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Last but not least Pave Maijanen got his day. His career covers five decades so there was where to choose but all went for his golden era the 1980's with the exception of Vicky Rosti. No one covered his Eurovision song contest 1992 entry Yamma yamma, but it was remembered in a short clip. As we remember he came last and the tabloid were screaming the day after "Worst in Europe!" and Pave told his gigs vanished for three years when no one wanted him anymore. He was also worried for his kids that they would be bullied at school.... rough times. Once again mostly very enjoyable versions and the first ever Vain elämää duet (other than the day's artist's final one)

Maija Vilkkumaa Vs. Pave Maijanen - Jano
One of Pave's biggest and well known hits. Quite similar arrangement to the original but Maija's vocoder, simplified approach and touch of orient sounds made it very good and fresh.

Vicky Rosti Vs. Royals - I'm gonna roll
Vicky confessed having been his groupie in the 1970's finishing even into the backroom circa 1976. Shouty straght forward rock'n roll, both original and this cover. 

Anssi Kela Vs. Pave Maijanen - Ikävä
One of his finest songs with excellent lyrics. I always loved this song. Pave told it's based on a letter from a very depressed person. He read it and walked straight to the piano and started writing it. Anssi stripped it down to guitar and man, at parts accapella only. With falsetto shaky voice. Very raw. Pave was speechless with teary eyes and everybody listened with serious faces. This blogger isn't sure about the use of voice but.... maybe it needs a further listenings? Certainly a showstopper. (Also this song has been covered by many artists over the years, here's Marjorie's fantastic one)

Antti Tuisku Vs. Pave Maijanen - Elämän nälkä (remix)
A power song, "hunger for life". Original pop rock turned into smooth samba inspired ballad with excellent vocals. Pave was listening in amazement and declared it's perfection and no matter who wrote the song it was great. Antti proved himself a great interpreter once again 

Sanni Vs. Pave Maijanen - Pidä huolta
Pave's maybe best known song. Simple rock with important lyrics inspired by TV-news and civil war in Mosambique. Sanni brought out her punk attitude and even smashed her guitar in the end, the arrangement being very true to the original. (Diandra has also recorded this recently)

VilleGalle ft. Sanni Vs. Pave Maijanen - Lähtisitkö
Last but not least yet another of those songs by him we all know, currently used also in a tv-ad for a travel agency. VilleGalle raps again and has changed the lyrics to talk about his own life and they fit nicely this time. Sanni sings the chorus and all in all it's very good. This could be the next hit from the series. 

In the end Pave chose Vicky for his duet partner and they rocked away with I'm gonna roll. Next week it's the final episode with duets.

You can watch all the performances here

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