Saturday, June 30, 2012

Summer songs: Soluna Samay - Come again

Soluna Samay is overcoming her misfortune in Balu 2012 with this Come again, that fits her like a glove. Great stuff! Here. Feels like summer.... :-)

Estonian Eufooria

It's not uncommon to have cover versions made of Eurovision winners but this year, maybe due to the song's style, there haven't been any until now (as far as I know). MIA, known also from Estonian national selections has covered Ephoria as Eufooria.... 

Friday, June 29, 2012

Summer songs: Marcin Mrozinski - Is that real love

Polish Eurovision veteran Marcin Mrozinski is returning to pop music and his latest single is a very catchy pop song Is that real love by the same author as his Legenda. He's got the voice, the looks... is it time for a big international breakthrough?

Thursday, June 28, 2012


The euphoric affair between Loreen and the Swedish people seem to have ended short. Her tour start got the people booing at her as she thought she was in Karlskrona while she was actually in Karlskoga when saluting the audience. Also her performance was described as weird mumbling on autotune and after 28 minutes she was gone.... while people were wondering should they applaud her back or was it over. It was over. 

Summer songs: Ramzi ft. Gurinder Seagal - Smile

A name to remember. You will surely hear from Ramzi again very soon. Here is his latest effort Smile featuring Gurinder Seagal, a mix of different styles but it all comes together very nicely and it's catchy as hell! 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Summer Songs: Dead by April - Crossroads

Dead by April rocked the Melodifestivalen 2012 with Mystery (after their first presence in MF with Lena Philipsson in 2011) and now they have another great track out, Crossroads. Quite different in style and mood but it's very catchy. And the video is beautiful!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Summer Songs: Tom Dice - Utopia

Tom Dice has scored several hits since his Eurovision success with Me and my guitar in 2009, including a duet with Elisa Tovati, Il nous fait. And this Utopia is the first release from his second album Heart for sale.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Summer songs: Eva & Manu - Feet in the water

This duo is going to be big. Remember where you read it first :-) Eva is a Finn, Manu is Spanish-French and they have just signed to Warner. I heard them playing in Kiseleff talo in Helsinki on June 11... or rather I was walking on the street and heard them and just had to go in and have a look who they are and stayed clued to them the rest of the gig. Fantastic stuff. They have just released their first single Feet in the water and ... do I have to say? It's fantastic! More about them later.... Their FB is here and website here. Besides their great music they also have a great story!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Summer songs: Alexander Rybak - Стрела Амура

If you thought Alexander Rybak is done you are so wrong! He's recycling his old songs in Russian now scoring hits in mama Russia and the other countries in region shooting Cubid's arrows to innocent victims, just check the video here. The original was OAH. And while we are at it, here's Europe's skies in Belarusian. 

Saturday, June 23, 2012


We all know Alice has always made anti commercial choices in her career and has made her fans to wait for new releases for years - the new album has been postponed this time already three years but will finally be released this September, recently finally confirmed by herself. As we know there are songs written by Franco Battiato and Tiziano Ferro and songs written by herself, too. In a recent interview with Corriere della sera's Io Donna she tells several interesting points about her life:

In 1982 Capital records in the USA offered her to promote Per Elisa worldwide after her success in Italy and Europe with Spanish and English versions, PR tour of three years. She asked herself if that's what she wanted, success, living in a suitcase, no private life? "I hardly managed the life I was leading already so I said no" she tells. "It's not like I want to flaunt it, this is the first time I talk about this. I didn't choose this work for success. I have always lived among music; my dad played, my sister also. My mom had a beautiful voice. I sung for the first time when I was 15 months old, in a church at Christmas. I had an instinct."

She sung in the public at the age of seven, in San Marino in Festival dei Ragazzi presented by Mago Zurli, her idol. She tormented her parents until they took her there. Singing and piano lessons followed and in 1971 she won Castrocaro at the age of 17. She started also getting proposals for part in movies and once again she said no. "I didn't know what I wanted but I knew exactly what I didn't want" she tells. After two albums and a few singles, one Sanremo without success she took a short break until she met her future producer Angelo Carrara and through him both Franco Battiato and her partner Francesco Messina. Another turning point meeting with Henri Thomasson, follower of Gurdijeff, an Armenian philosopher and mysticism, my spiritual master. 

Alice describes her today as imperfect and joyful. One would say the opposite at least in her work but when she has no deadlines she could work on the songs to infinity, no wonder this new album has been postponed three years! Otherwise she's very normal: "I wake up early in the morning, open the windows and breath the fresh air, I live among the green in Udine. Then I take care of our eight cats and the household. In the afternoon I work. Cooking is not a priority, eating either. Francesco (Messina) cooks much better than I do!"

In conclusion she tells that if she needs to go from A to B she ends in C. "Also Sanremo was a C. But can I complain? No. I only can thank life. That sometimes in its imperfection is perfect."

July 5, 2012 she will be present at the La Milanesiama in Teatro Dal Verme, July 29 in Pride Village in Padova, July 30 in Folkfest Festival in Spilinbergo (PN)

Y a t il une vie après Helsinki 2007?

Blogilkar's partner radio EFR12 has a brand new look and website, have a look here. And this is how my blog is introduced to the French speaking audience :-) 

EFR12 radio est le partenaire officiel de nombreux sites ou blogs. Vous pouvez retrouver en bas de cette page la liste et les liens de ceux qui accompagnent votre webradio. Rendez leur visite de notre part... : ) 
 Parmi les fidèles de la première heure, 
Le blog finlandais né après la victoire de Lordi en 2006 vous invite à découvrir l'actualité de l'Eurovision et de ces stars. Le site et riche en information et à la présentation soignée notamment dans le choix des photos.
 Vous y trouverez en bonne place, le lecteur d'EFR12 radio pour parcourir les articles en musique.

Summer Songs: Severina ft. FM - Italiana

Severina of Moja stikla fame in Eurovision 2006 is back this summer with an Italian production featuring FM, Italiana. You can really put your high heels to some motion with this catchy tune! Among the many remixes also this one. It may be +15 outside but it feels a bit more like summer now.....

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Summer Songs: Serebro - Mama lover

Remember Serebro from Helsinki 2007 with Song #1? They have scored hits in Russia ever since regularly and are now making it also abroad, especially in Italy with their Mama Lover, an English version of their old hit Mama ljuba . They will be also headlining the opening party of Rome's Gay Village opening tonight. 

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


Another sad - or maybe not so much so - news from Sweden. Gothenburg is out of the run for the Eurovision 2013 leaving us Solna and Malmö. Skandinavium is booked for another events already and would be free for Eurovision too late, as well as city's hotel rooms. So, Friend's Arena in Solna it's going to be unless SVT will go with the crazy idea of giving Malmö the semifinals, but then there's no gain but pain only as no time is saved and only more expenses to everyone.... Solna it is. 


Lena Philipsson's marriage is over. Yesterday she announced she's divorcing her husband businessman Per Holknekt. They married in September 2010. At the same time she said her first ex-husband and father of her two children Måns Herngren has been a big support for her during these hard times.... Maybe he's giving her some Om igen

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

ESC 2012: Full jury and televote results published

EBU has counted and recounted the votes and can now reveal the separate scores by the juries and the televoters. If it was the juries only like the good old days Sweden would still have won followed by Serbia, Albania, Italy and Spain while the Russian grannies would have been only 11th! (Why am I not surprised?)
The first semifinal was won by Albania followed by Moldova, Greece, Cyprus and Romania - only Albania did top-10 in the final. 
In the second semifinal Sweden won followed by Serbia, Ukraine, Estonia and Malta - and three of them made the top-10. 
The biggest differences between the jury vs televote we have with Turkey (22/4), Ireland (25/10), Italy (4/17), Spain (5/18), Romania (20/7), Ukraine (7/20), France (13/26), Russia (11/2), Greece (18/9), and Malta (16/25). So, in short the juries favored Italy, Spain, France and a bit strangely Ukraine and Malta that I didn't quite expect from them. The televoters went for Russia and Ireland for obvious reasons, and for Turkey, Romania and Greece for other well known reasons.
All this put together shows the juries did a great job awarding the quality in most cases and evening out the televoters dubious behavior in some cases...
Full results here.

ESC 2012 final: 64 million euphoric pairs of eyes

It has been another success for the Eurovision song contest and EBU. The 2012 edition from Baku was watched by a total of 102,9 million viewers, or 64 million for the grand final and 19,4 and 19,6 million for the semifinals and 37% of share - a much higher for these public broadcasters than on a normal Saturday.
In comparison the 2011 final was watched by 70 million, the 2010 by 69 million, the 2009 by 73 million and the 2008 by 64 million, the same as this year.
Still long gone are the days when most countries had only 1-2 channels and Eurovision was watched by up to 300 million people..... :-) A bit like the charts with 7"s and iTunes... One just can't compare them!

Saturday, June 16, 2012

CHISU - Helsinki Päivän konsertti 12.6.2012

Chisu was the final act on Helsinki Day's mega concert. She has just released a new deluxe version of her triple platinum selling Kun valaistun with three new tracks Kolmas pyörä, Frankenstein and Kun valaistun also heard in the concert along with her biggest hits like Sama nainen, Tie, Mun koti ei oo täällä, Sabotage, Kohtalon oma and Muut. During the sunny day turned into clouds and for a moment it looked like Chisu would do in kaisaniemi park what Diana Ross did in Central park but it didn't quite go that far.....

Friday, June 15, 2012

THE RASMUS - Helsinki Päivän konsertti 12.6.2012

Helsinki celebrated it's 200th birthday as the capital city on June 12, 2012 and is also the World Design Capital 2012. The annual open air free concert was better than ever for the occasion and yours truly catched up the last three acts, Happoradio, The Rasmus and Chisu.
The Rasmus have just released their 8th album simply titled The Rasmus after a break and Lauri's solo album. Straight from touring Germany the band gave a concert filled with their biggest hits like 
In the shadows, F-f-f-falling, In my life and Living in a world without you along with their new material including the singles I'm a mess and Stranger. Great energy, great songs and if I wasn't a fan before now I sure am! 
And here are the official videos of Stranger, I'm a mess, Living in a world without you and In the shadows

Thursday, June 14, 2012


Blogilkar had the pleasure to interview the Italian Head of delegation Nicola Caligiore. How did he live those two last editions in Baku and Dusseldorf? Will Italy be back in 2013? Will there be an Eurovision night in Sanremo? What are his favorite Eurovision songs? What does he think of Italian fans behavior? Here is the interview in English version. The Italian original one is here.

Last year, Italy was back with, let's say general euphoria and welcomed with open arms by all in Dusseldorf. How were you received this year?
We were greeted very well, for me now all the event management and other heads of delegations are like one big family.
Last year, Italy was not among the favorites and finished second. This year, the Zilli was among the main contenders for victory and finished ninth. Why?
I can not tell exactly, it is a competition ... you can win, you can lose ... it's part of the game, moreover, to be ninth out of forty-two is not a bad result.
Have you discussed whether it was right to change the song?
The song "L'amore è femmina" was selected by Universal Music in agreement with Rai and artist management. The record company has invested and believed a lot in this project, I can only thank Universal Music for the great work.
Last year when Gualazzi slowly climbed the table almost hidden to the top, what was going through your head?
I answer with a song: ".. Euphoria! We're going up up up .. "
At the end you were happy and relieved, or maybe a little disappointed not to have won?
As I said before, it's a competition, you must want to win but we must also know how to lose .. second place for Raphael was a tremendous achievement and a great gesture of affection towards our country.
And in 2012, did you expect a better placement as you were a favorit?
I believe I already responded to this earlier.
However, 25 countries out of 41 voted Italy but only Malta had it in top-3. How do you explain that? (Also the fact that Finland did not vote for Italy! For the first time since 1978! ... Finland has voted Italy in the top-3 nine times out of 18 possible since 1974 with the voting system we have today). Fans talk about plots a la Jalisse in 1997 (I do not believe it, I want to clarify, Ed.note). That RAI has asked the juries not to vote for it in various countries. What do you think of these accusations?
Stupidities and absurdities, which degrade the grueling work and complex behind this event - Rai has decided not to have anything to do with other juries, not in any way - We chose independent professionals (striking example was the fact that they have not been able to help San Marino in the semifinale) and we kept out of any "games", just to protect the country's image, to avoid the easy stereotypes about Italians - I would like the fans appreciated these things rather than give credit to fantasy conspiracies.
It seems that fans in Italy instead of being happy that Italy has returned talk bad about RAI and anything is not good for them - a fact that has made you also react on FB (here). Do you think it served something or was it useless?
It was my mistake to try to communicate too much with the fans and I was a little naive in wasting time trying to hear the views of the most - I realize that in a spectacle like this everyone is expecting something, and believe they have the answers to all: reading the comments I realize, however, that 99% of them do not know at all what's behind it, but only the facade: the dynamics of the contest and the business, the dynamics of EBU-UER, the costs of participation, the problems and controversies with the record companies, and especially do not appreciate the fact that ESC is still at the moment a product considered marginal in Italy - Personally I believe in this product and have protected it as much as I can, I find that the fan should be a little more grateful to be back and Rai has represented our country for two years with great elegance and respect, the rest is useless nonsense.
The audience is up, many magazines and newspapers have dedicated space for the ESC, including TV Sorrisi e Canzoni with three pages and Twitter has made records and miracles. Do you think that the positive trend will continue?
Obviously I hope so! We tried to do a great job with the press this year, looking for as many co operations as possible, but certainly the controversy on Azerbaijan were difficult to contain.
Do you think enough RAI promotes the event? Personal opinion?
"Enough" is a relative term – I's rather compare to the previous year: Rai has promoted the event much more than in 2011: Nina has been a guest on numerous programs, the promo has gone inter-network (at almost no other programme is allowed this "privilege"), the radio has cooperated very well, all the did the launch and services, we animated the Facebook page and tweeted the final ..... I do not accept to be told that "RAI does no promotion at all," you can not expect that we speak as if Eurovision was the Football World Cup or Sanremo, one must have patience and appreciate the progress.
If you had a carte blanche to be able to do the national selection and promotion of the event in Italy, what would you do? (Again from Sanremo, a competition just for the national selection or internal selection ....)
Personally, and I repeat it is a personal opinion, I do not agree to a national selection with televoting - the formula of musical talent is in trouble in Italy, I'd much happier to be able to choose an artist whose recording career is not ad hoc Eurovision, who has a music career and a developed discography, thus avoiding the phenomena "One shot" that often characterize the event instead of good for music: we're back to the ESC also because we believe it's a platform to promote good Italian music in the world , as it had in the past, fulfilling a mission of public service as indicated in the service contract. I do not know what will happen in the future, we may also explore new formulas, but it is too early to tell.
A question on everyone's lips: Will Italy be back in 2013 and remain in the ESC?
The participation is decided by the General Direction. Obviously I hope so, but can't tell you anything for sure yet, especially in light of recent changes to corporate governance.
Sanremo 2013 will be back from where the artist will be chosen and / or song?
Still early to tell
And if you dedicate an evening of Sanremo for Eurovision? :-)
It seems a bit utopian, but ... never say never.
You were familiar with the ESC after years living in Spain. Now with these two years of experience as Head of Delegation are also a fan or is it just work for you?
Well, I do not deny that I was passionate about the festival, but I'm certainly here to work for my company. Obviously I try to perform my task with the utmost respect and passion
Do you have any favorite older songs and some from 2011-2012? (Excluding Italy of course)
There are several ... In the past I liked Rybak and Fairytale, and because of a story related to my personal life, I'm very fond of Comme comme, ca by Evridiki (Cyprus). This year I found very beautiful the songs of Germany and Hungary, very close to my musical taste.
How are relations with other delegations? With whom does Italy spend time with? (As the Finns often end up with the Icelanders and the Irish usually ....)
There is a very good relationship with everyone! As I said before, the spirit of the event is really that of a beautiful party, for logistics reasons including schedule and shared events, Big5 often end up spending lots of time together
Whose idea was that Nina screams "Clap Your Hands, Europe!"?
Absolutely spontaneous by Nina herself!
Thanks so much for the interview and hope to see in Sweden 2013!
Thank you!


Blogilkar had the pleasure to interview the Italian Head of delegation Nicola Caligiore. How did he live those two last editions in Baku and Dusseldorf? Will Italy be back in 2013? Will there be an Eurovision night in Sanremo? What are his favorite Eurovision songs? What does he think of Italian fans behavior? Here is the interview in Italian, the English version will follow shortly.
  • L'anno scorso l'Italia é tornata con diciamo euforia generale, accolta a braccia aperte da tutti a Dusseldorf. Come vi hanno accolto quest'anno?
    Siamo stati accolti benissimo, per me oramai tutto il management dell'evento e gli altri capi delegazione sono come una grande famiglia.
  • Nel 2011 l'Italia non era tra i favoriti ed é finita seconda. Quest'anno invece la Zilli era tra i superfavoriti e finita nona. Come mai?
    Non so dirti con esattezza, è un concorso… si può vincere, si può perdere… fa parte delle regole del gioco, d’altronde arrivare noni su quarantadue non è un brutto risultato.
  • Avete discusso se era giusto cambiare la canzone?
    La canzone “L’amore è femmina” è stata scelta dalla Universal Music in accordo con Rai ed il management dell’artista. La casa discografica ha investito e creduto molto in questo progetto, ringrazio davvero Universal Music per il grande lavoro.
  • L'anno scorso quando Gualazzi ha risalito la tabella piano piano quasi di nascosto verso i primi posti, cosa ti è passato per la testa?
    Ti rispondo con una canzone: “..Euphoria! We’re going up up up..”
  • Alla fine eri contento e sollevato oppure anche un po' deluso per non aver vinto?
    Come ho detto prima, è una gara, si deve volere vincere ma bisogna anche saper perdere.. il secondo posto per Raphael è stato un risultato straordinario ed un grande gesto di affetto verso il nostro paese.
  • E nel 2012, aspettavate di piazzare meglio visto la status come favorita?
    Credo di averti già risposto su.
  • Comunque ben 25 paesi su 41 hanno votato l'Italia ma solo Malta l'ha messa in top-3. Come si spiega? (anche il fatto che la Finlandia non l'ha votata! per la prima volta dal 1978!... Finlandia ha votato Italia in top-3 nove volte su 18 possibili dal 1974 con il sistema di voto che abbiamo oggi). I fans parlano dei complotti alla Jalisse 1997 (io non ci credo, voglio precisare. Ed.note). Che RAI ha chiesto alle giurie in vari paesi di non votarla. Cosa ne pensa di queste accuse? 
    Stupidaggini ed assurdità, che umiliano il lavoro estenuante e complesso che c’è dietro questa manifestazione – La Rai ha deciso di non avere niente a che fare con le giurie, né in un senso né in un altro – Abbiamo scelto professionisti indipendenti ( l’esempio lampante è stato il fatto di non avere potuto aiutare San Marino nella semfinale) e ci siamo tenuti fuori dai certi “giochi”, proprio per tutelare l’immagine del Paese, per evitare che si facessero facili stereotipi sugli italiani - mi piacerebbe che i fans apprezzassero queste cose piuttosto che dare credito a fanta-cospirazioni.
  • Sembra che i fans in Italia invece di essere felici che l'Italia é tornata sparlano di RAI e qualsiasi cosa fa non va bene per loro – un fatto che ti ha fatto anche reagire su FB. Secondo te è servito o era inutile?
    E’ stato un mio errore cercare di dialogare troppo con i Fan e sono stato un poco ingenuo nel perdere tempo cercando di ascoltare i pareri dei più – mi rendo conto che in uno spettacolo così variegato ognuno si aspetti qualcosa e creda di avere le risposte a tutto: leggendo i commenti mi rendo conto però che il 99% di loro non conosca minimamente quello che c’è dietro, ma solo la facciata: sfuggono loro le dinamiche e le contigenze aziendali, le dinamiche dell’EBU-UER, i costi di partecipazione, i problemi e le polemiche con le case discografiche e, soprattutto, non valutano il fatto che al momento ESC è ancora un prodotto considerato marginale in Italia – Personalmente ho creduto molto in questo prodotto e l’ho difeso per quanto mi è possibile, trovo che i Fan dovrebbero essere un poco più riconoscenti alla Rai per essere tornata ed avere rappresentato il nostro paese per due anni con grande eleganza e rispetto , il resto sono chiacchiere da cortile
  • Gli ascolti sono in salita, tante riviste e giornali hanno dedicato spazio per l'esc, tra cui TV sorrisi e canzoni con ben tre pagine e nel twitter ha fatto record e miracoli. Credi che il trend positivo continuerá?
    Ovviamente me lo auguro! Abbiamo cercato di fare un grande lavoro con la stampa quest’anno, cercando sinergie quanto possibile, certamente le polemiche sull’Azerbaijan erano difficili da contenere.
  • Secondo te RAI promuove abbastanza l'evento? Parere personale?
    "Abbastanza" è un termine relativo - Si rifletta piuttosto rispetto l'anno precedente: Rai ha promosso l’evento molto più del 2011: Nina è stata ospite in numerose trasmissioni, il promo è passato inter-rete (a quasi nessuna trasmissione è concesso questo “privilegio” ), la radio ha cooperato moltissimo, tutti i TG hanno fatto il lancio e un servizio, abbiamo animato la pagina Facebook e twittato la finale….. Non accetto che si dica che “la rai non fa minimamente promozione”, non si può pretendere che se ne parli ancora come fossero i mondiali di calcio o Sanremo, bisogna avere pazienza ed apprezzare i progressi.
  • Se avevi mani libere cosa e come faresti la selezione e promozione dell'evento in Italia? (sempre da Sanremo, un concorso apposta per la selezione nazionale oppure selezione interna....)
    Personalmente, e ripeto è un'opinione personale, non sono d’accordo ad una selezione nazionale con televoto – la formula dei talent musicali è in difficoltà in Italia, sono molto più felice di potere scegliere un artista con una carriera discografica non ad hoc per Eurovision , con un suo mondo musicale ed una discografia sviluppata, evitando così i fenomeni “One shot” che spesso contraddistinguono la manifestazione e non fanno bene alla musica: siamo tornati ad ESC anche perché la riteniamo una piattaforma per promuovere la buona musica italiana nel mondo, come lo era in passato, assolvendo ad una delle missioni di servizio pubblico come indicato nel contratto di servizio.
    Cosa succederà in futuro non so dirtelo, potremmo pure esplorare nuove formule, ma è presto per dirlo.

  • Una domanda in bocca di tutti: l'Italia partecipà nel 2013 e rimane in ESC?
    La partecipazione al Festival viene valutata dalla Direzione Generale. Ovviamente mi auguro di si, ma non dirti ancora nulla al rispetto, soprattutto alla luce dei recenti cambi alla governance aziendale.
  • Sanremo 2013 sará di nuovo da cui verrá scelta l'artista e/o canzone?
    Ancora presto per dirlo
  • E se si dedicasse una della serate all´Eurovision? :-)
    Mi sembra un poco utopico ma… mai dire mai.
  • Tu eri familiare con l'ESC dopo gli anni in Spagna. Ora con questi due anni di esperienza come capodelegazione sei anche un fan o è solo lavoro per te?
    Beh, non nego di essermi appassionato al festival, ma certamente sono qui per lavoro e per la mia azienda. Cerco ovviamente di svolgere il mio compito con il massimo rispetto e passione
  • Hai qualche canzone preferita di vecchia data, e dal 2011-2012? (escluso l'italia ovviamente)
    Ce ne sono varie… Nel passato mi piaceva molto Fairytale di Rybak e, per una vicenda legata alla mia vita personale, sono molto affezionato a Comme ci Comme ca di Evridiki (Cipro). Quest'anno trovavo molto belle le canzoni di Germania e Ungheria, molto vicine al mio gusto musicale.
  • Come sono i rapporti con le altre delegazioni? Con chi gira l'Italia li? (visto che i finlandesi finiscono spesso con gli islandesi e gli irlandesi....)
    C’è un ottimo rapporto con tutti! Come dicevo prima lo spirito della manifestazione è davvero quello di una bellissima festa; per ragioni anche logistiche (eventi e schedule condivisi, spesso i Big5 finiscono per passare molto tempo insieme)
  • Di chi era l'idea che Nina urla ”Clap your hands, Europe!”?
    Assolutamente spontanea di Nina
  • Grazie mille per l'intervista e speriamo di vederci in Svezia 2013!
    Grazie a te!

Monday, June 11, 2012

Another Blogilkar exclusive coming up soon: Italian HoD Nicola Caligiori speaks! What he thinks of 2011 and 2012 and will Italy be in again in 2013? Stay tuned!


Lena Philipsson's Du följer väl med? or You come along? is the official Pride song for 2012. Lena returns to Pride after her 2008 performance. Soundfactory has remixed the song for the occasion. Here


Nina Zilli will fly to Krakow and perform exclusively for the Italian football team in Casa Azzurri during the European Championships this Friday, June 15, 2012. The concert will be aired the day after on Radio Italia at 9pm. After that la Zilli's next live concert will be in Slovenia on June 22. 



Helsinki celebrates it's 200th anniversary as the capital city and it's also the World Design Capital 2012 so the annual Helsinki Day tomorrow June 12 couldn't be but grand. And it is if you look at the artist list in the big open air concert to be held in Kaisaniemi park today from 3pm to 10pm: Chisu, The Rasmus, Erin, Poets of the fall, Happoradio, Herra Ylppö & Ihmiset, Lauri Tähkä and Reckless Love! Sounds pretty fantastic, I kinda like them all!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

#1 in Finland this week: JVG ft Raappana: Kran turismo

The summer and heat is still staying away from Finland but the charts have been taken over by the summer hit already when JVG ft Raappana's Kran turismo climbs to #1 on its third week. Loreen's Euphoria drops to #2 on it's 13th week in top-7. JVG enters also the album charts at #1. The Eurovision 2012 compilation album made it to #10 last week but drops now to #16 on its 4th week. 


For this Sunday Blogilkar offers this absolutely fantastic cover of Nina Zilli's L'amore é femmina (Out of love) by David0 from Rome! Great stuff! And he has about a zillion other covers to pass your lazy Sunday with.... here. And you can like him here


Spanish Eurovision fan and photographer Alberto Ponferrada Rodriguez has made this wonderful clip of images  in Baku 2012. Beautiful images to remind us all how it was in Crystal Hall. Here

Saturday, June 09, 2012


Jedward got some palm to their wounds when they were chosen as one of the 41 Olympic torch carriers in Dublin in the run up to the London 2012 Olympics later this summer. They may not have "lighten their fire" in Baku 2012 but with London 2012 it went better when thousands of people gathered in the streets to cheer them up! And of course they were very excited and it was all awesome! More here

Friday, June 08, 2012


If you thought Loreen is single you are wrong, if you believe various Finnish tabloids and Elastinen's friends. They met when Loreen visited The Voice of Finland where Elastinen was a judge. Later Elastinen was pictured on a holiday in Barcelona with a brunette that now is said to have been Loreen. The couple is dating since early May! So Loreen besides having a taste for Finnish clothing and choreography also has a Finnish boyfriend now! 
Elastinen (or Kimmo Laiho in his ID) is a Finnish hip hop artist, producer and he's running also a successful independent Rähinä record label and is part of Finntelligens act. 

Tuesday, June 05, 2012

EMILIA LIVE 25.6.2012

Emilia: i cantanti italiani si mobilitano per il sisma
Bologna stadio dall'Ara 25 giugno
Si chiama“Emilia: live” il mega concerto che si terrà il prossimo 25 giugno allo stadio dall'Ara di Bologna in favore dei terremotati dell’Emilia. Per l’iniziativa si sono mobilitati tantissimi artisti, soprattutto del posto, che ben volentieri hanno accettato di cantare per la loro terra senza alcun compenso.
L’idea è nata dai Nomadi, in particolare dal leader Beppe Carletti che ha colto la palla al balzo dall’appello lanciato dal consigliere regionale Marco Barbieri, che ha postato su Facebook: “Sono molti gli artisti figli di questa terra o che devono qualcosa all'Emilia. Se li conosco, sono anche loro persone che sanno rimboccarsi le maniche”.
Detto, fatto! Il concerto allo stadio dell’Ara ospiterà circa 40mila persone. Il costo del biglietto si aggira tra i 30 e i 35 euro e porterebbe ad una raccolta di quasi 800 mila euro che saranno destinati all’Emilia terremotata, secondo le necessità disposte dall’organizzazione e da chi sta affrontando l’emergenza.
Tra gli artisti aderenti all’iniziativa Francesco Guccini, Laura Pausini, Nek, Samuele Bersani, Modena City Ramblers, Rio, Luca Carboni, Cesare Cremonini, Stadio, Irene Fornaciari. Molto probabilmente anche la presenza di Ligabue, Vasco Rossi, Zucchero, Gianni Morandi. Il concerto sarà trasmesso in onda su Raiuno.
Anche Samuele Bersani ha detto si all’invito di cantare gratis per gli sfollati e, al Corriere della Sera, dice: “Per la prima volta possiamo ricambiare noi cantanti la generosità che tante volte la gente d’Emilia ha dimostrato nei nostri confronti, mi sembra un’ottima cosa”.
Quando si tratta di emergenze, la musica è sempre la prima ad intervenire, da non dimenticare il concerto “Amiche per l’Abruzzo”, organizzato da Laura Pausini in favore dei terremotati dell’Abruzzo del 2009.


SVT has a new idea: semifinals in Malmö and Göteborg, the final in Sweden so everybody is happy. As we know the Swedes are so politically correct they never wish to upset anyone. I could find several reasons why this isn't a good idea but thinking better I realize it's bad news only to fans who want to follow all the rehearsals and such...  Of course they should also have three crews, three stages, three pairs of hosts.... but maybe that in the big picture isn't the biggest expense? This way they could even have the semifinals on Wednesday and Thursday and the final on Saturday as usual and skip the first week of rehearsals altogether! It would be the Eurovision week again, like the good old days. All to gain for EBU, SVT and all the delegations who have expressed a will to stay in shorter time and would probably make up for the cost of three of everything method. The ones losing in this game are the fans and journalists who would have to choose between the semifinals and then travel to Stockholm for the final.... We will see. It's not such a bad idea at all it may seem at first. 


YLE has published today the rules for the Uuden Musiikin kilpaulu 2013 aka UMK 2013. Once again there will be 12 songs chosen by an YLE jury and the final will be held in February 2013. 
Demos can be sent in between September 3 and 16, 2012 and apparently we will know the lucky ones on December 3, 2012. 
One artist can be a soloist only in one song. He or she can be a part of a group in another song. By authors several songs are accepted. The artist on demo must be the final performers as well.
One of the authors and the main soloist must be a Finn or permanently living in Finland during the process.
Otherwise the usual Eurovision rules apply (max 3 minutes, 6 persons, free language etc)
UMK 2012 wasn't a great success what comes to viewing figures and songs (zero hits) or bringing out new singers of success so the 2013 edition can only do better. YLE has already said the selection process will be clearer and people may have a chance to vote the songs already in the earlier stage. We'll see...

Monday, June 04, 2012


Ville Eetvartti came second in UMK 2012 with Lasikaupunki and will also represent Finland in OGAE's Second Chance contest later this year. He's also the first (and maybe only?) artist from UMK that has managed to release an album afterwards. 
With the first hearing his album Kirkasta didn't have a great impact but further listening gave a better idea. Ville has written or co-written all the songs and also co-arranged all of them except Lasikaupunki. And indeed it sticks out for the production. Maybe a bit more variety would have been nice but it's a solid album that could easily also be a band's album. I'm not so keen on his way of singing in Mierontie and Prinsessa but maybe some others may think it's the best. Paula Koivuniemi sung about Tom Jones but Ville sings about Johnny Cash and the song is among the best on the album. I also like Tie and Hyvästit. More songs like that and it would have been great! I think his voice suits best these slower songs. Overall the album gives a good promise of things to come and I have to say the album's sleeves are very cool! Really like them!
Ville Eetvartti will be playing live in Mänttä on June 9, Jyväskylä on 14 and Pihtipudas on July 7. Here's the opening track Flemari live. 

Welcome #206: Swaziland

And another country from Africa visits Blogilkar: Swaziland! Welcome! :-)

Sunday, June 03, 2012


Nina Zilli takes on her very succesful L'amore è femmina tour part 2 tonight in Note d'Autore Jazz festival in Piossasco. The tour continues until September and further gigs may be added during this summer. 




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