Saturday, November 28, 2015


Last night the eight newcomer artists and songs were chosen in a live show on Raiuno. And in the end we have a rather interesting group of new voices and talents. And all of sudden also very multi-ethnic as half of the artists have foreign roots. I'm quite thrilled by the songs and the outcome. I will present them in two parts. Let's have a look at them.
Let's start with Cécile, or Cécile Ngo Noug (21). She was born in Rome but has roots in Cameroon, and raised by lay nun. She used to be professional basketball player and played also football but now she's a full blown artists: singer, dancer, rapper, plays violin and brings a hot topic to Sanremo: racism. She sings about being called "negra" but when she's naked on the bed the color is not a problem. This song will surely stir the Sanremo spring air and will be very divisive. I wasn't crazy for it first but she gave a very convincing performance on stage and the video will surely raise a few eyebrows. She'sone to watch out for sure. 
Ermal Meta (34), Albanese who came to Italy 20 years ago has made a name as a songwriter for names like Emma, Marco Mengoni, Annalisa, Chiara, Giusy Ferreri, Lorenco Fragola and so on. But this is actually his third Sanremo newcomers and he has done it already twice with his bands Ameba 4 (2006) and La Fame di Camilla (2010). In a way his presence here is a tricky one as he could as well be among the Big ones if it comes to his success and number of hits. One of the poppiest songs and radio friendliest songs.
Alessandro Mahmoud (33) has mother from Sardinia and father from Egypt and was born  in Milan. He has done already X Factor, the edition won by Chiara. Since then an EP and various songs that are not the easiest ones, like his entry here. He's one of this blogger's favorites and I was afraid he wouldn't make it because the song isn't the usual Sanremo stuff.... Might end up as critics pet.
Michael Leonardi (real surname Valasinni) (25), Sicilian parents but born and raised in Australia. His first shot to fame came in 2008 in his native Sidney where he sung to the Pope Benedictus XVI during the World Youth celebrations. He's been fed with Pavarotti and Bocelli and now it seems Caterina Caselli (who made among others Raphael Gualazzi and beforementioned Andrea Bocelli) has decided to cash on the success of Il Volo and make him the next pop opera sensation. He might rule the televote but let's see how the professional juries will treat him. He has already performed internationally and done musicals and operas. 

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