Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy new year 2009!

Happy new year everyone! Yet another year has passed and Russia finally won the Eurovision in 2008 and hosts the event in 2009. Many changes in this edition; countries dropping out, some returning. The juries are back... Let's see if that will make the show move a bit back towards the western and central Europe... Time will tell. Meanwhile, I wish you a very happy and eventful 2009. Let some of your dreams and wishes come to reality during this year. I leave you with this questionable dance version of ABBA's Happy new year:

El Retorno: Marco Banderas - The porn life

XXX-porn star Marco Banderas seems to be fan of Eurovision, as he is aiming for Moscow 2009. His The porn life is at #385 in the voting right now. He's doing much better in his hardcore porn star career than as a singer: he's been nominated to 8 AVN (Adult Video News) Awards, including Male performer of the year.
(oh and no, it's not one of my favourites. It's here purely to spice up your new year's a little ;-) )

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

El Retorno: Melody y Los Vivancos - Amante de la luna

Melody and the 7 flamenco dancing brothers of Los Vivancos have been climbing up the on line voting chart and are already as #2 with their flamenco explosion full of Spain and passion. Amante de la luna would surely make a spectacular stage show possible in Moscow 2009 and bring in some real thing. But the brothers are 7, 2 of them should stay off the stage.... shame!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Norway - Semifinal 3 line up

NRK announced the artists in the last and third semifinal thus completing the list. Half Romanian Ovi as well as two girl groups in this one.

Sichelle- Left right
The Rebelettes - Soul train
Ovi- Seven seconds
Jane Helen - Shuffled
Foxy- Do it again
Sunny - Carrie
Alexander Rybak - Fairytale

El Retorno: Dani Aleman - Mia

And here comes yet another pretty boy singing an Europop song! Dani Aleman's Mia is not bad at all but here propably gets lost amongst all the other similar ones of this genre. Shame. He might make it big in some other countries I am not going to name aloud.... Enjoy!

Sanremo 2009: Fausto Leali

The third Eurovision veteran in Sanremo 2009 is Fausto Leali (64). He participates for the 9th time and 7 times he has finished in top-5! He won with Ti lasceró in duet with Anna Oxa and they went on to represant Italy in the Eurovision as well, but with another song, Avrei voluto.

1968 Deborah (4th)
1969 Un'ora fa (4th)
1970 Hippy (12th)
1973 La bandiera di sole (8th)
1987 Io amo (4th)
1988 Mi manchi (5th)
1989 Ti lasceró - with Anna Oxa (1st)
1997 Non ami che a te (5th)
2002 Ora che ho bisogno di te - with Luisa Corna (4th)
2009 Una piccola parte di te

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Israel: Exit Harel, enter Marina

It seems like IBA would want Harel Skaat for Israel in Moscow 2009 but unsettled legal matters with his record company will put stop to all that. The negotiations are over and Harel can't record any new material for the time being so goodbye Moscow. Shame.
The rumour is Boaz Mauda's runner up in Israeli Idols Marina Maximilian Blumin would be on top of the list of possible entrants right now.... We will see....
Here's a duet by them:

Sanremo 2009: Albano Carrisi

Another Eurovision veteran is taking part in Sanremo, too. Al Bano or Albano Carrisi returns for the 12th time. He started as solo, then did several festivals with then wife Romina Power and they also did Eurovision twice (in 1976 and in 1985). Hel also backed Jane Bogaert for Switzerland in 2000. Since 1996 he has been to Sanremo as soloist again. Two years ago he took a surprise 2nd place in the final. Here are his participations:

1968 La siepe (9th)
1971 13 storia d'oggi (8th)
1982 Felicitá - with Romina (2nd)
1984 Ci sará - with Romina (1st)
1987 Nostalgia canaglia - with Romina (3rd)
1989 Cara terra mia - with Romina (3rd)
1991 Oggi sposi - with Romina (-)
1996 È la mia vita (7th)
1997 Verso il sole (14th)
1999 Ancora in volo (6th)
2007 Nel perdono (2nd)
2009 L'amore é sempre amore

El Retorno: Roel - Y ahora dices

I may have been presenting too many male singers from Spain, but here comes yet another one. There's something irresistible and captivating about this song. It sounds very familiar somehow and at the same time very unfinished, yet I don't want them to change anything about it!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

El Retorno: David Sampedro - Tan lejos

Today's pick comes from the bottom of the voting lists so if you like it: vote! David Sampedro presents a catchy pop-rock number Tan lejos here:

Sanremo 2009: Iva Zanicchi

Iva Zanicchi (68) returns to Sanremo as a singer for the 10th time. In 1969 she represented Italy in Eurovision with Due grosse lacrime bianche (13.) and she's also the female singer who has won Sanremo most times (3). She has toured South America, given concert in Madison Square Garden in New York, she was the first Italian singer to tour Soviet Union, she has written two books, hosted TV shows and is since May 2008 a member of European Parliament.

1965 I tuoi anni piú belli (-)
1966 La notte del addio (7.)
1967 Non pensare a me (1.)
1968 Per vivere (-)
1969 Zingara (1.)
1970 L'arca di Noé (3.)
1974 Ciao cara come stai? (1.)
1984 Chi (mi dará) (9.)
2003 Fossi un tango (20.)
2009 Ti voglio senza amore (?)

Besides singer she has been involved in Sanremo also in 1977 with Arrivederci padre (guest star), in 1979 with Pronto 113 (guest star), 2000 in quality jury and 2005 as critic.

Watch her in Eurovision 1969 in Madrid here:

Friday, December 26, 2008

Enrico Ruggeri in Albania

Enrico Ruggeri was guest starring in Festivali i Këngës a Tirana, dueting with the hostess Elsa Lila, who also participated in Sanremo 2003 in newcomers category.

El Retorno: Marti - Sigo aqui

Yet another one from Spain. Marti with his power ballad Sigo aqui, very traditional Eurovision stuff but definately a grower. Check it out here:

Sal Da Vinci Vs. Marcos Llunas

Sal Da Vinci, who is taking part in Sanremo 2009 won the very first Festival Italiano 1994 with self penned Vera. A song full of Napoletan passion and his performance on stage convinced everyone and he took a very well deserved surprise win before many wellknown popular artists. Marcos Llunas, who represanted Spain in the Eurovision 1997 recorded the song in 1995 and it became a megahit in Latin America and Spain selling over 5 million copies as Vida. Which one do you prefer?

Moldova: Songs on line

Moldova has put their songs on line. You can also vote them but a jury will pick up max 20 songs to the final. Listen here: Moldova also takes a strong hold for the "Worst English in national selection Award"... with honorable mention to Alexandru Bognobov, who unfortunately also provides vocals to After Reahersal... Alexa and Olga Tira are giving it yet another try.

Onnik - Love your country
One Man's Project - Be mine
After Reahearsal - Knocking on Julie's heart
Alexandru Bognibov - In 2 days
Mihai Brasoveanu - Le feu d'amour
Corbus Albus - 7 days
Elena Buga - Queen
Cristina Croitor - First chance
Cristina Sitnic - Cine cineva
Veronica Stolli - Lerui - ler
Anisoara Balmus - Adrenalina
Nora Marian - Born to be together
Zbînts - I am free
Doina Gherman - Hei! Exploadeaza!
Dana Marchitan - Doar un pas
Marius - We'll gonna rock
Edict - Run away
Katalina Rusu - Sparky lady
Slavici - O fata cu parul de aur
Octavyan - Feel my heart
Dianna - I'm missing you
El Radu - The song of life
Exnn - Dance the witch
Vlad - Give me your life
Cezara - Tu tata
Elite - Uite-asa
Elite - Esti tânar
Brand - Simt ca este timpul
Galina Scoda - Joc de noroc
Sun Stroke Projekt - No crime
Olga Tira - Unicul meu
Olga Tira - Love is in the air
Alexa - A flight to the light
Natalia Gordienco - So alive
Nelly Ciobanu - Hora din Moldova
Cristy Rouge - Women's winner

Norway: Semifinal 2 line up

NRK has announced the acts in the 2nd semifinal and we have the return of Eurovision veteran Wenche Myre, as well as Alexander Stenerud goes solo this time instead of his band Zuma.

1: Wenche Myre - Alt Har En Mening Ar
2: Publiners - Te Stein
3: Tine Wulff - Ride
4: Alexander Stenerud - Find My Girl
5: Janni Santilen - (Like You Did) Yesterday
6: Julius Winger: Like An Angel
7: Tone Damil Aaberge - Butterflies

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Have yourself a merry little Christmas!!!
with this song of Edyta Górniak:

I also want to take the opportunity to thank you all - over 68.000 - that have been reading something here since May. That's over 300 of you every day. Thank you!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

El Retorno: Rafael De Alba....

Look what I just found in the picture looks suspiciously familiar, doesn't it? Anyways, it's just another excuse to talk about Rafael De Alba's wonderful song so go and listen to it. And vote for it!

El Retorno: Barb@zul - Enganchado a ti

Barb@zul is a duo with a gay twist, bear following and nice synths. And their entry Enganchado a ti is a very catchy little number that could become this year's This is my life....
Many familiar names in the Croatian final Dora 2009. Goran Karan who sung for Croatia in 2000, Femminem who represented Bosnia-Herzegovina in 2005 and Vesna Pisarovic, the winner of 2002 are amogst the hopefuls along with one member of last year's winning team Krajlevi Ulice in Papak Dance Company. These 14 from the open contest will be joined by ten songs by invited composers.

Čager Zec i Papak Dance Company - Ritam da se ritam
Alen Vitasović and Lela Kaplowitz - Tamo gdje ljubav pocinje
Marta Kuliš - Makni se
Feminnem - Trebam te
Maja Vučić - Tebe imam ja
Marko Tolja - Stranci
Ivo Gamulim Gianni - Daj mi jedan razlog
Jelena Radan - Voljet cu te sutra
Goran Karan - Adam i Eva
Ricardo Luque - Ljubav ima njeno lice
Vesna Pisarovic and Giuliano - Raduj se
Sane - Dečk
Tomislav Bralić & Klapa Intrade - Ne damo te pismo naša
Dražen Žanko - Samo ti

Sanremo 2009: here they are

The artists and songs for the next Sanremo festival have been announced today ending a speculation and guessing going on for weeks. From the ex-Eurovision artists we have Albano, Fausto Leali and Iva Zanicchi. Besides them previous winners - in various categories - include Alexia, Dolcenera, Marco Masini, Povia and Francesco Renga. From the various Idols reality things we have Marco Carta. Afterhours will take care of the rock, Gemelli Diversi of the italorap. For me the nicest surprise is Sal Da Vinci, the winner of the first Festival Italiano 1994 with Vera - the anti-Sanremo festival on Canale5 that lived a few years in the 1990's until RAI killed it.

Afterhours - Il paese è reale
Albano - L’amore è sempre amore
Alexia feat. Mario Lavezzi - Biancaneve
Marco Carta - Dentro ad ogni brivido
Dolcenera - Il mio amore unico
Gemelli Diversi - Vivi per un miracolo
Fausto Leali - Una piccola parte di te
Marco Masini - L’Italia
Nicky Nikolai & Stefano Di Battista - Più sole
Patty Pravo - E io verrò un giorno là
Povia - Luca era gay
Pupo, Paolo Belli & Youssou’N Dour - L’opportunità
Francesco Renga - L’uomo senza età
Sal Da Vinci - Non riesco a farti innamorare
Tricarico - Il bosco delle fragole
Iva Zanicchi - Ti voglio senza amore


In this ex-New comers category we have the daughters of Zucchero and Red of the band Pooh, as well as a chorist of Lucio Dalla who makes a debut at tender age of 62. They will be presented along with big names of the Italian music: Pino Daniele, Riccardo Cocciante, Roberto Vecchioni, Gino Paoli, Massimo Ranieri and befoementioned Zucchero and Lucio Dalla amongst others.

Silvia Aprile - Un desiderio arriverá
Irene Fornaciari - Spiove il sole
Iskra Menarini - Quale amore
Filippo Perbellini - L'orgoglio
Chiara Canzian - Prova a dire il mio nome
Malika Ayane - Come foglie
Barbara Gilbo - Che ne sai di me
Karima - Come in ogni ora
Arisa - Sinceritá
Simona Molinari - Egocentrica

El Retorno: Marc Muria - Libertad femenina

Marc Muria is one of the many artists who is trying his luck again after last year's Salvamós Eurovision. His at #108 at the moment.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Željko Joksimović to hit another country?

Željko Joksimović is rumoured to have his eye on Montenegro 2009. If he wrote the song, it would be his fourth Eurovision country and entry in six years: In 2004 he wrote and performed the Serbia-Montenegro's entry Lane moje that came 2nd. In 2006 he wrote the song Lejla for Bosnia-Herzegovina, that was performed by Hari Mata Hari and came 3rd. In 2008 he took revenge with Jelena Tomašević in Serbia when Oro won and represanted the country at home arena in Belgrade scoring 6th place. (Back in 2005 the same team failed to win the Serbia-Montenegrin controversial final with Jutro when most Montenegrin members of the jury favoured their own entry.) Željko also hosted the 2008 Eurovision song contest in Belgrad.


Kejsi Tola was chosen as the Albanese entrant for Moscow 2009 last night by the jury. Më merr në ëndërr is, in my opinion, quite monotonous and tuneless effort but for Albania it's quite up tempo! However, when cut to 3 minutes, remixed and revamped who knows what comes out of it? Full results:

Kejsi Tola - Më mërr në ëndërr 126
Juliana Pasha & Luiz Ejlli - Nje jetë 119
Group West Side Family - Jehonë 118
Besa Kokedhima - Ajer 109
Marjeta Billo - Era e tokës 106
Group Burn - Jam I Pari I Jettes Sime 96
Dorina Garuci - Dite 1 jetë 92
Adelina Thaci - Oret e fundit 91
Endri & Stefi Prifti - Ti bere faj 91
Evis Mula - Unë jam dashuria 91
Erga Halilaj - Dikush mungon 63
Rovena Dilo & Gent Bushpepa - S'jam balade 60
Agim Poshka - Fajtor për ngrohjen globale 56
Vedat Ademi - Po me prite 51
Era Rusi - Shpirt i humbur 50
Soni Malaj - Zona zero 44
Emi Bogdo - Kur buzet henen e kafshojn 43
Kujtim Prodani - Nostalgji 24
Shpat Kasapi - Aromë mediterane 22
Julian Lekocaj - Nuk Je Ti 17

Sunday, December 21, 2008

El Retorno: Jorge González - Si yo vengo a enamorarte

Jorge Gonzáles is at the moment the 4th most voted on the combined on line voting after Soraya, Mirela and Melody y Los Vivancos with his Si yo vengo a enamorarte.

Tonight: Festivali i Këngës in Albania

Tonight we will finally know the first entry for Moscow 2009 when Albania chooses its song in the 47th Festivali i Këngës in Tirana. The songs have been presented already on Friday night, and reperformed last night with different versions. One of the favourites to win tonight is Shpat Kasapi (above). Let's see if he manages to bring is Mediterranean aroma to Moscow 2009. We should know by 2AM CET....

01. Group West Side Family - Jehonë
02. Soni Malaj - Zona zero
03. Juliana Pasha & Luiz Ejlli - Nje jetë
04.Kujtim Prodani - Nostalgji
05. Emi Bogdo - Kur buzet henen e kafshojn
06. Erga Halilaj- Dikush mungon
07. Marjeta Billo - Era e tokës
08. Adelina Thaci - Oret e fundit
09. Rovena Dilo & Gent Bushpepa - S'jam balade
10. Dorina Garuci - Dite 1 jetë
11. Endri & Stefi Prifti - Ti bere faj
12. Kejsi Tola - Më mërr në ëndërr
13. Era Rusi - Shpirt i humbur
14. Julian Lekocaj - Nuk Je Ti
15. Shpat Kasapi - Aromë mediterane
16. Evis Mula - Unë jam dashuria
17. Group Burn - Jam I Pari I Jettes Sime
18. Vedat Ademi - Po me prite
19. Agim Poshka - Fajtor për ngrohjen globale
20. Besa Kokedhima - Ajer

Malta 's Euro Showbox 6

Malta's search went on last night and 7 more songs were presented. One can only hope people were busy prepairing for Christmas instead of watching as there's nothing to write home about really. Shame.

01. Jamie Tonna - Where was I?
Rather forgettable in every sense. But doesn't he sound like Jim Diamond?
02. Q - Before you walk away
The group of 5 vocalists returns. This one's better than their first effort. Rather beautiful melody and they all can sing and their vocals also mix nicely but this isn't going anywhere either....
03. Julie Pomorski - Shades of memories
Is that her voice or did she have a flu? However, cute little number. Quite likable for some weird reason....
04. Jessica Muscat - Hey you
The first uptempo song and Jessica gives all she can with her long legs and high heals. The title becomes very clear over these three minutes.
05. Raquela - Crossroads
Back to ballas with this typical festival ballad that leaves no trace of any kind.... Not most memorable Borg-Vella songs, in good nor in bad.
06. Ludwig Galea - Inferno
Is this the ultimate prove Borg-Vella team has lost it completely? This is not going anywhere and Ludwig ruins the rest with over hysterical performance. Sigh.
07. Kylie Coleiro - Let it shine
Back to ballad wonderland. And immediately forgettable.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

El Retorno: Soraya - La noche es para mi

Soraya Arnelas Rubiales takes the early lead on the online voting for the Spanish song in Moscow 2009 with this La noche es para mi. I think it's ok, nothing special as it gives me a feeling of rather manufactured entry. Something the fans will love but the general public? Don't think so. In the war of taking sides I stand with Mirela.
When writing this Mirela is as clear second but the voting has just started and you can do your share here:

Friday, December 19, 2008

Norway: Semifinal 1 line up

NRK has published the line up for the first semifinal in Kongvinger on January 24:

Surferosa - U Look Good
Chicas del Coro - Men Men Men
Kesera - Party
Espen Hana - Two Of A Kind
Charite - Sweeter Than A Kiss
Thomas Brøndbo - Det Vart Ein Storm
Velvet - Tricky

El Retorno: Mirela - Nada es comparable a ti

Yet another song from the Spanish MySpace selection, and one of the early favourites. I agree. This sounds like a song that deserves to be sung in the end of the show, titles running on top of it, confettis falling and flags flying. This might a very good card to play for Spain.
Mirela is no stranger to Eurovision: 2007 she was in Misión Eurovision and became a huge fan favourite, and last year she tried her luck with Stronger. I hope she'll be third time lucky....

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Idols winner Koop hits #1 with Insomnia

Koop Arponen, the fresh winner of Finnish Idols 2008 scores his first #1 hit when Insomnia as his debut release goes straight to that position. Pieni ja hento ote by Dave Lindholm, that Idols runner up Anna Puustjärvi performed during Idols enters the chart at #2.
This week also Anna signed a recording deal and will release her debut single in March 2009 and an album later next spring. Today's news is also third placed superfavourite Pete Parkkonen has been signed, too.

Bulgaria - Quarter final 3

Bulgaria goes on tonight. In this quarterfinal the top-3s from the past 3 heats battle it out for the 3 places in the semifinals... Why can't I recall any of these songs? Zona, Tedi & co and Stefan qualified.

Tedi Slavcheva feat. Teni & Iva - Don't look for me
Vatticana - Sun is shining
Svetozar Hristov - Barrow from the shadow
Sunay Chalakov - Neshto ludo
Freeway - Sama
Iskren Petsov - Zashto se varna
X-R@Y - We
Stefan Ilchev - Get up
Zona - Senki

The Dutch finalists announced

Not the best day to announce their songs, but the Netherlands have published today the songs in their final. De Toppers have sorted out the 365 received songs first to 20, then to these 6 final songs:

Our night (Rutger Kanis/Robert Dorn)
No one loves me like you (Rob le Cardinale)
Shine (Bas van den Heuvel Ger van de Westelaken)
Angels of the light (Edwin de Groot/Edwin van Hoevelaak/Bruce R. F. Smith)
Everybody can be a star (Ferdi Bolland)
Three is the magic number (Kees Te/ Christiaan Hulsebos)

Georgia is in!

Some good news for a change. Kjell Ekholm, the Finnish member of the EBU's reference group, confirms on YLE's website that Georgia has had a change of heart and will participate in Moscow 2009 after all.

El Retorno: Diven - Forever with you

Today's tip for the Spanish El Retorno is fan favourite Diven with Forever with you. Nice pop song that could be following Man Meadow's footsteps but ... is there something missing after all? Their MySpace:

... and there goes the record!

So, it looks quite sure Latvia is out, Lithuania is still a big question mark and now San Marino confirms they are not going to Moscow 2009. There goes the record dreamed by the Russian organizers and Svante Stockselius. With these news and atmosphere they must be happy if they manage to drag 40 countries to Eurovision 2009... Shame.
(And now all you dreamers can start daydreming San Marino's NO means Italy's SI....)

Iceland: First artists out!

Iceland has revealed the first 3 artists to take part in the Söngvakeppni Sjónvarpsins 2009, the Icelandic national selection. 13 more artists to come...

Jógvan (Hansen), winner of the Icelandic X-Factor 2007 with 70% of the votes. He comes from the Faroe islands.
Halla Vilhjálmsdóttir is also known from X-Factor... as hostess!
Ingó is one of the most popular artists in Iceland at the moment. His song (and Jógvan's as well) is written by Hallgrimur Oskarsson.

Baltic withdrawals

According YLE's website Latvia has withdrawn from Moscow 2009. The government cut 3,5 million euros from LTV's budget, including the 150.000 Eurovision fee. Latvia, as all the other countries had until December 14 time to confirm their participation but got 3 extra days from EBU to sort out the situation.

In neigbouring Lithuania the situation is still unclear. LTR had decided to cancel several programmes due to its final crisis, including all international events like Eurovision song contest, Junior Eurovision and Eurovision dance contest. Their fee for Eurovision is 72.000 euros but they are still negotiating with EBU to cut it down.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Lithuanian semifinalists announced - with a doubt

Lithuanian TV made public today its semifinalists for Dainų daina , the show that in theory shound deliver the Lithuanian entry for Moscow 2009. However, the whole participation was put in doubt due to the financial crisis LRT is facing. A bit like the situation in neighbouring Latvia... We will see... The includes familiar names like Sasha Son and Rūta Ščiogolevaitė as well as Ruslanas Kirilkinas from the Finnish Idols.

Irena Starošaitė (Song title TBA),BIX -Visko pradžia,Stano -Viskas pasakyta, 69 danguje - Meilės simfonija, Rosita Čivilytė and Donatas Montvydas - Dainu daina,YVA - Į dangų, Zvonkai - Mes gyvenam gerai, Violeta Tarasovienė - Aš būsiu šalia, Vilius Tarasovas - Aš tik tavim tikiu, Rūta Ščiogolevaitė -Redemption, Rūta Lukoševičiūtė -Window of life, D.Montvydas -Euro LT, Alanas -Geras jausmas, Indraja - Svetima, Taja- Vėjai keturi, Siela - Euforija, Širdelės -Visko per mažai, Saulės kliošas - Saulė, Augustė - Not the best time, Jonas Čepulis and Skirmantė - Uosilėli žaliasai, Biplan - Ar lauksi manęs, Milanno and Karina Krysko - Dream a dream, Blogos mergaitės - Renkuosi tave, Šokoledas -Plastmasinė širdis, Ruslanas Kirilkinas - I call for freedom, Sasha Son -Pasiklydęs žmogus, Fuego - Žvaigždžių milijonai, Kastaneda -Aš tik šoumenas, Soliaris, Greta and SEL - Noriu žinoti, Egidijus Sipavičius -Per mažai, Urtė Šilagalytė -The elegant blues, Deivis - Lietuva, Darius Pranckevičius and Violetas Valskytė - Nutylėta viltis, Kamilė Kielaitė - No way to run, Aurelija Slavinskaitė -Part of time, Milana - Ar tu mane matei

Mondo Marcio a Sanremo?

The rumours and speculations are running wild while waiting for the announcement of the artists in Sanremo 2009. The latest "sure" names are Paola Turci (winner of Emergenti category back in 1990), Dolcenera (winner of newcomers in 2003), Marco Masini (winner of newcomers in 1990 and winner of 2004), Francesco Renga (winner of 2005) and Neri per Caso (winner of newcomers 1995). Also ex-Eurovision entrants Albano Carrisi (as Albano & Romina Power) and Antonella Ruggiero (as in Matia Bazar) are also given out as quite sure names. Other names include Mondo Marcio (or Rotten World), who would bring something else to the stage of Teatro Ariston with his rap, and not so hard pop-rap by Gemelli Diversi. Also Velvet, Sugarfree, Nicky Nicolai & Stefano Di Battista and Anna Tatangelo circulate in rumours.

Norway makes it 21!

NRK must have received a lot of goodies as they announce 21 - instead of the planned 18 - songs for the MGP 2009. The artists will be announced later this week. Here are the ones announced today:

Dikt Mæ En Himmel
Left Right
Te Stein
Like an angel
Soul train
Alt Har En Mening Nå
Like you did (yesterday)
Two of a kind

You can find the previously announced songs here:

El Retorno: La rosa del desierto - Rayo de esperanza

One more hopeful from Spain. This time duo La rosa del desierto - that makes me think of Jalisse for some reason - and their beautiful Rayo de esperanza. Here's their MySpace:

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Cyprus announces the final songs

Many familiar names in the Cypriot final. Only the titles and writers were announced today but it may be a safe bet Marlain (ESC 1999) will perform her own song. Metaxas however, who should have won last year, is busy in Greek Idols (!), so is Panayi (1995, 2000) as a vocal couch! Last years winning team is involved in I'm gonna break up with you.

Βleed for you (Pieros Kezou)
I wanna thank you (Kor Melian)
I believe (Katerina Neokleous)
Moving on (Yiorgos Sinos-Christina Georgiou)
Heartbeat (Dionysis Stamatopoulos-Androula Michail)
Firefly (Nikolas Metaxas)
Mr Uptight One night stand (Marlain Angelidou)
There is love (Alexandros Panayi)
I’m gonna break up with you (Nikos Evangelou-Tefkros Neokleous)
Mary (Tefkros Neokleous)

Last but not least... Star Pilots

SVT has come to agreement and today we got to know also the very last artist in Melodifestivalen 2009. Star Pilots will perform Higher. Sounds fabulous!

El Retorno: Rafael de Alba - One more chance

More Spanish Eurovision wannabes: Rafael de Alba with soft and quiet One more chance. In all it's simplicity it sounds really nice. Will it have any chance getting through I don't know but I like it a lot! His MySpace:

Sanna Nielsen wins OGAE 2nd chance contest

Sweden wins once again OGAE's 2nd chance contest when Sanna Nielsen's Empty room beats Spain's Todo está en tu mente by Coral with 90 points! Actually Sweden took all top 3 places, as also Spain's and Poland's entries are made in Sweden. If Romania took part it would have been most likely top-4 for Sweden as well....

Here's the Top 5:
01. SWEDEN Sanna Nielsen - Empty room 268
02. SPAIN Coral - Todo está en tu mente 178
03. POLAND Man Meadow - Viva la música 155
04. GREECE Kostas Martakis - Always and forever 140
05. NORWAY Veronika Akselsen - Am I supposed to love again? 139

Watch the voting and full results here:
And the list of the entries is here:

Melodifestivalen wildcards: E.M.D

E.M.D will be the last wildcard in the Melodifestivalen 2009. Three guys; Erik Segerstedt, Mattias Andréasson and Danny Saucedo. They will perform Baby goodbye. They all started in Idols, and especially Danny has been getting popular after that. He also represanted Sweden in the Eurovision dance contest this fall.

El Retorno: Enrike Lemus - Donde esta Raquel?

Yet another hopeful from Spain. Catchy little rock-pop number.

Monday, December 15, 2008

El Retorno: Carola Terror Drag - Sin amor eterno

Another song from Spain. Carola Terror Drag - one can only guess where she got the name from... - already tried her luck last year with Dime la verdad but seems to have tuned down the act to be more serious this time and yes, it's a nice little pop song!

Belarus: Finalists known

These five acts made it to the final. It's worth remembering they still may change the song.

Petr Elfimov - Eyes that never lie
Litesound feat. Dakota - Carry on
Veter v Golove - Or - or - and

Belarus: Eurofest semifinal tonight

It's time for Belarus to start its process to find the song for Moscow 2009. !5 songs will be performed tonight in a gala concert and a jury will pick up 5 of them to the final next year. Televoting will choose the winner in the final. As usual, one should not count these are the songs the qualified singers will perform in the final....

01. Alex Patalis Band - Who Said It?
02. SingeRin - Don't think about it
03. Uncle Vanya - Our Belarussia
04. Petr Yelfimov - Eye, that never lie
05. Venera -
Big Game
06. Litesound - Miracle
07. Anna Blagova & Yury Vashchuk -
08. Gunesh - Fantastic Girl
09. Victoria Belova - Don't give up from love
10. Cola & Lidya Zabolotskaya - Honk
11. Dominica -
My Day
12. Wind in the Head -
And - Or- And
13. Alexei Krechet -
Joy and freedom
14. The Champions - Shake it Europe
15. Dakota - Forgetting You

UPDATE: I gave up watching the bad webcast after 5 songs when also the sound started cracking besides the picture that didn't work right. Right after Dakota's bloody dirty solders on stage with her as bride with black veil... And two other songs featuring masks, one child on stage and most everyone wearing black and white. Songwise nothing good yet but Petr Yelfimov looked like a sure qualifier.
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