Monday, November 02, 2015


Ever since I visited the Kazakhstan's paviglion in the Milan World EXPO 2015 this summer I have been a bit taken by this huge country, bigger than Western Europe,  in Central Asia bordering Europe and so willing to take part in the Eurovision song contest. They have been broadcasting the show since 2010 while waiting for the EBU membership since 2008. They apparently even sent a delegation to sneak around a bit in Vienna 2015. It seems that even the president Nazarbayev is eager to get Kazakhstan into the Eurovision family and that's fine so long he keeps his presidential election methods out of the Eurovision voting*....
And judging the video medley below the country has a very flourishing pop music industry, and also music video industry. They would surely come and show how it's done to a few other countries. But then, like Azerbaijan, they do have the money to do it. Also there is the danger they would ignore their own music industry and play it safe and shop around (read Sweden & co.) for the entry and become yet another Azerbaijan. In that case this blogger says no. We can't also forget corruption and it being pretty much an authoritan regime (see above*). But then, Eurovision should live in its little pink bubble of glitter and not have anything to do with politics.... :-)
On the other hand if they would come and give us songs that have at least a hint of their origin they would be more than welcome! And within a very few years we all would go to Astana..... where Eurovision would broadcast live at 2am! But first, they should become an active or associate member of EBU. (Australia is an associate member after all....). So, could they? Should they? because they certainly would!

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