segerstad)
Sean Banan – Copacabanana (Sean Banan, Lindholm, Blomberg, Larsson)
Rikard Wolff – En förlorad sommar (Tomas Andersson Wij)
Erik Segerstedt & Tone Damli – Hello Goodbye (Fredriksson, Larsson, Zelmerlöw)
Felicia Olsson – Make Me No 1 (Aly, Wikström, Pling Forsman, Haukaas Mittet)
Pernilla Wahlgren, Hanna Hedlund, Jenny Silver – On Top Of The World (Boström, Thomas G:son)
Louise Hoffsten – Only The Dead Fish Follow The Stream (Hoffsten, Bjurman, Örn)


There's a rumor Pablo Alborán will be selected internally for Spain 2013 and that, folks, will be  BIG thing. The guy emerged last year and while his debut album has sold 6xplatinum his brand new album sold 3xtimes platinum in a week and entered the charts at #1 obviously. He has such a following that the whole of Spain would be glueded to the TV screens to watch him in Malmö 2013. Besides that he has won most every possible award in Spain having the most sold album of the 2011 and is now nominated for three Latin Grammy awards! And as I just returned from Spain and having bought his album I can tell he's fantastic! Here are some of his hits: Solamente tú, Miedo, Tanto, Te he echado de menos and Perdóname
If he's selected it would be a very popular and classy choice for Spain so let's keep fingers crossed.... 


Finally she does it. Finnish born Anna Järvinen's Porslin is in the line up of the Melodifestivalen 2013 songs. The same song was listen already last year, then disappeared! Did she withdraw it the last minute last year or what happened? Anyways, there she is now. She is well known name in Finland and has been singing also on Finnish even if Swedish is her main language. She scored a huge hit here with Olavi Uusivirta with Nuori ja kaunis. One of her best known songs in Finland is Helsinki, where she sings about her longing for her old hometown...
She moved to Stockholm when she was six, and first started in Granana band that made three albums before going solo and making it big in 2007. 
More about the other 16 Melodifestivalen artists and songs in a bit.....


As I predicted the Voice of Finland runner up Jesse Kaikuranta won this year's Syksyn Sävel with his Järjetön rakkaus beating veteran names like Yö, Laura Voutilainen and Mariska. This continues his string of success ever since his debut single hit the #1 this spring and his just released album debuted at #1 as well. 
Helsinki's Fair center hosted the show last Saturday night and you can listen all the songs and get to know the singers by scrolling down this blog :-). This year the profits of the voting were donated to cancer research and during the night over 543.000 euros were collected. The press, or rather media also chose their favourite and it was also Jesse! No other awards or placing were given. You can watch the performances here.. 

Saturday, November 17, 2012

I'm back from holidays! In a couple of days that is. A quick look at the Eurovision world shows there's been a lot going on so I will sum up everything in the coming days. Stay tuned! 
And meanwhile I'm off from Spain to Sweden....

Thursday, November 15, 2012


Another very popular schlager band from Pori tries its big comeback in Syksyn Sävel after changes in the line up and lead singer Simo Silmu's negative publicity earlier this year (in short alcohol problems). They have just released a new album where from this Appelisiinilehtoon is taken from. The song is very nice and catchy and in its genre pretty much perfect! I like it.
The band is around since 1992. Twelve studio albums and three compilations that have gained them 9 gold discs, 5 platinum discs and one multiplatinum. Their biggest hits include Mä putoan, Eurovision cover Rakkaus on sininen and Sitä saa mitä tilaa

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Yö has been on top for 30 years already and has sold over one million albums. They have just released their 19th studio album and have gained 11 gold discs, 8 platinum discs, 4 double platinum discs and even  two multiplatinums (2001 and 2003).
The singer Olli Lindholm is the only original member left but it hasn't stopped the band continuing scoring hit after hit. They have a lot of fans and their entry Syyt syntyjen is catchy, radio hit that should please their fans and also others. A very possible winner if they only can motivate their fans to vote them, or will Jesse Kaikuranta's more active fanbase in social medias a crucial factor?
Yö's biggest hits include Rakkaus on lumivalkoinen, Joutsenlaulu and Likaiset legendat

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Tuuli is a 13-year-old from Espoo. Some see her as record company's desperate female response to Robin's huge success. Time will tell how it is. Her Syksyn Sävel entry is a ballad Enää ei oo kiire. She has released already two singles, Salaisuudet and Paljon onnea vaan and her songwriters includes Lauri and Pauli from The Rasmus. Her debut album has sold already gold. I'm not impressed..... Maybe I'm just too old?

Monday, November 12, 2012


Topi Saha is a 24-year-old with a voice of a 42-year-old, says his presentation. He released his debut album  Verta ja lihaa in 2010 and won over the critics but this blogger had never heard of him until gossip papers presented him as Heli Kajo's possible new boyfriend. His Pappi, lukkari, talonpoika, kuppari is a very Finnish pop song and could easily be written by J.Karjalainen. Not bad at all. Could be his big breakthrough. 

Sunday, November 11, 2012


Marita Taavitsainen, Syksyn Sävel 1998 winner and Euroviisut veteran return singing about little things, Pieniä asioita, that a mother of little children can enjoy and surely will reach out to her audience. She tells: "Winning Syksyn Sävel is the high point of my career that gave me the opportunity to be a full time singer. When I was asked to take pat I accepted immediately. I bring a song that I can sing to my employers, the people in the dance halls. It would be useless to bring a radio pop song as it would be impossible to sing in my gigs, people want to dance and they have to able to dance to my songs. If some radio will pick it up anyways, that's great! I still do over 100 gigs a year so I need material I can sing there"
And her song is just that. That genre isn't exactly my cup of tea but somehow I like this song. It's catchy and it sticks to your head and before you know you are humming along and beating your foot.... And I think this song will fit into some radios playlist just fine!

Saturday, November 10, 2012


Mariska has moved from hip hop to schlager pop and in both styles has collected nominations for awards and hits. She has also written lyrics to other artists, like Jenni Vartiainen and Anna Puu. In 2010 she won the new tango song competition in Tangomarkkinat with Sua kaipaan and has since moved more to the schlager field with two latest albums and hits like Liekki. This year Kukkurukuu has been one of the biggest radio hits and she hopes to bis it with this Kuolema on kalamies

Friday, November 09, 2012


Laura Voutilainen needs no presentation. Eurovision veteran and multi-award winning artist has released 11 studio albums and the 12th is coming soon. The first single off the new work was this summer's hit Kokonainen nainen and now she tries her luck in Syksyn Sävel with ballad Äiti tähtipuutarhan. She has won Iskelmä Finlandia and two Emma awards as the Female singer of the year so really only thing missing in her impressive CV is a Syksyn Sävel win.... 

Thursday, November 08, 2012


Kalle Kaaja is a Topi Sorsakoski protegee whose past includes two participations in Tangomarkkinat and also rockabilly band The Wagtails. In 2009 he released an album with his band Caravan, produced by before mentioned, late Topi Sorsakoski. He didn't want his band Kulkukoirat to end with him so Kalle Kaaja stepped in and is now the solist. Their song Sielusi kaipaa surely will appeal to fans of this kind of music.... 

Wednesday, November 07, 2012


Today the fans seem to be in outrage, ready to march in Malmö and kick some ass in SVT. Simply because it was made public that no longer the draw will determinate the running order but the producers of the show.
And the fans forget something. Or quite a lot.
First of all it wasn't SVT's decision but the EBU Reference group's. The idea might by Swedish but they didn't decide that. And the same system is in use in Melodifestivalen and seems to please the fans greatly. So, don't blame the Swedes. They only introduced an idea that was then accepted by all the others.
Secondly, isn't the similar system used in Junior Eurovision? Only that the countries have been drawn into slots and the order inside those slots is decided by the producers. (Maybe they should have done this in here, too?). And even in semifinal allocation draw put countries in the first and second half - so, we were already halfway there. And this still stands, so in all it's just setting the order for some 8-10 songs... But then, that was done before we knew the songs....
Thirdly, if this avoids of having like five ballads one after another, or several uptempo songs neck to neck, isn't it nicer to have them separated? Everybody benefits; the songs and the viewers!
Also I would like to point out that we fans know the songs, most likely have seen the rehearsal videos and know what to expect, have our favorites and can separate the songs because of that, but a general European viewer (about 99% of the viewers) does see and hear them for the very first time. Some of them have maybe heard a song or two, some haven't even heard their own entry! Whatever makes them easier to follow the show, separate the songs from each other and remember them is a good thing! And with this system the producers can do just that!
And what about the dreadful number two slot? I think it's more of a superstition and the running order isn't all that important what the fans seem to think.... If Fairytale, Satellite or Hard rock hallelujah would have been performed at number two, do you really think they wouldn't have won?
If the fans will just calm down and think about it, they should realize the benefits of this.
The host country will be the only one who's running order will be determined by a draw.
And for the 2013 edition it was also decided to separate the Swedish neighbors Norway and Denmark to help the ticket sales and availability and it was drawn that Denmark will be in the first semifinal and Norway in the second.
Sietse Bakker, Event Supervisor at Eurovision Song Contest, Supervisor at Junior Eurovision posted the following on his Facebook page this afternoon, as a response to all the negative reactions that followed the EBU's decision:
"The response to the announcement that the running order of the Eurovision Song Contest will be determined by the producers is rather surprising. We have applied the same principle at the Junior Eurovision Song Contest for ten (!) years and it worked out fine. It made better television and there was never the slightest doubt about the integrity of the producers."


Jesse Kaikuranta is one of the hottest names in the list. He broke through in the first The Voice of Finland where he came second but has since clearly outsold the winner Mikko Sipola. His debut album was released this week and is one of the most awaited albums of the year. His first single Vie mut kotiin went straight to #1 in iTunes (and #11 in official singles chart and #1 on radio chart) and has been one of the biggest radiohits of 2012. Järjetön rakkaus is following the suit and is already a big hit and reached #6 in iTunes and #3 on radio charts). Here's the video. And here's Minä ja hän. He's debut album went straight to #1 in iTunes upon its release last week.
This blogger thinks he's one of the most interesting new artists around and he's my favorite for win this year!
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